Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wall decor for kids

Super cheap wall decor from china. Free shipping. Need I say more? lol

I'm just looking around basically. I wont order just yet :)
These are about 70 swedish kronor.

I absolutely LOVE this one with the cage. So pretty :) 37kr.

I also love this oooone.30kr :D

This one was also kinda cute, but it may not look as good on a completely white wall like we have? :( hmm.. the bunnies might blend in?

Ooooh these flowers would look pretty if I put them like they're growing from the crib. haha

I like sunflowers :)

I'm also looking for baby lamps and similar. 
And I know I want a night lamp with a projector preferably! 


I've been up pretty much all night...
My stomach's been aching like crazy. So much that I started to get worried around 5am.
But I decided to walk around the apartment and boil some eggs to eat. And do the dishes.

Theeeeeen my tummy woke up for reals. But now after moving and eating I feel better. Less painful. Still aches in my back though.

But anyway...
The cortisone gives me a lot of energy. Energy I don't NEED at certain times.
Like now for instance.

But I did the best of the situation and I've redecorated the entire apartment!! Everything but the sofa and bed. Yup. I'm awesome.

I was going to make room for the baby crib but I guess I ended up moving everything. So spacy now. ^_^

And I was super quiet too (kinda..) so Frost slept through it all.
Can't blame him.
Because of me and my pain we didn't really go to "sleep" till like 2am. So by the time I was up and running he was totally knocked out.
Move cleaned everything!
Put shit out in the hallway that I'm gonna carry down to the basement. Like my paintings and such. And that bike. I even managed to vacuum haha!!

I'm surprised I managed to move that gigantic white drawer I have.
My back hurts a little now.

I bet moms gonna be furious that I did something heavy on my own.
Welp, I showered so now I'm clean too. Maybe Frost can give me a massage later? :)

But you should see it! This could be good. So much space! Yay!

I think I can buy a cute little white baby drawer to put baby stuff in.

I shall check that out now. :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Watching Crossbones with honeypuff.
I LOVE shit like this :D

A rainy saturday

I'm not really complaining... It's cosy with rain every now and then I suppose.

It's been a somewhat busy day, more or less.

Firstly, my phone's been going CRAZY today.
texts, texts, texts, texts... no end to them.
lol I was kinda about to throw my phone out of the window.

But then mom sent photos of what she bought for our baby peanut

Now that totally changed my mood :)
It's so cute!

And not too long after that we had to go meet Kuti in town for dinner. And we enjoyed a nice cappuccino after dinner. (I don't drink coffee as often as I used too mind you)
But today it was raining so hard and it was cold..
How could I not want a hot coffee to warm myself up with?
It's just so cosy :3

It started raining really bad when we were about to walk home from town. Like POURING down. Yay... So of course I got soaked cause I was wearing a thin shirt with a thin sweater over. My bra and panties were completely soaked. -_- And cold. Veeery cold.

But we walked home holding hands, getting equally soaked I suppose haha And I took a LONG warm shower when we came home. And put lotion on and lotion on my feet with my special 'I like them soft and sweet feet' socks.

I sleep with them on sometimes haha Therefor it ain't that important too match them. Yup. And now snuggles under a blanket awaits in the sofa. Maybe Frost has a snuggle or two to give as well?

Btw, have you noticed how awesome I've become at putting up photos on my blog now? I try to put my focus on other things now so photos on the blog will most likely appear more often. ;D

Friday, June 27, 2014

I have my moments

I woke up around 5am today.
I've done dishes, laundry and baked "scones".
Well, I say "scones" with rotation marks cause they look funny haha

And I had it all done by the time Frost woke up.
I thought it'd be nice like this once in a while.
Frost always made me breakfast and coffee and junk 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A birthday and and a sleepy day

I've been very tired today. And my appetite has come back.
I lost 5 pounds these past 10 days. Which I'd normally go WHOOOO~over. But when your'e pregnant I suppose that ain't such an awesome thing really.

This is the time when I'm supposed to gain weight bunches and all the way till I give birth.
Oh yay for that.....


