Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Angry mom (K-Drama)

Firstly I'd like to point out that its a fucking blessing that I don't do what my inner me tells me to all the time.

Like, someone might piss me off and I'll have to take it like a champ and smile and shut up, but on the inside I'm screaming frantically like a fucking lunatic that I'll kill them slowly while showing a fist in their throat and so on and so on. You get the picture.

Or 'I hope you die from a plane crash. A plane that crashes IN YOUR FACE!!!'  And then seconds later I'll regret thinking that cause I don't honestly want someone to get hurt. =_=
Oh the life of Jo.... 

Just normal stuff. Or 'Was she born that stupid? Or was she just an abortion that went horribly wrong?'  ¬_¬

Luckily I keep everything bottled up inside. Cause I know the difference between right and wrong.  Also I  know not to make a decision or say something that ill regret later cause I did it in the heat of the moment.

I usually don't do things without thinking it through.  I wouldn't wanna accidentally hurt someone when I'm grumpy or sarcastic in my head lol Though I make the BEST jokes in my head sometimes.

I wish we could all have a fun tea party inside my head. You'd love it there. Super colorful and nice details. Hahh

Aaaanyway... I'm watchin Angry Mom at work. And one scene brought tears to my eyes. When the mother finds her daughter all bruised and beaten and she finds out she's bullied at school. The actress really did en awesome job at portraying a heartbroken mother that'll do anything for a child. It movies me a wee bit.

That's gotta be a horrible feeling...when your child is bullied at school. And she's scared of telling her mom how terrified she is about going to school.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Picture explosion!!

So... It was a nice day at my extra job. It's been calm and fun. Most gorgeous subset too. See?  Everyone loved the cake btw. It really was tasty.

I've beeb playing Destiny tonight. I helped someone I got to know online to level his gear up ^_^

He's from Sweden too apparently. And he knows that I'm a hardworking mom and shit so he won't spam the fuck out of my account like others do lol Frost really didn't find it funny when it popped up in the screen ALL THE TIME. Blipp blipp!! It's really can't play properly.

Aaaaand the other pictures are just of my precious doodlepuff.

I missed Frost today. And Freya too. And LeiLei toooooooooooo!
But I missed Frost's snuggles hahha

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Work... And cake!

A work cake! lol

As always, when I work at this place... I bake stuff. And Yasmine was in the mood for Chocolate cake.

Soooo I make chocolate cake bottoms, jam on the first layer, vanilla custard on the second, mashed bananas on the third. And then sweet chocolate flavored heavy whipping cream as frosting.

Basically I whipped some regular cream till it got fluffy and added chocolate powder (like for chocolate milk or similar) to it and voilà. Delicious.

Whether it'll taste good or not together with the cake is another thing. Haha

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday's sunrise

I'm baaaaaaack. At my other job anyway. Haha
Had the night shift... Where you're not allowed to close your eyes even for a second. And I'm all alone too. And for some reason it felt very uncomfortable this time. Guess I'm used to not being alone these days....

Aaaaaand now I'd normally be getting home, but not today. They can't find personnel to work today so I'm working till noon or so. And then I'm working tomorrow again between 07:30 and 20:00. Extra cash. I shouldn't complain :)

But to be honest... I'm rather sleepy right now actually. Blah. MORE COFFEE!!!

OFF WITH THEIR HEEEEAAADS!!! Sorry... I got a little too carried away lol

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Frost and I watched Spy last night after Freya went to bed.
I expected it to be kinda funny cause she's in it. The little...fluffier actress.
She's fucking hilarious! 

But, even though my expectations said 'it'll be funny but don't think too much of it...' IT WAS FUCKING HYSTERICAL!

It's been years since I saw such a good movie! It was so funny that I just burst out in hysterical laughter. Spit and tears flew lol

Aaaah, I'm glad I watched it cause it was one of the best movie I've seen.
And that's a big thing to say. It's definitely crawling it's way to the top on my comedy list.

If you need to laugh and just enjoy yourself.... this is it.

I knew Jason Statham had it in him. haha ^_^

Oh and also, Björn Gustavsson is in it! One of Sweden's (in my opinion) funniest comedians!

I woke up in extreme cramps this morning... so I had to get up and get a big O, and just get up basically. It's impossible to lay down when I'm like this.

On the bright side, once I'm up I get better faster. But I absolutely can't lay down (which sucks, especially when your'e tired...) so as long as I stay up and keeping busy it's fine.

I'm knitting right now... and about to watch Downton Abbey.
Buuuuut I do believe I hear a baby weasel rolling around in her bed now.
Someone's awake! YaY! <3

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A new day

Today started fucking PERFECT. It did! I shit you not.

I slept long and good next to my snuggletree.

