Tuesday, April 26, 2016


My girl is seriously too cute. And awesome!
She wants to brush her teeth on her own these days. (So I brush them first to make sure they're clean) And then she gets to brush on her own. The toothbrush is going everywhere lol But she's trying. All on her own. She wants to learn. And I couldn't be prouder.
Naturally I have to act like a fucking paparazzi when it comes to my weasel too. Jeez... Haha but I mean, who wouldnt? Right? Am I right? Haha

And when she was done she wanted to brush mine. So I had to man up and open my mouth. Be the brave person I am. Of course I'll let my daughter brush my teeth. Even if it means getting seriously stabbed in the upper part of the mouth and then deepthroating that brush. Of course I'll do it! I'm a mom ;3
Needless to say, my mouth kinda hurts today. Yep. But it was totally worth it <3
She looked so proud and happy. 

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