Today is Lasses birthday! Cool beans.

And we went out to Zinkgruvan the whole bunch to celebrate him. Mom made som aaaaawesome cake. 'Glömminge tårta' YUM! And we just had a nice time, and then BBQ before some TV and then the home trip.

I think I've made progress in general btw...
Sure..the fact still remains,  it just can't be avoided.
But I feel better.

I think I'll be fine.  :)

What I need now is people that give me good energy.

When your'e pregnant, you'll understand too.
All you wanna spend your energy on is the baby inside you.
I'll be the same when she's out.
I won't be sharing my energy with everyone like I've always done before. This time I'll be more careful and put more thought behind it. My children will always come first.

I will be a happy laughing mom, that makes my kids smile and laugh :D

So, the only reason I'm better is actually cause I've spent my time at home this entire week. With Frost around of course.
But I haven't met anyone except Stina. (Got the mumin baby gym <--woho!) And being alone can be healing. Obviously. Lots of time to think and recover without anyone's pressure.  I just rested, ate my medicine, cried, and then stopped crying :)
My boyfriend's aaaawesome. Pew!

Oh and I smiled and laughed today <-----


Damn it

Oh for fuck sake

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


First of all:
I'd like to remind people that I do not want to talk right now. And that's ok.
Frost says that There's nothing wrong with me needing time alone.
It really doesn't help at all when people call and pressure me.
When I say I need time alone....I wasn't talking about a few hours alone. I need days. Many many days.
It's all good. I have the best sambo in the world. :)

With that said, I'll move on.

It's 07:18 right now.
Yay. The hours are moving forward....slowly.
But still moving.

I've been awake a couple of hours. Just laying here. I'm sleepy but my brain won't shut off.
So I'm already planning Frost's breakfast. :)
At first I was thinking of baking scones.
Maybe I'll do that... It's similar to biscuits from the south so I get he's like that. Yup.

In an hour or so I'll get up and do stuff. Maybe clean some...and then bake!
I want it to be freshly baked and warm when he wakes up. :)
Or at least I'd like to have a sandwich ready for him if I get distracted and do other things haha

But right now....both Frost and Lei Lei are sleeping. Like babies.

The baby however is not sleeping.
Maybe she's doing yoga or stretching exercise inside me? I dunno. But it feels like she's stretching the womb to it's limit haha I have to say that even if it's insanely uncomfortable and kinda gross, it's also comforting and reassuring. I like it I suppose.

Aaaaand now I shall turn around and snuggle my man. And warm my belly on him. As always.

Monday, June 23, 2014


This has been one of the suckiest days ever.

Bad news on top of bad news.
So many bad news that it's hard to remember the good part.

So, with this said:

I apologize if I haven't really responded to anyone today.
After the doctor called I wanted to be completely alone.

My phone's been buzzing all day.

I'd like to be sad alone. It feels better that way.
Plus I have Frost by my side at all times

Tomorrow is the first day with cortisone.
So I won't be that fun to be around anyway.

I'll still blog and write shit as usual.

Bad Neighbors

We just finished watching Bad Neighbors.

I liked it! And I laughed a ton :D Which is always nice.
Laughing is good for the soul.

Dave Franco and Zac Effron and Seth Rogen are hilarious.

Y'all should watch the trailer :3

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The sunday

I like this pic, Lei Lei and the greenery in the background.
And tasty coffee in front of me.. :)

I was sitting there waiting for an old friend to drop by.
Hanna :D
It's been 2 years (yet again..) since we last saw each other.
It's like it's always 2 years between the meetings haha

But then again, she lives most of the time in Norway. and during breaks and junk she lives at her parents house in Zinkgruvan.
And I just happened to see a picture of her yesterday showing that she was nearby. So I wrote her and asked if she wanted to meet :D

Gosh, it's always so fun to meet her. She's one of the most cheerful people I've ever met. Always with a big goofy smile and always laughing. She's really tall, beautiful and strong too.

I told Frost about her, how she's traveled the world and junk.
And she reeeeaaaally liked Frost :)

She said that it gives her hope about the future and shit when she sees us, how happy I am and how in love I am. Aaws.

