Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Superfun day

We had such a fun day yesterday :)
We played in parks, ate tasty nom noms, played soooo much Halo and snuggled like crazy. 
This is exactly how I wanna spend my days off work. ♡

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My world

When I work, I always miss her like crazy.

Frost is a sweet man, sending me pictures all the time of Freya. Telling me what's she's doing and how's she's feeling.

And now, I've got at least two whole days off. Boy, am I gonna snuggle my family or what? ❤️

I'm working hard for Freya and Frost's sake, especially Freya. So I can buy her awesome Christmas gifts and birthday gifts! :D 
(Plus I really wanna buy something for Frost) ^_^

Dinner time

Me and Yasmine decided to make the dinner today.
Persian mixed with southern and Swedish lol All in all, it was fucking yummy :D

BBQ, Arabian rice, salad, Swedish/Alabamian potato salad, chicken, and some dillsauce Yazz made. 

And in about an hour or so, I'm gonna make a sticky cake (kladdkaka) cause I'm freakin' awesome. 

Happy residents at this Home I tell you! 


Ain't too bad at work today...
Working on my tan a all lol

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Today we've got a long walk and sticky cakes on the schedule. 

Happy birthday

Yesterday it was Lasse's birthday! Yay! 

Haha I sent him this pic for his b-day :) 
It's the first time I couldn't celebrate his birthday with him and the family. 
But I had work. And it went on till it was almost nighttime -_- 

I keep telling myself about all the Christmas gifts and birthday gots I'll be able to buy for Freya and so on, it lets me work even when I'm tired.

Yesterday was awful though, I was in such nasty pain that I don't even know what could've caused it. It was just horrible. But I made it through the day and went home and complained to Frost haha

I'm on the bus to work right now...and the sad news is that the pan is still going strong. Boo...
The even sadder news is that..my shift don't end till 8 tonight. :(  Crapbasket.

Birthday gifts for Freya! Birthday gifts for Freya! Birthday gifts for Freya! Birthday gifts for Freya! Birthday gifts for Freya! Birthday gifts for Freya! Birthday gifts for Freya! Birthday gifts for Freya! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stayed home from work

First time I get to stay at home with a sickly child. *parent points* lol

No but seriously, very weak and puny baby here. I've been awake the entire night. Literally the entire night. I had to hold her hands so she wouldn't scratch  or rub her down parts. 
When she had her poopscapedes the other day, she turned red downstairs which is normal if you shit and clean it a lot.  (Duh) 

But when we checked he diaper last night she was bleeding and had two little "wounds" or whatever you wanna call it there. It looked really painful..
She cried non stop for soooo many hours. But she fell asleep when I held her hands and spread her legs so she couldn't even attempt to try to itch herself. Guess she gave up ya know? As just passed out. ❤️

I however feel like a biiiiiig bag of crap now. Didn't even get to close my eyes last night.
So I called the night shift and told them I'd be home with her today. The plan was to take her to the nurse, but I may have it under control now. She seems way better. And happier. Good job me! 

 She fell asleep now on me... Poor thing is exhausted I guess. ❤️

I wonder if I get to nap later too?

Sparkles and gemstones

Yesterday Nathalie was at our house. Playing with Freya and then cod with moi haha We did surprisingly well last night I must say.

But we kinda got carried away with planning for Freya's birthday party (parties lol future ones too)

See I remember when I was little how I loved gems and treasures and sparkly stuff. Unicorns and all that typical junk :)

And so: eBay!!!! Gotta fucking love eBay. 

So when I can, I'll order these fake gemstones and diamonds for her and make a treasure chest! :D it'll be awesome! And I saw pirates gold coins too super cheap (like 5 dollars for the fake gold coins) It'll be a pretty cool treasure if you ask me. 

I would've fucking loved it when I was kid anyway :D 

I've also decided to create a little something. In feeling creative.. So if anyone knows of a big statue horse, let me know. It can't be a real live size though. Duh. But like...big enough for a toddler to sit on. Doesn't matter what it looks like, cause I'll rep ain't it :)

When Nathalie and I start talking, we always come up with awesome creative things :3 So many ideas! Yay!

