Friday, August 31, 2012

More coffee

Emma took me out for a cup of coffee...
Today's been filled with coffee really.
Tis ok, on Monday I'ma cut down :) hah


I'm sitting on my Pilates ball (yes I bought one today. Supposed to be good for the body and whatnot) and watching the second season of The Walking Dead :)

Taking out the trash

Aaaws boxes are fun :D


In town with an old mate of mine haha
Kurre. She just got a tattoo. Yay her!

You know... I'ma start eating better from now on. I've had salad and quinoa today. I mean eat even better ya know? Like only salad and yoghurt or whatever. That should keep me in check I think?

BUT! I'll start drinking less coffee as well. Figured that it'll probably do me good if I only drink like 3 cups a day instead lol And I'll try and smoke less as well.

I'ma start on Monday. Let me enjoy my coffee and smokes till then. :)

The reason

Aaah my brother is so not happy at the moment. And the reason why he's so mad is Lei Lei. Since she's shedding her fur at the moment, there's hair everywhere. This happens once a year. And I vacuum everyday but it makes no difference.

And now when I got home he VACUUMED HER! She was in panic and came running to me and hid in my arms. <3
How can anyone get mad at such a cute creature???? Mama loves you snufflepuff <3


Hahaha I went and bought myself a huge cup of latte at Wayne's today when I finished the appointment... And they recognised the "coffee crazy lady" and made me VIP customer loooool I get to buy coffee cheaper now :D oh the joy!

I think today will be a rather good day :)

And my sweet pancake tree eased my worries today.... in a way. Hah So cute <3

That bastard

I felt like someone was watching me...
And then I finally found him.
That pigeon has been eyeballin' me for some time now...
He's like only a few feet away from me. I'm smoking on the balcony. Hmm...
you can't see it.... But he's definitely staring at me. With tiny little evil eyes.

4 hours

Been in bed four hours now.... Can't sleep. Worrying about small shitty things. Not even worth mentioning but I still manage to make myself worried.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Aah I'm looking out the window.. watching the rain. It's kinda nice listening to the rain.

I'm sipping on my oh so extremely delicious coffee as well. Got my yoghurt and bananas riiiigjt next to me. Yeah I'm living healthy now :)

I noticed some "tendencies" to me getting sick again so I'm doing all I can to prevent that :) And I'm doing a pretty good job. There will be no relapse here nope.

Mumford & Sons - After the storm

And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears.

And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

bad Jo

Jo's been a bad girl today. But oh well :)
It's ok. haha

So, I stepped away from the painting for a while cause I've seriously been staring at it for too long, trying to find the flaws that it actually makes me fail to see the obvious. So a break from that, and I'll see everything so clearly later.

Right now I'm eating dinner, talking to Frost.
I'm being a complaining girlfriend right now..complaining about stupid people that think I'm weird. :) haha

In progress

I'm working on a painting now :)

sugarplum ♥

So, my lil' sugarplum starts work later today :D 
YaY on him. I should make him a sandwich!

Oh oh oh  guess what? I bought myself a cup of coffee today hahahaa lol So good. So hot. Ouch. But still so good.

I've been watching Grimm  a lot lately. Me sees is online.
I kinda like it. Though they could be a bit more. . .  inventive with the fairytale creatures and the such really. But still. It's quite alright.

I dunno if any of you have been watching these series but it's kinda fun how they see similarities between serial killers and blue beards and other fairytale creatures :)
See --------->

A black widows:

I like it actually haha

Look, a Bauerschwein.




Easily amused aye?
Well, the don't look the way I'd picture them too but... meh. Showbiz. They suck sometimes. lol

I'ma watch a lil' bit more now. See if Frost wakes up soon <3

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coffee maniac

Aaaaah so good. It's like my mouth is having passionate intercourse with the coffee... My taste buds are like AZIGODMAOCKDNSKAKSBD!!!' yum.

I bought new coffee today. Just cause I felt like it. I usually buy Zoegas Forza, but today I went with Zoegas Black velvet. Oh yuuuum....

And the cigarette on my mouth right now, gosh... Smoking never taste as good as it does now. Mmm...


So, I went grocery shopping today. Bought a shitload of stuff that I couldn't even carry home on my own -__- yeah that sucked.

Oh the balls that it sucked... -_- So I had to call mum. And she helped me carry my food aaaaall the way home. Keep in mind that I had Lei Lei with me. And that snugglepuss is a BEAST. Jeez... Oh and I slipped in the stairs earlier today. And also banged my head on the refrigerator door. I HATE THAT WORD BTW. And now I hate it's door as well.

Oh oh oh and guess what?! There's more shitty things that sucked balls today.. I got my period. At the supermarket. FUCKING AYE. Ain't that just motherfucking peachy?! Oh wow... My luck today. Wooh.

