Sunday, September 28, 2014

22 jump street

Frost and I watched 22 jump street yesterday.
I loved that movie :D haha
I laughed so hard through the entire movie.

I used to noooot really like Channing Tatum, but when I saw him in 21 jump street I kinda changed my mind. He's fucking hilarious. Ah and he's from Alabama. hah.

Ooooooooooooooooooh and after that we watched Sin City 2.
Naturally, it was good.

Yep, pacifiers, vitamins and coffee.

Last night was a living hell. Freya just refused to sleep. Nothing was good enough, except laying on me. If I moved a millimeter she'd jump and then scream again. So yeah, needless to say, we didn't sleep last night.

Frost and I got to sleep a little after 5am.
But she woke me up before 7 wanting milk.

She's sleeping right next to me on the sofa now though.
Looking so freakin' adorable.

She was laying in her bed smiling and giggling earlier, of course she'd stop as soon as I picked up my phone to film her lol
She's always such a cutie pootie during the day time. And at night she'll either lay and stare at me, try to poop and then cry like crazy. Or just want her mommy constantly and cry if she doesn't get her way. A quick pee for me is actually harder than you'd think.

I feel like a bag of crap today.
No amount of coffee seems to help either. Stupid headache... And my back feels like someone jumped on it. Blah....
And I know it's kinda cold today, but I'm fucking sweating. -_-


I wish.

I could kill for some sleep now.
Unfortunately our little family still hasn't gone to sleep. Aaaaand it's like 4am. Freya doesn't seem to have any plans to calm down tonight. Only time she's calm is when she's on too of me. And I snuggle her.
And that doesn't really give me sleep either since she's a crawler. -_-
I accidentally fell asleep for a split second and all of a sudden, she had her butt on my face. Like wtf?
How is that even possible?


I'm going to turn off my phone completely so that hopefully. We might be able to sleep later. Like maybe from morning till noon?

Wishful thinking maybe...

We have a snuggle baby.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

American Horror story - Freak show


We gave Freya a bath tonight. Yup. Since mom and Lasse are in their summer house, we figured we'd go to their apartment and give our princess a bath ;D

It's been a slow day though. Freya has been better today, Seems like quitting the vitamin D drops really did her well.

I was supposed to meet a friend today, but something came up so she couldn't. I hope she's ok though.

Hmmm, what else can I tell you... well, this week has been slow yet hectic. Hung out with Nathalie & Josse yesterday. Watched a shitty horror movie (which apparently got good reviews for some weird fucking reason...) Oh and we also went to the doctor the other day with Freya. She's very healthy and strong. <---- Very strong baby indeed. She can wiggle/crawl now. Which is kinda super early.

But she's mighty, my little baby.

She's kinda angry now.... angry baby at 2am. Oh the joy.
She's trying to poop.

She cry-farted. loooooooooooooooooooooool

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

pew pew!

For old times sake ;)
It really is a good song.


So my dad and Kuti dropped by a quicky earlier today. We had some coffee and yapped a bit. Some lil' cunt was rude to Kuti right before they got here too. She was talking about how Freya is adorable and said 'My granddaughter is so cute'.

And that cunt hissed:  'She ain't your granddaughter!!'


I have a hard time understanding how people can be so cruel and mean to each other. Especially when you don't know someone. This woman was kinda related to a distant relative to me in the past in a way  (I have no recollection of her though..)  But it was the first time she and Kuti met each other. How can she be so rude to her? Skank.

Aaaah anyway. Who cares?
I told Kuti that my daughter has many grandmothers. 4 to be exact. 4 grandma's and 3 dranddad's. My mom will always be granny, but whether my little girl chooses to call someone else grandma as well is up to her. Not to someone else.

Moving on, It's been a good day. Same ol', same ol'. Snuggles, walks, laughs and nom noms...
I love spending time with Frost.
Frost & Freya are my everything.
I don't think I could live without them.
I'll do anything to protect my family <3
Aaaw, I has a family. My own family. My very very own.

