Monday, February 13, 2017

The weekend

Man, I really gotta get better and come up with cooler headlines for my posts. Like...

"a gerbils life, some snow and snuggles"

Yeah... now that's a headline.

Anyhooo... We went to town this weekend, and Freya walked. (yep, we ditched the stroller... actually, we don't use the stroller much anymore at all) Freya is such a big girl these days :) We took the bus there, but we walked all the way home. She's quite the walker ;) lmao

She holds leileis leach these days too, so we're working on responsibility. A little soon for it, but really... how soon is "too soon"?

Well, back to town. We were buying leileis dogfood so Freya got to see all the animals they have in the little petshop. The fish was pretty interesting, but when she saw the bunnies.... yeah. That's all she said after that. "Bunny... bunny". hahaha I thought the gerbils were pretty cute. :3

It's been snowing lately too. Finally, back to normal sweden. The snowy kind. haha

I think we've had a good weekend. There's been lots of snuggles here. And you know me, I fucking love me some snuggles haha

Frost and I spoon each other every night. The key to a good relationship, plus it's just so damn cozy lol And at some point during the night, the little gremlin comes into our room and crawls into bed and squeezes herself riiiight in between us haha So it's like a big bundle of snuggles.

And that's my love advice to everyone to. Yep. (Though I'm not a love guru haha But I am a person who's very much in love and I feel the love from my man too, He makes me feel so loved
But in all seriousness, that was the advice I gave my friend when she was considering breaking up with her boyfriend. She asked me for my advice. So I asked her if they snuggle... she said that they never do. So I told her to start snuggling, like take a nap everyday too. Just for 15 minutes or something. And snuggle the shit out of each other. And try not to have sex. haha Cause the point is to be intimate and snuggle. It feel soooo good though, right? Just skin against skin. Hugs and squeezes. aaaaw <3
It actually releases a lot of oxytocin.. and therapists claim that it just makes people "feel good".
And it also reduces stress and blood pressure.

Here, read this: Snuggles!

Well time to go!

Pew pew!

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  1. also snuggles are supposed to be good for the heart. Apparently there was a study made in England that concluded that people whom snuggled regularly (now this could either be with a partner, pet or family I suppose) were less likely to suffer from anxiety and heart-failure. Good stuff, good stuff~


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