Saturday, May 31, 2014

Doodles and more heartburn

I've been popping Novalucol like it's candy today.
It helps a lil' against the heartburn but not much. I wish I could eat Pepto Bismol. That shit took the heartburn away in SECONDS. I kid you not.

Anyway...I've been drawing all day. Except for when I went and looked a baby strollers and went to ikea. Yup.

Frost is brushing Lei Lei right now... it's almost 1am. haha He's so sweet with her. And now he's wiping her eyes clean <3
 She'll probably have diarrhea the nest few days. Again.

I gave her a giant bulls penis. Or as som like to call it 'A bulls muscle' lol I asked the lady at the store if Lei lei could eat it despite her sensitive stomach. And she said 'let her chew on it for 10 minutes, than take it away and see how her tummy acts.'

well... I gave it to her. went to the bathroom... and when I came out she had eaten the whole damn things O_O And there was 'cock crumbles' everywhere...........and she licked it ALL up.
So now I don't have to mop the floors. haha joking.

Right.....Frost's dad wants me to post more pics of me pregnant on facebook so they can see too. But I'm thinking...why not just send it to them instead? I look like a bloated walrus anyway :D

Friday, May 30, 2014

oh la la

Right, I haven't smoked a single cigarette in over half a year now. YAY ME. It hasn't been hard at all. But that's because of my baby. I wouldn't wanna hurt her at all. I wouldn't want her to have noqitine and tar in her because of a douche mother.


Sometimes I worry what'll happen once she's born...
Will my desire to smoke suddenly come back like it has for so many other mothers? Or will I not crave it at all.
Cause sometimes, especially summer nights I can miss having a smoke with my sister or Frost under the nice starry sky. Weird huh?


No cigarettes so far. SO WOHO.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fika with mom

We dropped honey off at SFI. He does NOT enjoy it. At all. Nope.

And I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee with mom and Bara Vara. I'll pick honey up later with Lei Lei. It sucks that it's such a sucky place to be at. How are you suppose to learn swedish if you can't get an answer in English when you ask? Stupid,,

Anyway. The baby is kicking the raspberry pie I ate earlier out of me,..I feel like throwing up. Bleh...

Say hi to my mom.

Monday, May 26, 2014


This man makes me so happy :) I'm so in love with this dork <3

Can't believe our daughter will be born in less than 2 1/2 months.

If she gets his facial traits, gosh...our baby girl will be ADORABLE. :3

I hope she'll be a mix between us when it comes to personality.

And I want her to be as smart as he is. He's a clever man.

Cause all I can teach her is languages and stories about trolls and legends. I'll show her a whole other world than the one we live in :)
Oh, I have a few other things to teach her too... And my morals. I'll also teach her that trust is earned.

I'll give her my moral and my positive way of thinking.

And I hope she'll inherit his way of making someone smile, like he makes me smile. :D

I hope she will smile and laugh a lot, and be a happy little girl.

Mom & dad are gonna make that happen <3

My man, our baby's the bestest man in the world!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

X-Men: Day Of Future Past

So, for his birthday I said I take him to the movies and so on. And obviously he get's to pick the movie. Luckily, he picked something right up my ally. WHEEEEEE~

I absolutely LOVE X-Men.
And this movie seems like it'll be fucking amazing. Really. It got 9.2 out of 10 stars. I mean, yeah. That's pretty epic.

Just watched a trailer too with Frost as well. And yes, it'll be freakin' awesome.

So, instead of going on the weekend we'll go see it on Monday.

And my snuggletree is super excited too. Yay. That's all that matters really.

And just because of this, we'll have to watch all the movies now :D I can't wait. Yay.

Oh, and also...Frost starts SFI on tuesday. But if he's free on wednesdag I'm borrowing mom's car and we're going on a little road trip then over the day. WHEEE~

Friday, May 23, 2014

Madame freckles

Darn it.... As soon as the sun hits my face, freckles starts pooping out
Some say it's cute, some don't.
I don't find it cute.

Look at my poor nose.

Aaaanyway... Yeah, I had to cover up some areas with a cutie piece of toast... One of the..."downsides" maybe, about being a mom....Le tata's. Uh huh.

