Monday, August 31, 2015

A big day

It's been a big day indeed.

We left Freya at the daycare (kindergarten is more suitable word sometimes) for the first time EVER today. Her teacher felt like she's doing so well so she said we could leave her there for a bit while they had lunch and then made her take a nap. Gosh... We walked away while holding hand, turning around looking at Freya far away. haha It was probably harder on me huh?

Not only that, but we also rode the bike together for the first time.
Wrooom wroom bicycle wrooooom!

She sat in her own little bicycle seat <3  D'aaw. So adorable.
(And yes, she does have a helmet, I just too it off while waiting for Frost) 

So yeah, we've had a big day. I felt sick most of the day too...............which sucked balls really.
But whatever.... I've got work again in the morning. -_- So no time to feel sick here nope.

It's time for mama Jo and Papa to have some alone adult time now. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Aaaand we're back

Man, I've seen a lot of chickens today.
I like hens and roosters. They're so cute ^_^
A almost cried when I said that...she did not agree with me haha

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and I've eaten SO much today. Jeez...
BBQ, Bearnaise sauce, potatoes, and then pie, cake, bla bla blaaa....
I managed to not overeat though.

But unfortunately I'm hungry now instead haha

And I sure did miss my sweet family. We text all the time though :)
As much as possible, and as soon as I have time. That makes things a little easier...
Apparently Freya took a 6 step walk today.

And I missed it. Again.
The first pic is a nice photo I took yesterday of the doodleFrey, and the last pic is something Frost sent me while I was in Vingåker. D'aaw...

10 hours left of work. Then I GET TO GO HOME AND REST!
My ear is hurting so bad, it's swollen and aching........same with my face and my ribs. If I didn't know any better, one might assume that  I'd been beaten up haha

Though the pain is actually the same as from a beating, I can tell you that.

Road trip

How exciting! On the road now...
I'm still more excited about snuggling this little monster doodle called Freya. ♡♡♡

But yeah.  We're on the road. I'm already bored. I've been knitting a little though. .

And I feel like a piece of shit today.

I wish I could snuggle up under a rock and disappear a little. Everything's aching. Blah.

But I'm still excited. Wroom!


Wheeeeiiii tomorrow is my day of!
And monday too! :D YAY!

Tomorrow we'll be sipping margaritas and enjoying our weekend lol

Apparently I'm going to Vingåker today. Neat. Never been there before.
Biiiig dinner. Hmm....And I have a huge infection in my body.
I have a fever, and I'n hurting all over. Not EDS pain but like... bumps.

Yeah, like I've been beaten with a stick. Or something...
Plus my tattoos are swollen. Always a sign of infection for me. Boo.

Well, off we go!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

At work

I'm working at the moment, yes... but I'm also reading my favorite manga!

Gokusen. haha It's  by far one of the most entertaining manga's I've ever read.
I also loved the Live Action and the Anime.

But nothing compares to the manga :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mondays can be fun

Grandparents are awesome aren't they?  At least that's what Freya thinks :)

She's been having a good time with grandma and grandpa <3

Frost could relax a little then. And I bet he appreciated that.
She's kind of (extremely) clingy these days. Provably cause of her cold but it could be cause I work so much? Either way... That's all she does all day long when she's with him or me haha

Yesterday I got to snuggle her soooo good. I don't mind her clingyness.  I'M CLINGY TOO! hahahaha

I always appreciate getting photos of Freya. :)

She's my starlight. ♡♡♡


It's Monday, and yet another week has been started.
This will be a very busy work week for me. I have three 25 hours shifts with A, and then 2 evenings at the other place. (simply cause I need to be logical here...I need the money) So yeah... this'll be a rough week.

But what's gonna be the roughest is being away from Freya and Frost.

Got a message earlier saying my baby koala was being very needy and clingy. She wont leave her daddy's chest. <3 Aaws..Poor bebbeh. At least her cold seems to be better :) We snuggled sooooooo much yesterday. I feel like a need to recharge my snugglemeter when I'm home haha

Oh right, here's some of the presents too!
I didn't manage to take a pic of the swing though..,.but I can do that tomorrow :)

All the gifts we're just perfect :)
We're so thankful for them, and Freya loves them. Can't wait till Freya can wear her guardian angel my uncle and his wife gave her.
(And yes...that fluffy unicorn glows...amazing ain't it?) haha

Ah, and I really hope shit works out for Moa and Rama. They're having some difficulties with the residence permit and junk. I hope they can spend their christmas here at least <3
I miss Moa...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A nice morning at work

A's still asleep...and I'm sitting here, just enjoying my coffee really.
Lei Lei's been liking it here :)

I better get my shit together now and go home. My back is a little sore...not from A though. More from the night personal that did shit wrong -_-

Aaaaaaanyway.......I've got this Sunday off, but I've got work tomorrow again.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Aaaaand its another workday.
Luckily its with A so that's good :)

We've mostly been chillin'... A's been doing a lot on the essay though. And I've been very busy laying on the sofa.  lol

Gosh I miss Freya. She had such a nasty fever last night. But I finally made it go down. That's the only reason I went to work. If her fever hadn't gotten any better I would've called the hospital.