I'ma stare at this fluffball a wee bit now and eat my food.


Ever had your boyfriend tell you that your hair reminds him of this dude?

Yeah. I have. lol

Gosh...I love you so much, you dork. <3
My man is the best of the best.
Like... Nom fn NOM.


So... when I was in town earlier today, I accidentally bumped in to an old friend. Now, this person ain't even supposed to be in sweden since lil Nighty Night lives over seas. But because of various reasons my friend came back for a short period of time. And since I saw that friend of mine today, I'm apparently the only one who knows outside the family. So I'ma be quiet about it I guess. I got the feeling that Nighty Night wanted me to keep quiet about it so.. yeah.

Ah, ya'll know I have too many friends living over seas nowadays -_- Sometimes I wish I could just round 'em all up and see them once again. Even I miss people every once in a while. There's only one person I constantly miss though... But I'll see him in october so it's alright. <3 Can't wait.
but really, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever see some of my friends ever again...But nothing is impossible :) Everything can happen. And Moa is also going to move back to Australia in october :( I'ma miss her a lot actually....a whole fucking lot.
But oh well, as she said..God was calling her back so I guess I don't have the right to try and keep her here :) haha I mean, who am I to go against the will of the almighty man up there really? Lord knows how great and mighty I am, but I can only do so much ya know? ;) LOL jk  I'ma wish her luck and happiness. And that her search for true love is short. Such a lovable person she is.

So what have I done today huh?
Well... I've met with a few people in town yea.. Had my coffee (Duh.. oh an apparently Frost thinks I'll do the same tomorrow. Which I wont.) And took Lei Lei for a few nice walks as well. And... well, talked to Frost for quiet some time. *nom* And now I'm about to take Lei Lei out again. It's so cold right now, I'm wearing big fluffy pants, knitted socks and a hoodie haha Cosy <3

oh oh oh Well, music on the phone ain't a bad thing. :)

I went through a bunch of old playlists that I had forgotten. Been listening to Pearl Jam now haha Ah, off I go.


Ah, I used to hum and whistle this song every night when I walked down the corridors at work with a big key chain clattering in my hand. Yus, the jailer is what I was called hah. I kindah miss those days :)

And I'd whistle the lil Kill Bill song as well. I get why people felt it was creepy when I worked the late shifts haha. Probably didn't help that it was dark as well lol

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday glory

This will be a good day :)

I'ma catch the bus and meet up with little J in town in about an hour. Coffee! Mm...

Frost knows me too well. Yus, he predicted what I'd do during the day... Including going out to buy a cup of coffee instead of making my own lol Yeah well I didn't plan on this. I got a text a little while ago asking me to meet her up on the bus and have coffee in town so... I didn't know I'd do this haha

And when I get back. I'ma spend a lot of time with Frost. Rawr!!!! Yum.

my sunday

Ah my sunday was a good sunday.
Lots of fun, and we watched neighborhood watch and had food at Hellas. Can't complain :) And I finished the day by spending it with Frost. <3

That man, is haaawt. ROAR.
Yeah, Jag älskar dig, dumbom. <3

lol, night humor. Everyone needs it ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Aah we're walking home from the cinemas now. :) It's kinda nice outside. It's cold. I LOVE IT.



Sofia bought me a real fn fancy dinner. :) Mmmmm mashed potatoes. HEAVEN!


Yeah I had a late breakfast today.
Sofi came and picked me up and went in to town for something to eat.

Freshly baked scones with cream cheese and strawberry jam, and a motherfucking HUGE latte. Nom.

Ah I bought myself a new hoodie btw. Yay!

Friday, August 24, 2012


My main readers are mostly from either Sweden, the U.S or Russia. No I'm not forgetting YOUR country, but these are the top 3 countries that I have the most readers in.

But today, the Germans won over the Russians haha. Had more readers from Germany than Russia today. Now my sweet little could you let that happen? You need to read my blog more often lol jk

welp, this was just a fun fact I noticed today. hah.
Completely uninteresting and not even of the slightest importance either hahaha

remind me

I'm getting worse at keeping track of appointments.

On sunday night...I'm supposed to go to the cinemas with Moa and Sofia and watch a movie. (Me wants to see expendables 2 but they probably want a chick flick..... hmm... gosh.. tis alright, I can win against two right?)  On next Friday, I'ma meet Emma for an appointment again, And there is something or someone <--- that I promised to meet on wednesday. Who?

I can't remember.
Or was it monday?

I'm confused........

uh huh

I have like the awesomest snuggletree ever!
Yus. Better than aaaaaanyone else in the world!

Aaws, I'm happy now! :)


You know...

I should really piss a lot today considering how much coffee I've had. But I haven't peed yeeeeet :D hahaha

There's still room for more coffee.
I'm currently on the biggest sugar rush of my life, as well as a massive caffeine rush at the same time.

