Saturday, October 31, 2015

The saturday

It's Saturday, and the last day in October.
Tomorrow's November. :)
And that just happens to be a very special someone's birthday.

I went out on a long walk today with my sister, Freya & the dogs ^_^

It's also Halloween night for us so me and my sweetheart are gonna watch Rosemary's Baby (classic!!) and we also watched the first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead. (and it was sooooo fucking good! I shit you not. It was awesome.)

But unless you've seen the movies, you probably ain't gonna understand shit. Watch the movies, theeeen the series :D

Apparently my nose was glowing red outside haha It was really cold, yet we sat outside and talked for a long time. Freya slept in her warm fuzzy fur bag :) But this photo barely shows how red my nose was. Josse told me that it was super-red...When I came inside it looked like a tomato.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tweek & Craig

Saw the latest episode of South Park and it was fucking hilarious!
Theme of the show was: Yaoi.

Now I know at least two people that freakin' loves yaoi.
Nathalie and Marty. Ya'll should watch this episode haha

The asians forced Tweek & Craig to be gay! lol
They drew yaoi pics of them cause they liked them together hahahaahah

HAHAHAHA That episode though, so fucking true.  XD
And the art! Oh my, oh my.

And just google Tweek & Craig and see all the fucking fan art. Jeez. haha

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Get better wishes

Please feel better soon beeb <3 We love youerdoodle!

And Koala Jo needs her man by her side. You may lay in bed a while longer though.

It's amazing that I haven't used this opportunity of him being so weak and vulnerable, and attacked him in bed and junk.           I am very kind.

But I adore you Frost. I hope the pain goes away soon.


Freya and I have managed to get a few things done today. Or not.

We've mainly snuggled, eaten treaty treats, watched new episodes of Criminal Minds and junk.... And yes, Frost is still broken. :(

Freya's been complimented a lot on our walk earlier. Lots of people tell her she's cute and that her eyes are amazing. And today she was also told that her coat is faaaaaabulous. ^_^

Good morning

Well good morning to you sunshines. :) Really wish it was sunny today .  Blah... Anyway.

We've just had breakfast in this little household. Feeding Freya & Lei Lei is like feeding two monster dogs. Yet only one of them is a dog lol They get really upset and anxious if you're not fast enough. -_-  Silly doodles.♡

Going in to Freya's room in the morning is so funny haha Cause she's already waiting for you. Jumping up and down in her bed, laughing and chatting by herself. Hah, too cute. Yep. That's how I wake up these days. I hear her talking, giggling and then jumping around like crazy. And when you take a peek inside her room you'll see her looking at you with the biiiiiiggest smile in the world! :D

It's like she knows you're coming ♡

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Ah, did I mention that I beat Halo Guardians this morning?
It took..what...5 hours? -_-

I love playing Halo... I love the feeling of a new game that needs to be beaten. Something you've been looking forward too. Excitement and the thrilling joy of a different story. And now....Gosh, Now I feel so... empty. It's like... what do I do now?
(Juuuuust kidding, I played chasing the baby earlier...and now it's supersnugglebabytime)

well, I suppose we'll play it on Legendary or something now. Might as well.
lol Makes me think of Resident Evil 5.... Frost and I beat that game on every difficulty level lol (several times too) In the end, it was just pathetic really. We didn't even have to try. We basically just walked through the game with a magnum and a rocket launcher hahaha

Moving on: Mom and my sister dropped by earlier today too :D
And my phonefree day has been soooo nice. I even slept an hour around noon.

Frost went into the batcave and hid, while we had fika and giggles in the livingroom.

Anyway...... I think I broke Frost. :(
Yep. I definitely broke him. Or my cabbage pudding (Kålpudding) did. He freakin' loves that shit... But mine seems to have just killed his insides I guess. *sigh* So he's slowly dying in the bedroom now. I told him not to worry though, cause I know CPR. I just go pew pew on his lips with my lips. Or was it pew pew with my lips on his penis? Potaaaaato potAto..I'm sure either way works lol
I'll definitely save him though. No worries.

I am however thinking about going completely against his wishes and calling a doctor tomorrow.
It ain't right to be in this much pain. And I for sure knows it ain't good for the soul nor the mind. <3 No one wants the one they love to be in pain.