But the first thing to do is make a treasure for her tha she can use when she's a wee bit older. Don't want her to try and eat a diamond now do we? Nope. 

I miss her! So so much!
I'm actually at work now. Yeah I was supposed to have these days of till Friday but you know me... I have a hard time declining work when they're in need -_- 

So I'm working e evening shift today, and early morning shift tomorrow. My boyfriend ain't too thrilled, he was looking forward to have me home ❤️ 

I love my Snuggletree and babykoala❤️❤️❤️ 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Freya LOVES quark. And I mean fucking loooooooves it. She's crazy about it. Which is good cause it's full of protein and stuff. 

And recently they started to sell drinking quark with tasty flavors. And no sugar added.
Perfect for a FreyFrey!

She drinks a whole bottle by herself lol

Monday, June 22, 2015

In the making

Can you guess what I'm making for the residents?

Correctamundo! Fruit salad. Nom!
It's the delicious kind, obviously. 
Honey melon, strawberries, apples, pears, grapes and orange. Mmmm...

I've missed my babypuff a lot today. And I finally get to snuggle her soon!

I turned work down tomorrow cause I have more important issues to deal with. Like snuggles and AF. lol

It's been yet another awesome day at work, and clearly I'll get to work as much as I want, we'll see what I choose to do. I mean, am I ready to work full time and be always from Freya? I'm not sure. I miss her like fucking crazy when I'm at work... 

Anyway. Time to go!

Morning morning

It's an early morning at work. It's about 06:55 or something? And I'm enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee while listening to the birds tweet.
And everyone is still asleep.

I'm about to go and wake a little doodle up. And then another one and another one. Yep. They all need to wake up and get ready for the Monday.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


It's been a good day at work.
And we made meatballs for lunch, and baked sticky cake for fika. Weeii!

I worked 09:00 to 20:00 today, and tomorrow my shift starts at 06:45 so I kinda need to sleep..... me so sheepy.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Snuggles on a Saturday

It kinda feels like Sunday though.
We had a nice big breakfast. (Yeah Freya ate a lot) Sandwiches and coffee and eggs. Mmmm... Yeah today I felt like 'fuck the diet'. I'll start eating healthy again on Monday. But it's hard eating a certain way with a bunch of people who doesn't eat that way.

Right now Freya is sleeping on top of me. Aaaws... *heart squeeeze* ❤️❤️❤️ 
We're gonna go home soon. 

You'll have to excuse the quality of the pics for now. I'm doing it through my app. so I don't know how the posts actually look on a laptop. Bare with me now, I'll fix it once I get home :) 

I redid the pics noooooow.

Friday, June 19, 2015


It's midsummer eve and it's also my brothers birthday! He's fucking 40 years old today! Holy crap. I remember when he was in his twenties and he came to my school and everyone was like 'woooooow!! Your brother is so tall and cool!' lololol
Yeah, Happy Birthday bro! ❤️

Anyway... We went to Zinkgruvan with Anna & Daniel earlier today, wroom wroom! Celebrating the day with the family. 
Freya fell asleep before we hit the highway, and me and Anna sat and chatted in the backseat. 

Midsummer ain't like it usual is.  Maybe we should've stayed home? I dunno... Next year we'll do something else. 
Ah Freya is wearing her new dress that she got from grandma ❤️ It's adorable. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The day before midsummer

Yeah, today I felt like 'blaaaaaargh' when I had to get up so early in order to catch the bus, but while at work I was like 'yeeeeeah....I really think I'll like it here. I think I'm at ease now'

I worked with a  young hipster dude today, fresh out of high school lol jk he graduated last year. Hahah
We got along awesomely, same with the other girl working there. She seemed nice. Plus she taught me quite a bunch of stuff.

So I honestly feel kinda relaxed now. I get the drill, caught up on most routines (MOST, not everyones) I know where everything's at, codes, medicine, food etc.

