Friday, May 31, 2013


So here's some pics from yesterday :)
I really do love the nature around here. I enjoy just going out for a random drive.

Oh oh oh I ate my first curly fries yesterday! Like regular fries but curly... No idea how they make them curly though. But they were tasty :) And Arby's had such a freakin' delicious jamocha milkshake. Mmm...

Haha the picture of the house reminds me of some creepy old horror movie ^_^
Or Hershel's farm in The Walking Dead. Yay.


I feel like a bag of crap today. -_-

Ah but I had a lot of fun yesterday. We went to the movies in Boaz, and then bought food at Arby's... And then, we went to a liquor store :D And I found Kopparbergs pear cider there! Haha! Imported all the way from Sweden. Funny huh? I didn't like it though. Boo....

Welp, baby is in the shower and I better get dressed and get ready to go to the store. I need coffee. Real bad. And we're out of coffee at home so... Blah.....

And congratulations to my little sister who graduated today! *waves an imaginary flag and goes weeeeeee* You've done well Josse! <3


Hey people! Missed me?
I know you did.

I'm drunk. Thank god for autocorrect sometimes.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I made pancakes for brunch yesterday :) A LOT of them. Nom nom... And that was probably the tastiest maple syrup I've ever had. Mmmm.... Canadian maple syrup. It's just too dang delicious.

Welp, Frost and I are going to the movies later. Hangover III. Yay!

Life is good :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Evil dead part II

So hilarious! ^_^
Were watching the evil dead 2 right now. Haha it's a hoot.
I always have so much fun with my baby <3 :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013


It's good.
We're just sitting outside enjoying this fine Friday afternoon. Beer, coke, Smirnoff and just the good life :) Aaah, it sure is nice.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I swear to god... This fish was smiling at me. I ain't even kidding. It was a BIG smile! I tried to take a picture but the little bastard kept moving around.. But you can see it there, a hint of a smile.

Can you see it? Haha


So lately I started watching Shigurui. I finished it the other day. I gotta say, it's awesome to watch anime on a giant HD screen. Pretty dang neat.

It's a great anime btw, good story and it's nicely made and shit. They have tons of anime on Netflix. Who would've thunk...


It's Friday! Friiiiiidaaaaaaaay!
And I'm about to go out and lay down a bit in the sun. Yep... Living the good life. Getting a tan and junk..
Life's always good when I'm with Frost <3


Nom nom. Margaritas and Long Island teas... Perfect. I love mexican food!

Yeah we had a nice Thursday. It was fun going in adventures with Frost and Roger. We looked at kittens, bunnies, fishes and birds and rodents and lizards! Frost wants a little lizard.. Haha


I really love Alabama :)
And I enjoy little road trip adventures!
This is Cullman, a nice little city ^_^
On our way to Lupe's for some Mexican food.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Frost made deep fried chicken yesterday. It was the first time that he made it from scratch :) And it was sooooo damn good. He did well, my little sweet snuggletree. <3

A visitor

Yay I got a visitor today!
A ssssssnaaaaake. Sssss.... Yeah.
And it wasn't really in the mood for snuggling me either. He ran away...
Also, Judy thought he might be thirsty so she threw water at it..... So... Yeah... He said BYE! And went wroooooom in the grass.

I've been laying outside for over an hour....and my head's quite fuzzy now. It's 30 Celsius today. (84 degrees) Baaah... And it's humid too, boo. But I has a tan. So high five for that!

Baby and I saw the live revealing of the new xbox.
Xbox ONE. It's just freakin' awesome. And the new call of duty; ghosts. OOh my god... Wow. I want it. This is some fucking high tech shit I tell you.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Science bitch!

Well, I guess I have to wait till the next season starts. Boo. I really like Breaking Bad. It's been an everyday routine for frost and I <3
That and That 70's Show. :)

Guess we'll gonna have to find yet another show to watch :D yay! He doesn't share my love for Game Of Thrones so we need something new. Vikings new season don't tart till...what? The fall? Boo.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Pizza Hut

We ended up at pizza Hut with good ole Roger :)
Frost looks very cute and handsome today doesn't he? <3


Did you miss me?
Did you wonder where your crazy swede went? Well I'm here!

