Sunday, August 27, 2017

good times

Ok, despite us being sickly this weekend, we still had an ok time :)

(I'll be writing about videogames a lot too so.. just scroll past that if you don't have an interest for it)

So anyway, Freyster's been riding her bicycle a lot lately. Every day to be exact. At least we push ourselves to go out for longer walks so she can ride her little bike daily. She's so good at it too.
First thing she did when she got it was to wroom away :)

I've been playing the CoD ww2 beta this weekend. Got good responds online too from my gameplay. :D
That's always a hoot right? haha  (though in my opinion it feels like that was a total ripoff of Bf1. It was the exact same pretty much. But hey, I had fun.) There was a few bugs but nothing major. 
And today I decided to start playing the new uncharted: the lost legacy
Loving it so far. Go women! And all that jazz... it is nice though, to see women be badasses like that for a change, don't get me wrong. I love Nathan Drake
But this is the new era of vaginas, ok dudes? lol

And yeah, I've played Tombraider. I know she has one too. But this is somehow different.
Probably cause it's two of them. You know, that game got such a huge response online due to it being feminist friendly and showing how to women can be true friends bla bla blah.
Frost was wondering what rock those women who wrote that had been living under. 
They were talking about how women are friends these days, because social media shows a different side. Like money and sex bladdibla. (I only listened to half he said..I know. One of my oh so many flaws eheh..) But yeah, he's right.

Getting sidetracked here but bear with me for a minute (or two)
The friends I have are amazeballs. I can't even imagine Nathalie or Onka or Marty (though Marty doesn't even swing that way lol Frost should worry that she'll steal me away instead ahahah Cause I'm so hot, in case you missed that part.) or Hanna or Moa or (omg I can't count them all ok..let's just stop now) but yeah, none of them would talk rudely to me or use me, stealing my man... whatever. Nah. No one of my buddies would be what social media portrait female friends to be.
Don't get me wrong... it's not like I've never come across women  like that. Man, I've met women that flirted with friends boyfriends or even slept with guys their friends liked etc etc. 
You know, pretty much what you see on TV. -_-
I never hung out in those kind of crowds though... I didn't really feel threatened from my 7 guy friends either hahaha

oh on a sidenote, I'm superexcited over the package that Madame Marty is sending meeeee. YAY!
She works for Lush so yeeeeaaaaah (proud snorky pose)

  Anyway.. thanks for bearing with me for a couple of minutes. Now we can continue the post...
(I can't help it. I can get incredibly sidetracked sometimes. I never run out of things to talk about)

Soooo....What else have we done this weekend. Hmmm... 
Just played, watched movies and series and snuggled and stuff. And played outside haha

We also took a stroll to town and watched the Pride parade :)
Freya's all for love ya know? 

Well have a happy sunday fart stains :D
We're waiting on food at the moment. Got some good deal from a place that has delicious chicken so we took it since we're all feeling a little crappy. It's a Lebanese place, so let's hope it's good today :)

Saturday, August 26, 2017


So we watched a movie the other day. The whole family :)

We watched Zootopia. haha I loved it. It's got one of my favorite actors in it too (Idris Elba. Hah...he's amazing) It's a good movie.

I mean, who doesn't like him? :3

It's also a movie America should watch riiiiiight now, considering those racist ingrates are destroying the country. It's got a good message.

OOooooh we also watched Storks yesterday. How have we not heard of this movie before?
I might've laughed harder than necessary but it was hilarious.


There's some awesome projects in the making right now.

Say what you what you want about Ghost in The Shell, but I still liked it. But you had to watch the anime to be able to appreciate it I guess. (I loved the animesback in the day... I waited 20 fucking years for that lol) 
Can you believe that? That's how long I waited for Ghost in the shell to get real.

There's some good anime's in here that's going to be live action soon. One of them is Akira, apart from Neon Genesis Evangelion (and sailor moon and Totoro and shit like that) that was one of the first anime movies I ever saw. Not sure how they'll end up though. Same with Naruto... I have a feeling it'll end up just like Dragonball. It's gonna suck donkey dick. Some things aren't meant to be live actions.
Attack on Titan could be awesome though. And Full metal alchemist seems to turn out amzeballs.
I've seen thousands of animes...and that's probably an understatement. But it's going to be pretty cool to see some of the shows I grew up watching in the big screen.

