Friday, February 28, 2014


I peed today!
Now this may not mean much to you, but to me...this was quite the accomplishment! And boy, did that feel good.
It's been almost 4 days since I last peed normally.

I'm guessing my uterus is pushing too hard on my bladder....
And I've been having head aches for 4 days straight now as well. Boo...

So anyway, I'm watching Hannibal (te series) Mads Mikkelsen is awesome as Dr. Lector.
Welp, I still here his Danish accent sometimes but that doesn't matter at all.

It's kinda of a brutal show btw... I sorta have weak stomach since I got pregnant.. And this show, it's very... detailed.
I'm pretty sure I threw up in my mouth earlier....

Anyway, stina is coming over later. Yup. Yay me!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some thoughts

Here's a thought...
I used to have these phobias... And I know they're weird ones too. I'm watching a movie and someone was wiping someone's tears away with their hand..

See, I hated kissing, lips touching.. And I absolutely HATED tears, and saliva and whatever. Anything human, grossed me out.
And I mean like I'd get furious if someone would "joke" with me and put a tear on me (if they laughed so hard they'd cry) Now that would gross me out like crazy.

But Frosts tears... I wouldn't mind wiping them away, if his eyes were ever teary.
I will be the one to wipe his tears for the rest of our lives.
And I definitely don't mind his saliva hahaha I love kissing him. It's like one of my most favorite things to do.

I think Frost may have taught me how to open up and live <3
And he gave me a baby. One of the greatest gifts ever.

These are just some random thoughts going through my head.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello peanut

Well duh, of course he's bigger than a peanut now lol But peanut will be the nickname.

It's about time for me to start looking at maternity clothes... Normal leggings feel like they're killing peanut, cutting through my uterus. -_-
Extremely uncomfortable in other words.

So mommy pant here I come!
I bet they're comfortable as fuck. :)

On march 31st Frost and I are going to do another ultrasound. And this time we're gonna find out the gender! :D wheeee!

Oh, I went to meet Edita in town today. It's been YEARS since we saw each other. I guess being in different countries all the time does that to friendship lol it was nice seeing her though :) I do miss her funny attitude!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


So, today peanut got a baby crib. :) ❤
The grandparents to be went and got it. Mormor & morfar. (I taught Frost what morfar means ^_^)

So, what's up in general?
Well I feel ok. I'm still in the tired phase (cause I'm anemic) and you can actually see the wee babybump now. It's small :) I can still blame it in being fat so far lol But a girl at the store said that it's visible, even when I'm wearing my jacket.
So I'm thinking maybe it shows more the more clothes I wear? Haha
My little peanut can fit in the palm of my hand now. Gosh, peanut's growing like a tree! Just like it's daddy❤

My hormones are annoying.. I'm extremely sensitive. But some people don't understand just HOW sensitive one can get during a pregnancy. Thanks for that btw.

I can seriously cry for hours without stopping. It's crazy.
And I can snap too. Sofie said that she even stopped wanting to hang out with her usual friends. She said she can't help but to find some stupid now. And apparently hormones will do that to ya. Hah

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Well... This day started out good.
And then it turned in to the shittiest day ever.

Friday, February 21, 2014

No reason

Well, I feel a lot better today.
And I went on adventures with mom.
To the store.

I cleaned up and made myself look pretty for no apparent reason really lol
Probably cause I'm sick of looking like a corpse -_-

Yay I'm watching The Walking Dead at my sisters right now. Wheeee!

Knights if Sidonia


Netflix announced that they're arising Knights of Sidonia! Sweeeeet!

I may be old and pregnant.
But I'll always love mecha.
I want my own robot :3

I wonder if they have FMP or some other good mecha anime...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Apple pie!

Sofia dropped by earlier... She brought ingredients which made me wonder at first... Till I saw the apples. Yay!
She started making an apple pie ♡
How sweet!

God, that pie sure was good ♡
If only I felt better... -_-

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Not sure if I'm dying or if being cursed lol
Day three. Getting worse.

I'm so sick that I find it extremely difficult to just go to the bathroom and pee. And even though I drink soooooo much water, somehow I still feel dehydrated. Dry mouth, can badly swallow and a clogged runny nose.

lol every time I sneeze lei lei jumps up and farts. Haha

I am lucky though, with such sweet friends that even go shopping for me when I can't. <3

Monday, February 17, 2014


Sooooo turns out I caught the flu. Or some nasty ass cold from hell.
Either way, I'm feeling like shit.

I got sick yesterday night. I kinda thought oooooooh I'm all better now when I woke up this morning. So I took off for a reeeeeaaaaally long walk out in the woods with mom and my sister. Halfway through my lungs kinda collapsed and it got hard to breathe..

So here I am feeling shitty.
It's almost 11pm but I just had to have coffee. So, I made some. Yum.

I just hope peanut is ok. ♡
I wonder if it's really bad to be this sick when I'm pregnant...

Don't be mad peanut!
I bet it's bumpy when I cough all the time.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A lady needs her moments too

Face mask!
Tons of antioxidants and vitamins. Might as well do this on a rainy night as this right?

It's purple metallic color. I look like a... Tin man haha

Or like a background dancer in a 90's space music video lol

My heart

My little pigbear has snuggled herself down in my sofa. On top of me. :)

You see, this pigbear knew even before I did that I was pregnant. She's been acting weird since day one. Overprotective and snuggly. Not the same scaredy cat she used to be <3

It's about a month left till daddy comes home too. :) Yep. Frost has been away for threeeeeeee whole months D:

Well anyway, me and Lei lei are watching supernatural. I think peanut's asleep, cause my tummy has been awake all night if you know what I mean? And now it's finally calm. When I lay on my side I can actually feel the baby kick and squirm around.
And it really isn't comfortable at all lol
Oh and apparently skid row and CCR makes peanut wanna dance. A lot. Haha
Kinda cute. <3
I'm glad I can only feel peanut kick while on my side so far. Something tells me it ain't gonna be sweet to have a lil kickboxer in my tummy later.