Anyway, she came over, we had coffee and talked a bit. And then we drove to her parents house, met her sister again (which had been even more than 2 years since I saw her haha) She just got her degree in biomedicin which she studied in south afrika. Pretty cool. And she's just one year older than me :D

Well this has been my sunday.
Frost is sleeping, and has been sleeping for about 4-5 hours now. No idea why he's so fn sleepy? I mean, I was sleepy too...and had a long nap. But I still woke up a few hours ago. But he's just "gone" haha

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yup it's chilly

It's been a cold midsummer so far.
This weekend is sunny yet cold. It's nice though.
We had a real nice midsummers eve yesterday. Good food, laughs and then a fire to warm yourself up to. I sat in front of it and warmed my feet and calves. No idea why, but those parts and the tummy are always cold :|

Ah And at night me and Frost snuggled in bed watching "Anna". A new movie. Kinda like a thriller/horror.
I liked it actually. It was pretty damn good. And a cool plot and twist too. Thumbs up for that one. 7/10 from me.

Oh, and Lei Lei's super happy to be out here.
Frost & I have more time to cuddle and snuggle. :) And the food is just NOM NOM NOM. So good. It's a nice weekend.

The baby's been kicking an extra lot too. Guess she's about ready to come out huh? Haha She'll have to wait a lil' longer though. Or maybe she just appreciated this weekend haha

I'm in the bed upstairs now, about to take a nap. Frost is outside helping Lasse with the lawnmower. And mom and Josse are walking the dogs.

Me time!

I'm gonna close my eyes a little now.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh right

Glad midsommar!!

Fruit salad

So ICA just started making fruit salads. YAY.
All kinds of fruits and junk. Mmm...

It ain't cheap though -_- Unfortunately. 10,90/HG
But very tasty and healthy. SO I guess that evens it out haha
Oh and I seem to be over my weird kexchoklad cravings finally. Gosh, thank god. :)

Right, the silicone food tray for the freezer came yesterday as well. So we picked it up  at ICA. It's pink! haha Lucky.

Korean stuff aren't too bad if I may say so myself.
This is perfect sizes for little babies :)

Anyway, I better continue packing right now.
We're leaving soon to go to the summerhouse in the countryside to celebrate Midsummer's eve. Wheee~ We'll be gone all weekend so I don't wanna forget to pack anything. I even started packing Frost's underwear since he's still sleeping.

Freya is kicking like crazy right now so I should probably stand up and stretch and eat breakfast. And wake my snuggletree of course. haha

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

anemic bullshit

Sooooooo yet another day has passed.
Without me having done anything grand really.

We went to the doctors. And that was as it usually is.
BUT I didn't faint. Nope. *proud pose*

Some nurses were even joking a little about that when we checked my bloodsugar haha But anyway, all in all: Freya-Rose is doing perfectly fine. Growing fine as well. Her heartbeat is doing fine as well. It's only me that's having issues I guess. Which is good. I'd rather be then one with problems than my baby.

It's getting dull and annoying to write about my health here. So my blood sucks. Yes. How bout we do this instead? How about I write on the blog when I'm doing good instead?

I mean, obviously I'll complain every now and then. It's inevitable really. I'm pregnant. haha

But I'd much rather pretend that my blood levels are awesome, and that I'm not sick or anything and that everything is awesome and I look absolutely fucking fabulous.

And now to the "what else have we done today?" part.
Well you see, we did nothing. I napped a little. Frost played with Bud a bit. Lei Lei snored and farted. And then we played Resident Evil 5 and we've also watched that movie 'That Awkward Moment'. With Zach Effron.

I have to say, it did make me last at least a couple of times :D
Not as bad as I assumed it to be.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


So I woke up in panic a little while ago, partly cause Frost kept shaking me in his sleep for some reason (I think he may have had nightmares) But he shook me *rattle rattle* and whimpered. And I... I dreamt about Zombies -_- Ancient zombies. With laser beam eyes. That i had to run from. In hysteria. Cause one kept following me trying to kill me. Gah.

