Thursday, February 28, 2013

Damn it..

Thanks to mom I have this song stuck in my head now... it wont go away... Well, let's face it. if I were drunk, I'd probably jump around to this song doing weird moves. yep.

Mom played it earlier when she was making lunch...
And she said 'I like this song'... So I listened.

Darn it.

Yesterday I had this one stuck all evening..

Nom nom

I was a bit hungry so,.. Peanut butter jelly time!

Oh oh oh oh!!! Look at these 'toys'....
They look like.... Well, ya know? I just had to take a pic. Hahaha such weird dog toys really. I mean seriously.... Wtf?

Sunshine, coffee and cigarettes

Well look at that...Emma is here. Again :D
Yeah I like her. <3

I've had a really good day. Been out and about with Josse. Bought Lei Lei's freakin' food... (Noticed that the spell her name on the insurance papers: LeyLey. Oh well...) Declined a job. Got mad at my brother, got mad a phone salesman, ate lunch with mom and even bumped in to Sofia earlier.

Wille is adorable when he's sleeping. Guess all kids are.

Tomorrow is a work day, and theeeeeen...yeah then I don't know. It's like I'm waiting for time to pass fast. It's not going fast enough. Also, on sunday it's a new The Walking Dead episode :3 haha

Oh Sofia may have helped me to possibly get a part time job at SJ this summer too. Only a few hours here and there. Figured Id do that when I don't have to work at the other place. Cause working at SJ will definitely look awesome on my resumé. *Broooo fiiiiiist*

well, we'll just see how much work I have ahead of me...
Next week I'm only booked ONE day. And it's 3,5 hours. Sooo... see why I'm contemplating taking another part-time job huh?

I wonder when my honey will wake up? He probably went to bed around 2am?
I miss him. I wanna play! Weeeeeiiih!

Koala Jo

This is how a koala looks today. And I'm quite pleased too. I'm looking a wee bit more 'alive' now haha

We're gonna eat lunch now, Johannes came over to have some coffee too. Big family here haha


I was in a really good mood when I woke up... plus, the last thing I saw last nigh was Frost laughing :) I woke up early but fell back asleep for another hour.

Still, mood was great.

And then, my brother opened his mouth. And within a few seconds I was already at my limit. And I suddenly snapped and hissed 'Your'e such a giant fn asshole.' And then I stomped out of there. I went ROAR. But since we live together there's really no where for me to go hide so I'm going over to moms house for lunch soon.  haha.

I just got so freakin' angry at his dumbass comments. It's like he neeeeeeds to put me down all the time. He NEEDS to try and make me feel like an idiot. Nothing I do is ever good enough. whatever I do I'm stupid and worthless. And it feels like he thinks that I don't deserve to be happy with Frost sometimes. Just cause his life is shitty as hell, he's got himself a nutcase for a girlfriend that belongs in the loony bin. And he can't rejoice the fact that I'm happy no matter if I'm rich or poor.

I know I'm good at what I do, I know my job, I know I have good values and morals, I know I take good care of those I love and I know that I'm goofy, I like to laugh,  I focus a lot on my boyfriend (and the only one who seems to have a problem with that is my brother) And Lei Lei is like my baby, and I talk a lot... and a lot with myself and Lei Lei -_-...I know I can be a bit weird sometimes...But I'm not an idiot.

Hearing this day in an day out, how stupid and retarded I am... Sometimes it's almost as if I start to believe him.

So what if my personality is a bit different from most people? I doesn't make me any less smarter than him. Tbh, I'm quite certain that my IQ (however low it may be) is waaaay higher than his.

Well, my mood isn't ruined yet anyway. Just when it comes to him. I can't look him in the face cause it sorta makes me wanna put my fist right there, in the middle of it. And watch my fist sink in... and we can't do that can we? That's a crime. So I'll just sit here and fantasize about him getting a weird STD, getting diarrhea ...going bald.. Noooo, no..even better. I wish he'd have to spend a lot of time with his girlfriend. THAT is the biggest punishment he could get. I wish he HAS to be with her the entire week, day and night. He'll be climbing the walls and trying to chew his fist off after a few hours with her.

Anyone would.
Just her mere presence makes me wanna slam my head against the wall.

So, my dear brother. I wiiiiish you had to be with your girlfriend.

Ok, I'm all happy now. Time to go since I had a rant haha
Plus, Emma is sitting on my bed smiling which makes me smile too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Suck a mighty roar. Uh huh.