And I miss my snuggletree. I'd very much like a snuggle right now.

Oh right, lei lei came with me today. And she been enjoying herself laying out there on the porch :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

some pics from FreyFrey's B-day party

these we're just a few of the gifts she got. I'll show some pics of what she got tomorrow.

The spawn of all happiness

Today's my baby wiggleWeasel's first birthday!

It's big day in other words. She turns one year old.
And I've been a mommy for a whole year :)

Sooooooo many people came to see her! I was so surprised. 18 people :)

And I succeeded big time with my cheesecakes. Even the one for Sofia :D

It was  a beautiful day, filled with happy thoughts and friends and family.
18 people came and celebrated her <3

When Frost realized it had gone from 8 people to 18 he silently retired in the other room lol Good thing too, cause Freya's fever got real high so she had to go in with her dad and sleep for a while. I couldn't let her stay up any longer.

My uncle and his wife got Freya such a cute necklace. with a guardian angel on it. All gifts that she got yesterday were awesome and we're so thankful!

My baby girl will always know how loved she is.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hello doodles. How ya'll doin' this fine evening?

Ya know... I really like my job.
This how I started it:

I started working fulltime at A's place today. And so far, it's been an awesome day.
Iv'e snoozed a bit... fell asleep like a slob on the couch (and this couch is fucking amazing! It feels so gooooooood...) And all of a sudden the doorbell rings and the home care service is here lol

And I'm all like:

Half dead basically.

But it's been a good day. A is working on an essay, I'm helping a little haha
And I'm eating chili nuts. And ate peasoup earlier. Yum.

It's kinda of a nostalgic feeling to be here too.
But I sure do miss my sweet baby and my awesome sweet man :D

Welp, I'm gonna lay down, chill a little and watch some House now.
me and A just had the bestest most awesome idea ever for her essay intro!!! :D
I'm fucking excellent!

And I'm glad I managed to be of help :)
I came up with an idea of mentioning The Odyssey or Hercules in the intro.
And adding that all heroes has an arch nemesis. Like Sherlock Holmes has Professor Moriarty.
Or Professor Xavier has Magneto. :) 
(they're kind of a good example actually. Cause they used to be besties)
It's perfect. :D Unless your'e an action Hero like Bruce Willis lol
Then anyone's your enemy hahahahah 

I like doing an essays and writing long papers and shit. :)
If it's about something I like anyway.

And A's doing a paper on Heroism.
So we're mentioning all kinds of heroes. :D

And you know me...............


I'm a superhero naaaaoooooow!

Yesterday's fun

So yesterday was Freya's first day at daycare. She did great! And the employees there was brilliant too! Oh, I just have a good feeling about this place. The place the child in the center and work around the child's needs. So, therefore I have told them that I'd prefer if they avoided gluten with her since she seems to get constipated by it sometimes. (It's too early to say if she'd be allergic but why push it if we can avoid tummy aches and constipation?) So I simply said that they're more than welcome to give her more veggies than carbs in general. I'm not the kind of mom that will be upset if my daughter eats spaghetti and meatballs at daycare. (I can fucking eat spaghetti too) But if there's like... I dunno, meatballs, potatoes and veggies (they have veggies with everything) I'd prefer if they had more veggies than potatoes. Cause if she's anything like her mom, then all carbs aren't good for her.

And I also added that I'd like if they avoided sugar. But if they celebrate other kids birthday with ice cream then naturally she should eat it too if she want's to.

Hmmm, what else. Ah I also told them that she loves sweet potatoes and salmon.
It was a question form I had to fill out with likes and dislikes so the only dislikes I could come up with was broccoli and if the food is too chunky (she only has four teeth, remember?) haha Other than that, she eats pretty much anything. Oh I should add that she LOVES quark. Yeah.

And after that, we went to Nathalie's place and Frost helped her set up her technology junk haha It was a lot to take in lol
But she's now a proud xbox one owner just like meeeeeeeee! :D YAY!