I just wish they'd make Full metal panic into one as well... that's one of my all time favorite. (But then again, I do have a mehca fetish lmao) I just love robots! Iiiih!

Talking about robots... Did you see how many mecha animes they're making into live actions? OMIGOOOSH. Exciting. <---

Why they haven't turn NGE into a big screen movie though is beyond me.............

Lmao Is it bad that I know all the lyrics to this show?
Oooh But I used to love this soooo much back in the day. It's still one of the best animes through all time.

hah. I used to have angel thesis (the intro) as my ringtone like 10 years ago :D

Aaaah memories.

People still know who she is though, the one who sang the song. It's still huge in japan too. Even I turn into a little squealing schoolgirl when I hear this song hahaha

And now it's Freya's time.
She just started watching Sailor Moon yesterday. (and she's also watching Glitter force.. Uugh.. a ripoff of Sailor Moon. But hey, she likes it -_-)

Moving on... I think I got a little carried away.

Let's say a prayer for my 421 animes that got deleted when my hard drive crashed 3 years ago.
I had been collecting them since I was 16.
haha Back in the day you'd just give your hard drive to a buddy and he'd download the best animes he had on it, and then it'd be passed forward to the other guys. Yep. My hard drive had seen places lololol But since all the anime nerds I knew were guys... I'd sometimes end up with some awkward shit. Awkward as hell. -_- ahem... Anyway..

R.I.P you amazing thing.

Death Note

Ok, so we watched  Death Note yesterday. With William Defoe. (omigooosh I love him iiiih haha) Unfortunately, this movie sucked....Terribly. :(

But William Defoe delivered his masterpiece though. He was amazing as Ryuk. He really captured him

(pic from google)

Buuuut the rest of it sucked. Decent soundtrack but a poor choice of main characters.
I hated who they picked as L, since L is supposed to be so pale that he looks like he's dying. And the actor just seemed over eccentric and a little mentally challenged.... Yeah I didn't like him. I did however think that he captured L's fetish for candy lmao He ate it just like he did in the anime. So I'm guessing he's watched the anime too. Good job you.

But still.. I didn't like the two main characters at all.

And Light...that guy just looked like he was a weird wicked pervert. Or something.... Yeah I didn't quite like those two.

I would've liked it if they had picked the original L in the live action. He still looks really young.

Plus I like Kenichi, since he had a part in Gokusen (which I loooooved) so yeah... haha

But what I did love in Death Note was Ryuk. :3 it wasn't that big of a part either...but still. He stole the show.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Things can be good when times are bad too

You know, one thing I've realized after I hit that when times are bad. Everything ain't bad. Even if they may seem like it.
It's mostly small stuff... but isn't it the small stuff that keeps people going?

Just now, Frost nudged me with his feet while he's laying on the sofa right next to me. He dozed off a while ago and I just let him. Looked peaceful. 

And Freya kissed me so many times and said that she missed me so much while she was playing at granny's place yesterday. She was only gone for a few hours but she missed meeeee~
Aaaaaawwww *supermushy face*

So while I'm experiencing a rough time now and then... I'm really happy. 
There's always something good even in the bad. 

Another good thing:
I've been admitted to the pain clinic now and the doctor in charge is putting a team of like 10 people on it for me. This is the first time anythings really happening revolving my EDS. He was really understanding too. 
I also need to see a psychologist regarding the way I handle my pain and emotions. How I can get depressed sometimes when the pain gets a little too hard to carry alone and so on. I see his point. It's easier to complain to someone I'm not related to I guess. 

While the team he's putting together seems really impressive, I'm not jumping in this with high expectations though. Actually I don't really have any expectation at all.... I mean,  EDS can't be cured anyway. But I'm glad someone is trying for my sake though. That's pretty neat. 

