Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In the middle of the night

I'm sitting on the sofa smoking right now... My sweet Frost is sound asleep <3 I couldn't sleep. I knew I had some stuff to do.... And I wasn't that sleepy when we went to bed and my ear was aching so I went up, boiled some water and put my earrings in it. :) Now they're all sparkly clean and fresh and back in my ears. Feels better if you ask me.

I also had something I needed to do before sleeping. I knew I'd forget it if I didn't do it today. Or tonight hah. And now I can sleep without feeling that I didn't do what I had to do. Peace of mind. Yep. :) I'm a good girl.

Oh I also peed! Ahaha! Good info to know right? lol And smoked. Uh huh. Multitasking woooooh!

I'm sleepy now... YaY! Now I'll sneak back in bed to my warm snugly man and cuddle him a bit without him even knowing it mwahahaha!!! (<---- that's my evil laugh btw. Sounds much more cool in real life. I promise) Bah, his face... So handsome and cute. *nom nom*
See, Even if I can hear him sleeping in the other room.... I still miss him. He's my everything. My twinflame. <3

Ah I can hear Frost's mom snoring. Aaaaw. Haha

Right, sleep I shall.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

True blood

Well today we've been staying inside aaaaaall day. And I've been having weird stomach pains all day as well. Like... My uterus going FUCK THE WORLD! And so on hah. Dunno why... Felt a wee bit better after some snuggles and ice cream lol

I'm currently sitting next to my sweetie in bed, watching True Blood. We've never watched it before so we decided to give it a try. Gotta admit I kinda like it so far uh huh.

Monday, October 29, 2012


We like Sundays. Yes we do.
You know why?

Cause they air the newest episode of The Walking Dead on tv on Sundays!

We're at Rogers house right now, watching NFL... It's become quite the Sunday thing to spend the evening at Rogers house :) We've done it every Sunday so far.

This is the view outside... You can't see it, but here's cows over there. Haha

It's a real fine evening. A bit chilly apparently but me likes it!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


It's funny ^_^

Ooooh me and snuggletree are having a lot of fun now :) We're playing quizzes against each other. I'm loosing :) lol it's ok, I get snuggles <3

obvious differences

So, I've been here for almost a month or so now... And I love it here. I probably love it an extra lot just cause my honey lives here, but Alabama really is nice 

The main difference between Alabama and Sweden is the people. I men, everyone is incredibly nice and polite. Sweden is known for being quite "cold" as some may call it... it's not though. But Swedes are no way near as polite and kind as southern people are.

For instance, everyone, and I mean everyone, opens the door for you. And people that work in stores and so on always ask 'how are you' or 'how ya'll doing today' with a smile. There's no freakin' way someone in sweden would ask that. They'll say 'Hi' and that's about it. Unless you actually know the person working in the cash register.  Oh And here, they also usually try to converse with me since my accent seems to attract their curiosity. (can I even express it that way? Is that grammatically correct?!) Anyway...

And once, at the market.. a man bumped in to me lightly. I didn't even notice it. And he patted my shoulder and said 'sorry, you alright m'am?'.
In sweden someone MIGHT whisper Oops or sorry. usually they'll just give you a "look".

Oooooh and at their markets and stores, the ones who work there ALWAYS packs your bags for ya. HOW NICE IS'NT THAT?! I love it haha. And last time we went grocery shopping a man put all our bags on a cart and helped us to the car and put them in the car for us. Aaws. My cold lil' heart was a wee bit moved. I gave him a tip. First time in my life I gave someone a tip. Also a BIG difference between Sweden and well..the entire U.S. Tipping people. We don't tip people in sweden.

Aaaws, and Frost always opens the doors and even the car door for me. And he's cute and always gets me stuff. makes me coffee, food... brings me stuff. Asks me if I'm hungry and then runs off and fetches me a cookie or a sandwich. Oh And he gave a lady a cart at the market cause she was waiting to get one after us. He's a sweet man my Frost <3 The sweetest of them all.

What else can I come up with now? Hmmm...
well...I can't really think of anything more at the moment apart from the politeness of the south and their kindness. I could get used to this hahaha :)

well, Frost is sitting on the bed watching the game while playing with his "temporary" Iphone. haha Crafty man he is lol I think I'll go sit next to him now... or should I google some fun stuff first? Hmm...

well, good night to y'all sweeties. It's night time in Europe now :)

Long time no see

It's been a while since I put up a pic of me on the blog so here you go :)

This is me today! A very happy koala I am. It feels nice to be this happy :) He makes me feel so happy and loved... And now he's bound to be forever! I hope I make him feel the same.