The boobs get humongous. Yup.
Giant milk bombs.

Beep beep! I'm a milk truck!

I haven't slept aaaaall night. And I've been waiting for hours for honeypuff to wake up. I started watching Criminal Minds: suspect behavior this morning while waiting. Even though I've been so against it from the start. Boredom can push you quite far.

But honeypuff is finally up, and it's time for breakfast. I always wait to eat the real breakfast cause I enjoy eating with him haha
I had some yoghurt a few hours ago though. Nom.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

That sneaky lil' bitch

My boyfriend, no matter how adorable and wonderful he is... can be such a little bitch sometimes.

That sneaky little bitch.....

Just cause he feels like I MADE him have to do things with people today that he doesn't want to (he wan'ts to stay home cause he feels shitty today), he's punishing ME and already texted them and said 'Oh, Jo's coming too. She wanted to learn how to throw a football.'

........ god damn it.

So now I have to suffer too. haha
In that heat.

Welp, it's like marriage, when one suffer..we both suffer I guess.

Soooo, apparently we're off to throw some american football soon. Yup. And I'm super eager to learn how to throw an american football. Yup....totally.

Catching up on Hannibal, drinking saft and chillin' on the couch in this cool living room ain't appealing at ALL nope.

Well, Frost is sick today... he really is, yet he's so nice and polite and won't use it as an excuse to avoid this whole thing.

Darn tooting.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So I've doodled two drawings today.
It sucks that I'm such a selfcritic really... -_-
I just can't seem to like any drawings I make.

Although the flying pig was fun :D

I have two more sketches waiting for me too.
But I need to take a break. The baby doesn't seem to enjoy when I'm sitting up, maybe I'm squishing her? Plus mu heartburn gets even worse when I sit that way and draw.

I don't exactly sit in a good way with a good posture when I draw.. Nope, I sit more like a lump of lard, melting away on the sofa.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Did I mention that Frost made taco soup yesterday?

If anyone is constipated, come have a meal here and you'll be A Ok. Haha

Finished for the day

I'm tired. And the heartburn is like pure acid in my throat so I think I'll just relax a little now. Yup.

Art & heartburn

Been drawing a little, but in taking a break to eat yoghurt for my damn heartburn from hell. Gosh, it's awful.

But yay! This yoghurt was super cheap at Lidl, and it tasted exactly like Danonino!!!! Wheeeee~

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Morning Glory & basil

I have a little Morning Glory growing in my basil haha
I just planted a seed there cause I found one in a bag that we were gonna throw away. I thought it'd be funny.
Unfortunately Morning Glories enjoy strangling other plants.

But she's growing around the antenna of the radio haha
And my basil haven't been this well EVER before.
Can't wait till it blooms. Bright blue!

Oh I just love morning glory's.


Well, in a way it kinda makes me feel less of a pregnant lady since everyone is always boasting about their tummies and pregnant bodies, putting up selfies of it and shit ALL the time.... and I don't.

I just didn't really feel that it was really that necessary to put up a photo of my baby bump... But it's a bump alright.

A big bump.

And I too CAN put up a photo of my baby bump I tell you.
This is for those who don't get to see me often, or those who don't get to see me at all. Look at all this lardness! haha

And yes, that would be a pair of baby shoes hanging on the mirror. My old ones haha Who knows, maybe Freya will use them too?

I have a lot of fluid in areas where I don't want it to be. Like my arms and thighs and feet and so on. Gosh, my feet and calves..... it's ain't even funny how swollen they are. -_-

If I could just choose for myself, I'd wear sweat pants all day instead. Cause it's loose fitting and I don't have to struggle while putting it on.

Yeah. That's right. I STRUGGLE.
it's like a wrestling match between me and those tight leggins.

Buuuuut, those leggins are mommy leggins and they just snuggle the baby bump so well so they are comfortable once you get inside haha

Hmm, what else can I complain about?
OH, I can't go on longer walks or tie my shoes after eating. I have to wait for a little bit cause the baby pushes my stomach UP, and my stomach pushes on my lungs...
And it all results in me wanting to throw up and having heavy breathing problems. Yup.