Freya had bunches of fun with her and even doodles with crayons on a old bill haha
She's learning.

And I also did a try out cheesecake (and failed miserably) so...yeah. We stayed up till like 2am and nibbled on that one cause it had to be eaten fast.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Adorable Freya

So I bought organic and ecological corn puffs for Freya the other day. From Ella's Kitchen. :)
It said it's an excellent way for her to train to eat on her own (with her fingers, duh..) She loves them. I bought the vanilla/raspberry flavor. Though I tasted some and they don't taste anything at all really? O_o But she likes them so yay!

That's perfect for a doodle like her.

And here's one of her favorite treats:
Carrots, apple & Parsnip

Omigosh tomorrow is her big day. First time at daycare. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
And then thursday. Oh lord. lalalala...

Allow me to complain about EDS

This will ONLY be about my bitching and nagging about EDS, so you can just scroll on if you don't wanna read this. And that's ok. I just need to went a bit.

I felt it last night, that my muscles were cramping a wee bit... just a little. But enough for me to notice, so I knew that I'd wake up in excruciating painful cramps. And I was right. 1-0 to Jo.

I went to bed at 10 last night cause I was SO tired, fell asleep almost immediately even though I could feel the cramps come crawling slowly... and of course I woke up at 2am cramping and twitching like crazy. It was a living hell... I can't rest for more than 4 hours, no matter how tired I am. I can't lay down for more than that. I hate it. I HATE IT SO BAD.

I hate the fact that I have EDS. I hate that I have to go through this. And I hate how no one could possibly understand what these cramps feels like... Today my abs are sore just cause they were cramping so hard. I could barely get out of bed.

Frost laid next to me all night, trying to pat my tummy and make me relax. Telling me to calm down and breathe slowly.
Yet nothing makes me relax.
Nothing makes my muscles slow down and chill when I'm in that state.

Not even the O's, nor the saroten (which is Greek for bullshit) helps.
I need the o's during the daytime to function st A's place. (I've noticed that they work better than the others) And I honestly do need it that way despite what the doctors think. I don't give a fuck. I rarely eat painkillers these days anyway. It might be the reason for why I'm relapsing like this....

But I want the big O's. They help me out way more than any other pills.
And I only need them certain days. Like today's would be a good day.
I have some, but I don't want to use them today. Yeah I know, it's complicated. Kind of a long story...........

But the doctors need to find me something for the nighttime that'll allow me to sleep normally, something that makes me wake up without cramps. O's definitely don't work for the night. Nope.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah......... it's ok. I feel better just having a rant. I needed to went I guess.
Can't complain ALL the fucking time in front of Frost and the rest of my family.


Saturday, August 15, 2015


Yesterday was such a nice day :)

We had so much fun! Although I was supposed to go to A's place at night for some short work... some "things" happened and thing didn't go as planned. Shit happens. lol

But the rest of the day was awesome (minus some mishaps and junk) But in general, yesterday was awesome.

And when we came home we played Destiny together :)
I had so much fun then haha

I also found out that my schedule at A's starts Tuesday.... so...
Man, I wasn't prepared for that, so I've actually got a few shifts I need to change at my other job then. I mean, I ain't "sad" that I have to cancel these two shifts this week (tuesday and wednesday) cause they're only 2 hours long...yay.

On the other hand, I've got two nightshifts  the next week after this....and I kinda wanna keep the nightshifts so...I dunno. I might be able to exchange them with someone else's night shift............who knows. Bet my boss is gonna hate me now -_-

But in my defense, I really didn't know that I was gonna start working at A now. I thought it was september?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Good morning Friday!

It's been a sleepy morning in this household.
Even Frost has been drinking coffee today haha

So good morning....

I've got some shit to do today. Mainly taking my family out on an adventure. They don't know where toooooo though...YAY Sneaky me.

Freya's growing up more and more each day...
Makes me wonder where the hell the time went?
She's eating on her own (messy yes..but she gets and A for effort) And she walks!
Well...almost anyway lol She'll take 2 or 3 steps alone :D
And she walks well while holding my hands. Aaaws...

And we have two BIG events this upcoming week:

Monday: Freya's FIRST day at daycare! Omigoooosh....
That's a huge deal here. Cause all kids go to day care here. (It's kinda for free sorta...)
It's a social and growing experience for babies and kids. 
And I got the place I actually wanted her to go to. WOHO!
Right around the corner. :D

And the second event (which happens to be the biggest!!) 
Thursday next Freya's FIRST birthday!
She turns 1 year old. Holy moly...

