Tuesday, July 31, 2012

phone faggots

lol yeah I like how people always complain about me always typing on my phone. hah I'm not the only phone faggot here. 

So, Moa and Christian came by for some afternoon tea and coffee haha. Yeah, I gave Chrille ginger tea, supposed to be good for the joints and such. I kinda feel bad for him being this sick and in that much pain. But he's rather chipper so.. that's the most important thing. Staying positive.
You can't think "I don't wanna be sick, or feel bad", you should think "I wanna be healthy and feel better". Uh huh. Way with words I have.

It was kinda weird actually, earlier I was walking Lei Lei... and then got a call from Christian saying "hey, where's your iphone charger?"
eeeh...the fuck? In my home of course.
"But where?"
That's when I got lost in translation...........I had no clue what he was talking about.
Turns out he was in my apartment walking around. I forgot to lock the door when I left. Hmm..

Righty then

First of all... Me is crying right now.
Yup. The lighting just struck and then the thunder came straight after.... very big BOOM. Ahaha... And I can't handle this. Nope. Shoot me. I'ma head out soon with Lei Lei, tis ok. I can act as if I'm not scared so no one will notice it. Not that many people knows that this scares the shit out of me anyway. Well Sofia does now, cause I was just on the phone with her and then the thunder cme and I screamed and dropped the phone. "What? Oh me? Naaah, I ain't scared. What makes you think that?!" lol

Apart from that. I'll probably be baby sitting tonight. Little Alicia will be playing with good ol' Jo. haha That wild little creature.

Gosh, it's raining to much here now.... I have my blanket and some pillows and I'm snuggling on the couch haha. Trying to listen to music so I wont here the thunder. Working so so...

Ah, And today I'll let honey say good morning first. I'm so nice lol

Ah, And I've been on the phone handling my bills and the such...boring shit  tell ya. Begged them to postpone the payment a bit cause I still haven't gotten any money since march. lol quite the debt I've collected now. YaY But they gave me 2 weeks so good for me.

I'm running out on meds for Lei Lei so I'll probably have to borrow even more money now..... she needs those meds or she'll die. Can't have that happening now can I? Yep. I'm her mother. I'd die for my children lol That fluffy Pigbear is my best friend and I'd seriously be heartbroken if I lost her. So, her specialized food and new meds is what I need to get my hands on. I'll ask mum to drive me tomorrow or something.

Aaaw baby Lei Lei <3

Monday, July 30, 2012

cream puffs

Oh gosh I wanna eat them...

yep, found these on a cooking site... nom nom nom...
Unfortunately I have a dirty mind as well so.. yeah. white... sauce.. hah.

coffee and food

Uh huh. Sofi has been feeling very generous today. I'm not used to get "spoiled" like this.... hmmm. I get the feeling that she loves to take care of me. Maybe that's why she calls me her baby? :/ hmm..
Aws, she bought me so much food and good stuff, and tons of coffee. And make up (?) and Body Butter. OH MYGOD my skin smells delicious now... Me luvs it. Mmm...

Oh right, I feel like I'm getting a lot of love from people lately. Haven't received this much love EVER. And Frost makes me feel like I'm the only one in the world :) Nom! I love that man. Oh noes, what if I become spoiled? Hmm.. no good. Can't get spoiled.


Aaah, the friends that I've decided to keep in my life, they're just too awesome. You all make me happy. And your'e being way to kind to me. But I'll pay it all back someday :) To all of you. Uh huh!
And such a long sweet message I got from Xi. Made me very happy indeed. You kinda give me too much cred though, but it still made me feel awesome haha Your'e sweet. ROAR I'm a bad-ass friend uh huh! hahaha

I do

Hmm... confundled face.

Rawr! Off to the mall we go.
Sofi just came over. This will be fun, me needs to get out of the house for real. Yep. That I do.


Possibly the funnies thing one can watch...
See, i WAS wearing makeup earlier... but I laughed so hard that I started crying eventually so all the makeup kinda..yeah.... Panda look ftw! ROAR! hahaha

Gosh, I've been laughing so hard that I might've woken up the neighbours.


Stand by me. looool Barney, funny fucker haha

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am really really happy right now :)


And Sofi just called as well... she's taking me out for a coffee tomorrow. Taking me out in the world lol Yeah, she said that being locked inside like this has made me weird haha Which is partly true since I tend to withdraw a bit now when there's a lot of people around me. Out and socialize I will!