Well, this has been a reeeaally nice evening at work. Worked with an adorable girl, she kinda looked like a thin Bambi. Aaaws. I made her laugh till she cried. hah.

And see, even though I had such a nice evening, the best part was actually to hear that I made the evening great. She said 'I love working with you. I feel so relaxed and I laugh and smile all the time. Everything seems to go so smoothly when working with you. There's like NO WAY anyone can be in a bad mood when having you around :D' haha Aaaws, I got a compliment. me is happy.

That is not true though. I think I'm the kind of person that can actually worsen someones mood if they're already cranky haha But still, such a very sweet compliment haha.

Well, I've taken a LONG fn shower, I'm so insanely clean right now. lol And super smooth. And I smell like fn cake. Delicious. 

I should probably take the pigbear out for a walk now. Yep.

I have decided to decline to the job interview tomorrow. I ain't going. it's not worth it...not in Vivalla anyway. Nope. So I'll just call them tomorrow :3

Ah, plans... I do have some.

weeeeell, off I go then. I hope my hair wont freeze and turn into ice when I'm outside..Better wear a hat. And then after that I'll ask out my snuggletree on a skype-date. YaY <3
I always look forward to our skype talks haha it's like the highlight of my day. He's the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last thing I think about before I sleep. 

hey ho

well I have work tonight, and tomorrow I have an job interview and then work on friday and then an interview again on..monday? yeah monday. Also health care within the commune. I'll go see. I figured that since I don't know how many hours I get to work here I might as well pick other places within the commune as well and work hours there too?

I don't want the job tomorrow though. Cause it's in Vivalla and it's fn scary there...As if I'd wanna walk home all alone from Vivalla? Shooo...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm feeling confident tonight. First time aaaaall alone. It's a long list of patients as you can see.
Well you can't see any info about them cause blurred it out but the point is, long list, lots of keys haha it'll be fun though. I know my way around this area since I live there haha


Unexpectedly, mom offered me lunch! Didn't see that one coming. It's like the beeeeest thing to eat. Swedish meatballs and potatoes and gravy. Gaaaah... Mom's gravy, it's just the best! Nom nom.
Haha how happy I get from eating delicious food!

early morning

it should be tuesday today, shouldn't it? haha It is.

I have work later tonight. yus...

My body has gotten used to only sleep 5 or 6 hours/night now which kinda suits me well since I do enjoy talking to Frost at night. I went to bed around 2am last night (I think...yeah..or was it 3?) Anyway, I woke up around 7 at first, and then I went back to sleep again and woke up right before 10. Very nice morning indeed. I snuggled the pillows a LOT. And the sun is shining brightly today!

oh, A company called half an hour ago offering me a job, in which I declined. The benefits of that job were very few. Next to none really, shitty work hours and on top of that..when I asked questions about the position it turned out that she really didn't have a clue about the patient or where the location would be. So I kindly declined that job. Sure, the pay was awesome...but that doesn't really do me anything if I only get to work once a week. SO NO. Plus, you have no rights whatsoever in that line of work so it's better to work for the commune as I do now.

My brother has returned to Sweden. He'll be staying all week..... *no comment on that one* well, I'll be working evening shifts now so it's alright.

He keeps complaining about Lei Lei's fur... I vacuumed yesterday but she's shedding. And he's like 'you never ever clean, and your dog is just dirty'.... well..I'm sorry Sir DouceALot, but its not Lei Lei's fault that she's shedding fur. Not mine either. I can vacuum but it's that kind of season when Lei Lei sheds no matter what you do. You'd have to vacuum 4 times A DAY to not notice any hair. Do it yourself if you can't stand finding a single little hair in the corner.

What else...
Oh, I'm a little nervous about tonight... I'll be working completely alone. And I haven't memorized all the patients names and conditions yet... But it'll be fine. I know that. But I'm still nervous. it's nice to be working alone though :D

It's time for a walk, and then head home to mom and see if she feels like offering me a nice hot cup of coffee?

I hope everyone is having a nice tuesday ^^

swedish commercial

Swedens most loved duo in commercials is back, as gangnam style :D hahah So awesome.

All their commecials are so fn funny...

Monday, February 25, 2013

well well well

What can I say?
It's going quite well at work... :)

And as it looks right now, I'll be going to Alabama at the end of april, and return to sweden around the end of May, beginning of june. How awesome is that huh? :)

But for now that's only preliminary dates so to speak. :D
But this is an exciting year for me..


I just got home from work, I'm gonna eat my dinner and then I'll go back :D Pea soup! Oh yay! Yummy!

