Friday, March 31, 2017

Old friends

I met up with Hanna the other day ♡
It's been a while since we saw each other. She was here on Freya's first birthday... And then shes been like... everywhere... Africa, Norway, America etc etc.. Yeah she doesn't seem to know how to be still. Hahah 😂

It felt so fucking good to finally see her again. She's a very good old friend of mine. From a whole different decade of my life. Most people dont know that side of me that she does, we've had a lot of fun during the years in the country side lol driving to the beach on her scooter, or come up with whacky shit to do. haha
So it feels rather nostalgic to think about old memories. ☺ 
We went out for coffee and talked for hours. ☕
She actually lives pretty close. Just like Nicky. He actually lives a bit closer to the road on her block. Haha Sometimes i think I should go surprised visit him. I mean, why not... it's not like he can deny his friend whom he has knows for 14 years right? Yeah. Thought so. I'ma crash his house! Hah.

Anyhoooo.... I think I'll visit Hanna too once in a while. I mean, o
If we live so damn close... it's only natural. She's finally back in Sweden to stay for a while. How long is a while in "Hanna time" you might ask? Anything from 4 months to a year. Yep. You never really know when she'll go travel again haha 
Redress soul she has. Yup. So I better visit when I can. She wants me to meet up more often so I'll try to do that if I can. 

I feel really good now that I've met her again. ❤
It's been hard regaining my energy lately... but she filled me right up almost haha ☆

So all in all, I've had a great day. And I'm gonna finish it by listening to abba and playing Ghost recon ☆☆☆ Boom.

it's kind of a sad day

Well, yeah... it is a little sad, cause it's an ending.
But all ending comes with new beginnings I suppose.

Today I said good bye to one of the closest people in my life.
I don't think she realized even that she was that important. But so be it.

But I wish her the best, and good luck in life.

I'll tell Freya stories in the future about the crazy funny lady that I once knew haha
I'll still be around if she ever moves on and becomes that "better me" that she's striving to be. I hope she'll become everything she wants to be. And I hope she finally find happiness.
It's only natural that I'll miss her, of course I'd miss someone I care about. But this friendship was doomed I guess. Ain't no going back now.

I'm not gonna drag this on, I just wanted to say that not all endings are of a sad nature.
This is a new beginning for her. New possibilities and new adventures.

Good luck

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I sat and had a tune on my mind earlier... and I just could't get it out of my head.
And I couldn't remember what song it was either.... "I just can't get enough, I just van't get enough..."

And then it hit me!

 You KNOW it's a good song.
Me and Sofi used to listen to this in the car at work lol

And the while me, Frost and Freya were stuck in front of youtube... I just had to play Abba.

Frost isn't a fan of Abba, but he's a man of music. So even he can tell that Abba was amazing when it came to write songs. I mean, Abba was... divine really. What they did, how they did it and how the notes were created in perfect harmony with the band.

Obviously, on Freya's own playlist, there's some Abba too. Duh.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunshine and warmth

Damn, it was a warm day today.
If it wasn't for this damn fever, I might've actually enjoyed this heat 😑

Nonetheless... we still took Freya to the park to play with her new bucket and sea creature molds haha (I made a sandcastle with a starfish on it cause I'm cool) she was really happy though ☺

Apart from one thing, I almost had a really good day. Haha
Well, I'm sleepy. As usual. I don't think I like my meds tbh... nope.
I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow :D
But I've always loved sleep, haha

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sleepy AF

I can't believe how tired I am...
Oh btw, Freya slept all night in her room.
I woke up at 5 (actually my sore throat woke me up...  I could barely swallow) 
Freya came in to our room shortly after that...and snuggled up against me ♡♡♡ 
Best morning snuggles ever. Haha

We made banana paddies  (cause I haven't made any in weeks now....and she definitely loves my pancake paddies) She gobbled them down pretty damn fast haha
I had two small ones (the 2 burned ones. Can't let her eat the nasty ones now can I? ☺)  nom nom nom.