Man, I'm so excited about her birthday.
And nervous about her first day at daycare.
Obviously we'll be there cause the first time it's only 3 hours.
It's more of a introducing/getting used to it thing...

Who's gonna be more emotional?
Me or Freya? hahah

Tonight I gotta be at A's place around 10pm or something?
It's just for an hour...introduction thingy. Which is good cause tbh, I've already forgotten so many things about the routines there.

Worst morning temper ever hahaha It's kinda fun.
I have a feeling she'll scream a lot at me in the mornings. lalalala

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Small idiots

I fucking hate little idiots that I'm playing against online (or with) that's just using such god damn nasty language. Fine, I'm aware that my vocabulary can be a bit rough around the edges sometimes but at least I'm not a sexist asshole talking about pussies and dicks all the time. I don't insult anyone that way. (and dude...if you're gonna insult me...please do it with correct grammar at least you dumbass)

Saying nasty shit about sucking your **** and junk... Like wtf? Now I don't know if he said it to that little girl or my buddies, me or just in general...  Doesn't matter. Cause there's FUCKING KIDS ONLINE! Little girls too. That little girl we played with..    I hope to god she didn't take his sexist shit to heart. I don't care if a little pussy hides behind a screen and say weird shit...but kids might.

Little girls shouldn't have to fucking listen to that. This is why I hate when it says:  Gamergirl. It's sexist. And its ok for me to say it. Cause I'm fucking awesome. I don't even need a gender online. I'm a koala. You don't need to send thousands of messages asking if I'm a girl or if I'm single. I've got an awesome man riiiiight here. I've got THE ONE. So yeah...I'm all good.

But you .. You foulmouthed jackass.. Harass little girls again and I'll fucking report you.
I'll show you what a grown woman can do to you. You'll have fucking nightmares for weeks you little asshole. I'll find out where you live and make Nathalie traumatize you for life. lol

Ok I've got all that out of my system. Maybe time to sleep now huh? Work in the morning and all that junk ya know? Meh...


And Holy shit.... 02:40AM...The peace is broken.

 It's like.... this ain't even fair. I wanna sleep now, and cry a little.
There's shit everywhere. Literally.

That's it. I'm going home.

No but seriously....why me? WHY?

Right now I feel like sleeping lol where no one can find me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The last night shift

Well, the last night shift for a couple of days anyway haha apparently I work the early morning shift on Thursday. Fuck. I hate those. Two hour long shifts .. Worth NOTHING. All they do is take up time and ruin a day. ..

Anyway...  Here I am, working yet another night shift. Which is nice ^_^

And before work I spent my time with freya watching the little mermaid :) And I also got a quick visit from Ida too.

Boy do I miss my family now ... A warm bed and snuggles. Mmm.... Welp.... Tomorrow afternoon I can see them again! Cause right after my shifts ends here tomorrow morning, I gotta go straight to my other job hahah

Menstrual Cramps

Oversharing much?

Don't care.

My uterus literally feels like it's gonna jump our of my vagina and punch me in the face. No exaggeration. It's like it's decided to be a bitch ALL day to me. Which it has..

Moving on...

Cudos to me for not taking painkillers ALL day today. Didn't take any from 4am till now. And now my uterus acyually forced me to take some.... and it's still there, being a fucking BITCH!

So is calm. So far. People sleeping, me drinking coffee, watching house and doing laundry. Same ol, same ol...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey, guess what?

It's work time again hah.

Night shift though. Iiiiih my favorite!

Yea, as soon as I though that, my coworked just came and pooped on it all, telling me about the poopscapedes that's been going on all evening. Aaaand probably will ALL night. Hmm..

And this is me right at this moment:

But oh well... shit happens. lol hahahaah  I didn't even mean for that to happen. *badomtiish!* Anyway. House M.D now.

 I know I certainly wont be bored, that's for sure.
 Plus I've got plenty to that's nice. Even got a meatloaf I forgot in the freezer somewhere. Neat!

Frost & Freya actually walked me to the bus stop this evening to wave bye bye. haha Aaaws...My sweethearts. They're nice family. I'mma keep them forever.

Oh, and last night I hung out with Nathalie after work. Played some CoD AW with the new controller and headsets. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. It was pretty fucking cool.

Unfortunatelly I seem to have attracted a weird stalker -_-
Welp, if it continues Frost will help me block him. Cause I'm not sure how to do it myself hahahaha Bet it's just going to their profile or something?