So anyway, we've been spending our day like we always do.. I've been out for many walks today. I seem to be healing better. A LOT better. Ever since I decided to take Mandy's advice and put some distance between me and certain people that just has "bad energies" or something like that. Yup.

I've also decided not to share anything private with people anymore,  Nuh uh. I learnt my lesson. But that's ok.

I'll just talk to the ones I know I can talk to.
Oh, and I had a very nice evening with my sister tonight :)
Got to laugh and shit.

Unfortunately she always gets to see the bad side of Freya when she's here haha Like 80% of the time she's calm and cute and snuggly. And the other 20 is just ROOOAAAAR!! The wee monster has awaken!

Welp, Frost is asleep...And me and the wee one are sitting on the sofa, watching Dexter and whatnot. Guess we'll try and sleep soon. But I have a feeling Freya ain't gonna be so cooperative when it comes to that......................

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beautiful day

The weather is so nice today. Me like it long time. It's just about the right temperature for me. Maybe slightly too warm, but almost perfect.

We've had a nice dau so far, Frost and I. We went for the daily walk, got some air and looked from a far on our new place hahaha Gosh, I really can't wait :D And now we're having coffee, enjoying the fact the Freya is finally calm again haha

I think Frost and I will watch a movie later or something.
We watched Dexter all day yesterday ^^
I found some new coo movies to watch though, so they might be worth a shot. Yup.

Hmmm, Frost seems to be getting more handsome these days. What's the trick I wonder? I shall snuggle attack him. AGAIN! :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby booty

Hahaha She's too adorable sometimes.
She and her baby booty poking up.

Ever since I started giving her those tummy drops, the nights are calmer again. She's back to the old sleepy baby again.
So I actually get to sleep at least 4 hours ever night. Sometimes 6 :)

Muchly appreciated.

Welp, I've gotta go get ready.
Frost is playing with Freya so I better take this opportunity. We're gonna head to the meeting soon.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

sunny tuesday

 I'm sitting here watching Dexter and sipping on my coffee.

Yep, I started watching Dexter and I LOVE it. I wonder why I never really watched it before...but I enjoy watching it. I'm almost at the third season now.

So today we've been out for our daily morning walk today. A long one this time. We went to the river and fed the ducks :D Lei Lei wanted to eat the ducks of course... And Freya just slept. But I enjoyed it. And I think Frost may have too. I know he enjoys our walks in general though hahah

I wanted to see if I can handle longer walks now. In a way I can, in a way I can't. I started bleeding like crazy but I guess that's expected huh?

We need to walk to family court tomorrow and sign papers for Frost. See, here in Sweden we don't let men be the fathers apparently. Unless your'e married. Sooooo we have to sign paper saying i AGREE to him being the father. lol And they needed an english translator to "make sure he understand what it mean to sign the papers".

uh..we're pretty sure it means being a dad. Doing what he's been doing so far. Aaah.. sometimes our government is too stupid.

But anyway...
Now that I can walk all the way to my sister (despite the pain) I know that I CAN do it now. YaY. That means someday I can show up and surprise her and piss her and Robin off by ringing their doorbell at 9am. Wheeee~

Oh, and on Thursday Scotland has their independence vote.
I hope they get their independence back.
I mean, what did William Wallace fight so hard for?

Alba Gu Bráth!

Well, they kinda did.
But you can take it back :)
By force if you have too.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Giver

Well we watched The Giver tonight.
I really really liked that movie. :)
It gives you something to think about.

You should watch it.

Aaaand I've also (as always) taken photos of Freya hahaha Hello paparazzi stalker. It's ok, I'm the mom, haaaaah...

She had one of her little bitch fits earlier. Screamed for a few hours. Of course she took some short breaks. Very short ones. And then continued screaming.

Then again, I probably seemed like a tyrannosaurusbitch who forced her to take vitamin D and new semper drops for her tummy aches. Boo me.

But hopefully she'll start feeling better soon.

Nas and Frost played their game of madden earlier as well, and I...well... I breastfed. Haha

Plans plans and more plans

Me and snuggletree have both been caught up in planning for the new apartment. I mean, it's a gorgeous old fashioned apartment. And I happen to love old vintage stuff.