Oh and I'm really really happy cause Frost will take me out on a daaaate ROAR! Yep. Can't wait <3

just turn it off

Yeah.... my attempt at taking a nap failed greatly.
LOL And the phone was ringing constantly. And Lei Lei was barking... and then I decided not to sleep, and talk to Frost instead and then the door slammed open and in came the infantry. yay.

See, how the fuck can a person sleep when people rape my phone like this?
And I knoooooow I'm stupid for not turning it off. But I like to keep it on just in case it's an emergency or whatever.

Yep. This is the happy me right now.
My hair got messy since I snuggled the couch a wee bit too hard..

Koala hair. hah.


I'm home again. All safe and sound. Uh huh. I saw people! Me bought food. And grapefruit soda. I accidentally wrote rapefruit first haha... sound like an interesting fruit. Hmm... oh And I bought the wrong kind of smokes today... had to. They were out of Lucky Strike. -__- So I bought Chesterfield. Not a huge fan of those... they're good, but it's like breathing air. hah.

Ah, I've slept too much now. Slept for a VERY long time. Which only makes me sleepier... No good. I'ma have to take a nap later and stay up for a long time to even it out haha My kind of logic is the best logic. AGREE WITH ME OR DIE.

ROAR the tree woke up a little while ago. nom nom... potato salad.... mmm... I could get the best of two worlds if he rubbed the potato salad on him instead.

down down down

Alrighty then. I'm heading out. It'll take some time for me to get to where I wanna go, and I'll pray that I get home afterwards haha

Aaaws, me was talking to Frost all day yesterday. Uh huh. Last person I saw before going to sleep. Aws. 

Right, I'm talking to Marty right now. Hearing her panic. Meeting the boy today she will. NAAAW. She is just so in love that little twerp. haha Glad she found herself a man who treats her right. :) Many fun days ahead of them now lol And she can't get laid. Sometimes life sucks for ya sweetie. Being a woman can suck balls from time to time. Oh well. Better luck next time. You can just go down on him instead :D

YaY. Lei Lei is ready. OFF WE GOOO! Tally-hooo!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

well...since I have so much energy now I'm going through aaaaaaaaall music I have. I'm talking about thousands of songs here. It's fun.


Ohohohohoooo.... finest from East West. Mmm..
It was ok. Akane's is MUCH better and cheaper but hey, one does what one can. I can't really get that far away from the house haha.

This woman is pleased. Mhmm.. full and satisfied.

Still watching the movie, talking to Frost... Guess what?
Me had sugar today. ROOOOOOAAAAAAAR!

Glory Road

I'm watching a movie right now... A real good movie I might add. Glory Road. I like it :) It's a bit like Remember The Titans. Shit like that always move me.


So, I'm waiting for food.
The rain is pouring down and I'm not kidding when I say it's like God was holding a bucket and just flipped it over. So I ordered take out.

Nom nom nom...

Grilled trout & yuzuchili maki, 
Fish & seafood ceviche, radish & bonitoflakes uramaki
Grilled tuna, spring onion, chilli, mayo & noricrunch uramaki....

Like a boss.

Yeah you know, dad always did say fish would make ya smarter.
Have yet to proven it to be correct though... It'll come. It will. Some day. Some day my IQ will go higher..... a wee bit.

Aaaargh me is hungry.

cup of coffee for my cousin

well well well.. would'ya look at that.
Johannes is coming over with my mail! Yeeeeeeeeeeeees. There's never anything good about my mail though. No one ever wanna send me something good. Just bills and shit....so many bills. -_- Which is why I got so happy when Virre sent me a package the other day. Made me happy she did.

Anyway. Johannes had to shower first so I guess that gives me time to make it at least seem like I clean up this place from time to time.

Well, I'll make coffee I guess. Since my lil' cousin is being so kind to walk aaaaaaaaall the way over here with my mail. All those..what...300 feet away huh? lol Ah, company is appreciated.

Gotta look fucking fancy while chasing your dreams ya know? Mhm.


well.. I managed to sleep quite long today :)
I slept about 4 hours :D    And then the phone started ringing...
And eventually Moa came knocking on my bedroom door around 11:30 haha She was like a puppy craving food. lol

I feel kinda good today...And I smell like chocolate. I did smell like mango after the shower, and then I had lotion on me instead. Mango and chocolate...hmm... I can't smell the mango anymore.

I'ma buy some better stuff. I like smelling like CAKE!!!

