Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Well I'm finally in Amsterdam. It's so beautiful. There's like rivers everywhere, and each river is attached to another one too. Everything's connected. Pretty awesome.it looks really cool from above anyway.

On another note, Dutch.... Must be the ugliest language in the world. I always thought finnish was they ugliest one until I had to listen to the pilot go on and in about things I didn't understand. Dear lord what a hideous language hahahaha yes I know, it's mean.

Well... It's almost time to board the plane to Atlanta. :) YAY!

Oh it did however my have the kind of floor Mandy wanted to see.... :/ I walked around quite a bit...

Wroom wroom in the sky

Well, this might be the last blogpost I make until I arrive in Alabama. Depending on how the wifi works in Amsterdam that is.

Wish me luck :D


Well hello airport. Long time no see.

Amsterdam: Next!

I'm coming baby!!!!

Sayonara Sweden

I'm on my way to the airport now.
NOW I'm nervous haha I wasn't before, I'm always calm till the last minute.. And theeeeen it sinks in and I get nervous lol

I panic and imagine that I forget important stuff that I've already taken care of but still question of I did or not ^_^

Well... Lasse & mom are driving me. They're so sweet.
And I talked to Frost earlier too. Ah I'm excited. I miss him so much.

Monday, April 29, 2013


This is great... Just great.
Especially when a koala reeeeaaaally needs the bathroom. Yay.

Chowchow Looooove

Gosh it feels so lonely to come home and not have Lei Lei welcoming me. It's so empty...

But on the other hand, I got so much looooving from all the dogs. Like wow. Haha And it feels good leaving Lei Lei where I know she'll be happy and have a good time :) He'll take good care of her.

And now I'm off to me Stina and Maria.


There will be a lot of fika today. First on is Ida. Since I didn't feel like eating something unhealthy right now I picked Turkish yoghurt, with honey, walnuts and raspberries. Fuck me sideways its goooooood.

And after that one, it's Josse.and then it's Stina and theeeen it's Sofi. Haha

Sunday, April 28, 2013


In just sitting here... Reading newspapers an junk with an old lady. What a comfortable yet hideous looking couch she has. But my god it feels like it was made for my ass :)

Btw, I am soooo gonna go home and take a nap when my shift ends.

KoalaJo reporting for duty!

I'm goofy today and I know it.
And I'm happy too!

Tomorrow is my last day in Sweden!
YaaaaaaY! *jumps up and down and twirls around*

Well I guess I should continue working huh? Yep. I look like shit today but you know what? It's ok to look crappy sometimes. Uh huh. I didn't have time to make myself pretty this morning, I prioritized sleep and Frost instead haha

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Aaaws my last dinner with Stina <3
Little tummy is getting sooooo big! I'll have to take a picture of it before I go :)


So I've been to the mall ALL day with Emma. And boy did I buy stuff... And I've bought all birthday present for Frost too! Yay! I think they're awesome. I did well.

Aaaah me and Emma stopped for coffee which was necessary. And we shared a Mocha Frapino. Nom.

But my latte that I bought was probably one of the best coffees I've ever had. Yum...

Well I'm gonna sit here and get an anxiety attack now from all the shopping I've done. I know I needed it but still. Bah...

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Last Stand

This is probably the most epic move I've seen this year.
Right up my alley. So fucking aaaaawesome.



First of all, I worked till 3 today. And then called in sick and went home. My tummy ain't nice today. It hurts bunches.... I was supposed to work till 10 tonight. Buuuuuut I couldn't do it,

Tomorrow me and Emma will go on a wee roadtrip AND a little shopping and fika for ourselves too. We're going to Lindersberg to buy absinthe :D I have one with my name on it that they put away for me. I've called the US government, the Swedish government AND 118100. Haha now I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get thy bottle with me. Yay! I finally did it! Weeeeeee!

But, right now I feel like shit so I'll go into hiding for a bit now. Yep.


Thursday, April 25, 2013


There's always coffee stains on everything I own...

Including Lei Lei..... Haha

Right now I have a wee coffee break at work :) And the lady in the cafe here let me have the coffee for free as long as I didn't tell my coworkers haha yaaaay!

