Saturday, August 15, 2015


Yesterday was such a nice day :)

We had so much fun! Although I was supposed to go to A's place at night for some short work... some "things" happened and thing didn't go as planned. Shit happens. lol

But the rest of the day was awesome (minus some mishaps and junk) But in general, yesterday was awesome.

And when we came home we played Destiny together :)
I had so much fun then haha

I also found out that my schedule at A's starts Tuesday.... so...
Man, I wasn't prepared for that, so I've actually got a few shifts I need to change at my other job then. I mean, I ain't "sad" that I have to cancel these two shifts this week (tuesday and wednesday) cause they're only 2 hours long...yay.

On the other hand, I've got two nightshifts  the next week after this....and I kinda wanna keep the nightshifts so...I dunno. I might be able to exchange them with someone else's night shift............who knows. Bet my boss is gonna hate me now -_-

But in my defense, I really didn't know that I was gonna start working at A now. I thought it was september?

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