Friday, December 27, 2013


As usually I'm up late.
Laid in bed for quite some time before feeding the pigbear and then taking a shower.
Oooooh what a wonderful shower it was! :3
I smell like moringa flowers. Mmm...
It's so nice to have our own apartment now. I'm running around naked. Lalalalalaa! And no one gives a shit. Hah!
I've lot up some candles too just cause it's cosy.

Gosh, I'm happy :)
Can't wait till march when Frost gets here <3

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve

We had a lovely Christmas eve :)
Lots of good food, company and gifts.

I got a good gift I tell you.

Oh god I wish Frost could've been here.
I hope he's doing alright. He's a little worrywart. My sweetheart <3 But then again, I can be a worrywart when it comes to him too so.. Yep.
I love that man more than anything.

I have to rearrange my plans a little bit.
After New Years I have to finish a lot of shit. Really... A lot of paperwork and bullcrap. Me so slow. Gotta pull my thumb outa my ass and start doing stuff. GET.IT.DONE.

Anyway, I had a very nice Christmas.
I hope Frost will have a nice Christmas too.
Next Christmas will be splendid and filled with looooove!

Did y'all have a nice Christmas too? Hmm?
Apart from you americanos. You celebrate tomorrow :3
And I suuuure hope you guys will be happy then too.

Pew pew!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I really miss him. A lot.
It kinda feels like my heart is breaking a little. But I guess that's normal. I'll feel sad till I can be in his arms again.

Christmas is the time of year where you really want all of your loved ones together.
And this year it's a giant piece missing.

Merry Christmas honeypuff. I wish I could spend it with you. <3

Just you wait till I teach you all of our Christmas traditions baby :) haha
Can't wait till we can have our own Christmas tree and decorate it and junk! Yay I make myself overly excited easily lol

Monday, December 23, 2013

Early Christmas gift

Look at my awesome Christmas gift I got from Veronica today!
Virre is such a sweetheart. <3
Yay! It smells delicious!

Day before Christmas

As you may know, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th :3
I'll still celebrate the 25th with Frost. My lil' snuggletree!

Anyway, I'm watching Blacklist right now and sipping on my coffee.
Warming up underneath my furry blanket.

Lei Lei is snoring on the floor...
And I'm considering going to the supermarket soon. I need cheese and ham :) haha

Virre is coming over tonight.
It's been... Gosh it must've been a year or two since we last saw each other. Damn, time sure flies.
She's in town over Christmas :D

Virre is my older friend.
For 20 years <3

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I put a clean carpet on today.
Figured it'd be nice on that spot cause lei lei always walk there and dirties the floor.
Silly me thought that it might look cleaner if a carpet was there instead of paw prints on the white floor.

Silly silly me.

After like two hours we came in from a walk and the paws were just there. *sigh* I think I'll buy a black carpet in the future. Or a dark fluffy one. Oh I like that.

Anyway, I had a nice day. I was alone most part of the day and that was reeeeeaaally comfortable.
Talked Frost and his dad too ^_^
My beeb is at a family reunion now. I miss him! <3
It felt good to hear his voice like that <3
He's such a handsome man. Rawr!!

Oh and btw, I've watched the entire season 9 of criminal minds today. Haha it was SO GOOD. :3

Friday, December 20, 2013


I need my tree back.
Give me back my snuggletree! My routines are a mess!
I have No routines!

Weeeeell I'm finally up.... After a lot of.. Inside turmoil. Bleh. How boring. But here I am. Still on the same spot as I was 17 minutes ago.

I'm gonna drink my coffee (that may be burnt now since I'm so fucking slow) And do the dishes... Not vacuum. Lei Lei will ruin it right after anyway today.

Make the bed. Yeah I should do that.
Should I go to town? Or.. No.. I'll walk Lei Lei and then make meat sauce!!!
Yay. I love meat sauce and spaghetti :3

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Premium snuggles

Aah this made me happy.
Voluntarily being in the sofa snuggling me.. <3 AAAH! The joy!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Flower shop

Right now Lei Lei and I are the flower shop where mom works (during the winter season)
She's making coffee.
And Lei Lei is snoring in the floor right now.
I'm talking to Frost too. My beeb <3

I'm staying busy ^_^
And I'm gonna mop the floors too later. Yep.

I hope he's doing ok... And I hope Alabama isn't boring for him. I can't wait till he comes home again.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Order is restored

In a way. Haha

I feel the best when I'm talking to Frost :) I feel much happier now. My little snuggletree. <3

Luckily three months will be gone in no time. It'll pass quickly. RAWR.

I'ma nest a little till he gets here. Heeeeheeee
Yep. I'm building a nest. There's gonna be so many Frost stuff here too then. ^_^

Ah and I'll be better than ever.
I figured, I need to focus in something while he's away. Soooo I'ma focus on being a better me.
I'll eat better. (I'll try to eat more often too) I'll exercise. Be healthier, and prettier, live cheaper.. Save money best I can. Groom Lei Lei AND and.. And... Gah I forgot. And.....

Hmmm... There's something more.
Darn it. Which one is it?

Well whatever. I'll focus on shit ok?

Oh yeah! I'll keep the house clean and pretty!!!! :3

Sad Monday

This is the shittiest Monday in a long while for me.
It's lonely. I miss his face and body warmth next to me.

Well this wasn't fun at all.
Waking up alone, missing someone.

Anyway. Don't fucking blame me for being sad ok? I get to be sad. So if you ain't got something nice to say...shut the fuck up.

I'm making coffee.
I was thinking of eating something but then I was like...'no'.

