Thursday, May 31, 2012


I realised earlier that I haven't eaten yet, and i did promise to get better at eating so I'm sitting down and eating dinner riiiiight now. <---- woop woop who get' a golden star? MEEEEEE! I do! *waves*

Broccoli and fried pork. NOM. I am totally gonna feel like complete and utter SHIT later but I can at least I can say that I ate then. lawl

So what's new in my life huh?
it's been..what..? ..... a few hours since last time? haha Oh I bet so much has changed. You have noooo idea. well, for starters, I was not allowed to apply for the course I wanted. cause I haven't been unemployed for long enough. Dickheads. I am not planning on staying unemployed for that long. I'm fucking moving out of the god damn country if I'm out of a job for more than 8 months. really. I am!

Oh and little Frost. Yus, Frost has leveled up and has now become part of my everyday life. haha isn't that nice? Now I want all of you to do a silent yaaaaay and welcome him to  The mysteriously entertaining life of Jo   :D *weeeeh* yes, yes I know. It is an honour. Ah, I am oh so picky on who I involve in my everyday life. I know all of you are extreeeeeemely shocked right now right? haha

Who else is in my everyday life you might wonder. Well it differs really. Depending on my mood and such.

well, I have a LOT of oddballs in my life. Perverts, cunts, retards, fucktards, pottymouths, adorable stalkers (that includes you Martina btw ) charmtrolls, lesbians, my family (no need to put a label on my crazy unique kins eh?) and what else? A few liars, a few douchebags, maybe a soulmate or two and some cuties as well.

But when it comes to my everyday life there's only a few I keep in constant contact with. Jaaaaao, ni är fina, och ni är mina. Ni är speciella. I'll give you guys that.

Ah what an interesting life I live indeed.

Imagine when i go travel.

And my eyes always see things differently!

Oh and I managed to finish my dinner during the blogging and I'm already feeling quite horrible. I'd very much like to throw up now. Kudos to me.

Le me right now.

I'd say it's time for Martina to get some taste of Jo right now.
She get's to see my cleavage AND my big blue eyes. Cool huh?

bet she missed me all day.

Oh god

I feel out of place here.
This is SO boring. I'm sitting at the job centre...... There's brats here and immigrants. And me. Oh yay.

Ew.... Someone reeks of sweat and cheap cologne in here. -.- I can't NOT make a face when it's like this.

Eeeeeew....Well, Irish punk yet again. Wooooh. :) makes the time fly by.

I'm bored. And the brats are staring at me. And there's a young woman next to me that looks like some cheap hooker from Amsterdam. And she smells like one too. Her hair is fun to look at though. Imagine the 80's blonde prostitutes with puffy hair. LOL I'm being mean. Sorry. But it's somehow amusing. I need to find amusement in something here before I die of boredom.

My head is aching from all the smells in here. I need a fag. -____-

Alrighty then

I'm on my way to the job centre right now. As the good girl I am I hit two birds with one stone.

Best be solving this whole I can.

Let's hope for the best now :)
If it goes to hell then so be it :D at least I can say I tried then.

Ah I have such great plans for the future. I wanna travel. And meet people :) I wanna visit friends in other countries. As I will, mind you.

Just like Frostventures I'll have my own as well :D wish I could call it something cool as well but naaah The magnificent adventures of Jo :D haha wooooh!


Aaaaaw aren't I the bloody good girl today?! :D
Just finished at the hospital. I finally did the fucking x-ray. Sat for 2 hours and couldn't even use my phone. Booooooriiiiing. So I real illustrated science magazine instead. I've learnt a lot today! Hahahaha

And here's the awkward part. What was supposed to take 5 minutes took 20 minutes instead. Cause apparently my bone marrow is a god damn massive one so they couldn't get through the wrist haha they tried maaaaany times and still couldn't get an x-ray so they could see the inside of it and then came an angel and she was like BAAAM DONE!

She was awesome. No idea what things she did with the machine but it bloody worked. Thank god. Freedom at last. I wanted to press the red button cause I swear to god it begged me to. But I didn't. We decided to have a staring contest instead. That damn little red button won -.- ah the loss.

