Wednesday, October 17, 2012

hoppety hoppety heeeey

Ya know....... I have no clue what to write today. Other than being with Frost, and eating pepperoni pizza and junk...there's nothing more to add.

He asked me what I want for christmas........ that's like the most difficult question EVER. I never know what I wish for cause I never wish for anything. See, that's why my dad only buys shit for my wee sister and not me. Cause I don't wish for anything.

Tbh, I get happy whenever I receive something when it's from the bottom of someone's heart. Be it a lollipop or a carrot peeler. if someone thought of me while buying it, it makes me happy :D

Guess I'ma have to start thinking about a wishing list. I know mother is dying to know what I want for christmas as well -_- wishing lists are good to have.

I'll make one eventually :D

Welp, I'm waiting for a shower with snuggletree. My sweet sweet honey <3

Ah I'm talking to Ida now. Things are moving forward :D

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