Monday, December 31, 2012


Listening to some tunes and snuggling :)
Forced snuggles are just as nice as volunteered ones :D

But I prefer Frosts... But as I've mentioned before, Lei Lei won't be forced to snuggles soon enough :) haha

It's not like she hates HATES it ya know?
I'm very snuggable. It's an honor to be snuggled by me. Don't happen to just anyway uh huh.

Just sayin'....

New Years

Well happy new year everyone.
I'm going to my mothers place now for a miiiiiighty fine dinner :)

I made myself purrdy and junk. Make up and all that shit...Well, you may not find me pretty but I think I did well. No bag of crap here nope. 'Skönheten ligger i betraktarens ögon'..... 'Beauty lies within the observers eye' or however you wanna translate that bullcrap. Meh. You get my point. My snuggletree finds me beautiful so that makes me happeeh..

Alright... Off I go.
Hopefully my handsome boyfriend didn't fuck everything up and killed his laptop so I can see his cute face tonight :) he's a clever boy though.... I'm sure he'll fix it <3

In case I don't get to talk to him today, I'll write here: Happy New Year baby <3 you made this the best year of my life. Thank you. Jag älskar dig mer än allt annat. :)


I always wanted to be able to save up money and take my mother to see Pavarotti.

I was never able to do that though...

Maybe one day I could let her like, at least see Andrea Bocelli or someone?

Unless he suddenly decides to fall of the stick as well -.-

I have goals in life uh huh.

I have huge goals for my snuggletree too. <3

Aaah, lucky me I have the rest of my life to do that with him though.

But Mr. Bocelli..... you should live at least 10 more years. Yuss.

Pretty cool that I knew all the lyrics to Con te partiro once huh?
My Italian teacher forced us to sing it. With the exact same passion as Bocelli....... my voice. Oh god. I have a strong voice, he said I could do opera. And I have never ever used my full capacity since that day EVER. And I never will.

Sad but true...

sometimes I wish I could be somewhere all alone like in a far far away forest, and use my voice to the fullest... cause I barely remember what it sounds like lol

For reals

Had awkward conversations today..... *sigh*

I'm bloggin the shit out of blogspot today btw...

I've noticed that I know some really awesome songs... but I sometimes don't wanna listen to them cause their lyrics are simply way to depressing. They're good lyrics yes, but SO SAD.

And when you feel happy and full of love...the last thing you want it to hear a song about a bitch ripping a dudes heart out and pissing all over his love basically, and him singing you can't trust anyone, love's not real, love is painful blaaa blaaa blaaaah....
And I've noticed that those kind of bands ALWAYS write sad songs..

And unfortunately.. there's mostly fucktard songs with happy lyrics.

Example of a few sad songs, but never the less, very good songs:

 See, this song makes me sad...not happy. So they did succeed in what they wanna express I guess... But still... such a good song.

Oh and btw, I know a person who WANTS to feel like shit so he'll listen to sad fn music all the time and say 'oh, this is like it's taken from my life' when in reality his life was basically a god damn dance on the roses compared to others. But hey ho... that's not the point..

Why is it that all happy songs are a bit..... goofy? They're either weird like Ace of Base: it's a beautiful life or they're really OLD.

So this is MY song :D

Somehow I think they just made happier music back in the days I guess... cause I can't find real good rock music that's happy... except for volbeat and some other song I have haha...oh  these are love songs though... But I mean happy songs in general. There's so few of them that are actually good... I want to hear a BEAUTIFUL acoustic HAPPY love songs or something. It doesn't even have to be a love song just cause I'm in love.. but you get my point?

Sad stuff sell better, cause it's been proven that the newer generations are easily depressed and actually more "sad" then earlier generations. Yup, a professor even claims that it has do to with what we eat. Cause they didn't eat quiiiiite the same shit 50 years ago as we do these days. True or not, some of it actually makes sense.

Guess some people are self destructive and find ways to feel bad.

got me thinking

I found my old ringtone on my phone hahaha
It's a few years old but hey... G-Dragon is quite entertaining aye?
Don't you agree Marty?
Marty would rape that poor soul... she'd attack him and devour him :/ ojojoj...

It still kinda amazes me that Flo Rida made music with that wee lil kid...


Soooo... I've come to realize that I need to take better care of myself. I've tried to take better care of me but I guess I was slacking off a bit here and there... tehee~  Someone made me realize that others hurt too if I get sick.
It's not just... my life I guess? I mean it is, but it's not. My being means something for some people.