I'm currently playing DOOM and sipping on my coffee. I'm very bored lol 

But I can't wait till Destiny 2 comes out! It's not long now! September 6 right? Iiiiih!  

Aaaaah now I'm annoyed. I'm stuck in the game and I can't even read maps, so I don't know where to go... And this stupid zombie boss is fucking me over every God damn time. WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST MAKE SIMPLE FUCKING MAPS?! 

Anyway... Back to doodling around. 
Talking about doodles... I have a doodle in my head that I just need to get down on paper. Yep.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Freya's birthday

Yesterday was Freyster's birthday.  And it was the best one ever!

The Larssons gave her a new biiiiike! Iiiih! (Freya squealed)
And she freakin' loved her new kickbike she got fron mom and Lasse.

I made two giant cakes for her day. One chocolate pavlova that everyone seemed to get obsessed about haha and then a cream cake with blueberry jam, vanilla custard and then a ourole creamy layer with blueberryvanilla cream in it. A 5 layer cake. BOOM.
They loved it. :D

And Freya loved her gifts! She got a bike, a kickbike, toys, books, clothes, mumin cup, playdoh, artsy stuff. Pens, crayons paper etc etc... I can't even remember all the things she got.

Oh and Nathalie stayed up with me the night before and helped me make meringues and pavlova bottoms and shit. haha We had a retarded evening. A ton of fun!
The meringues turned out perfect, and I covered the cream cake with them too.

I'm so happy that Freya had such an awesome birthday. <3

I can't believe she's already 3 years old :O

Friday, August 18, 2017


Well what do ya know. It's Friday once again.
And the premiere of The Defenders!!! Wooohoooo! I love Luke Cage and Jessica Jones so this will be a hoot. 

My sister will drop by soon to bake some cake bottoms for the cake. 

Natta will help bake cookies tonight or tomorrow. And I'll make the pavlova meringue tomorrow as well. 

But for now, I'm stuck in front of The Defenders ❤

It's perfect. Frost made really good cappuccino just now so I'm sipping in that, feeling warm and fuzzy. 

On Wednesday me and mom went to buy ingredients for everything for Freya's birthday.
it was a nice little roadtrip. went to Kumla too.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Freya's birthday plans

Ok, so apparently there will be a lot more people coming on her birthday than I originally thought.

So I'll make another cake too. Freya specifically asked for something with a lot of whipped cream on it haha And then she said she wanted a pink and blue cake. Which I can totally do since I already planned on making meringues in those colors. #Win!

I'm also still drawing a picture for Johannes babygirl. She'll be born in october so I've got time. But I already got the motive done. #WinAgain haha

Oh today I'm getting a "moon" table. Woho! I've been wanting one for so long and now it's finally miiiiiiiiiiine!


I've been working on a piece for my Johannes an his precious girlfriend ❤

She's obsessed with the 50's so I figured I could try to compose something combined with her interests and things she likes. 

We'll see if I like this once it's done. Otherwise I'll just make a different one ☺
I've got bunches of ideas. 

Friday, August 11, 2017


You know, every time I think I'm finally rid of that disastrous phone...
My amazing man comes and saves (or ruin) the day. He fixed that motherfucker.

And now I kinda realize that thank god for that cause what am I to do without a phone?
How do I keep up with everything without it? haha It's sad but true, humans need their phones these days.

Stevie would never survive without me on a phone either lmao

jk jk

But thank you beeb for fixing it. Now i can recieve all the pics and updates of Freyas weekend.

Freya just left with mom and Lasse and Josse aaaaand Doris. They're going to zinkgruvan over the weekend, and Freya does love spending time there. I'm glad she has fun <3

We're planning and getting things for Freya's birthday in a week. She's very excited.
We've decided on a perfect birthday gift, plus she'll love the gift from mom and them. And I know that the Larsson's are getting her something awesome too. It's gonna be great :)

Keeping it small and somewhat simple. Or maybe I'm going overboard?
Such a fine line between the two really haha

Nathalie will come over and bake with me for fun. Figured it'll be a fun way of hanging out.
And I'll make the Pavloas the day before maybe. I'll ask Josse, the one she made was delicious, seriously...amaaaazingly yummy. So I'll ask her for tips and advice and shit.