I'm going to the store later. And walking lei lei at the same time.

Ah I decorated the while place though. It's nice.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My beeb

This was a lot harder than I thought...
I miss him like crazy already.

Last weekend

Frost is leaving today.
I actually cried when I walked Lei Lei. In the rain. Bleh...

I didn't wanna go up early and get ready for him to leave. He's my snuggletree. This time I'm much more sad.
I KNOW he'll be back in march for sure but it doesn't really make me feel less sad. I'll be so lonely without him. Haha I'm about to start crying just by writing this. He's the love of my life <3 The one I wanna wake up to every morning.

But we can't avoid this.
The visa expires today so he needs to leave. I know that. My little sweetiepie <3

I can't wait till march.

Tbh, I'm a little scared of not being with Frost. I don't know why... Probably cause I'm scared of my new job.. Scared of the future that it'll bring I suppose. Economy and so on.
Frost always makes me feel so safe.
There's nothing better than to snuggle up against him.

Welp, gotta get ready now.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

This week

So this is the last week with Frost (again lol)
It's been a hell of a week.
I got a job! Yay! So mom and I velvet read with some fika.
But I'm still on sick leave for another 2 weeks.
I got mad at a doctor. He sucked. So mom is making me switch clinic. I'll be tested for EDS syndrome... Maybe that'll explain a LOT. Mom's convicted I have it. And tbh, it seems logical if I do.

Anyway, enough about such thing. I'm happy!
We're moving on Saturday :D
Can't wait! And my baby leaves on Sunday but comes back march 19th! Now that I know he'll be here a certain date... I might not be so sad. :) Cause I know for sure he'll be here soon again.

But even if we're happy, everything ain't perfect.
See, Lei Lei has been sick these past few days. Woke up the day before yesterday from an AWFUL smell. A smell that could kill.

She had pooped all over the bedroom... Probably in her sleep. Poor baby <3 And it just continued.
We took her out, and she just sprayed everywhere.
And back home she took a shit on the balcony -_- Now THAT was hard to wash away. She threw up bunches too. I had to make her stay on the balcony cause of the smell. I almost puked too ya know? So I made it cosy and junk for her ^_^ She's still bad, but she seem to be a weeee bit better tonight though. She hasn't been fed in two days now. So I think most crap is out of her system by now. Though I can't give her real dog food just yet. I'll give her som rice, a few doggy pebbles and and maybe some boiled cauliflower. And yoghurt and her medication on it.

She's happy and bubbly today though :)

Oh and Ida dropped by. That was so nice. I kinda missed her <3

And I might meet a very old friend next week. It's been a long time since we saw each other. She's been trough a lot but she's grown up now. Sometimes weird things just happens and brings back old friends together again :)

I'ma snuggle Frost a bit.
And then bite him.


Thursday, December 5, 2013


Aaaws how I wish everything around me was this colorful haha

Raaaaombow sparkle!

Anyway, this was my hot drink earlier. Yep. And it was tasty too. We've had a nice day baby and I.
Plus we booked his tickets today. He'll be back in Sweden march 19th. YaaaaY!

Ah, Frost and I are watching a movie right now. The Dark. It's funny, I've never seen it before. And I've seen most horror movies. Frost always hates it when he tries to pick out a new movie cause he says I've always seen them all haha

We're also waiting for the snow to come haha

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Here's a funny thing...
We missed the flight yesterday.
Yep. It was a very eventful day.
I puked in the car on the way to Stockholm. (My blood pressure dropped fast) and I was sleepy and nauseous the entire day.
Frost felt sick too. Probably cause he didn't wanna leave either and he was nervous about Heathrow airport.

Buuuut my mom and my sister argued a bit in the car about how to find the way to the airport cause thry were doing construction work on the roads. So they accidentally missed the exit completely. lol

Welp, I was actually really happy he missed it tbh.
We're buying him a new ticket today for the 15:th. Yep. And it's a return ticket too so he'll be back here in march. Wheeeeeeei!

Since we missed the flight, we all decided to go on some sightseeing and adventures. Behold: Västerås!

Anyone recognizes that name from Game Of Thrones? Uh huh this is where he got the name from. ^_^

Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh right!

Yesterday was the first Sunday in December. Which means: First Advent. :D
And this was also Frost's first advent fika too! He got to lit the first candle :)

And we had homemade saffron buns. Lussekatter! <3 He also drank real glögg for the first time too. I'm not sure what he thought about it lol


I'm sitting here in my robe, sipping on my coffee. The neighbor is practicing her opera. And I'm not kidding when I say this, she an actual opera singer. And with a mighty voice I tell you.

Frost is still in the shower. And I'm pondering about the future. Good Bye's are never fun obviously. Duh. We've done this countless of times, and we've done well these last couple of months. The longest we've been speared though is about 5 months. Let's hope that we won't be separated that long this time :) Heck, if I'm lucky... I might even go back to Alabama next year.

I'm still here whenever he needs me. But I will work my fucking ass off to make changes here. Like wow.
Much changes, such wow, so work.

For instance, I'ma work hard and earn money.
Aaaaand I'ma work out. Yep. This little blob needs to haha
Oh and I'm moving December 13th, and I'll make out home AWESOME. Of course.
Also, I have more ideas coming. I'm going to sell oil paintings for those who wish to own one. ^_^
Oil paint is expensive shit I tell you.

Anyway, my snuggletree just came out of the shower and is now picking his seats for the flights tomorrow. I guess I'll take him out on a date today :D I'll get him whatever he wants today. Anything!