Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Ah, did I mention that I beat Halo Guardians this morning?
It took..what...5 hours? -_-

I love playing Halo... I love the feeling of a new game that needs to be beaten. Something you've been looking forward too. Excitement and the thrilling joy of a different story. And now....Gosh, Now I feel so... empty. It's like... what do I do now?
(Juuuuust kidding, I played chasing the baby earlier...and now it's supersnugglebabytime)

well, I suppose we'll play it on Legendary or something now. Might as well.
lol Makes me think of Resident Evil 5.... Frost and I beat that game on every difficulty level lol (several times too) In the end, it was just pathetic really. We didn't even have to try. We basically just walked through the game with a magnum and a rocket launcher hahaha

Moving on: Mom and my sister dropped by earlier today too :D
And my phonefree day has been soooo nice. I even slept an hour around noon.

Frost went into the batcave and hid, while we had fika and giggles in the livingroom.

Anyway...... I think I broke Frost. :(
Yep. I definitely broke him. Or my cabbage pudding (Kålpudding) did. He freakin' loves that shit... But mine seems to have just killed his insides I guess. *sigh* So he's slowly dying in the bedroom now. I told him not to worry though, cause I know CPR. I just go pew pew on his lips with my lips. Or was it pew pew with my lips on his penis? Potaaaaato potAto..I'm sure either way works lol
I'll definitely save him though. No worries.

I am however thinking about going completely against his wishes and calling a doctor tomorrow.
It ain't right to be in this much pain. And I for sure knows it ain't good for the soul nor the mind. <3 No one wants the one they love to be in pain.

What the deuce do people do to make people with tummy aches feel better?
(is there such a genre of pain relief btw?)
I'm guessing laughing isn't the best idea. Scaring them is probably not good either...
Do I sing a song? Which song? Iron Maiden - Your time will come? No. Wrong mood.

He's not hungry.. so I can't make anything delicious... and he seems to just wanna be alone and slowly wither away........ so should I go Full force Jo on him and just not give a fuck and be with him to keep him company?

I think I will. My beeb needs meeeeee~

I'll try to not sound too much. No sound effects either. Just Jo. With snuggles. Hey he don't even have to feel that I'm touching him. (trust me, I've gone full creep mode before on him, He won't even know I'm there)  I'm the best girlfriend ever. I'll be like a leach on him... a leach he can't see or feel :3 tehe~

I'm so horrible.

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  1. Green tea is pretty neat for anything, and also keeping it as warm as possible. Like rub his tummy a little or something should do the trick.
    Then again, it depends on what kind of pain it is. Like if it's like small fireworks and stuff, he needs blankets and tea and just cosy af.
    If it's more like intense throbbing, rub it. RUB IT.
    ruuuuub it.

    människan som lätt dår ont i magen ;c


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