She gonna go to town with granny & Lasse today. It's saturday after all, and it kinda feels like they made it into a tradition to take her to town and eat at their favorite cafe with her haha ♡ 
She's very lucky to have such loving grandparents 😘

Hey I was thinking earlier that I've always felt that it's the small things in life that matters the most. And it's also the same way I show my affection. 
For instance... I always let Frost sleep a little longer in bed in the mornings, cause it's a small way of showing him I love him. ♡

Well Freya and I watched the Princess And The Frog earlier.... and now it's Brave. I like that movie. Merida is a cool princess lol

My God...still exhausted...

Friday, March 24, 2017

Oh it's already friday again

Well Freya's only been to daycare/preschool for or two days this week lol
I planned on her staying home on Wednesday cause I feel like I want to spend way more tome with her. :)
So I told her teachers that she'd be home that day and that she'd come back on thursday again.

At the end of Tuesday her fever hit 39,7 c. Like BOOM. She was burning up.
And it just kept getting higher. And that's always awful for a parent, cause you know your babygirl is suffering and feeling weak and puny. It's always heartbreaking really. I wonder if that'll ever change... She slept in our bed all night, so we could monitor her breathing and stuff. Frost was like a big goose covering up it's little baby goose <3
She's been completely exhauseted.... and sooooooo so snuggly. She was either on top of one of us at all times, or cuddles up in a snuggle fort in the sofa haha Watched carebears and Disney stuff all day long.

And yesterday she got better. But you gotta stay at home for 24 hours after a fever too so...

We decided to hang out with a very good friend :)
Plus our daughters are pretty much the same age so... haha

We went to the funland today (for toddlers) It's awesome for our weasels.

Aaaand at the end of our funday, Freya and Lykke got free ice cream :D woooh!

I'm exhausted.... and have been since yesterday or the day before.... I need rest. Soooo so bad.
But today was Freya's fun day so it didn't matter really. But I really do need to sleep now. Yup.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... I'm so sleepy. I'm dyiiiiiiiiing.... haha

Sunday, March 19, 2017


So we were supposed to go see John Wick 2 at the movies last Friday. (John Wick was awesome so I bet the new one is too) so as you may have figured out by that, we never went. My knees got so fucked up...swollen and they hurt like a motherfucker. Standard EDS shit really.

So we couldn't go :(

But the theater actually wrote me today and said that they sent me free tickets to their theaters ❤🙏 That's so thoughtful and nice! 
Especially since I was really sad that we couldn't go...

Today we've been out on a walk. Popped by mom & Lasse that were spring cleaning on their backyard.and then we went and picked up Natta. 
After that Frost wasn't that interested in listen to lady chatted and such lol so he stayed at home while Natta, Freya and I went to the park. Luckily we didn't pick a oark far away this time as we had planned... Cause Freya took a HUGE dump there ahahahah 
So we just had to trot home ahaha

Right now me and Freya are watching Netflix programs in the bedroom. It's really nice. Though I got tired of carebears so I started watching The Good wife instead Hahah 
But we're sitting next to each others, snuggling ❤ I like this. She's so damn sweet. Holding my hand ❤

Ah and I've been folding laundry at the same time haha 😁 multitasking ✌

Well time to get some evening snacks. Well... if Freya will let me leave the bed that is. Haha!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hello Wednesday!

Well oh well.... it's been... a hectic week, since last tinm I wrote. For the first time ever, Freya got the vicious "winter vomit flu". A nasty fucking stomach flu. She threw up....eeeeeverywhere. So much puke.  Gosh... poor baby. And she kept saying "I'm sorry... I'm sorry." every time after she threw up. She was so ashamed.... 😔And we tried to comfort her and tell her to not apologize for being sick.