And I'm playing games with my handsome fiancé right now. Quiz games haha We're having fun! We're also watching Alabama play. Uh huh. Football evening!

Mom said I put in weight and I probably have, but I look cute despite that don't I? Haha I'ma do as my sister said, eat shit now and diet when I get back to Sweden haha! As long as Frost is attracted to me then koala is rather satisfied ^^ And he seems to be so I'm all good lol
Ah I've been in a snuggly mood all day. And night! Haha I'm gonna sneak up and steal some cuddles from him now....

Saturday, October 27, 2012


My boyfriend is a button masher -_-

I lost. Boo... I don't like loosing. I'm totally gonna bite his ass when he least expects it. Hah.
Aaaws he's so cute. It's fun playing with him though :) My sweetie <3


My snuggletree.
I didn't manage to sleep that well last night... I sort of had nightmares. Ya know, I was afraid of waking up and see that I had bled all over the sheets or something. So instead I got real nervous and self conscious. So I woke up all the time and went to the bathroom just to double check things haha Needless to say, it didn't happen... but still. The mind does what it wants sometimes. And mine just wanted to fuck with me I guess.

I also snuggled the shit out of Frost. So snuggable and warm. I was cold so I've been stealing warmth from him all night... That booty. Nom nom. Haha

He's so very proud today. Cause he made coffee that I actually felt was strong. Hah. You should see him strutting around with his proud face now. Cutie <3

I'm watching football with his mother right now. I'm pretty sure I hear Frost shaving now... That or he has a vibrator that he's playing with O_o haha


Frost gave me warheads yesterday. Sour as fuuuuuuck. Like holy shit!

Friday, October 26, 2012

ladycup spokesperson

Hello boys and girls and dirty dirty Russians. (This be Sir Frost) Jo and myself have had a grand day! Yep, Watched the Big Bang and NFL we have, and junk. Oh oh and I made her coffee and she told me all about the '' Lady Cup'' . . Seriously she could be a lady cup spokesperson. Uh huh. You girls should buy that for your vagina.
But anyways, I have a sheepy, snuggly koala in bed with me, attacking me at that (from down under. . huh?) So, I bid you all a wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So this is Haven. I hope it's a good show.
Looks creepy enough :D haha

I like watching different kind of series with my honey <3

Cotton fields

There's a lot of cotton field err and there. Haha I like this picture, I took it without really looking but it still ended up quite nicely :)

Aaaah I'll probably go into hibernation this week. My stomach is killing me... Lovely female problems every fn month. Penis to that. But I have ice cream in times of need so I'm ok haha

We just started watching American Horror Story Asylum. Second episode should be out tonight. YaY. It's creepy alright... I wonder how this season will turn out :D

Well, I think we'll watch Haven now. Seems like an interesting show... Frost's been eager to watch it for a long time.


I've been making chicken pies and taco pies this past hour and my sweet man fell asleep on the sofa <3 I wanna snuggle his face!!!!!
Seems like he fell asleep to me humming songs.. Haha fn cute.

I'm nibbling on a sandwich right now and listening to Guns n' roses, flogging molly, Paddy and the rats and a shitload of others as well... The pies should be done any minute now... I'll wake my snuggletree up then and drag him with me to bed. And then I'll snuggle him half to death <3

American Horror Story

So we started watching this show last night. Figured we needed something interesting to watch while we wait for The Walking Dead during the weekdays haha

And this is a real good show I tell you. It's fucked up, weird and really creepy. And it even has this nice eerie 'old school horror' feeling to it ya know? Even the music reminds you of old horror movies.

I like it. But yeah, it's freakin' weird and uncanny... A real Horror Show I guess :D

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So we went to the grocery store today... And I went on a shopping spree! YAAAAY! Omigosh there's so many weird things that don't exist in Sweden. So I bought a ton of weird stuff and food :D

Frost and his mother are singing songs now... And I'm eating my nom noms :) I'm like a paparazzi!

We're gonna watch a new series we started watching last night soon :) So good!

