Monday, February 13, 2017

Best friends, an angry dog and a LeiLei

Yesterday was such a nice day.

We decided to go to the park and let Freya have a hoot. So we bought coffee, and Freya got a hot chocolate to drink too. And when off to the park!
(I have a thing for coffee in a to go cup)

We stayed out for over 2 hours while Freya played and ran around. She had so much fun <3
And she loved playing with Patricia :) Aaaaws, Patricia really looked out for Freya. Made my heart warm. And Nathalie is pretty much Freyas aunt. (Though she's actually more like Freya's godmother)
She's always been Freya's favorite friend. Yeah, that's right. They're family AND they're friends. And Nathalie likes being Friends with Freya. Who says you gotta have friends the same age haha

We had to drop by mom's place for a quicky too, cause Freya's mittens got wet and cold, her hands were freezing. So we got a spare pare of gloves for her at mom's house. Lucky! That way Freya could stay out an extra hour :D

Freya is a very loved child. Patricia and Nathalie adore her, and she adores them.
Ida loves Freya as well. My friends love Freya, they all love to visit and to play with her. She always gets gifts from everyone (though please don't spoil her too much now haha
To my family, Freya is they're little gemstone. To me and Frost... she's the universe.

There's a lot of kids that doesn't get much love in their life. I know of one or two children that's pretty neglected by their mothers. Not much love at all in their homes. It's sad... I wish all kids could come to a place where they'll get unconditional love and have fun. Like a.. hmm... well I don't have a fucking clue.
A place where kids feel safe and loved. I'd like to work with kids like that.

Anyway... back to the topic. Freya plays for over two hours, us grownups though, our fucking toes went numb from the cold. Yet we still stayed out there and played with her. haha
That's when you know you have good people around you. When they're hurting and still stay out there just to make sure Freya has fun.

I have awesome people in my life. And for that, I'm eternally grateful :)

Right, now I gotta find a good time to go to a playground place for toddlers and shit with Sofi!
Well, it's her choice really. She's the driver. So me and Freya will just go where they wanna go haha

But we'll definitely have fun! :D

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