And also, my mum sent me quite angry texts earlier... 'you DO know the chances of you getting stomach cancer?' And 'you know how important it is to care for you health when you're like this'

And yeah. I'm well aware of all of that. I know all the risks, I know what can happen... in a way I guess I've been telling myself that it's ok, nothing bad's gonna happen to me. But I'm starting to realize more and more that there's really no need to push my luck. I'm not exactly healthy right now...and I don't feel well either... I mean, if I can live a healthy happy life by simply taking care of my body then whyyyyy must I make it so complicated and not just DO IT instead of actually risking my health cause I'm lazy? Aaaah yes, I am lazy. I don't wanna eat often. My appetite sucks... I love treeeeaaaty treats, and alcohol is a wellknow buddy of I'll change my...habits I guess.

I'll do it... reluctantly in a way.

Well, tomorrow I'll eat lobster and junk, but after tomorrow I'm going to eat healthier crap. I've memorized what my body needs and what makes it sick. Question is......... will I be able to eat often?

4 times a day....that' wow. Last time I tried that I succeeded for about...One and a half day lol

Don't worry, I will eat better, stay away from alcohol, and avoid sugar and junk...yus.

Doing this should also come with the benefits of NO MORE COMPLAINTS and naggin' thank you :D

But yeah, I also realize I'm a bit of a hypocrite for making others taking care of themselves, making them look after their health and shit when I don't even do what I ask of others. hah.. I'm sorry.

So, if the ones I love will take care of themselves FOR REALS and really eat well, sleep well and just staaaaay healthy, I will do the same.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I just gotta show ya what my friend did...
Look at that...she can braid hair like a fn godess :O Amanda is awesoooome...
hey hey... I can make ONE simple braid. And it'll look like a lil' squirrel turd haha

But this is amazing really..

She's good with experimenting on hair :)


That sneaky lil dog... I specifically told her NOT to eat the tiny piece of cookie that my nephew dropped on the floor and she went 'oh.... Ok.....' *peak..... Tongue goes wiggle wiggle Sluuurp!*

Sneaky lil turd. And then she looked at me with the most adorable face ever as if she said 'its not my fault mommy, my tongue just ATTACKED that crumb even though I said no...'

lol so cute.

And then she liked we mouth and went 'Good tongue, I like you.'


There's just something so fn special about an amplifier... playing your favorite music on the loudest volume so you can see the glass go bop bop bop on the table and the dog vibrating away millimeter by millimeter on the floor. :3

It's AWESOME sometimes to listen to music with such a great sound system. Aaaah... sometimes, I like do dance. Which I only do when I'm alone or when I'm completely shitfaced. Loud music is nice then. yes?

But it' a nice feeling running through the body when your'e listening to music like that... Which saddens me a bit since I can't do that anymore even though I have such a great sound system here. Cause now I live with two whiny men who are lazy and likes the silence apparently. And a freakin' crybaby and another kid. Yay. This is how it'll be till I leave sweden. I'll live with these men....... -_-

They say I make noises when I'm ALONE half asleep on my bed O__o
And when I talk to my boyfriend I'm apparently having a freakin' rave in my bedroom.

 I'm gonna fucking stomp around at 5 am singing MY SHARONA loud as fuck. I'll show you.

Oooh how I wish I could sneak in and put this one in the loudest fucking volume...when ya'll are sleeping.

Heavenly Sword

well, when your'e sick... you don't really wanna do anything cause you can't do anything. yet you do wanna do something cause it's boring to do nothing. So, one thing that's absolutely faaaaabulous (I'm sorry for sounding so gay but it's just the perfect word for someone who's vomiting their guts out while trying to still look good) is to play video games.

But not just any video game can do.
Cause remember, your'e weak... tired... your eyes may not do as you wish. And your head might be spinning. So something simple yet fun would be perfect yes?

Something anyone can be a fn ace at.

Heavenly Sword.
Peeeerfect....... tis what I've been doing as well.

This game is sort of like God of War. it has the same control system, same moves etc... pretty simple shit. A three year old can do it.

So, a 26 year old pukeprincess can do it too.

about jobs..

I should honestly work as somewhat of a leader. Yus. A manager or leader or boss. Whatever. I'm excellent at bossing people around. I'm also excellent at handling everything and giving out tasks to others. I used to do it before, work went by so smoothly and FAST when I got my way.