One chocolate and one vanilla. How bout that?

And some pink and blue meringues too. Cause they're cute.
I found these on google, they're adorable aren't they? 
The ones who made these have my respect :)

I wonder if I know anyone with these types of pipes (or whatever the fuck they're called. I forgot the swedish word for it too) to make these.
And I'll also try to make a batch of cookies.

Well alrighty then... well me and honey are going on a date now    :D YaY!

We decided to go to Burger Master. (turns out we chose La Pampa in the end lol) Yum yum yummy, in my tum tum tummy.

And I also go the sweetest message earlier, with a video in it.
I felt so loooooved lol I do love you, you amazing amazon 
Thank you for that. 

Brightened up my day she did.

Here's the link to the video BestFriendVideo :)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

May you rest in peace you stupid piece of shit phone

Well god damn it... My phone is dead.
And I mean DEAD. It won't start no matter what I do. I have no idea why...
Piece of shit. -_-

Good grief, I'm mad.

So yeah...................... I don't have a phone. In case anyone is wondering why I'm not answering, this is why. Uuugh....This will be definitely be a problem. F#ck.

Well now you know.


Doris hates being here. I've always wondered why. Cause everyone treats her nice.
Well... Everyone but Freya. She loves hugging Doris and cuddling her while Doris just seems to wanna run away lol

So I put out Doris little bed and let her stay in it. Looks comfy and cozy right?

We have a rule here. No dogs in the sofa. That went for lei lei too. (though sometimes I broke the rules cause I wanted lei lei up here hah) 

Anyway. Doris might hate it here cause she knows that no pets are allowed on the sofa. 

But that weaselly little doodle... She sat in her bed. Then she turned around and looked at me, and I was like 'Heeey dooodiiiii'
And then she was all like....... Hey. 

And all of a sudden I'm sitting on the sofa snuggling with Doris next to me. Yep. 

I don't even know how it happened..... *sigh* 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

Superfun day

Since the entire weekend's been rainy AF, and we sat inside most of the time...
I promised Freya that if it was sunny today I'd take her to town and go see granny at her workplace and just have fun pretty much.

And so Monday came, with sunshine :)

Freya had so much fun. We took the bus to town. And yodeled away to moms workplace.
Then we strutted around the cemetery and looked at all those culture graves that are over 200 years old. Pretty cool. Freya looked at the gravestones and hugged some, poked on some and just sat next to some. She's a cute little oddball. She's a lot like me when I was her age.
Then we walked to their main office...Some fika and coffee on that, and it was golden.
A good time in other words.
Freya got to ride the golftruck even more after that haha and she even got to "drive" it herself. 
(at least that's what she thinks haha) She's so cute. She really enjoyed herself.

After about 2 hours of playing around and exploring we decided to go home.
Mom was gonna meet up with Lasse anyway so they could go home together.

Soooo I took my little weasel and went to Burger King and got her a strawberry milkshake.
Man, she walked with that as if it was the most fragile treasure she owned lol

On our way home we walked through town and looked at all the galaxies and nebulas outside the church. It was pretty nifty. Freya thought it was interesting.

And then we walked and looked at the river, and then the ducks and the geese.
And then the store and home.

Oh right, before we got home I ran into Nicole and her daughter Ivy.
Holy cheesedoodles, it's been so long since I saw her.

Freya immediately went and gave Ivy a hug and then tried to make her smile.
Ivy is about 10 months younger than Freyster so maybe they can play in the future?
We agreed that we gotta hang out soon. She makes awesome food that woman. Mmm...

I shit you not. Some time ago she made a huge dinner. It was an awesome night. We had so much fun :) She made springrolls, deep fried chicken and shrimps, noodles and all kinds of delicious shit. Mmm... a giant Vietnamese dinner in other words.

