Friday, March 25, 2016

In the middle of the night

I sit here, playing with my laptop and phone. Trying to find things that are fun to do. (Watching House really is fun but I needed a change I guess...) So, I'm looking at different kinds of comic books.

I'm trying to remember the name of an old comic book I had. It was kind of a parody of the usual superhero stuff ya know? About a stripper (or a prostitute?) who suddenly gets superpowers. And she joins a superhero team. And one of this is...well I guess he's supposed to be their version of superman.

And she gives him a blowjob as a thank you at one point, and he yells MOVE YOUR HEAD!!!
And then... Well he gets off. Ahaha and his cum shoots the wing off an airplane looooool
It sound dirty (hah it was dirty I guess) but it was hilarious. How they made fun of all the superheroes and the artwork was pretty decent too.

But my ex kinda stole all my comics book (and I mean ALL OF THEM) including that one.

And for some reason I'm trying to find out what it was called. Yep.

Of course I'm working at the same time. Duh.

I've been doing laundry for 5 hours or more now. And I'm also about to mop the floors. I'm sleepy.... I really am.
I can't wait till I get to go home and sleep in my own bed.

Tomorrow is date night!!! Movie date and a night filled with SLEEEEEEEEP awaits me and my honey :D Oh the joy!! Can't wait :3

Man, I really am about to fall asleep.
I better start watching House again or something. Blah.


  1. ..... all I felt when I read about that comic was: "wat?" LOL
    Was it a comic or just a part of a mixed comic book (I don't know if that makes any sense but for example Superman is one comic where as Svenska serier is like a mixed type of deal)? Because if it was a mixed comics there was one I recalled was my fathers old one that had a lot of more.... dirtier (.... I DID NOT READ IT NO SUCH INNOCENCE VERY WOW) and if I recall correctly it was called Max or something. Not like May Payne or anything like that. But Max something. I'll let you know if I find it :)

    1. Den är hittad! :D Efter alla dessa år. Dock har ju mitt ex den, och alla punisher och Lobo tidningar :(

  2. The best advice I could give you is google what the woman looks like and write comic book? Did she have a tattoo or a weird hairstyle something that stands out? Interesting comic book there lmao! Ever since I moved out and got my own place with Kimmi, the clothes horse has became my enemy in life. I HATE hanging up clothes. Sucks arse. But yeah try google. I might pop in a famous comic book store in Edinburgh and ask... Even if it might be awkward a bit lol... All the best. Glad you and the family are having fun times.

    1. Oh I forgot to write you back! But you were right! It was that comic book! It was so nostalgic hahaha so funny XD Obviously it ain't a serious comic. Duh. But parodies are fun sometimes :D Thank you for finding it for me. Oh and I hope you had an awesome easter :3


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