Nom nom

Aaaws look at the man I love <3 so cute!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Aaws Frost's miter made American pancakes. Om nom nom! Ah I can say mother in law. Ahaha sounds better.


So I've talked to mom and my sister now, and I'll tell the world now as well...

Frost asked me to marry him yesterday :) And I said yes. Of course I'd say yes, he's the love of my life. <3 My twinsoul.

Monday glory

It's a lovely day today. Sunny and whatnot. And hot! Bah....
I've had my cornflakes and I have my coffee... And I've spoken to mom on FaceTime. And a bunch of other people. And I'm currently writing with my lil sis in whatsapp :)

Frost is in the shower... I should bite his ass when he comes out. CHOMP!


I've had the best Sunday :)
It's been wonderful really <3 And we sort of finished it off with piñacoladas and the latest episode of The Walking Dead at Rogers :)

I'll be a bit more specific about today when I write tomorrow. Some things are meant to be said face to face first :) or Skype to Skype ahahaha

Ya know, you're not allowed to buy alcohol in the south on a Sunday.

Oh and we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday as well. :)
Aaaah I'm tired. I'll snuggle my tree now. <3

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The best of the best

I do have the best boyfriend in the world if I may say so myself <3

Making me breakfast and junk :)
I wanna do stuff for him as well, but what? Hmmm....

My love

Frost gave me a gift today :)
A necklace. Ah I think he said its an Irish key. I love it. Uh huh!
Aaaws this is the best gift I've ever received. Such a wonderful man I have.
I'll cherish it till I die.
He's so sweet... So very kind to me <3

He's asleep now, my cute snuggletree... I hope he has sweet dreams... Ah but I can't seem to sleep so I'm sitting on the sofa writing good morning to my mother :)

Roll tide!

It's Alabama vs Tennessee.

Alabama made 3 touchdowns already. Tennessee made what.... One?
Baby says Alabama will kick mega ass. It's true I tell you. Cause they're Nr 1.

Update: Alabama won. Duh... :P

Saturday, October 20, 2012


This was fucking delicious I tell you. Yum. broccoli, pasta and chicken.

So I've met a few people today uh huh! Cause Frost's uncle was here and his mothers brother in law as well. Yep the men took out the old dryer cause it was broken and now there's a new one. That works. Frost is happy about that, I can tell :D

Ah Alabama plays tonight.


I'm filling up the caffeine intake now.

Update: No I'm not. Couldn't drink it. That stuff was gross. So sweet it made my mouth turn inside out. Bleh............ So I gave it away. Or tried to give it away. hah.

Oh how I do like breakfast sometimes


Aaaah I like these! Lucky Charms :)


Look at our nommy dinner we had last night. My babe takes such good care of me <3

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chocolate milk & Corona

We're all cuddled up in bed, ready to watch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory :) YaY!!!

Oh I made a friend! She works at the gas station. She likes my accent hah.


Yo it's friiiiiidaaaaaaay! :D
It's a beautiful day and I'm spending it with the love of my life <3


Babe made nom noms! Pizza! Yum...

Ah I just finished talking to my dad and grandma and aunt and uncle and stepmom and junk. That was interesting. I think I liked seeing my uncle the most lol cause he was like pressing his face against the screen 'Hellooooo????' And then I'd see his ear pressed on the screen instead haha

Well I'm gonna continue eating my food. :)

Coffee experiments

Frost made me a magical cup of coffee. We're out of milk so he made a special one instead haha
It's got marshmallow cream in it and chocolate chips in it. Oooooh! Nom nom.

I have great plans

I do I tell you.

I've come up with the perfect christmas gifts for Frost. I even know what to give my wee sis...sort of. Exciting :D  This'll be fun! I'ma drown my babe in love hahaha

well, there's no rush. I'll handle everything with his gifts in november. Cause me is clever. He wont know a thing! Mwahaha!

Ah, I felt kind of shitty today... like really really shitty. My head was aching and my body felt weird. And then I had a shower with Frost and I had some coffee and now I felt splendid. Uh huh.