Good bye melancholy hill

Good morning sugar tops ;P
Eating my breakfast like a BAAWS. I'm really proud for eating btw. Yoghurt and bananas. The only shit I can get down nowadays. I swear, in a bout a week or two I'll be puking by just the thought of yoghurt and bananas. haha

Hospital here I come!!! :D

It's funny....... I am funny. My emotions are funny.
LOL Don't even understand them half the time.

That's the adventure! :D wooooh!

a whole lot of truth that no one cares about

I am, believe it or not, in a cuddly mood.
Not that many people knows that I LOVE cuddles.

It just seem like I don't since I HATE people touching me.
Yeah, you see my dilemma right?
Only certain people are allowed to touch me. And not even all of them are allowed to cuddle me. There will be only one who get's that privilege. Right now that's Lei Lei  aw, forever alone. LOL hahaha Also, Most of my friends had to force me to hug them so I could get used to them touching me -____-  I remember the hell Stina made me go through. I kid you not. -__- Bah... hugs all the time. Very.... annoying and it sort of made me panic a little as well haha. But then I got used to it, and now I like her hugs. See where I'm going?

With this said, I may need agressive people in my life. You know, offense not defense.  You gotta push me a bit, but not too hard.( Cause I'll just beat the crap out of ya then.)  I tend to get along better with people who're a wee bit too honest and who'll be a bit raw cause I'm honestly too stupid and too clever at the same time. Which makes things complicated for me. SO I usually just go with the flow and act like "I can't be arsed". Somehing bothering you, or you have something you need to say to me then you have to say it just as you feel it. Can't sugarcoat it. I don't pick up hints, I look at them and then throw then away. Cause I learnt the hard way never to assume something EVER. It can get you killed. So I will never understand unless someone actually comes out and SAY it. Basically I'm like a man. haha. No offense all male readers. If you're insulted then I'm basically insulting myself as well aren't I?

well, I need to sleep really. But the beast needs her food first and then we'll simply take a nice walk in the nippy night.

Say good night to me now. Tis is me riiiight in this very moment.
HELLO :D And Adieu.

oddly enough. I have found people completely different from what I usually get along with.
Well, I believe in energies and souls.
If mine's connected to yours then that's all it takes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the wonderful awkwardness of Jo

So, i've been hanging out with Stina today, and Marcus mind you! Obviously the dogs were all there :)

But anyway, The dudes wanted to eat and well, I can barely eat ANYTHING nowadays never the less tortillas so Stina called the pizza place and ordered a chicken salad for me. oh yay.

When we got there I realised that heeeeey I fucking want feta cheese on it too.
And for some weird god damn reason I turned at the guy behind the counter (who btw had already made my salad and it was all done and packaged and all that shit) and I stared at him with a weird face and then I suddenly tilted my head and smiled and said "eheee, I WANT CHEEEEESE. :3 Can I pleeeease have thaaaaaaaat?" And then tilted it the other way and had such a weird fucked up childish cute face on. No idea why. O__o and he just looked at me and smiled while looking a wee bit scared haha and then he started opening the box and putting in the cheese.

And i turned my head and looked at Stina "Iiiiiiiiiiiiih I get CHEEEESE FFS :D ehe!"

This must've probably been veeeeery awkward and scary to see.
Me, with my tattoos and my messy tousled hair and boyish clothes, standing there like an idiot tilting my head like a child.

My pride is damaged.
I got so excited over cheese I forgot to be cool.

So there you go cuties. Random bullcrap from Jo :D

you guys bloody enjoy it. I know you do.

lawl  I'll mention Frost here just to make him  smile :D
Hi Frost!!!!!! *waves*

So now guys, it's time for a fag. I give you a random pic from last year.
There you go. My mum never liked my hair that way haha

I got called twoface. Which if you ask me was actually rather cool
 (if you disregard the fact that he's UGLY)

This and that

Oh hello hello dear readers. What a wonderful day we have here. Not. But then again, just cause the weather's a bit crappy doesn't mean my day is. It's actually quite filled with nice fucking things I tell you. For instance, I'm off to see Stajna right now. No idea what plans she has stored for me. We'll see when I get there. Hopefully zombie killing.