Told ya it's a freakin' good day!

What a fine day

Don't you agree?
And it's not even that windy or once :)

Awesome day

I'm having THE most awesome day ever.

Have you any idea how great it feels to know that you're very well like by the bosses? It feels awesome! Yay!

Apparently I'm "special" according to my boss of that unit. All the other administrators and bosses discussed me and how good I am at working in all groups. So I am my own little 'all in all unit' :D weeeeeh!

And schedule and everything for the summer. Today is a lucky day. M
I also found a birthday present for Frost today :D

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My new bag!

It's moms birthday, but I got my birthday present from mom and Lasse today since I won't be home for mine.

I loooooooove this bag!

Did anyone say nom noms?

Yum... My mother is excellent when it comes to baking pastries and junk...
This is heaven! :)

The birthday lady

It's my beloved mothers birthday today...

Grattis på födelsedagen världens bästa mamma. Jag älskar dig :)


Ok! I'm going to meet little sister now.
I've even done my hair. Yay!

it's boring

I'm sick and tired of people...
people acting like it's cool to like certain things.

Your'e pathetic. You like something cause it's fun.
Not cause you want people to like you.

I've got some f-b deleting to do now...
So many "friends" are going bye bye now.

I'm too old for losers like you.

Anyway, moving on....
It's time to walk the pigbear.
I'm gonna go meet my sister later, and then later tonight I'm gonna go to my moms place cause IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!

weeeeeh happt birthday moooooom <3

I've got work most of the week :D

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Facts about a swede

The funny thing is that it's basically true.
The only thing I disagree on is that about Zlatan and about ALL swedes speaking English well. Yeah... No. The younger generation might. Not the older. Haha

Everything else, yes. Especially about the coffee and about staring and fashion here. Hahaha!

Maine coon

I finally got to snuggle a Maine Coon!! I've always wanted to see what they're like :)

One of my patients has one and it's huge! Amazing...

Monday, April 22, 2013

off I go :)

I shall give my old man a hug for giving me a trip to Alabama. :) That was one of the greatest gifts I ever received, he gave me the gift of being with the love of my life.

I am indeed grateful.

Yay! It'll be legen, wait for it....dary!


Today has been probably the weirdest day in a long time for me... It's not like anything weird has happened, but just the it is and how I'm feeling and so on...

First of all, I got up real early and went to the clinic to see my doctor. Yay. Not. Took the cell tests and asked about how it will feel when I choose to take out my spiral. Cause I mean, that shit HURT like a motherfucker when I put it in...Luckily she said it's doesn't hurt that bad to take it out. 'Always hurts more to put things in then to take them out'... lol Am I the only one who found it funny and dirty?


Anyway, sweetest old lady that one.
So sad that she had her face up my vagina, otherwise I might've actually been able to look her in the face afterwards when she was talking to me. it's a pity.
But I'm guessing she gets that a lot. I'm not that much of a prude really.... But today, she went further than anyone has before. I swear to god she was all up inside my uterus. Aaaaaaall so she could say 'well, the moment you take this spiral out, you should get pregnant. Such a fertile young lady you are'.

aahahaha *nervous giggle* Ain't that cute...

See, it has nothing to do with being a prude. It's about your vagina having some dignity left when you leave.

Also, I've had a fuckton of coffee today.
Don't know if you can tell? But I did.

Right, and after all that...I went home and was going to take le pigbear out for a walk but FELL ASLEEP on the bed again and slept till waaaaay after noon. I say noon cause it sounds earlier than admitting I slept till 2pm. But yes... holy shit I slept.

Woke up and thought OH DEAR POOR LEI LEI and saw that she's been busy playing with her waterbowl instead. Yep. Water everywhere and she flipped it upside down and moved it across the room. Looked like it was actually heading towards my room............................... hmm.

So I gave her water and that was the end of that. Turned out she was thirsty. Nothing else.

And now that I'm finally up again, I've nibbled on a cookie, an egg and some yoghurt cause apparently that's all I have to eat right now. Singoalla cookies. I fn hate those cookies. my brother loves them. But they're disgusting......... and I'm nibbling on one right now. Do you see how hungry I was?

