Sunday, February 26, 2017


We went outside for adventures today. Yep. Totally explored the snowy landscapes and stuff... we played around, and walked through the wet snow for quite a bit. (She was fn soaked wet after half a hour 😑) 

When we came home we ate lunch real quick (Freya's bloodsugar went down and it's so easy to tell on her then...she goes Roooaaar) and we even managed to take her daily nap before we went home to Nathalie. Now that was cozy. 

Freya's had a great day! ❤
She was so happy to see Nathalie & Patricia ♡♡♡ the cats...not so much. They weren't exactly thrilled to see Freya lmao 

And now, it's time for a delicious dinner☺


This will be a good day!

Coffee first. 

Then snuggles. 

Then outside! 

And then Natta and Patricia! Wheeee~

Friday, February 24, 2017

It's a new day!

And a new diaper for Freyster...
And new opportunities! New coffee adventures!
And new panties. Wooooooh!
It's just a new day! 

And since it's such a lovely day, I decided that once lunch is over we're going to the park! Yay! 

We had a lovely breakfast too. 
Since Freya woke me up at 6, we snuggled till 7,  and then I figured why just lay here when you can get up and make a good breakfast? 

Freya couldn't have agreed more. She flew up like the flash . Zoom!
Yeah there's no denying how much that kid loves pancakes and banana paddies. Hahah
So today I made American pancakes served with maple syrup (and we got the american syrup too.... not as tasty as my Canadian make syrup)  

I seriously made the most perfect pancakes ever.  So pretty, fluffy and smooth.
It's like I'm a pancake goddess sent from above lmao

And now we're just sitting here, playing with the fairy house haha and watching national geographic 😊 Yep we're learning stuff here. About mountain goats and eagles.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

some sunshine

Today the clock started ringing at 6:00. Highly unusual in our household lol
We usually go up between 7 and 8am haha

But we went to the eyeclinic this morning. Had to be there 07:50. (bleh...Zzzzz....) Frost's pupils are like SO dilated ahahaha He doesn't need glasses or anything. We'll just ignore the other eye lmao
Freya is at daycare at the moment. I hope she's having fun. I miss her..., but at the same time, it's good for her to be there. 

We're about to hit the sack and snooze a bit.... we didn't sleep at all last night. We just laid and snuggled aaaaaall night. I laid with my head on his chest snoozing, snuggling... and then he laid on my chest snoozing, and I pat his head hahaha I think we were very very tired. Yet we just couldn't fall asleep. It was impossible. Quite annoying really...I mean, when you're so sleepy but you won't fall asleep. We just laid there in a constant half asleep state. (And Freya slept all night so we coulv'e enjoyed iiiiiiit)  

Though, those snuggles were amazing <3 haha

Freya finished the evening with Daniel Tiger. She kept crying "Tigey tigey" so of course mommy will let you watch that before brushing the teeth and the bedtime story and all that jazz.
She wanted it so bad, so why not. They were learning about "instead of being angry, try using your words instead".
I've noticed that that show is actually very educational for kids her age. She watches it in english and understands it perfectly.
And she watches it in swedish when she's at grannys house.

Here's her snugglefort that I made for her.

Oh oh oh! She slept ALL night in her room last night!
That's pretty fucking awesome. I mean, she always comes in to us every night normally.

We went for her yearly check up yesterday and she got complimented by the nurse haha
Cause she's so polite and extremely compassionate and helpful.
Helps me carry stuff and bags from the store, hold lei lei's leash... 
(Obviously she can still be my little monster ahaha)
But the nurse was impressed.
And apparently it's rare for a 2 1/2 year old to be able to count to 3... so good on you Freyster.
Well, she's in a phase where she likes to sleep with us all night...
And she should do it too is what the nurse said. So that's good news :D
Cause she always wakes up at 2am and comes and crawls up on my side.
And we just love the snuggles haha


Her English and Swedish are progressing just fine. 
She understands perfectly even my long sentences in both languages.
Her motorskills are amazing. (yay) and she's a tall little doodle. 94cm. <3

Well, we started a new story last night. From the John Bauer book.
(but Elsa Beskov is a big favorite in our household)

(picture from runeberg)

pic from Lurans blog

I sure do love reading her bedtime stories. <3

snow snow and more snow!

The other day it started snowing like crazy. So I pulled Freya on her sled to daycare. She really liked that haha My little sweetie. She got so excited over the snow.

I ain't gonna lie...but so was I :D
And after that, me and mom went on some adventures. 
And eventually had lunch together too.
That was nice :3
My good mood has come back finally.