Also, as usual (Oh look at that, it's becoming a habit) I've been writing with Frost. I'll put my favourite video of him on my blog someday. But I wont share him just yet laawl. Sounds like my toy O__o "tis mah tooooy, not yuuuuurs".  haha Can't put up a video unless he wants me to, seeeee thaaaaaaat's what I meant. Being kind here and whatnot.

Moving on.
Strawberries. That's on my WHAT-I-NEED-TODAY list. And some other stuff. Penis. Love how my money just fliiiiieeees away. haha

Oh gosh, time flies (no it doesn't, it's just me being slow and lazy HAHA) I gotta go now. Lei Lei's already done and waiting at the door for me. isn't she the good girl huh?

Oh lord

I have great hopes for my future right now.

Just finished talking to administrator at the job centre (she said that I have an outstanding and charming personality haha) and tomorrow I'll call my personal admin from there and we'll try and apply for a welding course which the job centre will PAY FOR ME. In other word, education for FREE.

And I am hoping so so so much that I can get in. This would change my life.
But so far everything is still alright, cause I still get paid for doing nothing. Indeed, it's too little for me and Lei Lei to live on, but I have such wonderful people in my life that are willing to help me out if needed. But I wont accept it. Just the thought is enough for me <3

If me living on salad can give Lei lei the best care then so be it. I'm content with that :D

Aaaah, I'm feeling way better now after this phonecall.
Not only that, but there's even more courses I can apply for :D


Well, I failed miserably yet again with going to the hospital. hah. Go figure. I've failed two weeks in a row now. But there's a reason for me not going today though.

So now, I'm sitting down eating breakfast. YES I'M EATING MY MOTHERFUCKING BREAKFAST. Amazing right? I've promised countless of times so try and eat more often yet that's also something I keep failing at. It doesn't matter how much I want it... my body just doesn't agree.

So today i'm living on yoghurt. And coffee. Figured yoghurt would go down pretty well right? At the moment, it's like the only things I can manage to eat without difficulties are salad and yoghurt/ filmjölk. Well Fine. So be it. I shall live on that for now.

I need to go to the store later and buy some sallad and yoghurt...aaaaaand I'm almost broke now.


Bah, I'm in sort of a..paralyzed condition right now.
It's like I can't even force myself to do things. Yet I have ALL the time in the world. And I can't even manage to do the things I actually even like. How weird is that...

That's what happens when you have nothing you MUST do.
It is so god damn boring. No reason to wake up early, no reason to go to sleep early. It seriously bored me to death. SO I try and occupy myself with other things... Like, today I'll hang out with Stina. CALL OF DUTY TIME BABY!

I'm a workaholic to the bone, and here I am...without a job just derping around at home.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Herpa derp


Join me for a smoke will ya?

Today's earfuck

So how ya'll doing today? Hmm?

I've had a jolly good one myself I must say. Good food, shopping with Josse and stalking Robin in the car. Yeah it was fuuuun. Must've looked like an insane person with that plastic back on my head O__o Ooooo I bought a lot of things actually. Which is BAD since I don't have the money for it. Hmm.. oh well.

moving on.

I'm just derping on my couch. Give me bro fist here YAAAH! *bro fist*

Oh yum

Ice cold coffee and a salad. THIS IS LIKE THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME :D

On the go

Yeah don't have time to ramble a lot of junk (like I usually do) cause in in a hurry! Just warned to say HIIII IM HEADING UP TOWN NOW!


today's random crap

Alrighty then, this is how we swedes cook. obviously.
I love these guys. They're hilarious. haha
And Oh god he makes delicious food.

anyway..... Dazz called again and since I'm so polite I can't really say "fuck off I've got shit to do" so I talked to him cause it's fun :D hahaha and now I have all that shit left to do LOL I always enjoy talking to him though. In case your'e reading this is DOOOOO like talking to you haha. I'm just a cunt sometimes. Deal with it.