The plans for yesterday was to watch a movie with Frost... but since I was too freakin' tired for it when it was 9 o'clock, I was even more tired when I had put Freya to bed and came out of her room around 10 o'clock. movie then. -_-  Fail.
 I could barely keep my eyes open. And I had been like that ALL day really, basically since I got back from work yesterday. My plans of having a nap failed too cause people just kept on coming over haha I'm not complaining though. I was happy to have Josse over too :3

And Sofi and Petter came over with Lykke, and they brought a late b-day gift for Freya. Aaaws.
Cutest little outfit ever ^_^ And Ida dropped by too with another gift for The Frey. :)
So... yeah. I had no chance of napping. I played a lot with Freya though and that was superfun :D She laughed so much. <3  And Frost and I played Destiny together during the day.

But anyway...yeah. The movie night last night was cancelled. we went to bed at 10 and fell asleep like BAM and slept non stop till 8 o'clock this morning. And it felt sooooooooooooooooooo good.

I feel like I got the sleep I needed finally. I feel mentally refreshed.
Plus I got to sneak some free snuggles from Frost. Tehehehe~

Aaah. It felt good waking up and looking at the clock. Woke up 10 minutes before the alarm clock went off. YaY me~

However, by the time me and Lei Lei sat on the bus....... Freya apparently pooped like crazy. And I quote: 'Freya just pooped the worst poop she ever has, it was everywhere and sticky and t took twenty wipes....'

And 'it was terrible'. looooooooool hahaha Gosh, i couldn't help laughing like crazy. I felt like I accidentally jumped over a landmine that went off as soon as I was in the clear HAHAHHA!

Oh and let me tell you........ the bussride was insane.
Even waiting for the bus was insane.
Not a soul as far as the eye could see. (except for the weirdo waving at the cars....) I don't think I've ever seen that no one was waiting for a bus or train. It actually made me feel awkward after a if the bus ain't coming here? Maybe that's why I'm all alone here? IS the bus doing a detour somewhere else instead? Is there something I'm missing?

And then...the bus finally came. And it wasn't a regular bus. it was so weird.
It looked super neat and clean inside. And it was superlong too. SO I had to walk to the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar end of the bus with Lei Lei.
For a moment, I started to question if I was sane or not. Was this an imaginary bus I got? And the heat...omg the heat inside the bus almost made me wanna faint. SO WARM. Like it'd been minus degrees outside or something. Both me and LeiLei were like gasping for air almost melting away.

And he was driving sooooo slow too...

Anyway. LeiLei is laying outside on the porch right now, and I'm sipping on coffee and eating blue cheese on crackers. Aaah... a regular work sunday.

I have a few days off after this. Cool beans.

Ah, guess what we're having for brunch today?

American pancakes and legit Canadian maple syrup. Just the way I like it.

'Maple Joe'  It's like the syrup was made for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ haha

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Thoughts and a slight rant

I guess you could say that I have a problem....Or maybe not? To care or not to care. That is the question.
Of course I care a bit...

I kinda have coworkers who don't like me. O_o (Yes yes I know everyone does)
I'm just not sure how to react. So I'm just pretending like it rains.
They can't get a hang of me (?) I'm difficult to get to know apparently. . . . .

It kinda made me feel like an outcast. Again. (Don't worry, my heart ain't broken)
But I mean.... am I that hard to like? I don't get it.
Though, I make them laugh like crazy. And I see that as a good thang.
Laughter is good for the soul.

But then again... I'm not trying to make new best fucking buddies here either. I'm well aware that I'm different from you. I know you think I'm weird. And..yeah. Guess I am a little weird ^^  haha
But what I do care about is that all my employers see me. That they see the real me and that they like me.

And I also know that some of the stuff they (you know...theeeeeeeeey) think about me is actually due to jealousy. (sad but true)
Yep. No need to get into details but I know this for a fact. It shows on your face.
Jealousy is an ugly trait btw. You should drop it.

Moving on:
So... I hate drama. And I told my employers this too. I told them that I don't want any part of it, even if it's me they're talking about. Let's all just pretend like it rains. I fucking hate drama and conflicts. I'm like fucking Switzerland. Keep your shit away from me. It's totally fine if you hate me. I can handle it. I'll still smile at you and talk to you and make jokes like usual. I mean....I hate some people too. (Actually I don't....I might not LIKE some people but I don't dislike hate them either) But my point is, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. <----

Just make sure it's your OWN. And not something others feed you.
I know ladies talk. And some are weaker than others...and they get swayed by others opinions.

I guess I'm just not cut out to get along with chicks?
All the girls I do get along with are kinda............................well....Different lol

And I fucking love all of you.
And I know you know who you guys are. Duh.
Which ladies do I get along with? Hmmm. haha

And for you others that don't like me:

Yes. I know. You have no idea who Joan is. You don't know much about older music at all do ya? Meh. At least one of my employers do. And we have fucking awesome rock medleys daily!