So, I've realized that a leaders position is necessary for me. <--- FYI, notice that I actually spelled 'necessary' correctly on the first try. IMPROVEMENT.

Well, actually any kind of job would do really... as long as it's not as a dork walking the streets or door to door to sell pure SHIT. or as a phone salesman. Never again. Although I may stoop that low if needed. Yup.

Sooo.... I might look for more jobs now. Yeah.
OR I could continue reading my comics ^^ haha
I'm reading The Hulk now, from 87. Sweet.

One thing that I like about comics, wether it's manga or western comics is the art. I like how the art has changed over the decades. Most of the time it changed for the better. Like for Marvel and D.C, but there are some stuff that went downhill since the 80's too.

And just to kick up the geekness a wee bit more, I wanna tell you guys that ya'll should read Lobo. Cause that's some funny shit. Excellent artwork and hilarious story.
I like it cause it's a comic about a villain. He's a bastard, but funny. A dickhead, a bountyhunter, an Alien, evil and cruel yet there's some sense of justice within him I guess.

Basically, neither hell nor heaven wants him.
He basically kills/beats the shit out of batman, superman, Wolverine etc... I fn like it.

notice those little killer penguins at the bottom? LOOOOL


well hello hello... I'm still alive.
I'm slow and lazy, but still very much alive yes.

I feel better now :)

There's really not much to write about right now cause I haven't really moved from bed at all today. Only once haha.

But tomorrow is a new day, and it's also new years eve. I wish I could spend it with the love of my life but we can't always get what we want when we want it. Sometimes ya gotta wait. lol Which is fine cause I'm a patient mf'er... But still, one cannot help but miss him.

So tomorrow I shall go to and be with my family, maybe even watch the fireworks.. and then walk home and try and spend the new years eve with Frost in his local time. Splendid idea :D Yus, I think I'll do that if he has no plans. Me so clever!

Oh and I also plan on looking rather pweetie tomorrow. Uh huh. Gotta be pretty and junk I guess. It's doable. haha

But for now, I'm totally content with looking like crap. It's one of those days ya know? When you don't even wanna look good. Yus.

Ja vad ska man säga

Sometimes you miss a person more than you usually do.

I was laying in bed thinking about our first night together... That was the happiest moment in my life <3 And everyday after that with him was heavenly... Today I miss him an extra lot haha

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh right!

I realized that I forgot to show y'all what I got for Christmas from my sister.

Cause I've said that this is by far the sweetest Christmas present I've ever received before, so a lot of people has been wondering what it was. An here it is. Such a sweet gift really. And yes, I started crying... And then I started giggling instead cause I felt so silly for crying hahahaha

And it's real photographs too. Aaaws.

Nom nom

Well, Sofia ate a shitload of food haha and then complaining at me about why I didn't eat so much... My brother is still eating. Being a dick as usual. Mixing kindness with fucktardness... It's what he does. Makes it harder to murder him.... Darn it.

We're watching Wallace & Gromit. YaaaaY! Daniel can go suck a toe.


Brother made dinner... Me and Sofia are deeeeliiiighted!
So good on me for having food for the first time in two days!


Aaaah I've got some awesome friends don't I?
Sofia came over and brought coke, chips and marabou for me :)

She's out walking Lei Lei now *thank yooou~*

I'm feeling a bit better today...
Still like a bag of crap, but better. :)

I won't eat that much though... Cause I just realized that I actually haven't had anything to eat since Thursday. Nothing. I had a sandwich yesterday's morning and I threw that one up so.... Yeah... I don't want chips and shit to be the first thing I eat in 2 days.

Friday, December 28, 2012


I'm watching hot shots... Gosh it's always hilarious haha

I still feel like an itty bitty piece of shit but I guess I'll get better soon enough :)


After puking for quite sometimes I feel a bit better.
At one point I was so exhausted so I just laid there on the floor in my own vomit.... And then I laid on the floor in the shower for half an hour as well. I'm all clean now I promise. I can't remember the last time I've been this sick. And I can't understand where I've gotten the flu from either... If it is the stomach flu that is. :(

Mom came a little while ago and picked Lei Lei up... I can't go out with her. I can barely move. Mom said my face was white... lol no different from the usual then? :P see me still has humor ;) haha

Well... I'ma sleep a bit now..
So if I don't pick up the phone then y'all know why.


