Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh yeah

In case you didn't know... I have the best readers ever :)

I love everyone who reads my blog.
And I love comments so keep giving me theeeeeeem, I enjoy it :)

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm happy you guys read my blog and that you guys broke my record in readers last week :D WOOOH.
Never had this many before. Epic.

From aaaaaall over the world :D

Mesa luvs all your countries. :D

Kinda cool that my blog has readers in so many countries now. It's obviously cause I'm awesome. An I shall keep being awesome. And those who follow my blog. ME LUVS YOU LONG TIME.

Thank god your'e used to my foul language and inappropriate behavior etc :D


Random crap of the day:
Aaaaaw, memories. I wanna go on that cruise agaaaain.
And I will ;D
had the best time wit the best poeple.


  1. XD awwww. You're welcome!! <3 lol, your language doesn't confuse me at all, I read so many memes that I have no life XDDD

    gaaaahh, I wanna go on a cruise as well!!! ;___; I'm going to Sweden this summer, but by plane and not by ship. booo.

    1. mwahaha ship is more awesome. BAHA! I went to Finland actually on that cruise. :D Thank you cutie for reading my blog btw ;D

    2. ah, I though that as well :D Stockholm - Helsinki or Stockholm - Turku?

      you're welcome ^^ <3

  2. Replies
    1. Ad I love you guys tooo <3 PLURAL FTW!


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