Friday, February 27, 2015

My Frostytopher is my cheerleader   lol

My Freya and I has been wiggling to this song this morning haha
 Freya smiled when she heard this song so naturally, I like it too then :D
She was eating her oat meal porridge when I made my quark shake :)

Ah, she also got to try out my quark shake a weeee bit, Just a lick.
It's quark, cream and milk and a nectarine and a banana. :D

Yeah, this morning it's all about liquids.
Lemon lime water, coffee and shake haha

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kladdkaka (swedish stickycake)

Right, so I made a sticky cake completely without sugar or carbohydrates.

It's a bit...different. A bit odd. Definitely sticky.

But in all honesty, regular flour and sugar is what makes it so delicious.
But this one's fine when you're on a diet though.

I made this so I can treat mom and Lasse to it tomorrow.
FIKA! Lchf style haha
It's in the fridge waiting for them now.
Unless Frost decided to have another taste,,, which I highly doubt.


Such fluffiness

I made a really delicious and reeeeaaally fluffy quark mousse cream this morning.
Originally I intended to make a smoothie bit eventually ran out of milk soo...

Basically it's one cups of quark, 2 tablespoons of milk, a tiny splash of yoghurt and 1/2 cup unwhipped heavy whipping cream. Plus a banana and a little more than half a cup of raspberries. :D

When I noticed that it turned out this way I just figured I'd eat it with a spoon instead hahaha That's one way to make quark delicious. Cause let's face it, plain quark is fucking disgusting. 

Oh, Freya's napping now, so I'm gonna try out a recipe on some sugarfree and carbfree fika bread. Who knows, I might actually make something delicious.

Though I doubt it................

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the third day

So.. Day number 3 on this diet.
I'm alive. And I'm doing pretty well. So far............

I'm sipping on my morning coffee now, listening to Freya's not so beautiful seagull/raptor shrieks....

Ok, so far I have spent a lot of money on it. Ehem...I couldn't help myself. I wanted to buy almond flour so I did. 80kr/bag (and it's a god damn tiny ass bag too)  But! Look. Haven't touched anything unhealthy at all. No sugar, no treaty treats (But Lord knows I wanted it...still do...) haha

Yesterday I made LCHF waffles. I'll have you know they're fucking delicious. Yep. *proud pose* Probably not what Frost is used to though, but meh.., I loved it. They were perfect. Crispy and tasty. Frost had syrup with his, but I...I enjoy the good old swedish fashion way. Whipped cream and jam. Mmmm....

You know, I can make pretty decent jam with berries and agave. Just sayin'.

Well, we'll see what I'll eat today.
I'll probably make some kind of black bean chili. Very few carbs in that. :) Plus black beans is one of the healthiest things in the world.

And now you know that.

All hail the Black Bean!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Welp, for certain reasons (I'm a mom) I couldn't really sleep well. I got to "sleep" between 2am and 6am. Freya went to bed last night around 10, and she was an angel I tell you.

Frost and I decided on some grownup time after she went to bed as usual haha
OH! We watched a movie called 'The Drop'. It was pretty good.

Anyway, Freya woke up early wanting food (can't blame her. I'm the best milktruck EVER) And then around 8 my doctor called. Which was awesome cause I've been trying to get a hold of him. I'm going to see him tomorrow. I'll most likely be on sickleave till the end of march. And that's perfect. I honestly don't think I can manage the home and the baby without Frost.

Now we're up eating breakfast. (there may or may not have been some CoD AW playing as well..who knows..) She's yapping away, trying to stand and crawl and whatnot. And then she giggles and smiles at me. Oh, I made a delicious smoothies this morning. It's quark, yoghurt and milk, (a teenzy weenzy bit of cream too)  banana and half a cup of blueberries in it. I put like half a teaspoon of agave syrup in it and DAAAYUUUM it's fucking sweeter thank you think. That was a little too much. But it was still a delicious smoothie. Just a wee bit too sweet.

The coffee on the other hand..... the fuck is wrong with it today? Hmm..

You know what I've noticed?
Freya has started to suck on her thumb a LOT more. Probably cause she's teething or something, cause she also puts other fingers in and chew the fuck out of them as well.. so..yeah. She looks so mischievous when she does it to hahaha

Oh well, gotta go. Duty calls.
Have you noticed that there's a fucking snowstorm outside today?
Nature's way of saying FUCK SPRING.

And here I was looking forward to it.....................................................