It's funny though, cause I always forget that that's how it is and do all of it anyway hahaha Which makes me walk like a penguin crying 'I wanna puuuuuke' :'D

Today, I haven't had any breakfast yet. We're going on a walk soon. And to ICA as well. I need ketchup for my falu korv i ugn which I am making todaaaaaay.

Oh, but let me tell you. I'm entering my third trimester real soon, and this is definitely the time that I feel better than ever. Thank god.
Sure I'm swollen and fat...and it's insanely hot for me outside.
But, I feel better. And I feel prettier too. I'm just a big lump of joy haha

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dinner and laundry

I'm making korv stroganoff right now. Mmm... Falu-korv. I know Frost ain't a big fan of falu korv but he's not complaining. He eats what I cook with a smile on his face like a real man <3 haha

We're also doing laundry and dishes all at the same time.

Ya know...I've always hated cheese balls.....until I got pregnant. This is the first time I eat them since my sister gave me some and I can't freakin' stop. it's so delicious.

So what I'm wondering now is, will this insane craving disappear once I'm not pregnant anymore? Or will I continue to like cheese balls?
If you really know me, you'd know that I've hated cheese doodles and cheese balls and all that crap since I was a wee child. My sister was the one who liked them. i even cried once cause she shoved a cheese doodle in my mouth and I yelled, and dad got furious as me.

But everyone knows that, Jo hates cheese doodles, shrimps and licorice.

What's next?

Will I start loving licorice soon as well??

ah this song, such memories. Me and Kurre had such fun that time :D

Dear Laptop

We like you. We really like you. :)
Yup, we got a laptop for our birthdays. And this is awesome.

In a way, mom and Lasse bought us this gift as well I suppose haha

So anyway, it's Friday today.
And I'm thinking we need to go to Lidl and buy stuff. I figured since Lidl is so super cheap we'd buy whatever we could get our hands on there. Preferably cheese. Mmm...It'll be a nice long walk with honeypuff and Lei Lei. :D

Plus the weather is so nice today so who can complain? :)

YAY! Beeb came out of the shower now. Wheeeeee~ Nudity!
This is a nice friday indeed.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


This is the movie of the night!
Winter's Tale <3
I've been wanting to watch this for some time now! Woop Woop!

I've had a decent day I'd say.
Went to town with honeypuff. Had coffee at mcdonalds (it may be cheap but it really is delicious. Weird huh?) It's always nice to stroll around with him. He tends to walk my pace. Which is that of a turtle right now.

Anyway. After that..I took a nap. And then went out with Josse. Then came home and watched my shows recent episodes aaaaand then me and Josse went back to our our school. Oooooold indeed.
Abandoned in fact. Still pretty though. Lei lei pooped.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I've opened my first online shop!


So, the shop is open and I'm ready for business.

Well, it's all very new... and so far I only have a few items up. But I'll do better from now on.

See, the good thing about this is that now that I know that this is an international shop whever everyone can see my art, it forces me to be better. Which is always good. I'll pay better attention from now on.

One problem though, my ink is out. Darn it. I'll fix that somehow.

Anyway, do feel free to check it out.
I can't wait till I have more stuff to put out.

KoalaInk shop.

Art and cake

Welp our birthday(s) was pretty dang nice. Frost got a bike and shirts and a giant english swedish lexicon. :D
And we got a new laptop too. WHEEEEEEEE~
Ah the possibilities that come with that. hah.
Oh and I got bunches of art supply. Like TONS of it. YAY.
I've been drawing and drawing and drawing.

Today I'll watch Game Of Thrones (I was a lil' busy yesterday so I couldn't) And later I'll draw something that has to do with forget me not and lilly of the valley.

Oh and the promarkers my sister gave me are miracle pens :D All this makes drawing so much more fun. It's more fun when you have the utensils to draw as you please. And when you have fun, the inspirations comes too.

Feel free to check out my art at koalaland on instagram as well. My Etsy account shall soon be filled with art to sell. SWEET.