Aah, the Pigbear woke me up at first.. eventually I had Moa and Lei Lei jumping on the bed wanting attention haha

good stuff

I got stuck on youtube....listening to old shit. Stuff one listened to as a kid haha And I found LOADS of stuff haha


I am in the mood for some really good ridiculous comedies...I like the silly one. And Rob Schneider is just a fucking ace at being stooopid. aha

haha I love Big Stan. It's funneeh.


well what can I say? he's a funny guy :)

Friday, July 27, 2012


wanna know something very awkward?

I'm actually googling on how to become friends with girls... It says that I need to learn about their interests and such. . . which kind of confuses me a bit. it sounds like all girls are the same when I read everything online.

Like learn about nails, makeup, clothes etc . . . . Now I feel completely lost here. I'm not kidding. It feels like I went into the wrong store, like a BDSM store and can't find the exit and frantically trying to get out. haha.

No shit?!

Weeeeell.... my body is starting to relax a bit now. Feels good.
I look a bit...stupid today but tis alright. Since I'm so magnificent and such...yeah...you know. Glorious Jo and all that crap. Aaaah never mind. lol I was going to put on make up today...but then I got sidetracked and . . . yeah. That's about it :D I ended up looking like a little DERP.

I'm on the balcony listening to music now. Yeah. (no shit, those headphones didn't give it away at aaaall right?) Good shit I tell you.


Aaaaaah I'm starting to feel better.
Coffee..... Mmm...

No worries.

After all. I'm an ice-elf with a ghost hound. ;D haha

I loved that btw. It's destiny.. you are a BIG reason for why I believe in it. Mhm. A good woman you are. If you predicted getting to know me and Lei Lei then I seriously can't wait to see what else will come true from that book of yours.

Life is exciting sometimes haha

Yeah it IS a creepy one this pic.
And yet I like it. Hmm..

fading away

I may just need to throw up.... I feel like.......... aaah.... I feel horrible.
lol People tend to call when I feel the worst hah.
Buuuut at least i explained why i didn't wanna talk.

But seriously.... what the fuck?
I haven't eaten anything since yesterday really. So that's not why I feel sick... this is just stupid. I feel like fading away... just... meeeh... barf.
Hard to explain.... Just feeling shitty and nauseous..
That's btw a word I rarely spell correctly. Mhm.. always do it wrong. Wonder if I even spelled it right this time.

could be the morphine...


old times

Aaaah well wasn't this such a nice fucking treat? haha Such grand company today. What did i do to deserve such a fine visit I wonder...

Aaw Stina and Emmy being just as retarded as they were when we were teenagers. Obviously I am so much more mature than them Yeah. Of course. (Agree with me damn it!) Hard to believe that this super hot woman on the lower pics is a wee mother huh? Yup. She has an adorable lil' one year old boy. Has her own little family now with a man who cherishes her. I'm glad that she's living life and enjoying it finally. It actually makes me really happy. And looking at her gives me hope :)

Doesn't matter how far down in the shit you are, you can always climb up and start anew if you set your mind to it. Kudos to ya Emmy. <3 It took a while, but it was totally worth it wasn't it? :)

Now we've been discussing poking. yeah, apparently Emmy felt that it's not that weird if poking means something different than it does in sweden... she's like "well.. they ARE poking ya with their penis though..POKE and it's inside" . . . . . .  yeah. End of discussion there. Stina and I gave up. So poke and fighting yeah. Fighting. Good old times. Yup. Old memories and whatnot :) It was rather nice... been through a lot we have. Silly little girls.

You know why I get along with them so well?
Cause they're not as fancy as other girls. And they don't mind my tomboyish ways :) They're actually just as fucked up as me when I think about it. They may look a bit hotter and girlyer than me but deep down...they're just... wackos. :D

It's funny... Emmy... she's the ex girlfriend of my old best friend... yup. well we were just a bunch of weird teenagers back then. Now that I think about it.... most close girl friends I have.......are ex girlfriends of my guy friends. hah. It's like I can't even get a lady friend on my own :(

aws, I'm sad now. Forever alone.

lol jk.
But it is a wee it sad... I'm trying to figure out who I actually managed to befriend on my own without the help of anyone........................... hmm. Moving on.

Gosh, I hate this song. And every fucking time they play it on the radio it gets stuck in my head... haha it's annoying. Jag bygger, bygger upp, du river, river ner. lalala Shoot me.