Oh and I realize my blogpost yesterday made no sense at all. But to cut things short, I'm pregnant. We're having a wee baby. Yep :) But I know you understood that lol My hormones was just a little... A little all over the place yesterday actually.

Soooo... I'm in my second trimester now :D yay! Three, almost four months in my pregnancy now <3

So, I'ma continue watching TV now!


Aaah there's just so much loving going on lol

Today, I've told the world about our little baby. The lil' bun in the oven.
So now I'm telling you guys too! :)

Or little peanut as Frost calls him (no idea if it's a boy or a girl, but I say him automatically, statistics says so anyway lol)

So my sister went with me to the ultra sound today. Such a nice start on valentines day huh? I thought so. Even though an ultra sound hurts like hell when you're pregnant and way past week 7. Damn I did NOT like it. And neither did peanut! Peanut hated it! Waving and kicking with the lil' arms and legs. Looked cute though. :)

Afterwards we went for a long walk in the woods with the dogs :) Ate good stuff and just walked and walked and talked and talked.

Sooooooo, a LOT of my friends are happy that I'm finally out with the baby luck. Cause now they don't need to hide it.

my closest ones were the first ones I told, on Christmas Eve. It's hard to hide a pregnancy with severe nausea and the need to pee all the time, as well as eat all the time from people who see me EVERYDAY day. So it was best to tell them.

Frost got a pic of the pregnancy where it said "merry Christmas daddy" on it. I thought it was cute <3 Mom cried cause I actually wrapped the pregnancy test in paper and have it to her on Christmas.

After about a month I told a few more friends :) One kinda wants to yell it out to the world. But I wanted to wait till I was after week 12. Which I am now obviously. I'm in week 14. As soon as I passed week 12, the risk of miscarriage went down with 65%. Phew..

And now the cat's out of the bag!

Sofia has been a huge support. She does anything for me <3 if I'm sick one day she'll help. And my mom and sister too of course. Nathalie likes to spoil me. With food and nom noms. Haha! Sofie is pregnant too so we're like preggo buddies lmao But it is nice to discuss things ya know?

Veronica kinda knew everything before Christmas though.. She saw the signs.
And the pregnancy test in the bathroom. Smartass.

She gave our lil' peanut a stuffed animal last weekend. Made my heart go squeeze!! <3 That actually made me really really happy. And also, I sleep really fucking good with it.

Frost and I are super excited! :D
A baby. Wow... <3

I need to continue looking at supernatural. I'm addicted to it now. Weird huh? I always thought it would suck, so I never watched it.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lei lei in a nutshell

Aaaah I wonder when she'll stop barking at the door? It's been two months already. -_-

Oh, yesterday I went to stina's baby Lea's name ceremony. It was a really nice ceremony. :) she's such a cute little girl <3 Seems to smile all the time!

Mom and I kinda had to hurry home after fika and junk cause all of a sudden my head started feeling reeeeeeaally heavy. By the time we got into the car I was seriously about to fall asleep.
And as soon as I got home I passed out.for three hours.

Man it felt good though....

But later that night I felt like shit. Nausea and headache and heartburn. I couldn't eat anything. All I wanted was to puke. Boo...

But all in all, I had a very nice day yesterday. And I talked to Frost a lot too. :)

Oh and on Friday Veronica slept over <3 She gave me the cutest gift! I'll tell you some other time about it though.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Soooo... I'm thinking of making Snickerdoodles. Yum. I bet they're delicious :)

And who makes shit better than Betty Crocker? :D

So my 24 hour shift is over btw. When it was over, my mom picked me up and took me out for breakfast.

I didn't sleep shit last night so when I came home I laid down and passed out till like 3 o'clock.

Haha tonight Veronica is coming I've with Toby! Yay! Toby and Virre are sleeping over. I shall snuggle Toby. Yes I shall.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I'm at work now :D
I started 07:45 today. And my shift ends at 08:10 tomorrow :)

A is going to the university today. She has class for a couple of hours so I'll be asleep outside of the classroom :3 lol I'll make sure to be awake when they have a break.

Lasse is dropping LeiLei off later today too. I figured it'd be bad to leave her alone for 7 hours here so she's still at home. Mom will walk her before noon and then by 4 or 5 they'll drop her off. :) And she'll sleep with meeeee <3

Today seems to be a good day so far. Yep. :)
I'm sleepy though. Really sleepy. I didn't even manage to close my eyes last night. Boo... I mean, I tried. But I just couldn't sleep. So yeah, I'm tired. So I'll take like an hour nap later when Adde is in class. Mwahahaha my break.

I'm not used to such long shifts and I'm also not used to keep going constantly for a whole day so if might actually might be able to sleep tonight :) If Adde sleeps peacefully that is.

Monday, February 3, 2014

FroYo & Alabama

I can't believe this is what I've been missing all these years?
Frozen yoghurt is so delicious that I could FUCKING SWIM IN IT!!! :D

And here I am siting in the sofa watching Sweet Home Alabama, and missing my man.
While nomming frozen yoghurt haha

It's been a rough fn day today.
My mom had to come over this morning cause I couldn't get out of bed. All my muscles in my back, the sides and my tummy were cramping like hell.
God, the pain...
But I went for a long walk with mom and that helped a lot :)

Lei lei is also doing better. Her ears are looking a lot better. Plus she's wearing her hat when we're outside and that's just adorable hahaha