Moving on.
Been checking on some festivals in sweden for the summer...breaks my heart that I can't go to any. My biggest wish right now is to go to metaltown. -__- but I don't know that many people that enjoys metal as much as I do :(

oooooo btw. Frost sent me two pic this morning from Boston YAY!
I LOVE to get pics from travels ^^

well, I'll put those up later cause blogger is being the usual dick not letting me do as I please.
Don't see what the fucking problem is? I mean, is it honestly THAT hard to just upload two small photos? REALLY? Oh blogspot. Go get bent.


haha aaaw, I fucking love this little guy.
He's too funny haha. Nice to watch first thing in the morning lol

well, I need to jump in the showers.
I've been busy this morning.
Made a story for a friend (that's how fucking nice I am) and scrubbed the floor and cleaned around the house. Sad but true. It needs to be done.

And now this lil' lady will jump in the shower.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh yeah

In case you didn't know... I have the best readers ever :)

I love everyone who reads my blog.
And I love comments so keep giving me theeeeeeem, I enjoy it :)

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm happy you guys read my blog and that you guys broke my record in readers last week :D WOOOH.
Never had this many before. Epic.

From aaaaaall over the world :D

Mesa luvs all your countries. :D

Kinda cool that my blog has readers in so many countries now. It's obviously cause I'm awesome. An I shall keep being awesome. And those who follow my blog. ME LUVS YOU LONG TIME.

Thank god your'e used to my foul language and inappropriate behavior etc :D


Random crap of the day:
Aaaaaw, memories. I wanna go on that cruise agaaaain.
And I will ;D
had the best time wit the best poeple.


Oh look. More coffee!
Daniel came and picked me and Lei Lei up :D
And now we're at mum's workplace drinking coffee. I haven't eaten since yesterday so I'm rather hungry now. I'll have to eat something later. But it'll be later tonight since I'm going shopping with Josse. Bah... Food,

Eurovision 2012 russia vs sweden

So...Russia vs sweden.

Why did we won I wonder? ;)


Lol I'm quite the articulate lady most of the time. But sometimes I just derp.

It must be very amusing to have conversations with me. Don't you think? Such deep meaningful convos..

Yeah, my humour is low so don't get all mad about the Jews now ok? I'm not a hateful person. Just a pottymouth. I don't really blame them lol I blame the PRESIDENT!

We don't have one :D looool

Blah blah blaah...

Well, My mood ain't that shitty anymore. Been talking on the phone with Darren for..I dunno? Hours? LOL So I'm pretty cheered up now.

I needed to went out my anger hahahaha we've mostly been talking about tattoos and whatnot. Everything between heaven and hell I guess.

And noooooow I'll continue drinking my coffee...mmmm

but I'm bored again :/
who to talk to now then? Hmmm...
I'll READ some comics instead lalalalal

Or spam Martina on her phone. Yay.

I failed miserably


I went to the meeting. or so I thought.
Ended up in a total different part of town. High five for me.

Let's not forget that a bloody bird took a shit at me as well...
AND I accidentally scratched myself on my poor poor burnt skin. AND AWTDR(%#IOFIU56R86IKMBH"#€%&/NB. Yeah. That says it all.

So now, I'm naked on my couch. As I should be. Relaxing. Watching a little PewdiePie. And drinking my suger-mega-hot-horny-ardent-strong-feisty-coffee. Say what now?
I'm just rambling.

But seriously....

Well, today will be a good day. It'll be that eventually.
I'm going up town with Josse. We're going SHOPPIIIIING.
Rawr, I need a bikini. And shorts... and some other stuff.
And snow.

I guess I'll have to "doll" myself up a bit since Josse is a very shallow person and she can feel quite ashamed of walking next to me sometimes. Bleh. So no raggedy jeans then. I'll find something. I'm still not changing my style for yooooou <3 Which reminds me. I need jeans. But I wont buy any this time.