The lunch was delicious btw :D
Yum yum....

Oh right, so I'm on new meds for my EDS.... and I'm not sure how it works yet.
I mean, I know how it works.... but it hasn't showed any improvements in me yet anyway. -_-
But then again, patience is a virtue.

It's a big change for me to do this... so we'll see.
it's actually huge...and I was kinda reluctant at first.
Yeah I was weary but both mom and Frost eventually thought it was for the best so...
I gave it a shot.

It's so strange. I used to do this for my patients all the time back in the day...
(though they were dying or something...............)
I never thought I'd be having that too.... at this age.
Frost helps me every wednesday with this from now on.

And this being such an insanely strong painkiller....
my knees are still fucking painfull as hell :/ 
But hey.... it might just take some time?

frost says to be patient..... so I'll try lol
Like I said before.... it's a fucking virtue!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Morning sunshines!

Well Freya woke up at 7 today.... just waking up earlier an earlier. (Please shoot me in the head) 

Yeah i'ts fucking lovely.
Cause obviously I'm such a god damn morning person. 😑

Anyway.... I got up, and decided to put on a movie for Freya while I made breakfast. Yep. 
The Land Before Time. 

Sooooooo.... when Littlefoots' mom died...I got so upset lol so I decided that obviously this is NOT an appropriate movie for a small child. 
So she came in the kitchen with me. I cooked, she did the dishes. (Which I'll have to rewash of course..but It's the thought that counts) uh huh. 

I broke her glass... so I figured the bottle works juuuust fine. 

And theeeeen we went to the livingroom , at our banana paddies and I sipped on my uberhot fucking coffee and watched The Secret life of pets.

Omg. It's hilarious. It was such an awesome movie.

Frost woke up around 9. See, I decided to let him sleep a little longer today... cause he's been taking care of seriously EVERYTHING these past few day. He's helped me so much.
Which is an obvious thing to do when you love someone.....
but not everyone is so lucky to have someone like that. 
So yeah. I'm quite lucky.♡

I've been kinda sick so I haven't been able to move at all. So while I laid in bed or the sofa most of the time. He did everything else. 

For those who don't know, Frost has social phobia and severe anxiety, so him doing stuff and going places alone is really hard for him. 

But when I need him, he always steps up. He goes to the places I need him to go, no matter how nervous he is. And I appreciate that. 

Love makes our family strong as fuck. Haha ♡♡

And my mighty mom helped me too with dogfood ♡ 

I was suppsed to meet Nicky today (Nicky and I go years back, he was one of my best friends.... then life happened, girlfriend dumped him, got a new one.
.became a dad... and now here we ate lol) and he was suppose to bring his son over today too...he's one year older than freyatron. :D
But since Freya got a weird flu, I thought it was best to cancel it. Bummer....

Oh and I made a delicious chicken stew last night. Yum. Got bunches of lunchboxes too now. YAY!

Friday, February 17, 2017


Someone's sickly today.... her eyes are puffy and swollen. They're runny and crusty too. And she's just feeling under the weather I suppose. 

Very needy and clingy <3 A mommy's girl today.

I fixed her a nice comfortable spot in the sofa for her, so she can watch Disney Junior and just chill. 

My state is... worse I suppose.
I haven't really written about it, so why start now?
Luckily I have Frost and Freya. They both keep me entertained and busy haha

Alrighty then.... today's dinner will be chicken stew. I took out the frozen chicken broth I made a while back. It'll thaw and be ready when it's time to cook. Yup yup. Home made chicken broth is the best. 

Tomorrow Nicky and his girlfriend are coming over. And their son too :) He's supershy. It'll be fun to see how Freya reacts to him lol Her Hulk doll should make him wanna play (He's also a huge fan of the hulk, so they've got that in common)  Welp, I'm gonna continue reading about ancient Egypt now. :D

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The day started sweet yesterday, Freya watched some Daniel Tiger
 and ate a good sandwich for breakfast :D

After Freyster went to daycare, mom and I had some nice mother daughter quality time :)
It was really fun :D Even had some action too lmao I could hear my "mission impossible" theme in my head haha I was a good time with mom :)

After that, the plan was for Freya to go to grandma's house and have a sleepover. Mom gets so lonely when Lasse is out of town. haha

But before that I took my little snugglepuff out for a fika too.
Yep, we went to the coffee house nearby and she got a hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun :)
This was our own mother daughter time <3

hahaa Freya quickly became everyone's favorite in there :D The first thing she said when walking through the door was "hello!!" to everyone. And then she waved a little.  And everyone said hello back and smiled.
When I left her at the table to go get her a hot chocolate she started conversations with people in the shop too haha The best part is when you see people that looks really mean and grumpy, just light up and smile at her face. That's very sweet :)

We had a good time, and then granny walked though the door and made Freya so happy! :D

Monday, February 13, 2017

Best friends, an angry dog and a LeiLei

Yesterday was such a nice day.

