Wednesday, August 31, 2016


This book is so... well it's soooo many things! Intense, passionate, vivid, sad, detailed, romantic, tragic, devastate, historical, magical, insane, wonderful, and beautiful. :)

It's amazing so far. 

The only time I get to read is actually at work. But I don't mind. It makes the time go by faster. Though it does suck when I need to get up and do shit in the middle of a huge plot or something  lol 

Like when it's super dramatic and you're totally into it, and then someone brutally pulls you away, and heartlessly tosses you back to reality and you have to continue working haha Sad right?

#DianaGabaldon #Outlander 

I'm sick!

Sick I tell you!
I feel like shit, probably look like shit too. Not that I give a damn. But it ain't fun working a 27h shift and feeling like crap.
Right now I'm having hot coffee and reading an awesome book ;3 it's a little fever's being a bitch. So the Scottish and garlic is hard to read, everything blends together. The English is just basically a guessing game hahaha I can guess what it says. I'd do excellent as someone with shitty eyesight. Plus I'd look gorgeous in glasses. Unfortunately I have the eyesight of a fucking hawk so no glasses for me.
Well I shouldn't complain.

Oh, I'm so proud of Frost! Like superproud! 
He managed to take the bus to his new workplace. I tried guiding him through the text and he also used to GPS. The reason I'm proud is cause I know how nervous he was and how shitty he was feeling this morning. But he still went :) Good job beeb! 

It sucked to drop off Freya at daycare though...I always miss her so much. She's such a sweetheart. Picking my stuff up, and my phone so I wouldn't forget it at home. She cried when I dropped her off...and it always breaks my heart. My mom is picking her up later today, and she'll stay with her till Frost can pick her up after his other job ends. He's working 15 hours today. Yep.
Rough day.

I have a cold. Pity me please.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday morning

It's monday again............ And a rainy Monday morning at that.
I'm currently on the bus on my way to work...listening to Black Pyramid - cauldron born. Yep. Some nice old school metal. Frost doesn't really share my interest in metal haha There's only 2 people I know that shares my love for old school metal with me. Kurre has always been the metal-head that likes this stuff with me. And Sofi is the other person :) we went to metal svenskan one year, which was awesome! Got way too drunk, and had way too much fun haha (my point about this is that it's hard to find people to go to heavy metal concerts with lol) I got a little sidetracked.

Today feels like a real autumn day. It's rainy and cold. I like it. What I don't like is that my shoes makes a splashy sound from the inside when I walk. I've got half a litre of water in them now. Probably time to buy new ones.

Ah, I made pancakes on Saturday. Had a brunch with Frost, Freya and my Sister. I made two different flavors. Good job me. My sister defintely seemed to enjoy the original pancakes. lol
What else... Ah. I woke up supersick. Freya has a fever. And Frost was sickly as well. The one who could stay at home was him though, not me.
Well we all have shitty days. I hope he'll feel better. Freya seemed.ok, except for a fever. So I hope she'll get better fast.
Did I mention that Frost has a new job? I'm very happy! Its awesome he got.somethin where he feels at ease. Comfortable around his mates and shit. It's just on call though, and it does get in the way from his regular job at times. But I hope they can work something out together.
Ah, and now I'm listening to ZZ top haha it reminds me of when I used to have parties with my friends when I was younger haha 

Friday, August 26, 2016


So it's Friday today. I'm at work.
Frost went to work at 6:55 this morning. So I was the one who took Freya to daycare. After that shit kinda went downhill lol 

Couldn't go on the bus, missed the other one cause I didn't bring my debit card, etc etc... Came late to work. Blaaaah...
Frost certainly had a weird fucking day too. Poor bastard. Oh well.
Well Freya and I still had a good morning together today. That's what counts huh?

Oh btw, I managed to read a lot of Voyager today too <3 Iiiiih! 
I'm loving it so far :)

Alsoooo....Tomorrow I'm making American pancakes with Canadian maple syrup for brunch!
My sister is watching Freya while Frost goes to work early tomorrow, so I figured I'd buy all the ingredients on my way home from work tomorrow morning. Yep. I'll stop by the store and then hurry home and make the pancakes (with extra looooooove)
Depending in the "situation", Frost may or may not work tomorrow. We'll see what happens in the morning I guess. Either way, me Freya & Josse are eating paaaaancakes! Yum yum.