So being woken up by SHAKING made me panic. I was terrified when I woke up hahahha But he kept sleeping. <3

Anyway. It was a quest itself to make him turn around. He's still not really moved. Yup. He's more like glued to me haha My sweetheart.

Yet another nice day with the man of my dreams

I've had a nice day with honeypuff and Lei Lei.

A little heartburn, but not too bad.
Frost made chili today! :3 Yum. With a looooot of kidney beans and black beans in it. Mmm...

And I made ice coffee today as well. Oh and we've unlocked the infinite ammo rocket launcher on Resident Evil 5. Haha Yes, thy how nerdy we can get. But it really is one of my favorite games. It's only natural to beat it in all levels then :)

I'm thinking about doing the professional level again, imagine how fast shit will go with a rocket launcher hahahaha Wesker hated it, I'll tell you that. He died FAST. It's almost a little ridiculous really. Haha

One thing that's been bothering me all day though, is how sleepy I've been. Even though I've slept pretty decently these past two nights. Yup.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

when the weathers fine

Mungo Jerry made a song out of sheer happiness really.
How can anyone not feel happy while listening to this?

So, last night...I actually SLEPT for at least 5 hours straight. It felt so amazing waking up from that. And then all the snuggles with Frost on top of that. was a good morning indeed. :D

We're about to play some Resident Evil 5 on professional. :3 Yup.
The fight with Jill was annoying... I mean, sometimes you just accidentally kill her cause she's being such a cunt. Ooops.

But anyway. I made some Vanilla Ice Coffee for Frost, and regular ice coffee for me. Me no like sweet coffee. Nope.
But boy, I did well. This is delicious. And nice on a hot summer day :D

I make the coffee pitch black, super strong. And then half milk. So it'll get cold quicker. And then ice cubes of course. Mmmm... But Frost gets vanilla sugar in it and honey. (I use honey instead of sugar for him cause it's healthier lol)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

beep beep motherfucker

hahah this made me giggle so hard XD

safety dance

Guilty pleasure..

we're cheering ourselves up right now.

Listen to the ENTIRE song.

It's kinda happy aye?


So... the injection went well.

And that's about it when talking about things that went well today.

Everything else went shitty basically.

I was exhausted after the injection. I kinda fucked up when I tried to be sneaky and use the bathroom while still having the IV in. I held it over my head (like they do in movies) And managed to wobble into the bathroom. And suddenly I notice the tube was getting dark red... like wtf?

And then i realized, oooooh... oh no...I screwed up. That's my blood pouring out. So I tried to hurry to bed again and hit the emergency button so the nurse could come. I was gonna act like I didn't do anything, but she knew lol Apparently she put the needle in a very good vein, which was stronger than the IV when I stood up.

But she gave me  one of those thingys where you hang it on so I could go pee. Cause man, I almost exploded. My bladder was the size of afrika or something. Shoooot...

Anyway. After we were done there, I was exhausted. All I wanted was to go home and sleep. And Frost too. Neither of us slept last night basically. So we sat there with bloodshot eyes half drooling...

So I went down to the medicine clinic to cancel my appoinment today at 14:00. By this time, it was already noon. And I was hungry as fuck too.

But instead of letting me rebook, they wanted me to stay there. And WAIT. In a room with a bed so I could sleep.... O_O ONE FUCKING HOUR. On hour we sat there, I drooled on a pillow. Broke my pants.

And then that talk came with the doctor.
The talk I've feared for a while came up.

And that just sucked. it all sucked.

And I had to negotiate to escape the hospital basically. So instead I have to go do some stuff tomorrow. AGAIN.
My blood veins are ruined, both in the hands and arms... bruised and aching. But we're still doing more blood tests tomorrow. Wooptidoo.

Eventually, after four fucking hours we got to go home. Starving and exhausted. So we ate at Taco Bar. My toe popped on the way there. I'm so swollen and filled with fluid that my god damn toes pop. Blisters even though I'm wearing mens sandals 3 sizes too big.
But they gave me a bandaid at Taco bar.