Oh right, it's funny...but I got a bike to. Yesterday. we bought something at ElGiganten and you get a bike for free then hahahah

Sunday, May 11, 2014


My little lump of snuggleness is in the shower right now. I thought long and hard about how to write a nice congratulations message on Facebook like he did for me. But lets face it, he's a lot better than I am at that. So i just ended up writing my feelings instead. -_-

It's mushy and lame and loveydovey and all that bullcrap, but whatever. I'm ven embarrassed by that mushyness. But me being so loving comes with being pregnant. :D

I really do feel grateful for him being born. Without that happening, I wouldn't have met him. I wouldn't have opened my eyes, or felt this amazing happiness or having baby Freya in my tummy right now. He gave me everything I ever wanted.

Frost doesn't understand how much happiness he can give me sometimes I suppose.

So Happy Birthday baby!
2014 is a good year for us. We might not be rich, but damn it we're fucking happy! And we're having a baby. And your'e hot. ;) haha

You are my favorite person on earth!
And you will always, always have my heart.

Oh, and mom and Lasse called this morning too, to sing happy birthday to Frost. hahaha Aaaws, they put a smile on his lips :) I like it when he smiles. Ooooh, btw I need to start baking soon. Gotta run home to moms place AGAIN and get some baking paper. I'm making a swedish "rulltårta". And I'll cut it in pieces and make little mini cakes with cream and strawberries on it. smart huh? It's ridiculously delicious. So simple and tasty. Figured since ALL my family is coming, we'd need more than just one cake. So I'll make my fake cake. Wheeee~pastries.

Aaaws, I found this... a screenshot from 2012 and I saved it.
Things like this is dangerous to look at when pregnant.
And I'm about to cry haha :) He's truly the best thing that's ever happened to me. I will always be in love with this man.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

This may be the sweetest thing ever

He's a dork, my man.
But I love him more than anything. Haha

Melt cosmetics lipsticks

This is what I crave the most right now. I want a few of these sooooo bad.

BellaDonna 2, Stupid Love, By Starlight and so on... Rawr. They're so pretty.

I've been wanting these babies for a long time now.

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee

I forgot to tell you... Not only is it my birthday. But tomorrow it'll be snuggletree's birthday as well. Yep. One day apart. haha

So we're celebrating our birthdays together tomorrow with our family. <3
My sister is making a cake, so we all know it'll be fucking delicious. It was actually Frost's idea to ask Josse to make it, cause he said 'You always talk about how amazing Josse is at baking and junk, maybe she'd like to make the cake for our birthday?'
I however told him that I didn't think she would make it, since she's a good girl not eating sweets and shit, it'd be boring for her to bake and not get to taste I though. But then again, she did bake 6 giant cakes for my nephews batism party a few years ago without even trying a lick of the batch once. Cudos to her.

So our cake will most likely be awesome.

I know it contains berries. That's about all I know so far lol

Anyway, this is the third birthday that I get a Happy Day Of Birth message from Frost.  2012, 2013 and 2014.
And it's the second birthday I get to wake up to his birthday snuggles. :)

I couldn't imagine any other way to spend a birthday. <3

The years go by so fast these days. I'm already 28 years old. Having a baby in my belly, looking forward to snuggles on a sofa in the evenings, instead of going out, or hanging out with friends, a bubble bath is more alluring than free drinks at the club. haha Yes. One does grow old.

Series of 2014

I decided to share my interest in TV series with y'all.

I put trailers underneath all of them (except Helix) in case you are like me, and not too much of a reader lol

So anyway, Frost and I just finished the first season of Helix.
This one got good reviews. Basically, this is kinda like the umbrella corporation in Resident Evil. But more realistic. Turns out a team of scientists fuck up and create a deadly virus which turns people in to Zombies (but much faster and more clever zombies) Or was it really a fuck up? Hmmm... And then you get to untwine the secret story about why and how and so on. We liked it. Unfortunately the nest season ain't due till 2015. Boo.

And then we have The 100. <---
Now this one might be good as well. We're gonna start watching it today. It seems like it has a Lord Of The Flies feeling to it. Might be a lot more grotesque than that. And it might not be.

In the far future, like 100 years (97 to be exact) after a nuclear disaster, the government ships down one hundred teenage criminals to earth to see if it's OK to live there again. (Lucky for them they had space stations to live on huh?)  It's a little like 7 seeds as well.
They track them and so on and we get to follow a team of kids trying to survive in this hostile environment that we call earth. I think I might like it a lot. The trailer seemed awfully interesting too. Keep in mind that I wrote juvenile delinquents. Not all of them are kind and helpful.