Monday, February 23, 2015


Quark... strange thing that is.

But here I am eating it. So far, day one is over with. Almost.
I found cheap quark at Netto. YaY me. They always have pretty decent dairy products.

Aaaand I found agave syrup mixed with honey too! WOHO.
So made it with walnuts and agave syrup. I'm not used to this superthick junk..

So today I've eating oatmeal porridge, and for lunch Frost made scrambled eggs and bacon. And now I'm having my evening snack. Quark.

I think I like Turkish yogurt better though...

Forgot to mention

I decided this weekend to start "my new life" on Monday (today)
This is for a week to start with to see how much it'll cost me financially to eat healthy.

Welp, I couldn't afford to live on LCHF for a week now lol so I figured I'd do it halfassed. A little carbs will unfortunately find their way in my meals.

I had oatmeal and lowcalorie applesauce this morning.
What a nostalgic feeling  ^_^

The whole point with this is that I'm done. SO DONE with looking like this.
I want the mommy pounds to go away now. FAR AWAY. Like waaaaaaaaaay far away. BYE! Yeah. I reached my limit on saturday. And realized that I'm so uncomfortable inside my own skin right now, so I'll fucking help myself out and change that.
There you go Jo, I'm helping you out. Why thank you Jo. No thank YOU.

I've noticed that my core is getting a wee bit more stable. And that's good. I guess.
We'll see how far I've come in a week. hahaha

Ah, I need to go to a store today and buy Yoghurt and fruit. Yup.

No more sugar. For now, I won't reward myself with it in the weekends YET. I don't think that's good right now.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell I got a cute little baby right next to me poking me with her foot. I think it wants something... 

A sore back

Blah! My back is killing me...But it's so worth it.
I went out on a long walk with Stina and the dogs yesterday.
Almost 2 hours in the woods. Lei Lei loved it.

I walked in a rather "ok" pace, for being me that is.

But yeah, I'm sore. But that's to expect since my body is the way it is.
I had the most vicious insane head ache yesterday too. 7 hours straight. Gaah..
But despite that, I had quite a good day. I was so tired after the walk so I just stayed at home and watched movies and junk with Frost.

It was really sunny :D

Ah, and Frost made Dorito casserole, YUM. it'll be better with nacho cheese flavor, Interesting dish.

It's Doritos, ground beef, cream of mushroom (ICA recently started selling REAL cream of mushroom from Heinz) nacho cheese, and crushed tomatoes. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Useless facts of the day:

Did you know that starfishes has no brains?

hah... fascinating.

'Starfish or sea stars are star-shaped echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea'

They have complex life cycles and can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Most can regenerate damaged parts or lost arms and they can shed arms as a means of defence.

Fascinating creatures huh?

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Boo for today.

See, I was looking forward of actually getting out of the house, somewhere fun. I pictured walking around and fika.

But my mom successfully ruined not only her own, plus my sisters mood.
But mine as well.

BUT! I did get to eat this. I bought it with me home.
This is by far the most delicious semelwrap I've ever had.
Not that I've had many but still.

I was supposed to walk with Stina today as well but the rain is making my mood worse and in short, there will be no walk today.

Tomorrow however we're going for a walk in the woods around Kvinnersta.
Freya has to stay home with Daddy though cause this is a Mother-LeiLei time. I feel like my dog needs it. <3

Dad and Kuti didn't come either cause they decided to work today.

I'm going to the god damn store.
And I'll fucking buy candy.

I'll spend this day with the only ones that never fucking judge me or complain about my personality of whatever.

No wonder my daughters ears are so floppy ahha She pulls them.

And here's the three moments of fear.
I scared Freya haha

And what hold today?

You know what I got to do this morning?
I got to do a big sigh in bed and then relax a little.
Well, that probably sounds retarded to a lot of people.
But to those who know me, that's a big fucking deal.

No pain. I just had a relaxing moment. Aaaah the joy.

After that, I woke the wee one up, fed her and then got her ready for the day.

And then we laid down and watched a movie.

Mockingjay. Yup. Had to see it.

And naturally, I took a gazillion photos of my babypuff as well. (as usual lol)

As for the rest of  the day, I'm supposed to go to 'Tant Grön' with my mother soon, figured I'd buy some seeds for planting later too.
And then dad and Kuty will (supposedly) come over to celebrate Freya's wee 6 months.
And here's the problem, I have no idea WHEN they'll get here. Which would be kinda nice to know cause Stina was thinking of picking me up later (if it's not too late). Oh well, we'll just wait and see I guess. I told her I'd call once everyone had left.

