Saturday, October 10, 2015

hi..'s been awhile hasn't it?

You know that headache I've been complaining about.,,, well it got worse I could barely open my eyes or move, so mom took me to the hospital.

And here I am. my third day here. I hate it here. It hurts everywhere and I'm uncomfortable..and lonely. Yet I can't even handle having anyone around me,,
Meningitis or TBE is what they're suspecting now. 
They took two sample from my bone marrow...............yeah. It hurt. The liquid they got told them that I had virus in my brain that was causing my headache. 

I would've let people know sooner but today is the first day that I feel ok enough to look at a screen.

I miss Freya and Frost soo much. On monday they'll know more, or so they say.

Excuse my poor writing, I can't really see properly...


  1. awwwe. Poor Jo <3 I hope you get better soon!
    I'll send as many well-wishes as possible your way.
    Love you soooo much <3


  2. Thinking of you Joanna, feel better soon.


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