So, all in all....(although the dinner part was good) this day has sucked huge goat balls.

I've been down, and sad all day.
Of course I have to get fucking sick, while being pregnant.
And of course you can't give me medication then. DUH.

of course I have to worry and panic of small things now cause no one gives me direct answers.

Fucking crap basket.


We're at the clinic at the hospital right now. I'm getting my fusion. Sweet.

It's comfortable as I thought. Although the bed is awesome.

But Frost and I are mega-tired. It's hard to keep our eyes open. I just wish we could sleep instead.
And this is boring.

Oh so very boring.

We are so totally taking a nap when we come home. Yup.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Today went pretty well :)

The baby looks perfectly healthy. Good size and everything. And she's placed the head downwards now so she's know it's about time to get ready.

However, I feel fat and ugly as fuck.
And yet just looking at the belly it's beautiful. Cause my little girl is hiding in there.

The doctor said my blood levels have decreased YET AGAIN. It's 81 now. And waaaay to low. So on thursday I'm getting liquid iron intravenously. It's new special blend I suppose with extra nutrients. So my body can pick it up. YAY.

I can't wait.
I got liquid iron once before, and for the first time in my life I felt AWAKE. I never knew how tired I was before that.

I'll awaken soon again. Wheeee~

the doctor told me to lay low for now. My body is overworking itself.

I am SO prepared for the next pregnancy though. :D haha
I know exactly what to do and not do then. Perfect!

We're watching a movie right now.
Rependence. or whatever it was called....?

Morning Glory

or not...
I see no glory in this morning.

Although it's a fine weather we've got here.

But I haven't slept well at all.
And I'm nervous about todays check-up. Plus my tummy hurts a lot too. Maybe it's due to the nervousness? I dunno... But I'm uncomfortable.

So I've just been sitting here staring in the sofa.
Frost is sleeping like a cute lil' baby. :) And snoring.........But he's smiling so I bet he dreamt something good.

I'm sleepy too.......
But I'll enjoy a nap later today.

OH, yesterday we watched Orange is the new black at Nathalie's place :) Yup, we had fun. And Lei Lei sure made a scene late at night too. Scared the pizza boy so bad that our food flew high up in the air and then landed on the bottom floor. SMASH. -_-

Gosh, it's been a while since i laughed so hard.

Monday, June 9, 2014


Well I've just been a slowpoke today. Doctors orders though.
I've laid in bed, snuggling the baby blankets so they'll smell like mom and dad! 
I've been having contractions all weekend, and today. And I'm supposed to rest till the check-up tomorrow. I wonder how it'll go tomorrow.........

But, I'm way too restless now so I'm up, and we're going to ICA.
And after that Natta will come over a quicky and then me, Natta and Josse will hoppetyhop to Nattas place and watch the new season of Orange is the new black. YAAAAY.

If I remember it correctly, Nathalie owes us strawberries..... haha!

Phone emergency

Welp, everyone. It would seem that I've lost my phone.

I honestly can't find it.

I know it's somewhere around here. It has to be. But apparently I put it on mute. SO I can't even hear it when Frost calls.

Anyway. I'll continue looking for it.
But it might take a while cause I've looked everywhere already.
Now I have to look at the same places again. and again.

Till I find it.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


It's around 5am something right now. I've been awake more or less the entire night. Slept an hour, woke up, slept, woke up. Boo.

We're in the summer house :)
And we had a nice BBQ last now. Mmm... The lamb was extra tasty. And Frost seemed to love it an extra lot haha I liked the salad more :3

I'm in week 30 now everyone :D
WOHO! Time goes by fast right?

I've had tummy aches since yesterday. It's been bothering me a little tbh. The womb is reeeeaaally tense.

But I suppose as long as a can feel the baby move around in there. I'll be fine <3

Frost is sleeping like a baby right now... Aaaws. He looks adorable.
First time we sleep in separate bed since he came back to Sweden.
It feels strange :/ Maybe that's why it was hard to sleep?

But hey ho, ain't much to do about that.