It all backfired a short while ago so now I'm slow and tired instead. lol That diabetes shock is getting closer lol


Biggest coffee cup eveeeeer! Heaven! Yum.


This is basically what I looked like when I took the pic for my passport today. Yay. I looked like Plupp, the wee troll from the north -_-

Ugliest passport in the world. And we laughed a bit too hard while taking it as well haha

Jo is ready

It's raining like hell here... Pouring down. Of course it has to be shitty weather just cause I'm gonna take a freakin' photo. -_-

Birds best FTW!

Seriously. If I look like a hobo then so be it. I'm annoyed now. ROOOAAAR!

I will

I swear I'll go shower soon... I just got stuck on the phone and then I had to smoke. You know, I always manage to find something to do -__-

Off to the shower I go!!

Coffee ♥

Aaah I'm done with the naprapath today. I don't think I've ever gotten such a brutal massage before btw... And she snapped my neck like 20 times haha

And the massage really made my muscles relax and it made the blood flow... Yup. The blood went right to my head which made me really dizzy haha!

"OMG! I feel like a human again! I CAN THINK!!!!"
Hah that was my reaction to it all.

And now I'm walking through town with a big cappuccino in my hand. I'ma hurry home and shower and do my hair and then go have my picture taken for my passport. Yus!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Look at 'em <3

With baby sis

Today I felt like spoiling my little sister, by buying her all the things she wanted to eat. :)
And I got myself the most wooooonderful coffee in the world. Mmm... And a cinnamon bun in a nice little paper form. Aws. I bought it cause it's cute haha

I do like to spoil the ones I care about :)
I'm still trying to figure out how to spoil Frost..... Hmm.

Getting ready

I need to get ready cause i look like a dick. That's some awesome hair for ya right there! lol

I'm about to head out to meet little sister and Doris. We're going for a walk and then fika and maybe food. (yeah I haven't eaten since yesterday so I need it)
And theeeeen I'ma go to the market and buy stuff. Like... Eatable things haha


Oh yeah here's something from yesterday. Had quite the nice time with Kurre I did :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


well wooptifreakin'do. I'll be rather busy tomorrow. -__- First, a grand trip to the tattoo shop with an old friend. And theeeeen apparently Sofia wants american pancakes with maple syrup so she asked me to make some tomorrow. So I guess I'll do that for her :) She just got back from NYC, seems like she misses the U.S haha

And the other Sofia wanted me to come over to her house tomorrow and have coffee and play with the kids. Gosh... why does everyone want to do everything AT THE SAME DAY?

But for now, I agreed on going to the tattoo studio, and then make pancakes for Lady Horvath. Yup.

I'll have coffee with Sofia some other day. Oh and I agreed on going to the movies with her and Moa some evening this week. Aaaaand on friday I'm going to see the naprapath :) And then chill out at Wayne's coffee a wee bit before heading down to the police station to take the stupid picture for my passport YUS!

So Friday will be a nice day. :) Well, everyday is a nice day really.
But friday will be a nice day for fixing my bones and muscles and then having coffee and then the passport. BIG YAY :)

Random crap

Here's a few of my favourite places where I live :) takes me about 5 minutes to go to these places by foot.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


You HAVE to watch this from the beginning to the end.
I love it haha

That's kinda my humor ya know?
The teacher.. yeah that's sadly more like me lol

I'm awesome

Can't stop playing it inside my head hahaha

Good luck

Good luck snuggle tree <3
You're my world ;)

Nom nom

Coffee...... We need it.
See our tired worn out faces haha
We slept waaaaay to long today.


What the....
How am I supposed to eat this baguette?! Huh?! It's gigantic!

And don't even....

Well. The coffee is like the gods ambrosia for me. Hah

Monday, August 20, 2012


Well it's almost 3pm. And I'm having breakfast. Strong coffee and oatmeal. Hah. Oatmeal with milk AND apple sauce I might add. Nomnomnom...

Typical Swedish crap really. Either apple or lingon jam on it. Some like butter and sugar around here... It kinda makes me wanna trow up thinking about it. Even cinnamon on it... Gross.

Nope. Keep it simple. :) yum.

Oh and big brother is still home -_-
Douche. Things aren't working well for him.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


oh oh oh  these cracked me up as well hah
A little late sunday night fun :)


Well, no one wanted to cook. And my mind is full of... other things.. So we all decided to go out and eat instead. Yus.

I am not at all in the mood for pizza but I'll manage. Hah.

sometimes I need to forget to THINK and just laugh

If I didn't get to laugh my ass off like this, 
I'd turn into a sexually frustrated mega horny insane lady who draws dicks on her wall or something. 
Yep. Autocorrect saves my life from time to time.