Ya'll really don't understand how delicious swedish pea soup is with mustard.. Mmmm....


I got this new (and really expensive) shampoo from my mother the other day... And it's amazing. My hair feels awesome... It's vegan shampoo, all natural. And really good for someone like me who has sensitive skin and can't really wash my hair that often.. This is motherfucking awesome. I can seriously wash it everyday now if I want too. Plus it feels extra clean and smooth... Thank you mom <3

Looking good

I have work tonight, and tomorrow between 16:00 and 20:00 aaaaand on wednesday 15:30 to 22:00 :D YUSS! I like this. me is happy. Just wait till I start working in the Vasa group too. Even more work awaits me then :3 *yay*

Ya know, I have sooo many ideas of what to buy Frost for his birthday. I'm so excited!

Monday glory!

I fn love my Avengers coffee cup. <3
I mean, I have a loooooot of coffee cups (it's sort of a thing I have haha) I love them all! But this one is special. Case I bought it with Frost in a neeeerd store (best store ever tbh, but I'll pretend I prefer Victoria's Secret over it)

Well, I'm gonna finish my coffee and then take lei lei for a walk. They called from work just how and wanted me to come in a bit earlier and go trough the medications and junk. So that'll be fun ^_^

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Irish coffee

Cause I'm worth it.

Aaaaah such a nice mother I have <3 Me needed this.


As I mentioned earlier, Sofi dropped by :D
Her boyfriend had a hangover and went into hibernation today (as he always does on sundays. "Sundays are resting days, the Lord said so" haha) So Sofi played with me instead.

Old pick of us ^_^ 

And after we had coffee and talked a bit we went to Eurostop to buy some groceries and other necessary things. Yup.

Aaaand now I'm all cuddled up in the sofa watching TV and's nice. Tomorrow is monday, boooo. And I have work from 16:00 to 20:00. YaY.

Aaaah, things are looking good for me now.
I'm happy :)

Bah, Frost should wake up soon...sleepypoot.
I miss him 


I'd like to point out that I'm doing better with the eating now. Yus. I'm eating more. Hopefully it'll be easier to fix my metabolism then so I can loose weight. Woop! Woop!

It's difficult eating healthy when you're broke... Unhealthy things are cheaper tbh. Buuuuut I did lake this super fn fiiiiine hamburger today. All on my own. It's pretty right? Makes ya not wanna eat it cause it's perfection on a plate haha

Tomorrows dinner is peasoup, mmmmm,., nom nom. One eats what one finds.


I'm sitting on the balcony enjoying a cigarette and my coffee.. And this is my view.

See down in the corner? That's where I lived before I moved in with Daniel. And luckily I still own that place, I rented it out to my cousin. And I'll move back in when Frost moves here :)

Me has so many plans for it now.. It's tiny as fuck but kinda cute. And cheap. And it's old too. And that will have to do till we can afford something bigger. YaY! Haha

It's a lovely day today. Sofi will come over later and have coffee with me. Sweeeeet!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Oh look! It's a koala! With no makeup not photo edit... Did I scare y'all?

Well seeing me without makeup ain't such a big deal but no photo edit.. Whooooaaaa... Figured its ok since I'm kinda cute anyway haha! I'm joking, joooooking.
I just LOVE editing photos. Change the colors and so on :)

But I'm letting you see the raggedy koala today.. She's a hoot being around. lol

I've been cleaning a lot today, and I mopped all the floors (maybe even Lei Lei) aaaaand Sofia and Alicia dropped by too. And my eyes have been red and puffy since yesterday. Hah.. Sofia said she'd probably react the same way I did if she lost something like that, so it kinda makes me feel less weird. it's comforting to know you have friends like that yus!

It's been a good day though. Even started it by talking to my snuggletree, the best way to start a day. <3 Koalas needs their trees ya know? They walk hand in hand.

Anyway, I'ma watch some Nashville, and wait for Frost to wake up ^_^


I stumbled upon these pics of people cosplaying...
And I was fucking amazed by some of them. Like wow...
usually I find cosplayers kinda "pathetic"... sounds harsh I know, but listen, cause they only think they look cool (or sexy for that matter) But these outfits were carefully made :D Amazing artwork yup.

Aaaaaaaadorable!!!! <3

LOL I was actually kinda shocked when I read that most of them were males that cosplayed as girls. I really did think they were girls. But they made fake boobs with make up and plastic shit...

Friday, February 22, 2013

A must watch

One of the Skarsgård brothers is in this too.
YaY Swedes!