I've just been lazying around lately. Went shopping and junk... And laid out in the sun. Yeah, guess who has a tan? Me! I do. I has one! YaaaaY!

So, Nas finally got a residence permit in Sweden. Looks like he'll move in September or something? I'm so happy for Sofia! A little jealous too haha lucky her.

Gaaawd it's so warm here. Like wow...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ooooooh look at my pretty blue obj lollipop. Cute huh?

Tasted like shit.

But it's pretty.

Today I've key a girl named Faye (somehow non blood related to Frost... Like dating his cousin or something)

Yeah I'm the exotic foreigner haha or the 'arctic' foreigner :) haha people find me interesting lol and I've met two of his uncles today too. I've met them before though. Yep.

Well we're watching Breaking Bad right now. Damn good show. And we saw the end of season two on Wilfred. Such a funny weird show haha

Oh oh oh and Judy made Stromboli yesterday. First time I ate that. Shit, it's like a wonderland with all kinds of meat!! Nom.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tootsie roll

I'm eating my first tootsie roll.
Nom. I've always wanted to try one. I mean, 'tootsie roll'? How funny is that name huh?! Haha it's funny.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The drive in theater

So we went to the Drive in theater last night. <3
And I loved it :) Just like it is in movies. I've always wanted to do that.
Best date ever :) I always have so much fun with Frost.
And I got to eat funnel cake, butter popcorn and pizza. So freakin' cosy ^_^

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny

Yeah that says it all.
It's sunny today. Haha
Baby and I sat out back in the sun for a while, and then I took a long cold shower. Oh so nice~ I mean really... So freakin' nice. It's hot in Alabama I tell you.

Oh oh oh! We're going on a date tonight <3 YaY!
Drive in movie. How awesome is that?! :D

Happy happy stuff

Happy birthday baby! I love you with all my heart. No one could love anyone more than I love you <3
I love you like a fat kid loves cake damn it!

May you have a day filled with tasty nom noms (already made some haha) and snuggles and love and joy. I'm so grateful that you were born honey. You're my everything <3

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My B-Day cake!

Aaaws look what my snuggletree made for me. A Red Velvet cake <3
Pretty dang tasty shit I tell you. He's a good man, my Frost.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Birthday dinner

Seeing how it's my birthday and all... I figured that a Taco Bell dinner would be AWESOME. I ate this last time I was here, and it was so freakin' delicious.

Mmm... Nom nom. :D
So, Frost and I are all full and satisfied now. Maybe I need snuggles now. Yes I do <3

SNUGGLERAPE! I'll rape Frost with so many snuggles and kisses now. BAM!

Sheer awesomeness

Look at what my snuggletree gave me <3

I'm very happy to spend my birthday with him. I can't wait till tomorrow when I get to give him the gifts I bought him! :)

happy birthday to me

I got a tablet from Frost for my birthday :) It's an android. Sweeeeeeeet!
i'm playing around with itbtight now. oh and I got blue headphones from him too! They're pretty ss fuck :) YaY!!

I'm having the best birthday ever with the love of my life.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Stuff I've seen driving on the highway haha PIGGLY WIGGLY!!


We went to Boaz today with Judy. Yep, she drove us. Haha and we had dinner at Zaxby's again. Cause I freakin' LOVE their chicken. Omg... Their chicken salad with buffalo and blue cheese dressing.... Yum. Yeah, I ate that today. So good. Mmm...

And then we went to Walmart too and snooped around. Yay! Haha

Oh oh oh baby and I are going to a drive-in movie this weekend. Gosh, I've always wanted to do that. <3 And I get to do that with him <3 It's perfect. We can eat nom noms, sit and snuggle, and even put a blanket and pillows on the hood of the car is what snuggletree said. We'll watch iron man 3. Sweeeeeet.
It's kinda awesome cause our birthdays are this weekend.

