Saturday, December 31, 2016

When Frost makes coffee

Yum ♡

New year's eve

It's new years eve today.
I'm making a delicious dinner tonight and superdelish dessert! Yum yum. 

I figured I'd post some pics of Freya from yesterday, when we went to the park. 
It wasn't the best kind of weather for it, but I thought Freyster would like it anyway.

What else can I say. 
Shit goes up and down in life. I hope next year will be better. 

This year was actually kinda crappy. But good at the same time. I got rid of fake friends. I'm finally free from that job. So now I dont have to work 27h shifts anymore. (Though I'll defintely miss that pay lol) 

My oldest friend is having a baby in 4 fucking days!!!! And I have a wedding to go to too!

Frost got a job. 👍 

My pain isn't as bad right now as it can be. So I've been quite fortunate with that. 

I have new friends. Reconnected with old ones. 

My beeb gave me amazing gifts the entire year. 

So despite this year being crappy. It has quite a few highlights as well. ☆

Aaaaaand I have some stuff I'm going to do 2017. Goals, not promises. 

Less of certain things, more of others. Painting and drawing more. 

I'm want to have more fun. (That's a goal) 

Oh and I'm finally meeting that person. The person who might just change my life. I'm very optimistic about this. Excited too. (I'll tell you more about that when It's time)

What else...hmmm... 

Freya. Ooooooh Freya... she'll be 3 years old 2017. And she has evolved and turned into a real wildcat lol she's so clever and agile. Cant wait to see how her years will be.

Aaaah here's a pic of my brother me and my nephew :D
My brother gave me ride yesterday as well.

Well... I'm having the menstrual cramps from hell so I'm gonna eat my Ben&Jerry's and drink my coffee and hope for the better. ♡

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rest in peace

This morning I found out that an old friend killed himself yesterday.
I was really shocked... I had no clue he felt like that.

So I called my brother to see how he was doing, cause it was one of his best friends.
Of course he was sad... but I wanted to see how he was holding up.

It's so tragic... he was such a nice person. Always caring and loyal. He always worried about my brother so he would write me and ask how he was doing and so on. lol we had a mutual "dislike" towards my brothers gf at the moment, him and I. hah. So he'd always worry that my brother wouldn't find peace and happiness.

In the end, it was him who never found peace.

I guess fighting all the time makes you tired. And he didn't want to fight anymore.
So I hope he's found peace. I really do.
No more fighting and being hurt and trying so hard, when the ones he wants to appreciate him wont.

R.I.P old friend. You are missed...

Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

This was such an awesome Christmas! :D

I should warn you... I've got a damn ton of pictures here. I was like a fucking paparazzi haha

Freya had so much fun, she smiled through the entire day pretty much.
And she was superhappy about her gifts.

(She liked my gifts the best lololol)

We had the Christmas breakfast at my sister house

I got watercolors and paper and pens and ink from Frost. Top quality too :) And tasty pralines. And some games.
My man knows me so well.

I also got the same from mom and Lasse. Which means that I now have room for errors lol haha it's ok if I fail cause I have more supplies haha
Frost got a PS4 from meeeee <3 (I also have titanfall 2 for me on it lol)
Uhm... ah I got a lamp, and carpet too. Superlovely. And candle holders, my brother and Anna gave us a pretty frame with a beautiful photo of Freyster in it. It's seriously wonderful.
Freya got a hulk dool, a regular doll that can say mama, a drawing pad (two actually) Duplo, walkie talkies and stuff. She's very excited about it.

Watching Donald Duck and the christmas cartoons :)

(Freya this morning, playing with her duplo train she got for Christmas from granny)

It was awesome. I'm so thankful for everyone making Freya's and Wille's christmas so happy. They had a blast. And since Freya had it, I had it too! And also, the food was awesome as always.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Me and Frost had a date the other day.
Because we are fucking fabulous and we deserved it. Yep. 

I had a white Russian to drink as well. Mmmm... tasty and nostalgic.

I forgot how to count apparently when I ordered the sirloin steak lol so I ordered a 300 gram one. Fail. 
I serilusly almost died of eating too much.... 
Both me and Frost went into a serious state of food comatose. Lmao 

But it was oh so good.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

This week

Ok so we had Lucia on Tuesday... my baby was adorable. It didn't last long but she was cute while it lasted haha

And then there was yesterday...
Aaaah yesterday. Now that was one fucking hard day 
See it started good. Freyster woke up around 8:30, we had breakfast. And she ate a tooooon of it.

And then we played, watched movies and read books and I cleaned and vacuumed and so on... and then bam. Fron nowhere, i got really dizzy and started puking like crazy. And i mean the kind of puking where there's only a bit of drool before the blast. Yep. 
I threw up probably 12 times yesterday. As soon as I took a sip of water it would trigger it and I had to run to the bathroom. 😑 It sucked. 
And I just couldn't stay awake. So I had a timer on my phone for 5 minutes that was on ALL THE TIME. So if I fell asleep it was ok cause I'd wake up fast. 

Eventually mom came and picked up Freyatron. And she got to stay the night with mom and Lasse. 
And then Frost came home from work and we watched some good stuff and talked and... yeah. That was our evening. 