Freya is wiggling and kicking like crazy next to me now. haha
Every single time I look at her, it feels like I get a "love rush".
She's so darn cute. I mean, have you seen her?!
And every time you look at her, she always smiles back and giggles. Aaaaw <3

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Friday date

I had promised my man to take him out on a date today, so I did.
We had lunch in town and walked around looking at stuff.
It was quite a lovely day :)

And Freya was a nice poot all the time. No cries or screams.
Just sleep or curious eyes :)

I bought myself a coffee from Bara Vara. I enjoy 'to go' cups.
I kinda said good bye to that place since I won't go there with a baby.


The rest of the day will be spent in a solitude state.
Just relaxing and endless snuggles.

The daily dose of Freya

Freya's wearing her new shirt she got from granny and grandpa :D

She is making soooo many new noises these days.
Always singing and yapping and screaming. Trying out new sounds.
I have a feeling she'll be an early talker.
I've already noticed that she's using the same set of tone as we do when we speak. Using the notes up and down. It's kinda funny listening to her do that hahaha

what is this?!

What's going on?
What's this feeling?

My throat feels like an open flesh wound............
It can't be?

Naaaah, I've always bragged about how I never get sick haha
And now this would be cold nunber 2 then within just 2 months.
Obviously this can't be a cold.

I must've swallowed a teeny tiny razor blade or something. Duh.
BUT, never the less, the pain ain't no joking matter. It's been quite a few years since I had this kind of sore throat. ("Sore" is an understatement lol)

So I'm sipping on green tea this morning.

Both Freya and me went to bed around 10 last night. Maaaaan that felt good. I was SO tired. And then I suddenly woke up around 1am and my throat had swollen up real bad and it hurt so much that I kinda felt like weeping a little bit hahaha Oh boohoo right?

On the brighter note, Freya slept from 11 till 6am. Woke up to eat a little and then fell back asleep. And then she woke up around 9 again wanting to eat and now she's sleeping again. Such a sweetheart.

I however can't really enjoy it...
I wish I could lay down and relax properly too.
Ya know? Enjoy the moment when she's sleeping and it's quiet and calm... But no,

Happy 6 months day Freya!

My squirrel is 6 months today! Omigooooosh! Can you believe it? Feels like she arrived in our lives just yesterday haha

Lei lei's a happy pigbear today as well. She got a raw egg with her food this morning. But instead of eating it in the bowl, she picked it up carefully and carried it to the babyroom and ate it there. haha Silly poot.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baby food

Since I'm such a glutton and not really as healthy as I want to be (can't really afford it either...) I at least want to be able to let my baby eat healthy food.

So yesterday I made her some carrot and cream mashed together.

And today granny came over with homemade baby food as well.
Avocado and butter mash. Yum yum for a baby in other words.

lol anywhere but the mouth huh?

I HATE avocado. But it's healthy, and babies don't really have tastebuds anyway so...yay her huh?

I still breastfeed 24/7. haha But I add more baby food in her routines till one day when there will be no more breast milk for her. Yup. So far,breastfeeding is still the easiest way to feed her.

She seems to be in an extremely needy phase right now.
I mean, babies are needy. But she's needy-er, Yeah. Needier.
And clingy. Though I love me some snuggles, she cries incredibly loud and foreeeeevaaah if I don't hold her -_-
Well, she is a baby. And she's finding parts of her personality :)
So experiment away my dear child. If it's snuggles and love you want, I will shower you in it <3

I just wish you'd be ok with me going to the bathroom once in a while at least -_-

My big girl

she'll be 6 months on friday...look at her, all mighty and shit <3

Detox water

Blueberry and lime goes really well together. det

Monday, February 16, 2015

Just a regular sunday

Yeah, it's pretty much been a regular ole sunday.
Woke up to the baby singing (not so) beautifully.
Happy snugglebaby that thing <3

And then after a while she fell asleep again, just like her dad... so I decided to enjoy my morning coffee with some Call Of Duty AW.

Not too shabby aye?

And not long after that grandma and grandpa dropped by to take the little babbeehh and dog for a walk. Freya loves her granny. It's true :)

In 4 days, Freya will be 6 months old.
That's a half a fucking year!
Time just flies by, it won't be long now till she starts walking, and then running...and then she's gone. All grown up. Gah, I can't even think about that.