But it's been a good day.
After work me and the spawn snuggled a bit and then we went to the clinic. Monthly check up ya know? Yep. She grew another cm ❤️

So here's my day in pictures haha

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Got some fancy visitors today :)
Some old friends and working colleagues came over (manly to snuggle Freya lol) but to see me as well haha
Lovisa is back in Sweden for just a couple of days, she lives and works in Dubai :) (yeah me and Freya will visit one day) I've fucking missed her bunches!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Xbox treaty treats!

We watched the E3 just now on the Xbox and omfg!!! So many new games! So many FREE games too!
And like one of the most awesome news is that we can backward the games soon!!!

The games I own on the 360 can be played on the Xbox one! WOHO!
That's fucking amazing news!
Uh-määääj-ziiing! :D

And not only do we get a free Gears Of War 1 remake, there's a NEW one coming too! Weeiii!

I have to say, this year has a LOT of cool and exciting new games waiting for us.
So fellow gamers, enjoy it!
And go get your free shit NOW!

Guess what this family will be doing tonight? lol

Sunday, June 14, 2015


It's been a nice Saturday!
One of the first things that opened today was that someone ran my doorbell and delivered a "flower bag".

Inside was a bouquet of flowers, a vase, a teddy bear and nougat. YUM!
And in the card it said: congratulation to you new job dear friend, you deserved it! Love Ida.

Aaaaaaaaaw! That was such a nice fucking surprise that it kinda made my day ❤️ I feel loved. And really good about my job too! Thank you Ida.

After that it was potty training with my doodle. Haha she's so good, though nothing's coming yet -_-

And now I'm at Josse's place, watching Orange Is The New Black with her, Natta, Patricia and our dogs.  Loving the new season btw! Wooooo~

Ah, my sweetheart probably has the stomach flu (or some other stomach bug at least) cause she's popped her guts out today. Poop poop pooooop. So much shit. And she has tummy aches. We made her drink a lot today though :)

She's home with her daddy tonight while I'm here. It's an odd feeling. I miss her. I wanna snuggle her and sniff her fuzzy little hair. And kiss her cheeks! Aaaw, I wish I could've kissed her before her bedtime. But she's sleeping already and I'll be home in an hour or so.

Anyway, it's been a good day.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Righty then...  today  was my first day at my new job! (Yay me! I made it)

And it went really well!! :D Like awesomely splendid I tell ya!

The ones I've met so far are nice, and I like that they're super picky about who they hire there. (Makes me feel special too since the lady boss said she felt like we hit it off so well when she hired me, thus I got hired in the spot) Plus all of them seem so happy and kind. Which makes me happy too :)

Welp, I'm officially hired. Signed all the papers today. Got all tags and codes and shit.  It's a done deal. NO TAKE BACKS! lol jk

But honestly, I was so nervous. Nervous in the good way though :) So many new things, new people, new routines...
You gotta keep in mind that I've been at home for one and a half year. And my last job didn't end well.
And its not fun leaving my baby koala behind. (Frost sent me updates though via mms which made it a little easier..) Got to see my baby when she woke up Aaaws <3

From now on Frost will be a stay-at-home-dad (till he gets a job as well)
 And it'll be fine. It's good that Freya gets to stay at home with a parent instead of daycare for now right? ^_^

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Oh right, I forgot.

Thank you for congratulating me about the job. And also, thank you for praising my photos haha comments always makes me happy.

And for the one who wrote in Russian, I don't really understand but I saw a smiley and smiles are good. So thank you! :D haha
Thank you all.


Hi doodles!

I had like the best morning ever. Sure I woke up early, but when Freya woke up I went in and got her and took her with me to our room :)

And the whole family snuggled for hours ❤️ 
Aaaws. Happiness.

the last pic was from yesterday.

 Oh and I'll just ad the pics from our walk. Yeah that's right, I can do walks now bro!!


So this happened:

Dinner with dad and Kuti. And I had my first alcohol in two years. Sweet!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Well WOHO me!