So last night around 10 I finally had my "breakfast". Hahaha 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas gifts and junk

We've been wrapping gifts and dancing to Christmas music today. And Freyster also drew a Christmas picture for granny and Lasse. Hahaha it's cute.
For some reason I'm so exhausted and hurting real bad. I'm gonna rest now.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gingerbread cookies!

Ok...ok... so today actually went fine. (So far)
I got laughing gas at the dentist... And I restrained myself so hard to not giggle like a crazy person. There was 3 occasions where I started to giggle compulsively.... But I managed to swallow that,  so they just assumed I was nervous like I was in the beginning.. (hence the freakin' laughing gas) 
And the rest of the time I laid there thinking "oh wow...what an easy job to be a dental nurse... I could totally do that.....  she's just standing there holding a suction thingy in my mouth... I could so do that right? Yeah. I can suck. Totally. I'm good at sucking"
Lmao I told mom all that afterwards and she laughed too haha she's had similar thoughts after a surgery... ehehe...

They fixed two teeth for me. Can you imagine my face afterwards? Harvey Twoface can't even compare to that shit. Ah ah
(picture from google)

Anyhoooo..... So I slept for an hour once I got home. Amazeballs I tell ya. I really needed that.... I rarely sleep these days. So that felt supernice.
And now we're at moms place baking gingerbread cookies. She's doing alright. Haha ☆
Well shit... I'm just rambling a buch of stuff now.
I've got some gingerbread hearts to decorate now. 💟 Yep.

The polar express

Me and FreysRegister to Ida today and had coffee and egg-sandwiches among other things.
And we watched The Polar Express. So Christmasy. ♡♡♡  it's such a good Christmas movie.
Oh and I kicked ass in CoD Blackops3 as per usual. Mama Jo is amazeballs as always. Haha
I'm good at that game if I dare say so myself. Videogames are my way of distracting myself from pain and shit. It forces me to keep focus on something else for a while.

Ah.. Freyster had a rough time sleeping tonight. I mean, she fell asleep fast but woke up in panic or something...She cried and cried and cried.... And she didn't even have a nap today. Poor weasel. She should've passed out fast, but noooo....
Me however coughed lungs out. All day. I've even coughed so much that I coughed blood.. It's just the membranes that are a little exhausted and bruised I suppose. Nothing bad... But defintely not fun 😑
And another awful fact is that I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. (Getting laughing gas though.. .and that's about the only positive thing about that whole situation)
And also... It's Nathalies birthday today! And that's a super good thing!
Happy birthday my good ol' friend! ♡
I love you megamuch! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Best way to start a day

Man, WestWorld is an amazing series. Total mindfuck too. Too bad its already over. And it'll be 2 years till the next season 😕
Well after this episode it's The Walking Dead. Iiiiih!

A good day indeed. It don't even bother me that I didn't sleep at all last night. Again.
I might even play some games in a bit. (Psssh you know I will) hahe


Saturday, December 3, 2016

☆ Merry Christmas ☆

Our tree is finally up! Yaaay! It's so pretty. I worked hard AF on that tree I tell ya.
Fyi I wrote a post like this an hour ago but I aint got no fucking clue about where it went. I wonder if I sent it to someone? If so.... awkwarrrd. Eheh...
Anyhoo..... Gotta prepare Freya for today's festivities. She's going to my cousins daughters baptism. (It's a big deal here) so Freyster is going with my mom and Lasse to represent our family lol cause i ain't going. My body isn't in the best of moods so to speak.

Gotta go to the post office in a bit. 
My boss sent me a package. I wonder what it is. Hmmm....
For certain reasons I'm going to be a housewife for a while. :D 

So I'm not working for them anymore. And hopefully, ooooooh I really hope this works... Hopefully this can change the direction if my occupation or something. I'm tired of working in tbe healthcare. It's a tiresome job, and ungrateful too.
If you think about it.. all I do is wipe someone else's shit. I do it to patients, and then I come home and do it more.
I don't want that anymore.

I do however want to work with people. My amazing social skills should not go to waste HahaHah So we'll see what happens. For now, I'll be staying at home. I still earn more than a lot of people by just sitting here.
It's better than taking care of someone else.
From now on, the only ones I wanna take care of is my family ♡
Opportunities. Bam. I has them.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


I've been meaning to post the Thanksgiving pictures for since friday, but I keep forgetting.

Mom probably has better pictures on her phone but these will have to do for now ;D

I managed to get a supercute pic of my brother and Freya.
She actually leaned over and kissed him :) SO adorable..

I made the turkey, and I fucking ROCKED.
It's was delicious and awesome.
Good job me.

 Kattis made sweet potato pie :D
And Nathalie made pecan pie which was (as it is every year) fucking delicious.

Monday, November 21, 2016


My wild weasel passed out <3
We've been at home all day doing stuff... Yep.
Even though they're renovating upstairs, making a fuckton of noise 😑

You know...  I wanna stab that motherfucking drill in someone's skull. So so bad.

It scares the shit out of Freya when they drill like that.... you can't even think cause it's so loud. My head started hurting... so I can only guess how it was for Freyster.
But it's quiet now again... and she's asleep. 

We'll head to my mom's place later. I'm gonna make a Christmas wreath. With pine and stuff. Supahpwetteh!