No, I take that back. I'm feeling guilty now. My sister is honestly the best. Can't get a better sister than her and she said she's not ashamed of me so I'm sorry. <3 I love you :)

I am quite "poor" at the moment. That's what happens when you spend your money on who you love instead of yourself. And when you don't have a job either lol

I'll never regret spending my money on the ones I love anyway. NEVER.
We were actually discussing that yesterday. Someone called me stupid for have given 25 000 kronor (that would be 2.222,87 pounds. / 3.483,63 u.s dollars) to my ex when he had some difficulties. 
Still don't regret it. You help the ones you love out in need right? Tis what I do anyway. it IS a shitload of money yes. But hey-ho.

Nowadays I spend all my money on my dog, her medicins, her specialized food and vet appointments. Yup. It's fine to call me stupid. Don't expect people to understand me anyway.
I live on broccoli. And I'm DAMN good at cooking it too ;)

Someone once called me a goober
lol I guess it's true ;) haha

Fucked up

Aaaaw I'm sitting outside smoking. Waiting for the time to pass... In about 20 minutes, the meeting will start an I'll go inside.

But I've really messed up my looks today. First of all, I tried on a shitload of clothes and I couldn't wear ANYTHING without it inflicting pain in my skin. And then I finally found one. A biiiiig dark red long sleeved sweater. It's just really soft on my skin. So I had to wear that and a pair of leggins -_- so I wore that and a pair of black converse. Not very "meeting" looking. And to top it all off, MY HAIR IS A MESS. I fixed my hair when I left home and it's really windy outside today so my hair is like everywhere -.- I look like a dick. It's a birds nest. Fuck.

Basically I look like a complete turd today. Everything is shitty... My skin hurts like hell. It's like the flames from purgatory are licking my skin. Oh the joy.
I have a feeling that I'll fail miserably today. But who the fuck cares really? It's like my mum said: If I fail this one then there's plenty of other things to do in life.

Even if I get accepted to this education course... I'm still not sure if I'll EVER understand what they'll teach me hahaha

Sunday, May 27, 2012

honey I'm hoooome

aaaw, me be home now.
How are you? Have you missed me? :D
Of course you have. Even though I kept en even update on my blog each day ahahaha

This is the happy meeeee. Unfortunately, I spent a little too much time in the sun... and now I'm completely toasted. OH YAY.

Oh dear god it hurts so so much. :(
But I've rubbed some after sun lotion on me with "icing effect". Pffft...... Icing..I need frost. Like OMG how nice it would be to have rimfrost right now.............hah. I'd rub myself on any frost I could find, I remember that I did that once when I was in the sauna... the heat almost killed me so I rubbed myself on all the windows with frost on them hahaha. I swear to god that there was steam coming from my body then.  what "icing effect"? I'M STILL IN MEGAPAIN.  I want a biiig pile of snow right now. Aaah, just roll around in the snow. Like I usually do. Mmm...

that would be rather heavenly at the moment.

HAHA Ju realised that it's kind of funny I wrote I'd rub myself on any frost. HAHAHAHA Cause I know a certain fella named Frost. haha Seeeeee?
oh come on people. Don't you see why I find it funny?

Aw You suck.

witch reminds me when I was a kid and one would always lick on the frost on stuff outside and then the tongue would get stuck HAHAHA Hurt like a motherfucker really.

My mum's tongue got stuck on a doorbell once hahahahahha

Mine got stuck on a lamppost and on a car -____-
among other things -___-

last year my tongue got stuck on my work key HAHA

Ze germanzzzzzz

Look what the Germans had with them :D
How kind.

Mmmmmmm Beeeeeeeeeer.....
(that's my mum when she saw the beer)


This is heaven. <3


My mum wants this pic on my blog.

My mum is FOR tits, not against them HAHA!

I do however not like the fact that I look like a total tool here. I haven't fixed myself up at all so deal with it.

My first tattoo

This is my very first tattoo :)
I had been interested in tattoos for a looooong time before I made my first one done, and I used to design other people's tattoos all the time. I had min done when I was 18, and this dragon was the one I wanted. Guess you can say that this one has a personal meaning.