And Halleluja for eBay!
Viva la China! Much cheap, such products. wooow,...

First of all, I definitely want this:

welp, obviously I want a fuckton more. But electronics such as lamps, and shit has to be bought here I guess.

And I realized something.......... why don't I try to paint some stuff like this on my own? I mean... I can probably make it look pretty similar. :D YAY!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh happy day!

Ok, first of all... Freya is extra cute today. haha
And Frost too.

I caught them snuggling earlier today and it just melted my heart haha

They're too cute.

Moving on, good news everyone.
Looks like we'll be moving to a new place the 1st of November.
And it's huuuuuge compared to this shitty apartment!  Sweeeet!
Two big bedrooms, one huge living room, an awesome kitchen and a super bright bathroom. And a veeeery mucho nice'o hallway.

Oh and wooden floors in each room too!

Lei lei will LOVE it. Apparently the neighbors are calm and quiet. Which I love the idea of. Both for Freya's sake and especially for Lei Lei's sake. She needs to feel peace and quiet ya know?

But Frost and I sure won't miss this loud building we live in now. There's no teenagers or young people in that building. WOHO! (Yes i've fucking grown old... a screaming shit-machine will do that to ya..) And i just want to live in peace.

Freya's room is SO nice. And the windows in the apartment are big :D

And here's the beauty of it ain't even far away from where we live now! woop woop!

Oh, and I had to take a pic of her froggy outfit today. Only thing missing now is her froggy hat. I took it off cause she seemed to be getting too warm.

haha she looks like a little fatty <3

And then when she woke up, she tried to eat my face.
And then she got mad at me cause it didn't work. -_- *sigh*

Alrighty, that's all Freya and our fmily goo I have to talk about for today.

oh, and mom walked in to ICA with her bicycle. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL That made me laugh like crazy. I didn't even pay attention, until we stood there wondering why mom was holding her bicycle hahaha So she had to run back out with it and leave it outside duh...

Monday, September 8, 2014

My babypuff

She's adorable. I can't get enough of her <3


that movie was weird.

Sad and kinda fucked up. Mostly sad.

And weeeeiiiiirrrd.

Well. I did get scared at times, so I guess that's a plus.

Find Me

I'm gonna watch a horror movie soon, while Frost plays some Madden. I'ma watch 'Find Me'. Same old ghostly stories really. But it might be good. And it might not be. Who knows? I'll let ya know later.

Yesterday we watched '7500'. I thought it was ok, I like movies with a different plot twist like that. Now that I think about it, I watched a similar one.. not on a plane but in a house. I think me and my sister watched it. And that was good one. it has the same kinda twist in it. Gosh...what was i called again? I'll have to ask my sister I guess.

But anyway... Find Me. Yup. Oggaboggabooo!

Oh, and I read something about a new movie written by JK Rowling. Could be fun. :D I like fairytale animals and junk :)

Btw, sooooooooooooooooooooooon...soon. Soon Jessebelle, and another one called Annabelle will be released, WOHO! Two very creepy horror movies.

if anyone has seen The Conjouring, Annabelle is about the doll they show in the beginning of the movie. Like a spinnoff I suppose. And THAT was a good movie.

But anyway, I'll tell you if Find Me is worth watching or not later :D

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Long blogpost.

I've forgotten to blog lately. Ooops.
In my defense, my brain ain't working properly lately haha

And I'm all out of energy. I think I'll turn of my phone for a few days in a bit, so I can recharge and be alone.

So anywaaaay...
Welp, this weekend has been calm. Sorta.
Nas and Sofia and Alicia was here yesterday. Nas made fried chicken. And I fucking LOVE fried chicken. Mmm... And Sofia made a delicious blueberry pie. (I've been crazing that for some time now)

Freya was pissed all day though. And the entire evening too. But once they left, I sat down and breastfed her for a LONG time and she fell asleep. Finally. With my boob. Haha Boobsnuggles!
Here's the amazing part, she slept from like 00:30 or something...till 6 or 7am. :O
We got to sleep!
And we've continued to sleep all day basically.
I've felt like shit ALL day. Still do.
Massive headache and nausea.
We took a "nap" around noon... With Freya by our side of course.
And we woke up like 4 hours later. -.-
Yeah.. We overslept.