I snuggle her like crazy every day just so I can feel her. Cause one day, she won't want her mama's snuggles anymore :(

Aaaaanyway, that's far from now.

Here, look at ho pretty the roses I got from Frost are in the sunshine.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy valentine's day!

I'm very lucky to have man that makes sure to show me he loves me every day of the year. But Valentine's day is still Valentine's day ♥   And I actually find it fun to celebrate it now. (maybe cause I have someone worth celebrating with?)

So thank you honey for celebrating it with me.
Frost is in the shower now, and we'll go for a walk once he's out.

Beeeeb got me roses and chocolate. Aaaws ♥ 
I'm actually really fucking happy about it haha

Freya seems to like it too 

Oh, and there was a card in the mailbox last night.
Wishing a Happy Valentine's day.
But i really have no clue who it's from?
Maybe Frost has a secret admirer? :) Who knows?

I went to Marieberg a few days ago with mom.
Went to a retail store and ought some old frames... and we managed to have fika too.
Ooooh how I love cappuccinos and Latte's. Mmmm...

yesterdays OOTD :)

And Freya got to enjoy some quark with peach in it. (Kvarg)
I did most of the feeding thought she tried her best too lol
She figured out that the spoon goes in the mouth...after shoving it in her eye.

Oh right, we also changed the stroller seat. YAY.

Ah and on thursday, Stina came and picked us up. :)
Freya was really tired when we went home. haha
Slept like almost then entire afternoon that day.
But you know, I guess you can get tired when you have too much fun,

All in all, I suppose it's been a good week. :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hahaha Lykke looks so grumpy.
That kid has a will made of steel.
She's 9 months old and she stands up on her own perfectly.
Bless her heart <3 She just loves Freya haha

well this pic is just cause she's adorable haha
Yeah, I had to blurr out the milk factory -___-

So yeah, we had a wee playdate with Sofi and Lykke. YaY.
And me and honey had ourselves a movie night.
We're watching one Pirates Of The Caribbean movie each night. :)
On to movie three!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A small jar of detox water

  • 1 tiny orange 
  • half a cup of blueberries 
  • 6 basil leaves. 
  • 2 cups cups of water


We had a slow start this "morning".
In the end, Frost made me breakfast which I had in bed lol Cause I snuggled Freya at the same time.

I think that maaaaybe he outdid himself this time with the scrambled eggs. They were absolutely AWESOME! Mmmm.... his are always the tastiest.

And Freya got to eat some yoghurt with blueberries. Heh, YUM.

hahaha She's too cute.

The dinner with my uncle and his wife went well.
A little too much Swedish went on so Frost was probably bored half to death. But I thought it was kinda nice. They were completely infatuated by my awesome little baby girl. I know, my daughter is super cute and charming. 

Me and Freya went to bed around 9:30PM. Sleeeeeepy. But Freya woke up around 1AM (and she's been doing this lately) and she was super happy ad jolly and awake. Not sleepy at all. She wanted to play and hug.

It's 02:57AM right now.............and I can still here her go 'lalalalala wheeee~ '

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mug Cake


Woke up and had a family snuggle in bed for a while. 

We haven't done much today. I've been on the phone a lot though. I also made mug cake tonight as dessert. :)

Well, it was more like a "cup" cake. hah. But I really did a good job. Such tasty. Much goodness. Wow.

Gooey and delicious. YaY.

Yesterday I had fika with Ida. It had been a long time since we last met.

Stina and I have been talking a lot too, she's gonna pick me up once a week. WOOOOH. Finally someone's pushing me and taking the initiative to walk with me. IN THE WOODS. Lovely. Much nicer than concrete. Really.

I feel like, for being unemployed....I'm fucking busy.
I only just realized this, but I have a lot of friends. A LOT.
On sunday, Sofie and Lykke are coming over. Sweet. A little baby playdate.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I've had a lot of shit going on lately. In a way. I suppose.
I'm not gonna mention how awful  yesterday was, so I'll just pretend that that day never happened.
The day before that, I baked some bread. (which btw was tasty

Freya's OOTD that day <3

And she got to eat banana and cream mashed together. Mmm..
She loves her vintage BRIO toy.
Seriously, LOOK at how cute my daughter is!
Isn't she just the cutest? haha

Oh, and look. How awesome am I huh?!

welp, I gotta get ready. i'm going to Ida soon.