And well... I'd love to show all of it for ya but no can do. The other leg and the tail continues waaaay down south and, well yeah... Too far for me too show on a blog. Haha (I'd probably get banned again, yus it happens more often than you think -_-)

Anyway...See, this little fella is already over 8 years old. This is what can happen to a tattoo with time. It's not as sharp as it once were, turning a bit grey here and there. I can always make it darker if I want to though.
If you want a tattoo then you'll have to be prepared for the fact that it'll probably not look the same after 10 years. Mine's still pretty and fucking awesome though. :D

Mum came with me when I had it done lol she wanted to see I'd scream and if it hurt when it came down on my faaaaannyyyy haha
Which it actually didn't. I'll get more tattoos down there cause it barely hurt at all ^_^

So, yeah.... Your daily dose of Random crap Made by: The one and only, ME!

Nap in the sun

I'm lying on the grass... Taking a nap in the sun lol I'm a lazy fuck indeed :3

It's mothers day here today SO HAPPY MOTHERSDAY MY AWESOME MUM!


By faaaaaar!

That's cause we're awesome. Duh.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


You have no idea how nice it was to hang out with her today. I've fucking missed her.. LOADS!

Oooo sweden is in the lead in Eurovision right now :3 *yay*

Time to plan

Gotta somehow plan the evening tomorrow... It's mothers day so of course I'll spend it with mum. Buuuut Christian just called and told me to come to Saigon tomorrow cause it's his last day and all. So I need to fit that in somehow haha Food FTW!

Aaaaw I'm gonna miss that Asian douche :) But he better come back and visit often!

If you love someone, follow your heart

This is.... Horrible.

I'm watching Eurovision song contest right now.. Humperdinck just sang his "song". I think a little part of me died. He raped my brain in a very very bad way. DAFUUUUQ?! That sucked balls.


Good morning

God morgon as we say here ;)

I had a niiiiice breakfast just now, and now I'm just chilling' on the bed. Had my coffee so I'm all good to go you know ;D
I'll be meeting up with an old friend of mine today :) haven't seen her in about 4 years. Things has certainly changed. I'm a bit dirtier than I was before ;P but still the same funny Jo. Weird thing is, she broke up with her boyfriend recently. They had been together for a looooong time as well. Her ex is my childhood friend. He's a very good friend of mine. But so is she :)

He made me be her friend when they started dating haha But I started loving her then haha I was scared as fuck of her in the beginning. She's like a giant amazon. Known for her vicious temper ;) haha but it turned out she was scared of me too cause she thought I looked scary and that my eyes were piercing .. haha eventually we became close friends and that's how it is.

Saddens me a bit that they broke up. But hey, me and Kirre broke up... And that saddened a LOT of people as well. So I know how she feels. I'll always be the cunt that left Kirre. lmao

It's be nice to see her today <3

Friday, May 25, 2012

I found it!

I found the lake. Finally hahah


Well, it's movie time now. I'm gonna finish my fag and then return to the others.

I just wanted to say HIII!!!!


We have found our place for now.
I'm taking a nap on the kitchen table, Lei Lei guarding the door. Perfecto!

All ways are good, except the bad ones :)


I LOVE this kitchen. Always have, alway will. It's so... Ancient Swedish :P loool

Ah, earlier as I was strolling around with Lei Lei, I didn't pay that much attention to the surroundings.

The neighbours here (inbred imbeciles the whole lot of 'em) were outside, and I didn't see them at first.... (we hate each other with PASSION) Anyway, I was walking and came around a corner.. bored as fuck, had no music with me and all that... So I sang "I'm a gummy bear, I'm a gummy bear trlalala" to Lei Lei and wobbled her head (yeah i lol'd) and then looked up and saw those dickheads. (bleh) They were like O__O the fuuu?! I thought their eyes would seriously pop out. :/

Hah I smirked at them and then made a disgusted face and kept walking ^_^ meh I also realised that I wasn't wearing much clothes.... But hey ho. I had a nice bra on though. Very nice.

