Tuesday, May 29, 2012

today's random crap

Alrighty then, this is how we swedes cook. obviously.
I love these guys. They're hilarious. haha
And Oh god he makes delicious food.

anyway..... Dazz called again and since I'm so polite I can't really say "fuck off I've got shit to do" so I talked to him cause it's fun :D hahaha and now I have all that shit left to do LOL I always enjoy talking to him though. In case your'e reading this is DOOOOO like talking to you haha. I'm just a cunt sometimes. Deal with it.

Moving on.
Been checking on some festivals in sweden for the summer...breaks my heart that I can't go to any. My biggest wish right now is to go to metaltown. -__- but I don't know that many people that enjoys metal as much as I do :(

oooooo btw. Frost sent me two pic this morning from Boston YAY!
I LOVE to get pics from travels ^^

well, I'll put those up later cause blogger is being the usual dick not letting me do as I please.
Don't see what the fucking problem is? I mean, is it honestly THAT hard to just upload two small photos? REALLY? Oh blogspot. Go get bent.


  1. I ENJOY METAL !!!! <3 And I'm coming to Sweden this summer! .....but I hate festivals. bummer XDDDD

  2. ps. AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH I love that guy too. so epic.


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