So I went to employer B today. Just to talk and look at the place. Se said we hit it off so well so she hired me in the spot and I start there on Friday. lol That was fast and unexpected. It's gonna be rough leaving Freya, but it's not like I'll work full time so it'll be ok.

I'll work both day, evening and night shifts.

She asked about my previous job and I told her the truth... She got really upset and said that she likes me a lot and couldn't understand why anyone would dislike me or think I'm weird. (Although we all know I'm weird, but in a positive way) This is a fucking awesome boss too. Really sweet an funny. Lucky me.

And she said he hopes that I'll stay for a few years at least (which I responded 'OF COURSE I FUCKING WIIIIIILL')

I'm as happy as my babypuff! ❤️

Got a good pay too, cause I got to say what I wanted per hour.. and she even increased it by 2 SEK per hours. Sweeeeeeet!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Keep it coming baby

Am I having a luck streak or something?

I just got a text on my phone from my other employer (let's call them employer A) saying that I start working there in August instead of September. Sweet! I got a schedule and all. (It's really an awesome place and employer) 👍🏻

Man, shit's really going well here huh? I kinda needed that 😊
I'm really happy right now! No pain, got a job, possibly a second one to start earlier (we can call them employer B) , I have a happy baby, sexy boyfriend, I'm loosing weight, I'll earn money soon! etc etc. Can things continue to go this well please?

Oh oh oh! And the bright side is, if I like this new place at employer B's on Wednesday, and I start working there.. I can still continue working at the employer A. Cause employer B said that they needed temps/people to come in when others are sick and/or on vacation. That'd be me👍🏻 that way I can choose if I wanna work some days or not.

Which means: I'll have sooooo much free time! So much time to spend with my daughter and honey! And that's my main priority ❤️

Job opportunity

It's not every day you get offered a job that you haven't even applied for.

I'm excited, and I didn't expect this. I didn't plan on working just yet, but if I choose to take this job then I guess I start pretty soon huh?

I'm going there Wednesday for a tour with the boss. I get to look around and see the people and so on. It's a little different from what I'm used to, yet similar. I'll be working with teenagers... Hmm....

If I like the place and the boss then I'll probably accept :D

I'll still have my other one that starts September 1st. I'd never pass on that one. (Great pay and coworkers and so on lol)
I'll always make sure to have a foot there. ^_^ I like it there ya know?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Past few days in photos

So..... As you may have noticed, I haven't been updating my blog lately.
That's probably cause I've been high as a fucking kite and puking my guts out.
Yeah, I got some new pain medicine from my doctor. And while it works wonders on the pain,  (and it seriously does work wonders there) I however feel nauseated, dizziness and I've thrown up A LOT. Like a fucking lot loooooot.
Around 8 times yesterday. But only 4 today. It's only stomach acid left... Bleh.

The bright side is that I've slept! I slept for 7 hours! And then went and got Freya and put her in our bed, and fell back asleep again! :D it's wonderful! It's been three very happy good days minus the nausea.

I've been able to walk properly too :) No pain there.

But because of the nausea I haven't eaten in three days, so I finally called my doctor and told him that I can't even drink water. I'll throw that up as well. So he told me to half the dose.
I did.  And I managed to eat some ice cream... But it doesn't help the pain as much as the full dose did. But we'll see.

I loved being able to go outside and have fun! We played a lot in the park as a family :) And Frost and I snuggled for hours in bed. ❤️ Cause I didn't have any pain! So I managed to actually lay in bed for that long. Amazing :)

Man, I may have felt shitty, but I sure did enjoy these past couple of days. It was like I was back as the old me.

We'll see what happens with the painkillers from now on.

 Frost went to the store me and got yoghurt and junk so that  could at least eat something :)

Monday, June 1, 2015


The Princess room


So yesterday was swedens mothersday :)
my first mothersday too (apart from the american one lol) But yeah. the day to celebrate mothers was here, so naturally we went to visit Mom!

Freya had a fun time nomming on whipped cream and strawberries (as did I) and she played a lot with her cousin Wille and Lasse too :3