Friday, March 31, 2017

Old friends

I met up with Hanna the other day ♡
It's been a while since we saw each other. She was here on Freya's first birthday... And then shes been like... everywhere... Africa, Norway, America etc etc.. Yeah she doesn't seem to know how to be still. Hahah 😂

It felt so fucking good to finally see her again. She's a very good old friend of mine. From a whole different decade of my life. Most people dont know that side of me that she does, we've had a lot of fun during the years in the country side lol driving to the beach on her scooter, or come up with whacky shit to do. haha
So it feels rather nostalgic to think about old memories. ☺ 
We went out for coffee and talked for hours. ☕
She actually lives pretty close. Just like Nicky. He actually lives a bit closer to the road on her block. Haha Sometimes i think I should go surprised visit him. I mean, why not... it's not like he can deny his friend whom he has knows for 14 years right? Yeah. Thought so. I'ma crash his house! Hah.

Anyhoooo.... I think I'll visit Hanna too once in a while. I mean, o
If we live so damn close... it's only natural. She's finally back in Sweden to stay for a while. How long is a while in "Hanna time" you might ask? Anything from 4 months to a year. Yep. You never really know when she'll go travel again haha 
Redress soul she has. Yup. So I better visit when I can. She wants me to meet up more often so I'll try to do that if I can. 

I feel really good now that I've met her again. ❤
It's been hard regaining my energy lately... but she filled me right up almost haha ☆

So all in all, I've had a great day. And I'm gonna finish it by listening to abba and playing Ghost recon ☆☆☆ Boom.

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