Oh oh oh I'm hoping to go to the beach today! I wanna lay in the sun! Wheeeee~

Welp, I guess I'll sleep some more now.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Busy busy

I've been a busy blogger today huh?

Well, enjoy it cause it doesn't happen very often nowadays.
I bet I'll be bad at writing once the baby is born too.
I'll always do my best though! haha

So, here's photo of todays dinner :D

Gosh, I really do enjoy messing things up.
Especially food. Mmm... it's best if it's gooey.

Baby stuff!

Don't read this if you don't want to see me go on and on about baby junk haha

Anyway, I started a checklist yesterday.
It's still a little early maybe but I'd like to be prepared.
I signed the pregnancy insurance yesterday as well.

So, today I'm ordering all kinds of junk online. I can't help myself. It started out as me being bored, so I just checked things out on ebay. But then there's so many baby stores that sell tons of fun things. Aaaaaaand when you order from china there's really no stopping me.

So, heres the first item I picked:

Baby socks, with anti slip on them for when she starts crawling/walking too, from a french store.
It was so hard to choose cause all of them are adorable. I mean, the bees and the berry ones were cute too. But in the end I picked the blue ones. The store sold them for 13kr. hah. And free shipping. HOWEVER, Frost misunderstood and ordered green froggie ones.

But I don't mind, they'll go excellent with his green ribbit ribbit body he bought for our baby in the U.S 

And then this, I've read about them and they seem pretty cool. Might be good to feed a little baby with this too right? If mom or Frost needs to ya know? it's a smart little device. I picked the purple one.

Aaaand  lunch drool bib thingy. A whole pack of them for 7kr actually. Sweet!

A baby food container in silicone :)
pink! This was actually 8 dollars. But worth it cause it costs more here.

And a travel baby milk powder formula dispenser. So you get the exact amount of milk formula in each :D No idea which color I'll get cause apparantly they choose lol 19kr.

And a special pillow for the baby, so her neck will lay perfectly in bed. 15 kr! I actually picked blue. It looked better haha

So, in the end I spent 124kr on all of this.
Brand new shit at that.

This is awesome.
Gotta love China sometimes I guess. haha

Sveriges nationaldag!

It's Sweden's national day today.
Kinda like the independence day I suppose...

But more AWESOME obviously! lol

Oh oh oh our morning glory is climbing away in the kitchen window. YaY! Look, it climbed on the radio antenna, and then on to Oscar the cactus. Maybe it's trying to escape through the window?

We've been eating watermelon today. Mmm.. It's kind of a warm day if you ask me. And melons are excellent to nom on then. I has strawberries toooooooo.

Ah, I managed to walk up to marknadsafton in town yesterday evening. I really wanted to show it to Frost. So we took it super slow and limped up to town. This is after all Frost's first summer in sweden. Like he said, he'll be here for at least 50 more BUT, this is the first. I want him to have an awesome first summer here. I wanna show him lots. Even though my body is screaming.

Sorry I didn't really take any pictures

And here's a picture someone called Gert took 2010.

See, there's a looooong street filled with stands from all kinds of stores, and private companies, candy stands. A giant market more or less.
I bought swedish strawberries for like 25kr. Cheap indeed. You can't compare swedish strawberries to any other strawberries haha it's simply the best.
And we bought a doughnut for the both us. Nom nom.

We brought Lei lei with us too cause it was around 9pm, so I thought no one would be out. hah. Couldn't have been more wrong.

We even got an entourage with asians stalking us, taking photos of Lei Lei.
A retarded man tried to grab lei leis ears as well...that didn't go so well. Gosh. One would think that his guardian would TELL him not to try and pet strange dogs. Luckily, she's a sweetheart and just tried to back away from him 
We had a lot of fun too though. Even if there was a fuck-ton of people there, we sat down by the river and ate a little. Lei lei sniffed on a corn on a cob (people had thrown them everwhere really..)

I tried finding a new phone case too but there was none that looked good. And then we went home and I died a little in the sofa :)

Ida just dropped by for a quick visit. How nice~
Yup. it was nice meeting her and just chat a bit.