All on my own!  I haven't been that far away from the apartment for a long time ya know? It's been more than two weeks since I left the apartment for longer than 4 minutes lol

Yeah, it hurts now. haha But I'm drinking chocolate milk so it's all good!

hahaha I'm on the phone with Marty now, and I'm whipping cream...
And when she asked me about the noises from the machine I yelled I'M IN A SPACESHIP NOOOOOOW!!! And I did the Superman pose.

Yep. You should've seen it.

I got whipped cream all over me cause my whip thing machine is broken....




Nurse you back to health I will. Uh huh.
Look at that face. Aaaaw! How can one not wanna go NOM NOM on him?
See see! that's a sweet little smile there. Aws, CHOMP!
Yeah, me loves him. haha Så jävla het också :D Och söt! Meow. Aaah jag älskar honom.

Poopy stare

well... I think I'll make pancakes today. American pancakes, not swedish ones. I kinda suck at making swedish ones...even though they're so delicious. BUT me has two bottles of maple syrup here. Ehehe... two different kinds as well. Both are yummy. Me is happy.

So american pancakes it is. 

Aaah, I feel like I've slept away all day now... darn it.

But I seriously had the weirdest sleep ever. Too weird.
It's like I'm not alone with Lei Lei here..... creepy as fuck.
Yeah... No need to write about it cause I'll sound like a mental patient anyway haha. But it was creepy.

well. American pancakes huh? 
Cravings for the day.
Should walk the Pigbear first...uh huh.
She gives me the "poopy stare." Yep. I can tell. That is the eyes of a dog that really really needs to take a shit. She doesn't even need to give me hints or anything. Her eyes are screaming I WANNA POOP so I'll just hop outside soon lol

HAHAHA Omg, I just lifted my eyes to see where she's gone. haha And I saw her staring at me in the corner of the hallway.. hiding in the dark...Just...staring. Sitting completely still. Not moving a muscle. Just looking at me....With eyes filled with poop.

yeah I should go. haha

Good night

Just said goodnight to snugglepuff. :) ROAR. I wanna eat you up. So this is me saying good night to the rest of the world as well.

And I hope Frost will feel better tomorrow <3 uh huh! I do!

Aaah Ida came over for a sorta quick visit as well.. Around 2AMish haha Talkety talk :) she better be sleeping now as well. That woman has work tomorrow! So sleep!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Face to face, nipples to nipples

hahaha Pewdiepie... your'e killing me.
Now, you guys gotta admit that my english sounds different from his right? He's swedish as well ya know?

haha I fucking LOVE to watch his retarded videos looooool


Today is one of those days when my scar is more visible than usual.

Sometimes you notice it, sometimes you don't.

Today you do. Under my eyebrow.

figure of speech

Don't poke a sleeping tree.
Wake it up first by nibbling. Hah.

I'd say that this is mighty fine wordplay.

This is also a new saying. Invented by ME! Haha


Why not just enjoy it a wee bit?
I usually avoid it best I can but I really do like the sun. As long as its not hot and burning lol

Midwinter sun is pretty. Mhm.
And the fall... Yeah sun is nice. Just not the heat.........

LOOK! It's pink!

Haha I'm having too much fun with this silly app on my phone. Making colleges turns out to be rather amusing. Haha

I'm on the phone with Marty now. Yeah she's reading me a poem a stalker guy wrote... A poem that is so very gay and bad. Could very well be one of the most sucky poems I've ever heard. You reading this woman? DELETE THAT POEM! It's like a haiku, but it's not. Aaaarrghhh that man, leave him be..

Oh in about half an hour those dudes who's gonna clean our sofa should arrive. I best better put on clothes then. Aws and I was sitting half naked on the balcony enjoying the day...


Seems like blogger is being a cunt today huh?

Good morning

Good morning to everyone in the north. And good night for me. It's time for me to sleep. Gosh, I ended up staying up late again haha

I've been out for a "morning walk" with Lei Lei. It's best to walk outside this late cause no ones out and no one can see how slow I am or how weird I look when I come hopping around the corner haha I can just take my time then, if it hurts I can just rest a bit without feeling stated at. :)
Well the sun gets up early these day.. Yus.

Spent the day with Stina, and Frost <3 roar on Frost. Grr. :) I'm happy.

Right. Night night!

oh wow

Since I got stuck on swedish music, I found this.
Now, I actually really do like this song.
I've never heard the english version before...