What the deuce do people do to make people with tummy aches feel better?
(is there such a genre of pain relief btw?)
I'm guessing laughing isn't the best idea. Scaring them is probably not good either...
Do I sing a song? Which song? Iron Maiden - Your time will come? No. Wrong mood.

He's not hungry.. so I can't make anything delicious... and he seems to just wanna be alone and slowly wither away........ so should I go Full force Jo on him and just not give a fuck and be with him to keep him company?

I think I will. My beeb needs meeeeee~

I'll try to not sound too much. No sound effects either. Just Jo. With snuggles. Hey he don't even have to feel that I'm touching him. (trust me, I've gone full creep mode before on him, He won't even know I'm there)  I'm the best girlfriend ever. I'll be like a leach on him... a leach he can't see or feel :3 tehe~

I'm so horrible.

Ash vs Evil Dead (series)

Oh dear.. I'm totally going crazy fangirl here. YAY.

Finally, yet another show to watch on sundays.

Bruce Campbell is awesome!
He's like the number one reason I loved The Evil Dead movies. (It's like a dark comedy horror..what not to like?!) And now, he's old..yes. But still fucking funny and awesome!

Watch the trailer, it's epic.



Aaaws her first daycare photo is here! She looks so tiny in it! Haha
Well she is the youngest after all.

Soooo cuuuuute XD
It just melts my heart :)

We're eating dinner and laughing and stuff right now. Freya seems to think she says the funniest jokes. If only we understood what she said. Lmao She's too cute.

Oh she went to a Ghost disco today too. At daycare ^_^ Maybe next year she'll enjoy it a little more hmm? Haha apparently she danced and wiggled a bit. (yet again...CUUUUTE!!) It's like cuteness overload here.

It's a phonefree day

I was texting with my little sister last night, and so I told her right before going to sleep that I'll be having a phone free day :D I hope she reminded mom too. (Like I told her too)

No one can call (cause I turned the phone off) and bother me. It's gonna be sooooo nice.
It's not that I dislike calls particularly... I like talking to my friends and family.
But lately it's been a lot pf those calls. And when it turns into 15 call and 20 texts a day.... it's hard to focus on something or rest. It feels like I need to answer everything.

Cause some people get annoyed if I don't answer them fast enough....
They don't care if I'm resting, taking a shit or napping Freya. They just want me to answer when they call. Cause they're more special than everyone else. Meh.

So I figured that today would be my rest day... and I'm ok not talking to anyone but Freya.
And Frost of course. Duh. It's hard to not talk when you live together hahaha
But yeah... that's how it is.

So now everyone knows :)

Today is the Leave-Joanna-Alone-Day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Still confused

So... today when I woke up Frost called my name and said it was a big day.
And then I remembered: HALO 5! Omigoooosh...

Yeah... I customized my character like this haha Fancy huh?
(I'm about to play some right now too cause Freya is alseep)
Other than that, I've just rested... eaten bloodpudding & bacon... and junk.

Freya's been extra fun too haha Look at our little scawwy red ghost <3

Oh and Frost..... yeah.., that man. He's just awesome! haha
He made my day :D lmao

And I still can't grasp the latest The Walking Dead just can't be. It ain't right.
It AIN'T right guys....nope. There must be a different explanation.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Autumn at its best

The paaaain

Oh my fucking shitlord...the pain.

My jaw hurts like hell. Both upper and lower part.

I don't know what's wrong........ I woke up with puffy eyes and all that shit like I mentioned earlier. But now my jaw is aching so bad, bone and teeth too. Blah.

So why am I getting shit after shit after shit?
I mean, I believe in karma. Thus, I try to treat people nicely (even cunts I don't like) I can't come up with something that I've done to deserve bullshit like this. Waaaaiii?
I must've been very bad in my past life lol

Du och jag gullefjun

This weasel is amazing haha She ate a whole mandarin earlier. Nom nom nom..

She and I are listening to Bush at the moment... glycerin to be exact. Yup.

Aaaand now the song changed to 'letting the cables sleep'.

And I have to change phone case now... Cause I honestly FUCKING HATE this phone case. ¬_¬ It's driving me nuts.

I also seem to have something wrong with my eyes. I mean something more than I have cause of the meningitis. They're super swollen today, and tears keep falling. And they're burning.......... Fuck this shit.