We decided to go to the park and let Freya have a hoot. So we bought coffee, and Freya got a hot chocolate to drink too. And when off to the park!
(I have a thing for coffee in a to go cup)

We stayed out for over 2 hours while Freya played and ran around. She had so much fun <3
And she loved playing with Patricia :) Aaaaws, Patricia really looked out for Freya. Made my heart warm. And Nathalie is pretty much Freyas aunt. (Though she's actually more like Freya's godmother)
She's always been Freya's favorite friend. Yeah, that's right. They're family AND they're friends. And Nathalie likes being Friends with Freya. Who says you gotta have friends the same age haha

We had to drop by mom's place for a quicky too, cause Freya's mittens got wet and cold, her hands were freezing. So we got a spare pare of gloves for her at mom's house. Lucky! That way Freya could stay out an extra hour :D

Freya is a very loved child. Patricia and Nathalie adore her, and she adores them.
Ida loves Freya as well. My friends love Freya, they all love to visit and to play with her. She always gets gifts from everyone (though please don't spoil her too much now haha
To my family, Freya is they're little gemstone. To me and Frost... she's the universe.

There's a lot of kids that doesn't get much love in their life. I know of one or two children that's pretty neglected by their mothers. Not much love at all in their homes. It's sad... I wish all kids could come to a place where they'll get unconditional love and have fun. Like a.. hmm... well I don't have a fucking clue.
A place where kids feel safe and loved. I'd like to work with kids like that.

Anyway... back to the topic. Freya plays for over two hours, us grownups though, our fucking toes went numb from the cold. Yet we still stayed out there and played with her. haha
That's when you know you have good people around you. When they're hurting and still stay out there just to make sure Freya has fun.

I have awesome people in my life. And for that, I'm eternally grateful :)

Right, now I gotta find a good time to go to a playground place for toddlers and shit with Sofi!
Well, it's her choice really. She's the driver. So me and Freya will just go where they wanna go haha

But we'll definitely have fun! :D

The weekend

Man, I really gotta get better and come up with cooler headlines for my posts. Like...

"a gerbils life, some snow and snuggles"

Yeah... now that's a headline.

Anyhooo... We went to town this weekend, and Freya walked. (yep, we ditched the stroller... actually, we don't use the stroller much anymore at all) Freya is such a big girl these days :) We took the bus there, but we walked all the way home. She's quite the walker ;) lmao

She holds leileis leach these days too, so we're working on responsibility. A little soon for it, but really... how soon is "too soon"?

Well, back to town. We were buying leileis dogfood so Freya got to see all the animals they have in the little petshop. The fish was pretty interesting, but when she saw the bunnies.... yeah. That's all she said after that. "Bunny... bunny". hahaha I thought the gerbils were pretty cute. :3

It's been snowing lately too. Finally, back to normal sweden. The snowy kind. haha

I think we've had a good weekend. There's been lots of snuggles here. And you know me, I fucking love me some snuggles haha

Frost and I spoon each other every night. The key to a good relationship, plus it's just so damn cozy lol And at some point during the night, the little gremlin comes into our room and crawls into bed and squeezes herself riiiight in between us haha So it's like a big bundle of snuggles.

And that's my love advice to everyone to. Yep. (Though I'm not a love guru haha But I am a person who's very much in love and I feel the love from my man too, He makes me feel so loved
But in all seriousness, that was the advice I gave my friend when she was considering breaking up with her boyfriend. She asked me for my advice. So I asked her if they snuggle... she said that they never do. So I told her to start snuggling, like take a nap everyday too. Just for 15 minutes or something. And snuggle the shit out of each other. And try not to have sex. haha Cause the point is to be intimate and snuggle. It feel soooo good though, right? Just skin against skin. Hugs and squeezes. aaaaw <3
It actually releases a lot of oxytocin.. and therapists claim that it just makes people "feel good".
And it also reduces stress and blood pressure.

Here, read this: Snuggles!

Well time to go!

Pew pew!