We were going to go look on a bigger apartment. And mom was gonna drive. And we woke up like riiiiiight before we had to go. Good job us.

We LOVED the apartment, an we want it.
But I could read the dude pretty well.
It ain't gonna happen. I saw that on him.

But our time will come. :)

It's football season now!
It's the playoffs today and Frost is super excited! YaaaaY!
Freya is watching to, duh.
Well, she passed out a while ago but I swear she was watching earlier. Haha Something amazing just happened too. An awesome touchdown. It really was amazing though.

Aaaah, my head. I need to sleep, or not? Meh.

I like to take pictures of Freya haha can you tell?

Friday, September 5, 2014


Freya slept most part of the night. I fed her right before 11 last night, and then she kinda (but not really) woke up around 3:30 licking her mouth (which means she's hungry again) So I fed her.

But unfortunately she was waaaaaay too sleepy to even stay awake so she fell asleep on my boob after just a few minutes.

Welp, that's what happens when a baby is too sleepy. Falling asleep on my tit. Yup.

But she didn't wake up again tilll 5:30. SO YAY! I had lots of sleep last night. Muchly appreciated.

Normally that babypuff would be fed around 11 and then sleep till 5, and that's fucking nice. But Frost stayed up late last night for once, so I guess somehow I disturbed our routine when I woke up and snuggled her lol.

She looks so adorable when she sleeps. D'aaaaw <3

How's it going?

I'm still waiting on Frost to come out of the shower. I prepared breakfast and then we're going on a walk.

I invited my sister to come watch a horror movie with us tonight (cause it seems really creepy and awesome) But she didn't want to. Boo............................
But we'll watch it alone instead.
Freya sleeps all the time anyway lol

But yaaaay, I bet it'll be scary! How fun! Wheeeee~

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Who's hiding there?

Hmmm.... Find something wrong with this picture?

lol A baby!

Haha sometimes it's just nice with intimacy, someone close to your body.

And my snugglebunny sure likes to snuggles. She can hide underneath my shirt foreeeeever if she wants to.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


My baby snugglepoot is adorable.
When she sleeps she looks like a wee snuggleprincess haha

And I love it when she sleeps on my chest. It's so peaceful. :)
And when she wakes up she makes the funniest faces hahahaha

I mean, look at her. She's so sweet :)

In about an hour, she's already two weeks old.



Our newest family member arrived yesterday.
Our beloved Xbox One! iiih!

It's amaaaaazing. It really is. And I LOVE the new controllers. I like it a LOT. haha

I can't wait till we can buy some games for it too.
I want CoD Advanced Warfare, and Ghosts. And Halo5 and spartan assault tooooo. And Destiny. Yeah. Gosh... there's so many games.

Only down part is that they seem to have killed the couch co op mode. Like you can't play co op on a slit screen anymore. It has to be done online. Which means I'd need another xbox and another TV to be able to enjoy some games with honey. Boo.... but hey, things might change huh?

People still love playing a game with someone they like.. so in the end, that shit ain't gonna work.

Ooooh, Last night. Freya was a real loud one. -_- Like wooow.... All she did was screaming. She was batshit crazy last night and I felt my patience simmering... But eventually my little angelpuff fell asleep (aound 3am....) And I could sleep some as well before getting up at 8. Bleh..had a doctors appoinment after 9. it sucked.


Freya has however been such a docile and snuggly baby aaaaall day today. My snugglelump.
 But I bet she'll snap sooner or later. She has a tendency to be adorable and calm all day and then let the screams from hell come out. For hours.

But that's ok. I finally learnt how to take naps during the day with her :D
It only took me two weeks to learn............................

it can take up to two months before a baby gets her routines. So I'll just have to be patient.

I'm getting a wee bit sleepy..but daddy and mommy still have some alone time left to spend haha