Anyway, I'm gonna head out with Lei lei and then return home to my beloved couch and watch Game Of Thrones and theeeeeeeeen I'll watch Vikings. YAY!

Yes... oh and around 5 I'm heading to daddy's place. Dinner. Yum. Real food. Mmm...

I wonder when snuggletree will wake up today hmm?

lei lei and me two years ago. Aws...


I had a lot of fun up town today. Yep. And the weather was awesome :) uh huh. Me and Ida sat outside the church and went NOM NOM NOM.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A long one

We're out on a walk right now :)
Me, Ida and Lei Lei. We're going up town soon. Just waking around and junk...
It's been a nice day :)
But Ida bought a lot of unhealthy shit earlier and I don't feel too good so we all just went out trying to walk this feeling away haha

Saturday, April 20, 2013

spring time

Well guess what I've found? Swedens most beloved movies, with english subs. See, this....this is genuine Swedish pride. To a Swede, Astrid Lindgren was probably our most favorite person. The writer and creator of all these movies. A Swede loves Astrid Lindgrens movies and books. That's actually true haha Gosh, such memories...

This is for you to watch Mandy
I'll make my snuggletree watch it with me too soon <3


 English subs: engsub.net/134301/ http://subtitlesbank.com/ronja-rovardotter-english-srt-1586281/

bad day

I suppose this ain't such a good day...
Lei Lei's sick.... pooping everywhere...and she can't stop.
Gah, the sad look in her eyes... as if I'd get mad at her for being sick.

My little snugglepuff... Guess we'll stay outside most of the time today. I ain't too fond of wiping poop off the floors and walls no...outside we go. haha


Someone's sleepy, hungry and needs to poo at the same time. Poor pigbear. What ever should we do first?

Ah.. She chose food first haha figures.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

slowing down

I'm laying down, relaxing (as well as someone like me can anyway) and listening to music..

It's been a long time since I listened to Albatross overdrive...
This song was the one that broke my speakers haha


The day of Thor the thunder god. Haha

Today... Well.. I've been working, and then I went home for a nap (yes I'm old ok?) haha And after that I met up with Stina and we had a fika. Been ages since I done that. Unfortunately it didn't feel as good as it used to but the company was world class :)

Ordered two dresses online so I won't melt (literally) when I'm in Alabama. Aaaand yeah, we just say here. Haha Very comfortable.

And my day also happened to start really awesome as well cause I got to talk to my baby. <3

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Listening to old stories now... And discussing the afterlife.
Many hours of work left...

Special guest

Haha wooooow Jamie Lee Curtis is playing an AWESOME "mind gamer" for the pentagon on NCIS.

Looking foxy as ever.

I think she's a sexy lady for her age. And she honest about it too, she's even on magazine covers refusing to do photo shopped pics. I think that's pretty admirable.

Plus she's just goofy. It's funny.

He was awesome in True Lies.
Which btw, is still one of my favorite movies hahahaha

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


See, today I figured that I'd start with green tea instead of strong coffee.
Haha wow look at me. Having a healthy breakfast too :)

I'm gonna work yet again in a group I've never been in.

See the boss called me and told me how brave she thought I was for jumping in an working in a new group that is never worked for. And they asked me this morning of I wanna do it again haha

I figured, why not?
My work is just about the same in any group. It's just the patients and their whereabouts that I need to learn. Haha

Today is a retirement home a little closer to where I live. Sweet.

For the first time in months, I actually feel calm and relaxed.
Cause I bought the tickets yesterday. Now I know that I'll be in Alabama in about two weeks <3 And right now, nothing else matters.

My stupid job, economy... Everything.
For the moment, they don't matter.

FYI, I've decided to live with my brother for a while longer.
Why not just take a chance?

I'm strong enough to stay here now. And I've noticed that I can control him for now with my words. Maybe I can help him choose a better path in life? Ah we'll see.

Either way, I save up money. Hah.

Monday, April 15, 2013


well... I just bought my tickets to the U.S :D weeeeeeeei!
Best vacation ever. Yeah that's right...it'll be a vacation for me. Free from eeeeeverything in sweden. EVERYTHING. Yep.