Alabama sure is pretty during the summer as well. I like it here, I really do. Mostly cause I'm with him. <3

I took some pics of the nature around on our way to Boaz.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jamaican me happy

I've been feeling a bit weird today... But I'm starting to feel better. I'm sipping in a nice drink. :) Jamaican Me Happy.

We've been to the store(s) today. Weeeeeeh! Roadtrips are always fun! And I'm currently talking to my little sister on whatsapp haha weird conversations we have.

Ah Frost and I are about to go out and plant some seeds. Uh huh. We're gonna grow flowers. Pretty flowers. Yep. Wiiiiiiild flowers. That's the coolest kind of flowers. Cause they're wild. Like an animal. Wild. And colorful.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meh... Monday

Days pass by so fast... :/ They really do.

Anyway, I'm eating oatmeal with apple sauce right now. Yep. Nom. And Frost is lecturing his mom about garbage and that she needs to take it out haha And he's boiling water for a warm bath. lol The warm water thingy is broken. No idea why.

I didn't break it. I swear.

I think I'll play some army of two while he takes a bath :)


It's cinco de mayo today.
And we've been out and about all day.
I've had so much fun :) We ate at Zaxby's, went to Books A Million, Walmart, K-Mart and so on.. Yep. And Jack's.
Right now I'm watching Game Of Thrones. Yep, new episode came up just now. YaaaaY. It's been a dull episode though -_- but still.

Other than that, I don't think I'll be doing much more today... It's raining bunches right now.. Quite cosy to listen to. Baby and I will probably play Call Of Duty later <3 We're a good team :3

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A cold day in Alabama

I like taking sneaky pictures. I'm pretty good at it too. Haha
He's cute ain't he? Not a clue that a koala is playing ninja with her phone at all mwahaha <3

Saturday, May 4, 2013

stuff and junk

I'm sitting at my babys laptop right now.
I'm not used to american keyboards really haha

We've gone to the store today. bought a card for my sister, and some small stuff for Stinas baaaaaaby! :D I also got some other stuff obviously.

See, I just made niggerballs. Yes I know, sounds oh so very racist. But they're delicious and it's an old swedish treaty treat. There's a difference between chocolateballs and "negerbollar". Big difference.

Well, I ain't got much to write really, it's raining and it's really freakin' cold today. Seems like I brought the swedish weather with me haha But I'm sitting here in my thick knitted socks and I'm about to watch the latest episodes of Criminal minds AND ncis. YaaaaaaaaY!Exciting. Uh huh.

Snuggletree is playing with the xbox.. we played Army of Two yesterday. I think we make a pretty dang good team. haha Aaaaah it's such a fun game. Me likes it.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Yeah you try to look good when the sun I shining brightly lol

I tried having my eyes open but no...


I had strawberries for breakfast.
Pretty dang tasty :)

Nothing can compare to Swedish strawberries though. Haha But this was nommy.

Gosh, we're out of warm water and I just had the coldest shower in a loooong time. Haha the shortest one too. I went in and AAAH!! And out. lol


Ah it's so green everywhere.
Right now it's comfortably warm here, it'll get warmer I suppose. But the way it is right now I right up my ally haha I like it.

I like sitting outside on the stairs :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Gosh, I love this man more than anything.

I just made my chicken pie for him :) Yep. I hope it'll be tasty. Oh oh oh I had lucky charms earlier. Nom nom nom!

Right now we're just watching TV and waiting for the pie to cool down. I think I'll need to snuggle Frost after dinner. I need my Frost fix lol <3

Glorious Wednesday

Ooooh and what a nice Wednesday, best one I had in months.

I work up next to Frost (really early haha) and I had nachos! And I played marvels vs capcom <3 And we've played tekken against each other. Yeah,., it pains me to admit it... But he kinda whooped my ass. -_-

And now we're gonna watch some stuff. Cause we know how to.

I'm happy :) I've missed Frost so freakin' much... This is like paradise for me. <3 I wanna snuggle and touch him all the time... Pew!


Hello Alabama!
I'm finally back with the love of my life <3