My breakfast at work, peanut butter jelly sandwich. No sugar in that jelly btw. High five!

I've been eating really well these past two days at work. Working makes me hi get which is a good thang. Go me.

I get plenty of exercise at work too.

I got my own schedule for the day as well, which is rare. And the boss said I'm experienced and she feels that she can put responsibility on me too, yay me.

And noooooow I'm gonna get a delegation for medication from the nurse. Possibly insulin as well. Cool.

It's Friday! And I'm free tomorrow so I'm gonna stay up really late and talk to Le SnuggleTree. <3

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bob Dylan

I love this song, and the video is so funny ^_^


So, it's 8:39pm.
I'm tired.

I woke up a while ago from my senior nap. I feel old haha.
I'm talking to honey, and just fed Lei Lei.

The store is where I need to go right now...I'll bring Lei Lei cause this will be her last walk of the day. And then I'll cook some pasta for tomorrow. And.... oh yeah I better not forget what I really need at the store. I NEED MILK. I'll be devastated if I don't have milk! Oh the horror.

Maybe some peanut butter too......yeah . . . .  it's ok. I'll treat it gently.

I guess I should talk about my first day at work too?


I woke up 5am, skyped with snuggletree as I wrote earlier... and felt pretty awesome that I actually did get up early.

And then work...
I'm a bit spoiled thanks to Brickegruppen.... I mean, they were like my family and things will never be the same as it was for me in that group. I got to know some of my closest friends in Brickegruppen ya know? Best group in the world.
But the group I'm in now....I'll really give it my all. I wanna make the best of this. And they seemed like a nice and sweet bunch.

An older lady I worked with this morning seemed very sweet, she even hugged me.... Which brings me to the conclusion that she's either a horrible monster that rips your joints of one by one and eats your heart slowly while making you watch.... OR she's actually kinda sweet.

I'm going to go with the first one for now. If it's anything I've learned it's that you can't trust anyone. The sweetest one if often the one you should fear the most. Maria taught me this yus... And mom too.

But I like the group, all in all everyone seems nice. And I liked the coffee :D haah

And the best of all is that my father is buying me the plane ticket to Alabama for my birthday <3 YES!!!! Me is happy.

Thing are looking brighter now. Sure, things can fall and crumble any time really. But this is now, and I'm very happy NOW :)

First day

Exciting... I'm about to go to work, Just gotta walk Lei Lei first.
I've been skyping for Frost for like...45 minutes? Yep, I went up around 5am. And it was really fn hard to sleep last night. I woke up like every hour thinking it was morning haha!

So, all in all... I've had a good start on my day thanks to my snuggletree. Let's hope the rest of it turns out nice as well. Like I said... I'm nervous. But that's only cause I'm gonna be with new people ya know? :)


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My mom was so happy to hear I got a job haha Almost as happy as I am.

Well, I should get ready now. I'm going home to my dad to have coffee and junk. I promised yesterday that I would cause he called. And now I even have good news haha

And he'll probably ask about Frost and he's doing too so I'll inform him and Kuti.


news news and more news!

Ok, first of all... yesterday...I tripped over Lei Lei. And I did everything in my power to NOT fall on her so I flipped over and missed her (yay) Buuuuut in addition to that I smashed the right side of my face on the edge of the chair. And half of my tooth got shattered. So I only have half a tooth in the back...And today when my mom took med out for fika to celebrate (I'm getting to that part soon) I suddenly noticed when I was chewing that yet another piece of that tooth fell off. Yaaaaay... blaarghasdfghjkkl gross to chew on a piece of a tooth!

Now to the celebration part.

I was on a job interview today for the government home care in the commune.... And the boss LOVED me and hired me on the spot and I start working tomorrow morning. And then I work friday and monday too. So YAAAY ME! This is epic.

It's such good news, like wow! I'm so happy! Things will get better now. And I can save up money to be with Frost too.
First thing I did was take out my phone and write to Frost haha. But my tree is most likely asleep since it was like 6am or something. And I KNOW him. he probably stayed up aaaaaall night that poot haha (Look who's talking) But my staying up all night days has ended now. I can stay up late at night when I have the evening shifts ^^

In the beginning I'll work whenever they need me which means day and evening, sometimes both on the same day, till I feel that I'm secure enough there. And then I'll probably stick to evenings the most. The brilliant thing about this is that they use a system called Minerva. I've used it before and it's awesome, cause I just put in how I can work the upcoming days and if I write that I can only work evenings one week, they'll call if someone is missing during the evenings. Splendid huh?

