Sunday, August 14, 2016

The ER

Well, were stuck at the hospital. Mom and I had to take Frost to the ER. 😥

He's hurting so bad... And it ain't looking that good either. We've been here for so many fucking hours already. Which suck donkey dick. -_-  Were sooooo bored too. And almost out if battery on both our phones -_-

It's a good thing Frost is so helpless right now, otherwise he'd probably be climbing in the ceiling. *sigh*

Freya's at mom's place. So that's good. My little doodle. I miss her like craaaazy. But oh well. What's important right now is to get help for Frost.

I may joke around and lot and act funny and chill, but I'm actually so worried I could faint.
I so hope it's not a stomach ulcer that has burst... :(


  1. I hope that Frost gets better soon <3
    You know where to reach me if you need me~

  2. Thinking of Frost, stay strong man.


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