I get to go to Aaaaamsterdam, and then Atlanta/Georgia..which apparently is one of the biggest airports in the whole world. Which is making me slightly nervous cause I don't have much time there.... yep. Let's just hope they won't interrogate me the same way they did in Chicago this time...

And theeeeen Im going to Huntsville <3
Gah, I miss my baby! I can't wait to be with him again. Yaaaay!

And daddy dearest paid all of it. Thaaaaank you~ 
(tbh I didn't expect him to do that..I thought he'd back out)
But I'm happy now!

Oh so happy.

And on my way home I'm dropping by Atlanta again, then New york and from there it's straight home to Sweden.

Life... is good.

Well, I'm gonna continue to watch Vikings now.
No wait... I'ma bake some bread first. Yep.



Yum.... I succeeded pretty dang well with the food today.

Salmon and boiled white cabbage in cream and cheese ^_^ yep. I like it.


I find it almost repulsive seeing how some people are so busy chasing after what they cannot have, what they do not have...

See, others are so fucking busy with getting they do not have. Manic almost.

I however, am busy keeping what I have. And enjoying it. Appreciating it. <3

You poor suckers fail to see what you have until it's gone. I pity you.


I'm watching Vikings right now :)
And it suddenly occurred to me that Ragnar Lodbrok (the main character) is connected to that Norse tale I told you about a while ago.

Remember Sigurd Fafnesbane? Ragnar marries his daughter Aslög after Fafnesbane killed the dragon. Uh huh. True story bro. Haha

This is why old Norse takes are so fascinating. Cause they're always connected to all other Norse stories :) Everything is connected. Side stories and tales.


My beloved pigbear is having a rough day today.

I met Claes a while ago and got some medication for Lei Lei, that will hopefully help with her ear shit...

I have to give her a pill every half hour, I basically open her jaws and shove a pill down her throat then close her fangs and hold tight till she's swallowed it. Not the most fun thing for her to do no...

And I have to give her those every 30 minutes ALL day....


A day dedicated to series. Right now it's Game Of Thrones... Later it'll be Vikings.

If only my stupid father would pick up his phone -_-

Learn it

Ya know.... I think I wanna learn how to knit.
I love knitted sweaters, especially those raggedy ones with holes in it and junk. Love it ^^ So if I knit it myself I get the style I want plus it's bound to have holes in it since I'll probably suck at knitting.

See, sucking at knitting could created a masterpiece.
You never know.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I don't wanna get out of bed!
Please Lei Lei can't you let mommy stay a while longer *snuggles* it's so warm and cosy.

Well... In the end, it was my mother who made me get up anyway, boo.

The wait

I just had such a sweet conversation with these two. How cute are they?! Gaah... *squeeeeeze* Makes me miss my bird Sippe <3

I'm waiting for a coworker so I thought, 'heeeeey why not have a chat with these two cuties?' :)

They go tweet tweet tweet at me.
And I go blah blah tweet tweet blah blah back. Haha

They live here in the old retirement home. Animals really do bring people such joy and energy :)

I wonder what their names are...

New group

I'm working in a new group today. And I've never even met year people before and they're ADORABLE! So freakin' kind. It feels great to be here tbh.

And I'm not tired even though I've only slept 2 hours. I blood pressure however dropped TWICE. Which made me deaf, white and I hit the ground haha weird.  

But now I'm fine.

I'm drinking coffee and eating food. Yay me.

And had a deep talk with a patient. I think he may just be the sweetest old man I've ever met. And he told me about life, it's secrets and about love.. And he wished me luck with the love of my life, and said that true love is something rare and precious and that I should always give him the attention he needs. 'I hope you both live happily ever after and may your love never die, child' oh my god, it warmed my heart. Such stories... He met his true love at the age of 75 and she died 5 years later <3 He said that my love for Frost gave him happiness. It's the second time a patient told me that now. 

Is it stupid that it makes me happy to hear that? 


I wonder why I tell my dog what I'm doing, hoping she won't rush me when she wants to go for a walk.

