Saturday, February 18, 2017

Morning sunshines!

Well Freya woke up at 7 today.... just waking up earlier an earlier. (Please shoot me in the head) 

Yeah i'ts fucking lovely.
Cause obviously I'm such a god damn morning person. 😑

Anyway.... I got up, and decided to put on a movie for Freya while I made breakfast. Yep. 
The Land Before Time. 

Sooooooo.... when Littlefoots' mom died...I got so upset lol so I decided that obviously this is NOT an appropriate movie for a small child. 
So she came in the kitchen with me. I cooked, she did the dishes. (Which I'll have to rewash of course..but It's the thought that counts) uh huh. 

I broke her glass... so I figured the bottle works juuuust fine. 

And theeeeen we went to the livingroom , at our banana paddies and I sipped on my uberhot fucking coffee and watched The Secret life of pets.

Omg. It's hilarious. It was such an awesome movie.

Frost woke up around 9. See, I decided to let him sleep a little longer today... cause he's been taking care of seriously EVERYTHING these past few day. He's helped me so much.
Which is an obvious thing to do when you love someone.....
but not everyone is so lucky to have someone like that. 
So yeah. I'm quite lucky.♡

I've been kinda sick so I haven't been able to move at all. So while I laid in bed or the sofa most of the time. He did everything else. 

For those who don't know, Frost has social phobia and severe anxiety, so him doing stuff and going places alone is really hard for him. 

But when I need him, he always steps up. He goes to the places I need him to go, no matter how nervous he is. And I appreciate that. 

Love makes our family strong as fuck. Haha ♡♡

And my mighty mom helped me too with dogfood ♡ 

I was suppsed to meet Nicky today (Nicky and I go years back, he was one of my best friends.... then life happened, girlfriend dumped him, got a new one.
.became a dad... and now here we ate lol) and he was suppose to bring his son over today too...he's one year older than freyatron. :D
But since Freya got a weird flu, I thought it was best to cancel it. Bummer....

Oh and I made a delicious chicken stew last night. Yum. Got bunches of lunchboxes too now. YAY!

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