But like I said...I'll take all shifts I can come across in the beginning. MONEY! And also, I warned the boss that I miiiiiight, I just might go to the U.S in May since my father will buy me a ticket for my birthday, but I said that it all depends on how work is of course... (I'm still going either way for my birthday) And she said that it sounded awesome! And that she had cousins that lived in texas. hah! I lik this boss. She seemed funny and easy going but firm. Perfect. And she made me feel really welcome and wanted there, and that means a lot for me.

About the new coworkers... we'll see. I only met older ladies there, and I seemed to be the youngest one  (from what I saw today anyway) And I know how older ladies in the homecare's new little goldfish that talks a lot. Let's hate her secretly. It's never popular. But I'm confident. I know I'm good at what I do so UUUH HUUUH!!! *doing a humping dance right now*

I've gone through all that before, so I know what to expect. And I've grown as a person since that time so now I know my own worth and what I'm capable of. And I know I'll be disliked no matter what in the beginning cause no one likes newbies. I'll charm them eventually...just give it some time haha

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My new sweater!

YaY! I fn love this sweater. It's awesome. A bit raggedy, just the way I like it.

Monday, February 18, 2013


I've gotta say... I like this show.
Most of all, I like the music that they've written for it..
It's friggin' awesome.

Happy Jo

I'm happy today.
Filled of good news and company. Sweet.

I'm gonna go shower later, and wash my hair and fix it so I'll look puuuurrdy tomorrow :)

My fancy dinner

I made dinner all on my own earlier (wich I always do really.... so it's nothing new)

But it's pretty good looking ain't it?

Well I'm talking to Frost on Skype right now :) we're gonna watch The Walking Dead soon. Sweet!
Aaaw, I have the best boyfriend in the world. He even found a good link for me to watch it live! Yay!


Yay! We wet to meet Stina earlier and went for a walk... That was pretty dang nice. :)

Lei Lei even got ride in the elevator. Oooooh...

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Well we've come home from the gym, and we had coffee. Gosh, that coffee.... I needed it so bad.

And then I had a little mental fit over the stupid video game. So I turned it off.

And now, more coffee.


I've even playing with Stina all evening. She left around 9. It was really nice :) I needed that. I miss her ^_^

My mood became a lot brighter. And then a poot tree woke up and cheered me up even more <3

That tree will see me soon!

Stina snuggled with Lei Lei a lot, which seamed highly appreciated by Lei Lei haha

Saturday, February 16, 2013



This is why I love street markets.
I took these when I went to hindersmässan with Sofia :)


Today I kinda woke up on the wrong side...
Not only did I have a massive fn headache, I had horrible weird nightmares.

So I've been moody and down since I woke up pretty much. Like really down.

Luckily I'll play with Stina soon. And she made me laugh by telling me about her insanely weird dreams she had last night haha Oh Frost, if you only knew what you had to put up with. Haha it was a funny dream though hahaha see even in other people's dreams you're so sweet and puts up with me haha


I want these. I want these so bad.

Yeah, I like granny style. hahahaha I prefer to call it 'vintage' style. Yep.

I mean seriously.... look at these covers and the curtains...gosh. PWETTY!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Heavenly sword

There's been three different stages in this game where I've been stuck. For a long time. One of them I learnt kinda fast... And then the ropes and now the shield throwing shit at a gong... This is stupid. I've been throwing shields for an hour now. I ain't passing. Even if I hit the target it seems to still fail. Either there's a bug or it's dumb. Simple as that.

Taco time!

Now this was freakin' delicious. Best I've had in like... 2 moths at least. Yum.

Well I suppose it's about time to go back home.. The boys arrived here and Lei Lei isn't too happy about being here now so... (She thinks that she looks stupid I guess) haha

I miss Alabama

Well after 4 hours of sleep my sweet mother dropped by. I have no memory of giving her a spare key, but she does have one. Hah...

We had some coffee and she bought delicious semlor too. Nice breakfast lol Doris was with her as well. They stayed for a little of an hour and then they're gone. I'm snuggling the covers a little bit now... Since I can.

Josse is making taco dinner tonight :) YaY! Food! Nom nom nom... I mean, tacos. Hello? It's motherfucking delicious I tell ya.

I had maaaaany dreams when I was asleep too... I dreamt of Frost, and Alabama. And hearing the crickets and feeling the air. I miss Alabama. I miss being with him. Lucky me it ain't that long till I go back :)