Yep I feel good :)

Ah, we're gonna watch NFL soon. I should probably do a sneak attack on Frost before that. Like BAM! <3

Thursday, October 18, 2012


We just got back from the store. Bought the necessary stuff... And beer! Beer is important. It's football on tonight ya know? Frost and his mother will probably shout at the tv while watching it. :)

Ah snuggletree got me coffee earlier with s'mores in it!!! Gotta say that it's fucking yummy... Om nom.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

hoppety hoppety heeeey

Ya know....... I have no clue what to write today. Other than being with Frost, and eating pepperoni pizza and junk...there's nothing more to add.

He asked me what I want for christmas........ that's like the most difficult question EVER. I never know what I wish for cause I never wish for anything. See, that's why my dad only buys shit for my wee sister and not me. Cause I don't wish for anything.

Tbh, I get happy whenever I receive something when it's from the bottom of someone's heart. Be it a lollipop or a carrot peeler. if someone thought of me while buying it, it makes me happy :D

Guess I'ma have to start thinking about a wishing list. I know mother is dying to know what I want for christmas as well -_- wishing lists are good to have.

I'll make one eventually :D

Welp, I'm waiting for a shower with snuggletree. My sweet sweet honey <3

Ah I'm talking to Ida now. Things are moving forward :D

oh lord


Aaaaah I'm like an American naaaaoooo... lol jk.

I'm standing at the counter with a cigarette in one hand and a spoon in the other, eating ice cream... I feel so sexy haha

This Mayfield is really tasty.

FYI... I have the best boyfriend in the world. I'ma marry that man one fine day <3

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Oh god he picked the wrong place to stand at.

It's also fascinating to see the bullet holes on the sign. But his helmet brings home the price. Gosh haha



well well weeeeell...I just seen a cockroach for the first time in my life. Interesting. Luckily there's none of 'em here at home :) Yeah I don't like then. Neither does Frost's mom. Should've seen Judy smash that bastard..... It was like looking at Thor with his big hammer mjölner. But instead of a hammer...she used a slipper. Like a baaws. I'ma go attack Frost now. It looks like he needs to be snuggled half to death. <3

I may need to pee as well. Hmmm..... tricky tricky. Snuggle or pee. Snuggle or pee....gosh... decisions. PICK ONE.



Snuggles while watching NFL... I'm goooood. Haha

Well, we're gonna watch a movie now. Teenage mutants ninja turtles. lol


Can you hear the crickets?
haha I just had to make a memory of this. 
Dunno why... so I made a video :) 
Now, the crickets can be heard everywhere <3
I hear this every evening...It's so cosy <3

I'm gonna sneak up on my babe now and sniff him a bit and maybe even snuggle him. Who knows? :)


I made my very own chicken pie! Two of them. One spicy with jalapeños and salsa in it and another one with herbs and chili in it. We'll just see if its tasty or not I guess.

Fall in Alabama

It's quite pretty aye? :)

Well, I'm waiting for the chicken to thaw so I can make some chicken pie. I say nom noms for the Hastings. I'm gonna make dinner for my maaaaaan lalalala!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A wee spider

Not so wee really.... Gosh. I'm not too fond of spiders. Or any lil' creepy creeps for thy matter. This one was in a tree outside of Rogers. Buh....

Frost's waaaaay more scared of 'em than I am though. Oh and I killed a red wasp today. Very happy that we don't have those bastards in Sweden. Nasty fuckers....


Peanut butter jelly sandwiches. Why the hell are they so fucking delicious!?

Anyway, we just got out of the shower. Came home from Rogers not too long ago :) We've been to Guntersville today. Aaaws, I made a swedish smörgås cake for him as a birthday gift and apparently he liked it. YaY me. *bro fist* We went out for mexican food earlier and then came back and started watching The Walking Dead. Ooooooh the first episode of season 3 was a good one. Uh huh. It was kinda nice being cuddled up next to Frost, but I'm pretty fn sure he didn't find it as comfortable as I did, poor thing. Squeezed together with a Jo like that. Must've been a bit difficult... But I still liked it. I love being near him 

This is the love of my life.
Isn't he the most beautiful person on earth?
Rawr, he's so cute <3

Ya know, I had no fucking idea what I was doing when I made the sandwich cake. lol All the swedish stuff doesn't really exist here. haha But it ssems like I did a pretty good job anyway. :) Nice man he is, that Roger. I hope he's had a nice birthday.

The walking dead

We're at Rogers house now, watching the walking dead. Season 3 will start in about 2 more hours. Ooooooooh me can't wait! :D