Saturday, March 4, 2017


Sooooo I kinda spaced out yesterday........... And I mean spaced out completely.
I wasn't even there. Ever done that? Only to just snap out of it shortly after?

Somehow my brain didn't connect and I just watched it happen....with no reaction.

Till like 30 seconds later. And then I went "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!"

And the results of my brain stopping all functions is:

I have no phone.

Well, I have one. It just doesn't work. Yep... the touch screen ain't liking to be touched anymore lol

I dropped it the sink as the water was pouring...... I saw it. And just stared.
And then suddenly I realized what the actually fuck was going on...

So... yeah. I'll read messages on the laptop... emails and facebook. And if it's an emergency I'll be reached on Frosts phone.
(though, Frost has a tendency to ignore any numbers he doens't yeah....)
well anyway.

We had a nice day yesterday. :D  And we're going on a nice date tonight! :D Yay!
Freya's staying at her grandma's house. She asked the other day if Freya could stay from saturday to sunday (makes me wonder what they've got planned....since they always want her from friday to saturday...) But anyhooo.... I bet she'll have fun. I know we will ;) teeeheee~

Man, I suck. God damn phone... what is up with me and phones O__o I don't get it... it's so weird.
It's like I'm phone-cursed. hahaha But anyway, I hope everyone who tried to contact me reads this.

(I thought I posted a blog post about this yesterday. but apparently I didn't. Sorry!)

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