Friday, February 24, 2017

It's a new day!

And a new diaper for Freyster...
And new opportunities! New coffee adventures!
And new panties. Wooooooh!
It's just a new day! 

And since it's such a lovely day, I decided that once lunch is over we're going to the park! Yay! 

We had a lovely breakfast too. 
Since Freya woke me up at 6, we snuggled till 7,  and then I figured why just lay here when you can get up and make a good breakfast? 

Freya couldn't have agreed more. She flew up like the flash . Zoom!
Yeah there's no denying how much that kid loves pancakes and banana paddies. Hahah
So today I made American pancakes served with maple syrup (and we got the american syrup too.... not as tasty as my Canadian make syrup)  

I seriously made the most perfect pancakes ever.  So pretty, fluffy and smooth.
It's like I'm a pancake goddess sent from above lmao

And now we're just sitting here, playing with the fairy house haha and watching national geographic 😊 Yep we're learning stuff here. About mountain goats and eagles.

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