Well me and Sofi went out on adventures today. Short. But fun.... Sort of anyway. We ended it early cause it seems like both of us has the stomach flu. The way I feel right now... Is by far one of the worst feelings ever. It feels like I could throw up a truck.

I feel like shit tbh..... And it doesn't help that I never slept at all last night.. I'm gonna go take a shower and hide in it for a few hours and then sleep... It's funny, it's exactly one year since I got the stomach flu the last time. December 27th was the last time I got it.... I lost 15 pounds in about 12 hours... Uuuugh I'm extra sensitive against stomach related problems.

It's the only time I'll actually be all like AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH I'M DYIIIIIING!!!!! *crawl squirm complain cry nag*
green face and sweaty and purple bags under the eyes lol

Well. I had coffee... Frost was right, it didn't help. Probably the wrong kind of coffee then. Must be so.

But or a short moment, we did have fun. For about 6 minutes.


Aaah I'm listening to some music now and relaxing...

And I found Fastball. YaY. Have you any idea how MAD I GOT when I KNEW what song I wanted to hear, I just couldn't remember which one it was? GAAAH. But I suddenly remembered 'Fastball'. Cause I'm kinda brilliant like that. Splendid or excellent are words that also may fit in with me.


It may sound strange but I took a nap (in the middle of the night) lol Mostly to make a tree happy haha But also cause naps are quite nice tbh.

Cosy pants, cosy socks and cosy blanket. What can I say? I'm a cosy person, ahaha...

Thursday, December 27, 2012


This little derp shit is drinking coffee. And I'm waiting for Frooooooost to wake uuuuuuuuup... Such a sleepyhead. Y he no wake up?

Well he did warn me that his Internet might be cut off so if he doesn't write then I know that his Internet is dead yup. Me so clever.

Right, I applied for two new jobs today again. I need a fucking job. Grrrr.... But it's so hard to get a job around here nowadays :/ oh well, I can't wait till I go to Alabama again. <3 Thats what keeps me going...


This is the face she makes when she's writing with her boyfriend. Aaaw


Ahaha she cracks me up lol
She's writing with her man while Alicia is singing songs. Haha I just realized that Alicia ain't even signing lyrics. It's just wordpoop lmao


Aaaaaaah I'm having coffee. And it feels good.

I wonder when my tree will wake up? Hmm...

Nom nom nom

I'm a good girl today. Two cups of coffee and good food. Healthy food at that. And noooooow I shall have another two cups of coffee.

Alicia and the PigBear are eyeballin' each other now. It looks like a staring contest. lol

Ah Lei Lei won! Thaaaaats my girl <3


A house full of kids I have lol
It's kinda nice hearing children's laughter and stuff.

Funny part was when Albin said Alicia could play with his car 'cause it sucks anyway' haha such language lmao


Yum yum yum.... Yep I just picked up Alicia from kindergarten and now I'm making dinner. Blood pudding and fried bacon with lingon jam :) can't get much healthier than this. lol

It's funny

I just said good night to my wonderful boyfriend, and then went up and turned on the lights and woke up the two brothers who slept like babies and said good morning. Haha

'Good morning, it's time to go to work boys. Alright I'm going to bed. Good night'

Haha it's a bit weird maybe but I feel better going to bed this "late". And it also allows me to be with baby a bit more of his day so he won't feel lonely all day. Well maybe he wouldn't feel lonely, but still... This is all I can do for now to spend time with him :)

If I went to bed like other people did then it'd be around 4pm where he is and he'd have to spend the rest of the day alone. I wanna keep him company ^_^ Plus, give me one good reason why I should go to bed early and go up early? I have no job. Hah.

A memory

Here's a memory caught on a lense from my lil' archive on my phone. A snuggletree fishing for jalapeños.
One of the first days of many to come in Alabama for me <3

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I enjoyed my coffee at my sisters house today :)
And Sofia and Alicia even joined us after a while :)


I swear to god I AM awake!
But I look like I'm doped out or something haha

Hi Mom~ *waves*


Ya know... whenever I'm gonna spell wednesday I always say it out loud in my head and pronounce it the way it's spelled WED.NES.DAY  ahaha

Anyway... yeshh... what to do today?
I'm trying to keep myself occupied and shit and like...DO stuff. Sometimes I simply don't wanna... and sometimes I do. I'm only human.

And sometimes I do wanna do thing, but only with certain people. Today is that kind of day. I only want to be around "certain" people today. Cause I feel like a poot and my head hurts. I feel like nomming on something too... but what? I'm lazy.
That's how I do intense eating.