Which one is the best huh?

Let me tell you, the lyrics ain't really the same. Yup.


So, I've never heard this song before... But my mum knew immediately which song it was. hah. But I liked the lyrics.. they were kind of... nice. Could'nt find a better word really. They're just nice I guess.

But since I'm so awesome, I translated them to english. Which was a wee bit difficult... you know, some expressions just sound so stupid when you translate them in english. Uh huh.

The roots grow strong when the wind blows
the air is fresher when you hear the thunder
it blows on the Lake of Galilee
and also at Gallery Bleue

Your kisses taste like wild strawberries and milk
dreams to burn on a different life
let your heart skip a beat
let us hope that it'll be day soon

My memories are like cherries in punch
and it runs like a river in my inner world
let me cry, let me be alone
and burn my books as firewood

I look forward, I look up, I'm hot
the past looms as an overture
our lives are ultimately in harmony
with the world we have to live in

Let me see, let me know, I guess
I have the courage to vanish in a moment of silence
I see lights flashing here from my balcony
remember me from time to time

Many of us are here on opening night
and we drink some port wine and chew on a biscuit
it blows on the Lake of Galilee
and also at Gallery Bleue

It's great that so many wanted to come
dreams to burn on a different life
we show some paintings in blue
but the artist has apparently already left

My exterior is whitewashed, seafaring tomb
my mind is full of dead men's bones
it blows on the Lake of Galilee
and also at Gallery Bleue

Can you remember our summer in Palalda
how we painted in oil and laughed greatly
I can hear the thunder rumbling in the sky
and the wind, so I can hardly stand

I will do some more calculations
and study the course of an experiment
about the changes supports the theory
so, the water turned into wine

I have found some papers in a tomb
it is the forgotten remnants of a bygone culture
I want to interpret these ancient fragments
as if nothing significant has happened

Say, how many seconds do I have
before the fog prevents me to get away
could it possibly be the case
that it is already too late to go

I've packed personal items
I have written a letter to Whom It May Concern
I'll do what I can and then some
and then let it be as it wants

I go down between the sphinx's two front legs
to meet the fate that is tailored
Queen of Egypt is waiting in his dressing room
and her fingers is on a silver brooch

I'll calm all the storms in my soul
only swells will swing in peace and quiet
in my mind the hurricanes die
beautiful weather on Lake Galilee


It's an adventure going shopping with me :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


lol old pic of me from march haha Joanna on the go eating while working. Yup. Multitasking.

G.I Jo has been active today! Uh huh!
My lovely mother came over and did motherly things, such as a mother should. lol Aaaand we've been burning and blowing shit up. I blew up three ticks. Hahaha unfortunately it smells in the entire apartment now.. Burning smell. Hmm... Well it was fun. BOOM!
Aaah don't worry. I didn't burn the house down. I blew the shit up in the sink! :D

And I've been spending aaaaall day with Frost. That man.. Haaa... Yeah. Grr! Mine.

Welp I need to pee. Great info for you guys to know. I'm so nice to share everything with ya. And Stina is on her way over. Yup. That'll be nice. :)


Dude, you're fucking awesome. After 19 years, you're still backing me up :)
Yeah, I love you.. I know I never say it. But i do. You're like a sister to me. Yup. The kind of sister one hated and beat the crap out. lol I'm so nice.

Our awesome friendship was created through the ashes of our extreme hatred towards one another. lol
Yeah, sometimes something good can come out of something so vicious. Haha And I wouldn't trade her for the world. Good friends like that don't grow on trees. I adore her and I will always have her back.

Oh yay

A package!!! From Onka!
Now ain't she just a peachy lil fucker.
19 years of friendship now. Wow... I feel old :/

I'ma open it now!


Will be a hard day. One should hide under the covers really hah Jo loves cuddles! And hates to make phone calls...

Aaaah coffee please. WAKE ME UP.

Oh babe

I just saw this pick and though of you. You know why I thought of you. Lollipop sucking huh....

Save a lollipop!
One could even save a popsicle then.

See, I don't need a lolli is what tree said.

Oh yeah

I told my mum earlier about something that happened in the shower this morning.

It's a glass shower so it's see through and all that. And when I was standing in there I was looking at the glass, spacing out.. And then suddenly it was like someone breathed on the glass from the outside cause there was steam on it and then it immediately disappeared.