Ah, here's a picture of it. (Not to brag, but I made half of it...... well she forced me to do it.) But it was fun to cook together like that. We should totally do it again :D

Yep, well... I promised to call her soon and I fucking will.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


You know, it's been a nice day. I got up real late too haha
Me and Frost snuggled so hard :) Cause Freya woke up and wanted to watch Carebears in bed.
So lots and lots of morning snuggles while Freya watched netflix at our feet lol

We've cleaned a lot today. And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT.
Dusted, cleaned creaks and corners and vacuumed and mopped etc etc.
And we threw out Lei Lei's rug and her bowls. It was kinda hard... but today I gathered up all the courage and shit and told Frost to go throw it out. Cause I couldn't throw it out myself. It made me a little sad... I keep hearing noises that sounds like her. Gosh i miss my little doodlepuff.

Anyway...moving on. Like I said though, it's been a good day.

It's been raining hard as fuck though. (But in my opinion, that's just cozy and snuggly.) Freya also kept me company when we made chocolate balls. (extra dark coffee in them too) Freya couldn't really help me out. She tried....but the balls just kept on disappearing and I kinda thought that was a little weird. And then I saw traced on out freshly vacuumed and mopped floors.... yeah the little sugar crumbs went from the kitchen to Freya's room somehow. Mysterious I know.

Eventually I decided to do it myself and Freya could eat dinner instead lmao

So, after that we sat down and watched some stuff on TV. Cuddled up in the sofa...
When Freya was busy doing Freya stuff we played a little Destiny.

And theeeen, then I got sleepy... so me and Freyster decided to watch Finding Dory in the bedroom.
The concept was cosy AF. :D 

But reality was a bit different haha
Freya was very snuggly and playful. She quickly turned the bedroom upside down.
So now we're in the livingroom watching shows on netflix and eating chocolate balls.

So anyway, like I said: We cleaned a lot today.
I even washed a pair of curtains and put them up in the kitchen.

It looks so weird without LeiLei's things occupying the kitchen.
Feels weird too.

Stevie bought me 3 months Xbox live gold today.
So now I owe him my firstborn son. lmao

Kidding. I am however blessed with good friends.
I've been really distant from everyone lately. Not just cause of LeiLei of course. Though she was a buffer to it. I got worse after she died.
There's other reasons...I just haven't been feeling alright.
My mom was up my ass about me just being with Frost all the time, never hanging out with anyone.
So... you don't think it sounds weird that Jo ain't hanging out with anyone?
Why is that?
Nah,Jo's just lazy and selfish.
There is a reason though. Why I don't even hang out with my best friends...
It's not a discussion I'll have with her though.

And I hate trying to act all normal and shit, pretending that I'm ok.
Plus I'm pretty bad at it. So I prefer to just be home, watching movies, reading comics and playing videogames and sipping on strong AF coffee and so on...
I get little spurrs where I get out and do things, but it's not often.
I mostly go out to play with Freya :)

But my friends all know me. They know I'm not ignoring them or trying to be a dick.
I respond to everyone. I'm just not hanging out with anyone these days...
I'm hoping to get better at that though. I'll be better yup yup

But hey, autumn is around the corner. And I fucking like the autumn. :)
So maybe my mood will get better.

Freyster's birthday is soon too. Another reason to be happy. 

But back to the topic, I love my friends. Pew pew!
And my sweet parabatai even bought me gifts. A package filled with Lush products. That almost made me cry a little haha Supersweet. And who doesn't love Lush? 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Hello coffee

Frost made such plans today. To go to town, play in the park and let Freya look at new flowers in the city park.

Buuuuuut it looks like the weather has other plans haha 
I don't really mind. It's nice with some cold for once. I'm warming myself up with a nice cup of hot coffee. Frost really do make the best coffee ❤

Freya is watching Carebears & cousins. She's really into it today for some reason. She was even upset that Grumpy was angry haha But I told her that Grundy was just being grumpy ☺

Frost and I are about to watch some Queen of the South 🙏  And we have around 5 new series to watch too. But they seem a little morbid and dark so we'll probably watch it when Freya is asleep :)

Blankets.... I need more blankets in the couch. 

It's snuggle time!!