Mum says I can walk around naked of I feel like it. She said we can't be arsed by fools like those :D woooh!

I'm baaaaack!

I'm back in the tiny mine village :D
Gosh, I've fucking missed this place.

Baah I almost DIED from walking to the only "store" there is around here. It's more like a tiny tiny tiny tiiiiiny gas station faaaar faaaar away. Me and Lei Lei decided to walk there. And it almost killed us. First of all, the ground was burning hot. So the soles of my shoes got ruined. There's now a giant hole in my shoe.

Second of all, the sun was extreme. So Lei Lei was panting like an American fatso running a marathon. -__- eventually we got there. (funny thing is.. I went all that way for a pack of smokes hahaha) on the way home I basically dragged her arse after me. And I moved in slow motion btw. Eventually I realised I still had my giant bag on me. Which was heavy as fuck. Every step I took felt like I was dragged back two steps instead -____- All I wanted to do was to just throw everything away and jump straight into the tiny lake and cool off. But the water was kinda gross -.-

Thrid of all: To top it all off, I burned myself in the motherfucking sun. Yay.

My shoulders and my chest HURTS.

Yet I'm glad to be here. It's so nice and green :P imma run around topless tomorrow just cause I can. Don't really care about the idiots that are watching me really -.- they can watch. And feel sad about their wives. Lalalalalalalaa...

And I'm also gonna go to the lake tomorrow and swiiiiiiiim. Not too sure if I remember the path through the forest though O___O

Oh well.. I'll end up somewhere anyway.
Oh oh oh I'll totally take pictures!
Of the lake I mean.


On the road

Of course Lei Lei is with me haha

We'll arrive in about an hour maybe? Hope so, cause IT'S SO GOD DAMN HOT.


Laaaawl Dazz called earlier.
We spoke for like half and hour hahaha I got to see his new tattoo.
 (we all know how much I enjoy tattoos ^^)
makes me wanna get mine done sooner -_-

Ah well, we spoke about everything and nothing. Between heaven and hell. It was fun :) the douche DID call me in the middle of the night as well. But this lil' lady was sleeping then.

Well, he got his fair share of the awesome Me. And now it's time for me to get ready to leave town :D



I was a bit bored earlier so I started doodling... Buuuuut unfortunately for me, I can't find my pencils so I had to draw with ink. And I can't erase ink. -_- so all the errors had to be dealt with anyway hahaha I still had fun :D

I'm thinking of seriously drawing a new school owl though. I mean, with me being SERIOUS ABOUT IT and all. Not just doodling and fooling around. As soon as I can find my stuff that is. Haha

I think I'm starting to find the spark for it again ^___^


Just got off the phone with mum. They're picking me up when their work is done and then we leave town. It's going to be so fucking nice.

I need this.

I'll swim and be in the sun and walk in the woods with Lei Lei AND EAT DELICIOUS FOOD!!!

Btw, my mum is the best.

Jag älskar dig mamma <3

Thursday, May 24, 2012


My sister and I are thinking of leaving town some time this summer and go to a place faaaaar faaaaar away where Smultronstället is. Smultronstället is an ice cream bar :D

Naturally, we HAVE to pay them a visit. DUH.
I mean, look at THIS!


ah, yea those pics are from all over google. I don't own them.


That's what's going on inside my head at the moment. I'm kind of tired.
Went to bed around 3 cause I felt sick.. Woke up at 6 cause Andy was drunk and spammed my phone. -___-

Fell back asleep again. Which I honestly shouldn't have. Cause now I feel like a bag of crap. Dreamt about weird shit all the time too -__- I'M NOT FEELING RESTED AT ALL!!! >_<

Right now I'm sipping on my coffee while looking at the application forms... Yeah LOOKING. Cause I have no idea what to write. Meh it'll come to me like a lighting struck from the sky. Hopefully.

Or it'll just be a big HERPA DERP DEERRRP!!!

So, this would be me for the time being.
Ah! That's right, I need to buy new baggy trashy jeans :3