THAT was creepy I tell you.
Cause there's no way the shower made breath marks on a spot above me. Eeuugh..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ooooh gooooood

Aaah that feels free.
Finally manage to get that freakin' leg support thingy off my leg. Gosh that feels good. I only need it to walk around, kept the shit in it's place. Uh huh. I wont need it forever luckily. That's my own predicament btw. I know myself the best so... Yup. But OH GOD it felt so good to get it off... I can be a bit more stable when I wear it but I fucking hate it. I truly do. It is NOT comfortable, and it's warm and tight...and Uuugh.. just uncomfortable.

Oh oh oh looool

Now look at this, ya'll don't believe me when I do my super swedish accent but listen to him. He says it's like that as well. BELIEVE ME NOW DAMN IT. That's how many of the swedes can sound.


There are some similarities between mother and Lei Lei. I don't know of others can see them but I do... Both are a bit snobbish I guess? lol
Very proud creatures.


Snapshot.. What's on my mind?

Aaaah this shirt is one of my favourites. I had to go change cause it's kinda hot today. So this is what I look like noooow :)

Oh doh doh

... Aaah sorry for not picking up the phone today. But I don't wanna talk.

I could be the worlds greatest killer when I'm like this. I could kill without blinking.


Ah mum and Lasse dropped by.
Cleaned my lamp they did lol


I've just been dragging my feet today... Took a loooooong shower. I have never been as clean as I am now lol And I smell like peaches! Hah! Peach tits lol Aah it sounded funnier in my head.

Moving on. Made scrambled eggs. YaY. Dropped half of it on me and on the floor... Yeah. One should not jump with a plate of food I guess. Same thing happened with the yoghurt yesterday and the coffee the day before.

I pick yoghurt of all those things. Coffee hurts like a Motherfuu....
Anyway. Yeah. I'm eating. Are you?

Koala moments

(There used to be a pic of me snuggling the covers here but I took it away...) 

I'm in bed... About to get up. Fell asleep around 7am or something. But unfortunately I woke up around 9... But I had some koala thoughts then and fell right back asleep and had good dreams. Haha Ooh I watched the golden girls before going to sleep in the morning.. Apparently they air it here around 6am or something haha. Funny old ladies.... Hmm....

So I'm waiting for tree to wake up now. I'ma hop in the shower.. Yup. That I will.

Pour some sugar on me

I ended up on the balcony.
Singing very... "gently" to my neighbours. Nah, it's ain't gently at all lol But I'm moving my hips gently as I dance. Yus, that's the gentle part. <---  Me singing is more loud and eccentric than gentle. haha

Aaah, no one cares. They're deep asleep anyway. :) And it's not like I'm screaming.


Monday, July 23, 2012


Finally got to see Frost :) raawr! Adorable as always. Makes me wanna nom him. Uh huh. So cute. Well, I'm all happy now cause I got to see his cute lil face. That smile makes me melt. ahaha..

Aaaaanyway. Turned the sound off on the phone earlier and now I have a shitload of missed calls so I guess I better start calling up every lil' fucker that called me and see what they wanted :D

And smoke. Yeah... me needs some lung pollution.

Oh would you look at that. The lovely Stina just dropped by. Aws, she is by far on of the most lovable people I know.



Aaah those little wankers. Think they can make me get on my knees like that..Aaws  I'll show 'em. hah. I wont get on my knees for anyone other than my man. lol

Seriously though..... it's like they were born to piss me off.
I guess that's their purpose in life. Pissing me off and letting me release some stress I guess HAHA Righty then, I've fixed most that needs to be fixed at the moment, good on me huh? :D I'll shove it down their throats if they fuck me over again.

Well, bbq chicken wings and coleslaw now. Mmm... me is happy again.


Come on, cheer up buttercup. :)


Sorta breakfast-ish moment.
And my mood is all good again.

Tripled the dose of morphine... Which one shouldn't do of course. Yet I did. I forgot I already took one dose earlier.. But I'm feeling FUCKING AWESOME right now!
Ah don't worry lil wankers. Me is fine. Talking on the phone with Martina, having coffee. Only difference between me and me with morphine is the spinning and the wobbling. Uh huh. We're having a deep convo here... That kid is like my daughter. Doing my best at raising her here lol And I'm so happy that she's laughing right now considering that she's been crying so much lately since her friend passed away suddenly two days ago. I'm glad I made you smile sweetie. It's ok to feel like shit sometimes. I do to. But that's when your friends step in and pick you up <3