Friday, August 4, 2017

Hello coffee

Frost made such plans today. To go to town, play in the park and let Freya look at new flowers in the city park.

Buuuuuut it looks like the weather has other plans haha 
I don't really mind. It's nice with some cold for once. I'm warming myself up with a nice cup of hot coffee. Frost really do make the best coffee ❤

Freya is watching Carebears & cousins. She's really into it today for some reason. She was even upset that Grumpy was angry haha But I told her that Grundy was just being grumpy ☺

Frost and I are about to watch some Queen of the South 🙏  And we have around 5 new series to watch too. But they seem a little morbid and dark so we'll probably watch it when Freya is asleep :)

Blankets.... I need more blankets in the couch. 

It's snuggle time!!

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