Ooooooooooh I made hot cocoa earlier ^^ Gosh, I'm good at it too.
It was really tasty. Quite nice to sit in the snow smoking and sipping on my hot chocolate :3 ahah Yep. I'm good. I know.

Right. Doing stuff. I guess I should be doing stufff... heeeey.... I can always pain my nails. Ehum.. welp. I'm going out for a walk :D

 ...I want snuggles. 


Weeeeeh! Adventures in the night yet again. lol


He always looks good while I look like a poot haha

I miss him like crazy.

well whopptidooo

yus, I'm so fucking hungry that I could eat a freakin' hippo I tell ya. Lucky me little sis is picking me up in about...oooh...2 minutes? And we'll go get some food and shit. Yum :3

I feel bad for my baby though, he's really sick today... I wish I could take care of him. I sure do hope it'll go away soon though so he'll at least be able to enjoy his christmas a little bit <3

I hope he'll take a nap too. Naps are good. It's true I tell ya! It's true!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Sofia and Alicia is here and we're all having fika. Mmmm I made real good coffee.

Off I go

Into the snow! It hasn't been plowed here since yesterday or something so the streets are covered in snow. It snowed several inches last night -_-

The snow is too high to make a snow angle in it so I'll just walk Lei Lei instead :)
And I'll say hello to Sofia and Alicia too now.

Christmas Day

So it's December 25th today and Christmas Day.
Merry christmas Frost <3 I miss you!

I hope you'll eat lots of delicious food, and that you'll have fun.... And tonight you and I will talk a long time <3

Aaah Christmas is the time you wish to be be with the ones you love. So therefore all our future Christmases will be awesome and jolly :D I decided that! I'll make your life happy and... And.. Good! Yeah happy and good. lol

Our Christmas


I'm exhausted. Which you can tell by just looking at my face. Haha funnily enough I'm not even tired or sleepy... Hmm...

I'm at Sofia's house now. :D

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Aaaws look at Lei Leo. So adorable <3
I'm at mother place now, and we just had dinner. Yum.

Ah when me and Lei Lei walked over here an old lady said that Lei Lei made her happy and gave her christmas spirit, cause she said she could hear her bells jingle down the streets. Aws. It warmed my heart.

Rice grain porridge

Yay! It's Christmas eve! Wooooh!
I'm sitting on the kitchen sofa eating rice grain porridge. I'm gonna dress up Lei Lei soon <3 tehehe~

Aaaah it's a wee bit lonely eating rice grain porridge like this. But I guess it'll have to be this way till Frost gets here. <3

I haven't had a "family rice grain porridge morning" since I was in my early teens. But I've never let go of my traditions so I've always eaten this on Christmas eve even if I'm always alone on Christmas mornings. Lei Lei has kept me company on mornings for years now. Daaaaw... She be getting older aye? Haha
Some day Christmas mornings will be filled with laughter and anticipation again, from our little kids <3 And when my sister has kids we'll all try and have Christmas breakfast together. :) This is after all the season all kids love. I'ma make sure that our kids always enjoy their Christmases. Yus.

Oh As soon as I finish eating, me and Lei Lei will head out for a nice long walk and then when I get home I'll get ready for going over to mothers place :) YaY!


I think I'll brew myself some Christmas coffee :) haha I deserve some now. Plus... I'm a weeee bit tired lol perfect the only time I promised NOT to sleep ahaha

Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! YAAAAY!
I just finished wrapping all the gifts now. Gaaah.... What a pain in the ASS some of them were haha but they're so pretty :)

They may not be expensive and junk but they come from my heart and I fucking wrapped them BEAUTIFULLY. Ask Frost. Tehehee~ he's the only one who's seen them :3

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Om nom nom nom... Joel made hamburgers. YaaaaY!

And yay Frost woke up! Weeeeeh!!

Look ma' no hands :D

Haha I'm just derping around now. Herpa derp!
I'm going to stay up extremely late tonight. I've got myself a lil christmas skype call all the way from Australia. So when it's 3am here, it should be her breakfast time there...sort of.  yup. Tis what she said anyway...


Lets play in the snow shall we? :D
She's such a cutiepatootie <3

Alrighty then. Well I'm in my warm bed now. Watching a movie... Pretty dang creepy shit. Lei Lei's snoring which is pretty much taking the horror off of it all lmao