'Yeah fine fine. Hang on, Just let me pee first'

As if she'd understand me......... *sigh*
It's not like she stops rushing me. And yet I tell her every time.

'Oh, yeah in a sec snugglepuff... I just gotta drink this water first and then we go ok?'

Note: I am NOT crazy, taking to myself.... I'm obviously talking to Lei Lei. Hah.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Soon :)

Days are passing by fast <3
I'll be there soon.

Green tea

How niiiiice~
Relaxing to TV with a cup of hot tea. It ain't so bad.
And my snuggletree is happy today which makes me so happy as well :)


I look forward to see his new dance when they release the video :D ahaha
I mean, hey.. he's funny as fuck.

I bet North Korea will kidnap him soon and make their own version so they can listen to "good" music too. haha

Chicken á la Jo

Oh dear Lord I did well. :)
I'm good at inventing my own dishes haha

Broccoli, cream, paprika and Västerbotten cheese all mixed up in a goo and put in an oven with chicken covered in cheese too.

Strong tasty cheese. Tis my favorite kind of cheese btw. Nom nom nom..
I was told to eat more green veggies, so I am. Hah.


Oh my...

Today calls for an insanely strong cup of coffee. Yus.

And that will probably be the only thing I get inside of me till 3 or 4pm.

I'm watching NCIS again... Oh gosh it's so exciting. Tony is angry. Oooooh.
My back is killing me... So I'm warming it up now. Tis what happens when I'm used to working and then DON'T work for three days. I need to work. Simple as that. But hey, there's still two more seasons left of NCIS <3 weeeeeeee!

And tomorrow I work the evening shift so I'll be sleeping away all day again. Haha

Thursday, April 11, 2013


The sofa is my best friend today. Yep. Having an NCIS marathon :)

However, it's time to take Lei Lei for a walk soon...

And Ida dropped by earlier today too. We're both in the same mood these days so it's only fitting to sit and smoke and stare at the clouds together haha

ehehe... a great glide

No matter how many times I see this commercial...
it still sounds so dirty to me hehehe
Gillette Fusion ProGlide


looooooool I'm easily amused. haha


And yet again I'm having one of those days... Where I can't even get out of bed.
Nothing seems worth doing.

Gosh I'm bored and I haven't even started my day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I'm making dinner right now. Falukorv.

A typical Swedish dinner. It's delicious.

And I'm making the traditional Falukorv i ugn. (Falusausage in oven) now haha Nom nom... I need to go to the store later and buy cream though. I used it all for the sausage haha

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Look look!

I had long hair! Well... Long-ish anyway. It's grown quite a bit :D YaY!

In the sun

I'm sitting on the stairs outside my work, having a cigarette and sipping on my coffee...
I have an incredibly slow schedule today. I'm not complaining though. :)

I'm actually really fn happy today cause all of those visa issues are solved and I can visit my baby as I please now. And that means the world to me. <3 So for now, I have no worries whatsoever.


I'm about to take Lei Lei for a walk now. And then I've got to hurry to work. 15 hours of work ahead of me. Blaaargh.... But it's a good thing :) It's money.

Oh and yesterday I managed to finally get an answer about my VISA. They emailed me. And YAY. I can always stay for 90 days in the U.S as long as I got back to Sweden in between. Preferably for at least three months before I return to the states. Now that's good news.

I can work and do my thang and then visit Frost whenever money, luck and time are on my side. :)

This really calmed me down tremendously though...
I mean, I'm going to meet my boyfriend. I get why they might see me as someone who's trying to sneak her way in the U.S and stay there. I can understand that.

What I can't understand is why they'd think I'd wanna live there when I live in Sweden? I'm not sure America knows exactly how great Sweden really is? There's no way I could throw away all the benefits from living in this country for the U.S. Which is why I'm bringing my poot here too <3 I'll make sure he'll live a very nice and happy life with me here.



Monday, April 8, 2013


Well... It all started with me wanting to brush lei lei with her new brush. Somehow things escalated, and I saw a piece of tangled hair... So... I figured I'd cut that piece off.

And I may have gone overboard with the hair cut too.... Three bags filled with hair.

Lets just say I have her a makeover. She just looks a little but.... Smaller now.