It's also been an extremely snuggly week. So many snuggles haha (and that's definitely a huge plus lol)

I've been taking very long walk these days. And your every evening and morning. Yep yep. In the evening time i always go with friends, so I never walk alone at night: ) 
I've had issues with my knees these past two days though. Much better today. But I think it was yesterday  (?) That I could barely stand up. The swelling was insane... swelled up to twice the size of my kneecap ffs. Brutal pain...
Well...thats in the past now. :) 
I've also been quite busy with the new Ghost recon :) obviously. 
It's got a crappy score if you read online, but I don't understand why... both me and Frost think it's an awesome game. Great co-op too. (That's one of the bestest parts!)  And huuuuuuuuge maps. And the weapons are fun. Plus you drive everywhere too. Either by car or by helicopter haha it's fucking awesome. I'm having a lot of fun with that game. It's like me and Frost have our little nerdy gamerdates when we play it ❤

Ah, talking about dates.... Frost and I had a date night last weekend actually. We went to see "Logan". God damn it, that was a brilliant and beautiful movie. ♡
And since mom asked if Freya could stay over tomorrow night as well, we figured that maybe...maaaaybe (if there's a good movie out)  we'll go to see a movie. Or maybe dinner instead? Hmm...we'll see.

I actually had lunch at Jimmy's diner today. And hoooooly chicken nuggets... it was deeeeelicious. 😍 Yum yum! I am so totally bringing Frost there some day. Hot damn it was a great place. Plus, the service was awesome. :) 

I had a blast with mom, just driving around catching Pokemons and shit hahahaha yeah I had fun 😊

Well, I'm about to meet a friend in about an hour or 2. Depending in when the laundry is done. So I should do some exercises...

Oh oh oh I soooo want to spoon Frost tonight. Uh huh. I'm in a spooning kind if mood lol And so I shall. ❤❤❤

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring is here

Yay! I actually saw snowdrops today on my morning walk. I walked for 45 minutes this morning... and it felt kinda ok. And I walked almost 2 hours yesterday. All over town. Yep.

Me and nathalie had a fun night lol Yeah we walked a little here and there. A little everywhere ahaha Got free stuff from the store in town. :D

Anyhoooo.... I started playing Pokemon go again just to try to make going outside a little more..."fun" or something.... (They've got 80 new little critters so...) well it's somewhat fun I suppose. 

Freya is with my mom right now. Heaving some sweet granny/granddaughter time. 

Which gives me and Frost some sweet lovin' time. ❤ hahahaha jk jk 

Or am I? Ahaa
I had an important meeting earlier today. Not quite sure how it went...but it felt like it went well. And that this is getting fucking BIG. O__o

But.....the bigger the better, I want this to go out with a huuuuge god damn BOOM.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Stuff I forgot to post

Last week we had pancakes with whipped cream and jam! (Swedish pancakes that is) 
And since we're such a funny and fucking fabulous household (obviously)...... we made pink pancakes!! Woop woop!

Cause who wouldn't love some pink pancakes?! 😊 haha

Nathalie was the evenings storyteller that night, and Freya went to sleep happily and snuggly after that.  We had quite the awesome evening really.... :) 

Saturday, March 4, 2017


Sooooo I kinda spaced out yesterday........... And I mean spaced out completely.
I wasn't even there. Ever done that? Only to just snap out of it shortly after?

Somehow my brain didn't connect and I just watched it happen....with no reaction.

Till like 30 seconds later. And then I went "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!"

And the results of my brain stopping all functions is:

I have no phone.

Well, I have one. It just doesn't work. Yep... the touch screen ain't liking to be touched anymore lol

I dropped it the sink as the water was pouring...... I saw it. And just stared.
And then suddenly I realized what the actually fuck was going on...

So... yeah. I'll read messages on the laptop... emails and facebook. And if it's an emergency I'll be reached on Frosts phone.
(though, Frost has a tendency to ignore any numbers he doens't yeah....)
well anyway.

We had a nice day yesterday. :D  And we're going on a nice date tonight! :D Yay!
Freya's staying at her grandma's house. She asked the other day if Freya could stay from saturday to sunday (makes me wonder what they've got planned....since they always want her from friday to saturday...) But anyhooo.... I bet she'll have fun. I know we will ;) teeeheee~

Man, I suck. God damn phone... what is up with me and phones O__o I don't get it... it's so weird.
It's like I'm phone-cursed. hahaha But anyway, I hope everyone who tried to contact me reads this.

(I thought I posted a blog post about this yesterday. but apparently I didn't. Sorry!)