Ah I got to Skype with Freyster and Frost earlier. Aaaaw :) I loved seeing their happy faces. I recon they're asleep by now huh? Haha

Welp, me and A are watching the last 2 episodes if Preacher right now. Woop Woop! Gotta love this fucking show ❤
It's brilliant hahahah

Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 20th

Today was a very important day.

Do you know what happened here 2 years ago?

Let me tell you.

Our wonderful baby girl was born <3
Mommy & Daddy loves you more than you'll ever know sweetie.
Your'e our everything :) You seriously make us better people.
Happy birthday Freya-Rose.

She got The Sylvanian family (of Bunnies) from Nathalie, and I got her the squirrel <3
And she got an awesome beautiful mumin cup from Josse, hello kitty memory from Kurre, Fluffy pieces that you can build a castle with, or a tower etc.. from my brother & Anna. A  puzzle, learning laptop, toys, teddy bear and so on.

She had a great day, even though her dad had to work. She still got to spend it with people who cherish her. :)
All the people I like came and celebrated the one I love the most. It's a precious feeling :3

Here's a wee video I made :D

Friday, August 19, 2016


Tomorrow is Freya's birthday. 

I have a ton of things to do, but I'm paralyzed at the moment.
Lei lei shit all over the god damn kitchen. There was so much poop I had to first scoop it up with a piece of cardboard and then after that, I had to scoop her shit up with A FUCKING SPOON.
Needless to say I'm exhausted and disgusted. I actually started crying cause there was so much shit.
What kind of dog shits all over her own food bowl?! She's never done that before I tell ya.
Meanwhile Frost had his first official work shift. Yay him!
Well, I've gone through some things and there shouldn't be too many people dropping by tomorrow.  There should be a normal amount of peeps. :3
Well, apart from all that... This will be one fucking shitty month ahead of us.
Got the lowest paycheck ever too. (That's what happens when you don't work much lol) Summers are NOT there.
Plus I'm in SO MUCH pain.... Stupid Sweden.
Maybe I need to find another job?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Family first

It'll always be family first for me.

But unfortunately it's hard when I'm still the sole provider of this family (only for now though)
I can't skip anymore days from work. I'm losing quite a bit in salary next month. Gahh...

I've decided to come home after 7 hours of work. Cause I need to take care of Freya and her daddy.

Frost and I came home real late last night from the ER. I'm still sizzling of anger.... that dumbass doctor. The nurses was amazing, but the doc...............retarded.

He suspected that Frost has a bleeding stomach ulcer. :(

That's bad. Buuuuuut the doctor felt that he could send him home with his excruciating pains and wait till next week for a gastroscopy. Cause a bleeding ulcer ain't too bad huh?

God damn it, we're going to be pisspoor next month. But oh well. At least Freya will have shit to eat and diapers and all that. We put our doodle first :D

Bla bla bla... yeah.

We're all ok.

Apart from my man slowly dying from pain that it. But yeah.

All hail the system.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The ER

Well, were stuck at the hospital. Mom and I had to take Frost to the ER. 😥

He's hurting so bad... And it ain't looking that good either. We've been here for so many fucking hours already. Which suck donkey dick. -_-  Were sooooo bored too. And almost out if battery on both our phones -_-

It's a good thing Frost is so helpless right now, otherwise he'd probably be climbing in the ceiling. *sigh*

Freya's at mom's place. So that's good. My little doodle. I miss her like craaaazy. But oh well. What's important right now is to get help for Frost.

I may joke around and lot and act funny and chill, but I'm actually so worried I could faint.
I so hope it's not a stomach ulcer that has burst... :(

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Songs of the day

Some of the songs on my track today lol
Busride home today was calm and niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Just what I needed.

On the other hand...I feel like shit. -_-

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Preacher night

It's a work day today. A 26h shift. it sucks to be away from Freyster and Frost, but they seem to be having a good day. They're watching "Frozen" for the 111th time. :) I miss them though.

And I on the other hand will watch the remaining season of Preacher.

Man, going on the bus to work... that's like my "me time" ya know?
I get to listen to my music and have the volume up real fuckin' high too.
I can sit however the fuck I want as well, since Lei lei's laying right between my legs.
No one usually dare to sit with me when she's there for some reason. (I know the reason)
I also give off very clear signals of "Leave me the fuck alone".
Yet there's always that someone, the idiot that can't read body language and tries soooo hard to make eyecontact and tries to talk to me.
Even though I'm so clearly letting them know that I want to be left alone.