Another one I was thinking of watching is CRISIS.
But I don't know had the worst reviews of all shows I checked. But then again, one shouldn't always follow others opinions. It's best I create my own opinion of it, so I'll watch a little of it. I kinda like the story.
It's about politicians kids that get kidnapped. ALL kids get kidnapped and we get to follow the rescue work after that. How one cop survived the whole disaster while saving one the kids. He gets shot by one of his own... So, one might wonder who has such power to bribe cops and politicians and all that. I wonder what exactly it is that the kidnappers want.
 It seems like this might be one of those series where you get to watch a whole season while guessing who's the culprit and shit. I like that.

Ok, and here's one awesome fucking show.
True Detective. (Many of you have probably already seen it..)
Matthew Mcgonablargh and Woody Harrelsson won awards for this series. It was just epic. I LOVED how Matthew played his part.
I haven't seen him this awesome since.... since Hand Of God really.
I absolutely loved this.
This is a MUST watch.
Rumors has it, that next season will Be Brad Pitt and a female actress instead.

And then we have Believe.

I wasn't sure about this, but after watching the Trailer....I realized that this could very well be pretty dang awesome. It also got awesome reviews on Rotten Tomatoes which is good to know.
I think you need to watch the trailer in order to understand this.
I can tell you that a criminal get's help escaping prison in order for him to protect this little girl. She has some kind of like super powers so a lot of people are either trying to kill her, or use her.

Orphan Black

This is a series I'm currently following, it came out last year but the second season just came out so YAY. I thought the first episode was hard to go through... it took a while before I could grasp it all. This is a very good show.

Because the review people wrote, they made the story sound boring. it doesn't tell you anything really.

But imagine you see a girl kill herself. And the girl looks completely IDENTICAL to you. And then eventually you see another one, and another one... And you start wondering 'who are we?'

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday cleaning

I've scrubbed the toilet, the seat and all that junk. The under part too. I cleaned the entire bathroom floors as well as the sink.

Aaaand then I boiled fish for Lei lei, did the dishes, vacuumed, talked to Ida and what else...Oh, cleaned some more.

I'll sit here now and enjoy a cold drink and relax a bit.

I also made some delicious vanilla honey ice latte for Frost :D

Movie time I tell ya.

Munch munch munch

I'm waiting for frost right now. He's in the shower.
I wanna eat breakfaaaaaaast.

So I'm munching grapes like a crazy person right now.
They're very tasty.

Hmm, we need to go to the store soon. We need cheese, ham and fish and so on. Lei Lei needs plenty of fish. Yup. I HATE the smell of boiled fish..............

Anyway...There might be a trip up town too today. Maybe. Figured we'd trade in some games I have. I doubt they're worth anything but one can always hope.

And this stupid damn weather continues to stay around.... asdfghjkll.....

Don't get me wrong, I kinda like rainy weather. A lot. it's cosy, and you can sit and listen to rain and snuuuuggle... yep. It sounds nice doesn't it?

But when you have a dog that needs walking, no matter what kind of weather it is.... then it really does take away all the cosy and snuggleness and all that junk.
Boo.. Plus the smell of wet dog ain't sweet. Nope.

Lei lei doesn't really smell like wet dog...
But there's like 5 other dogs living in this building so when we come through the gates, the smell of wet pooch hits ya in the face like a wrecking ball.
So I can glady AND proudly say that my dog smells like a god damn cake compared to them.

(Her farts non included ofc)

Aaaah but we love her. We love her so much. <3

hah, found one of Julia too.

Aaaws, I kinda had to put one of Doris up here, I found it in the blog archives.

Can't believe lei lei turns 5 years old this year. Gosh... Oldie but goldie huh?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The pearl thieves

My latest. Yay!

I did another one if a rodent too, walking his pet snail lol

This ain't done yet. Not by far. But I needed to take a break. Haha I forget to eat and shit.

We need to go to the store.... :( In this damn weather. Rain and super coldness... :<

But we need cheese and ham (I need it..) cause we eat it aaaalways on sandwiches for breakfast. Yep.