Now, when one strikes up a conversation with me...and is polite about it too.
I simply can't be a dick and tell them to fuck off. Something inside of me tells me that I should be polite back and be nice. I think it's called a consciousness or common sense. But whatever.

Point is, I cherish those alone moments a lot.

I should show you what I look like sometime.

something like this:

This is the hoodie I wear today, and I hide my face in it..
AND sunglasses... AND a cap today too. -_-

It's an obvious posture of "GTFO of my way"

And then when people start chatting with me I'm all like...


What am I missing?
What is causing this?

I'm known to attract a lot of weirdos and people with mental issues...a lot of people that needs
 comfort too. Yet, I only give comfort to those I care about.
Buy still, weirdos flock around me.

My own hubby told me I was the second weirdest person in the world that he'd met.
I ain't gonna mention the number 1, but I am not feeling flattered lol
Let's not forget about the person that stopped me by the stoplights and said I had healing powers in my hands and that I can heal them! That's one of the stranger ones.
I have good encounters too of course. Like the one who said I gave off a very nice fun vibe of energy and that I should keep it up. See, that's nicer. And less crazy.

More nice, less crazy please.

Anyway... I brushed this man off pretty fast this morning.
As soon as he finished his line I plugged in my earplugs and played
ZZ TOP Give me all your lovin' hahaha

I could see the man reaching out and trying to get eye contact yet I was all like
"Oh my, look at that stain right there...I shall stare at this spot on the window for  the entire ride since it's oh so very intriguing" 

I can totally see why people think I'm weird though. Yep.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Blah blah

Tomorrow I'll be bringing my laptop with me to work. :D
Aaaaand A will finally get to see me play CoD black ops III

Well for now it's just the PC game, but just wait till I can stream it from the xbox and to my laptop. I'll be able to play with my friends from anywhere then! :)

I do have some close buddies that I like to play with. And I somewhat miss playing with them when I'm at work.

Oh and Frost's due date (the date when he starts working) is getting closer and closer. I'm more nervous than him lol Cause I always panic when I have a new job. Shit's about to change around here.
No matter what though, I'll always have his back <3

So, I ordered a few wall (and floor) decor thingys...
Freya's room is so much more happy go lucky...Gives out a good feeling now.

I'm still waiting on the "flying to neverland" sticker though..........

Suicide Squad & Ghostbusters

Oh yeah... so we saw suicide squad the other day, and Ghostbusters too.

Suicide squad was good.... but Jared Leto was over acting like fucking crazy.
You could tell he wanted to be the main thing in the movie. Though he wasn't even in the top 5 main actors. Meh. Everyone else was awesome.

Will Smith as the usual personality. Harley was good too, I just don't like how they make her wear less and less with the years. They managed to use the original outfit actually in a scene of the movie though, so that was kind of an hooray. Yep.

And I quite liked Captain Boomerang hahaha Now that's my type of buddy lol
I et we'd have a hoot!

Playdates and stuff

So I've started working a little at my regular job again. I worked last night and came home a little while ago.
Tomorrow I'm going back to working 26h shifts. I'll be taking halves of shifts from Diana from time to time to help her out a little. She can't handle 26 h shifts at the moment.

Unfortunately I'll be away from my family more but this is because I just can't stand seeing a mom worry about her little baby like she does. Being away for 26 hours is too long for her, (tbh it's too long for me too but hey...) her child is going to have surgery soon cause his skull stopped growing. A mothers worst fear. I understand her feelings completely. Werther your child is sick or fell down and hurt themselves the pain in your heart is always the same as a parent.

So I'll be working the evening and night shifts instead of her. Most likely on my week off...which sucks. But it's only temporary.

I just need to make sure that the time I spend at home is spent wisely.

Me and Sofi went to a place with our little weasels the other day and that was awesome. It's great to see your kid so happy while playing :D Now that was time spent wisely.

I've also been to the movies with Frost twice this past week.
Also time spent wisely.

I'm also walking way more these days.
I'm a Pokemon Go'er lol
Talking about that, this here....they're ALL pokemon people. It's insane.
I mean, I really enjoy the game but some people take it to whole other levels lmao

But it's fun. And a great way to interact with others.

I met a chick at the park in the middle of the night and we ended up chit chatting about pokemon for quite some time.
I also ended up walking all over town all most with my sister and Ida one night.
Man, did we walk lol And I also won over my first pokemon Gym. Hah. I'm so cool.

I should try to play more often :)