Aaaaaaaaaaaah I work night shifts at my other jon next week. Shit. It's been over a month almost since I worked there last time. Gosh. Time flies. Half of them love me, the other half don't know, and a few are like meh. haha Story of my life.

Back to topic.
This phenomenon just makes me  realize it more and more that I ain't cut out to make new friends. It's always like this. They either love me and gets super into me real fast, or they back away. Acting like I'm a freak that might bite.

And the ones that likes me usually REALLY likes me.

Thank God both my (or should I say all Three) of my employers likes me a lot :D

And one of them is currently snoring like hell. lol
I care about this certain one's opinion though. She matters to me.
I like this employer plus I have fun with her. So as long as I have someone who likes me, that's always better than 5 who hates me ^^

Guess it's time for me to go to bed too. Got some cleaning to do first.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Amazing Martin Almgren!

So here's my favorite in this years Swedens new Idol :D

His voice is so fucking wonderful :) Plus he's singing one of the worlds greatest songs. Ever.

Halo 5

Omigosh... October is almost here.

And what comes in October?
Apart from Frost and mine's secret adventure. (And no, I won't tell you. It's a secret and I won't tell anyone! Not even you mom!!!) So..what happens in october?




So.... It's been a few days huh?

I've been busy. I had two days off that I spent at home and it felt gooooood. Got new meds. So that's good too.

I'm at work at the moment. I feel a little sleepy so I might take a nap?'s probably too late for that now.

Anyway.on Tuesday I happened to go to The Speedway semi finals in Kumla. It was my first time, and I have to admit that I got dragged along but then I caught myself screaming GOOOOOOO!!!! when our city's team won  lol All in all, I had fun. And so did A.

At home things have been calm.
I like calm. I mean... Duh. We have a baby. It's never really "calm". You know?
But I mean I've been able to relax a little. Freya's become a window monkey and she's now on display for all the drivers to see Θ_Θ

She's seriously climbing EVERYTHING these days but her number one spot is in the window. Luckily we have thicker glass on those windows and she can't break them. Aaaaand I gave up on pulling her down. After 214 times in a row it gets tiring. And so she finaly got to stand up and stay there. She waves at cars. Knocks and go wroooooms. It's cute.

It'll probably be less cute when she gets bigger and bangs the shit out of that window. Sweet.

Moving on.

Things are great at home.
Which creates a problem for me... A big one.

It makes me wanna BE HOME all the time. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to work so I could just stay at home and play and have fun with my family.

I have a coworker who enjoys being away from her family.

I can't really relate to that. All she cares about is looking hot and sexy and get her nails done.... And go out drinking with her friends and so on.
She finds me weird for wanting to spend time with my family. But in that case, I find HER weirder! Hah.

Sure, everyone can use a break from everything sometimes. But seriously.. . If you hate it that much to be around your man and your kids.... Something's very wrong. I ain't even sure I could call you a decent mom even?

Welp, anyway. I leveled up even more in Destiny. Wheee~ I like that game. They say it'll continue for 10 fucking years!!! :O

What else can I tell you?
Freya walks a lot. When she feels like it. I have new clothes. I'm gonna buy shoes. I'm gonna buy freya shoes too! I'm planning for Christmas. Biiiiig time hahaha  I CAN'T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS! I also want a haircut. My hair is annoying the fuck out of me. What else..... Hmmm... Oh and since I'm a full time employee, I get 'wellness money' (around 2700kr per year) so hello bitches! Mama Jo's going to the spa!! A massage would be nice. Yup. And apparently my boss sees bowling as a part of wellness so.. Haha that's pretty funny. But I'm considering getting a yoga card. If only that magical being called 'physiotherapist' could appear  and help me learn how to use my muscles and strength.

I swear, She's like a fucking unicorn.
We all hear of those magical creatures...but no one ever sees them.  Sigh.  It's been half a year since the neurologist told me I had to see her. And she's still....missing? lol Should I file a missing person request? Hahaha
Well... Once I get the hang on how to relax and handle my body.... I can do yoga! Yay!

Guess I should... Do something now. Meh.

A bought half the store today. So much food. -.-

Monday, September 14, 2015


I'm crazy sleepy around noon these days.
But then again....

I can't wait till the next week off I'll have. haha It's like two or three weeks tills then but still!
Gosh, I may need some coffee now. Yep. That I may.

Oh and here's some news for ya'll.
Frost and I are officially planning our wedding :D YaY!
I can't wait till the day comes. But it'll be sometime around spring I guess. ^_^

YaY Frosty, You schmexy beast. This is our new adventure. It'll be so cool.
Although we both kinda want the honeymoon to just come like NOW.

We got plans. Plans we got. How nice   ^_~

I like to sit and plan things with him. It's quite fun.

Animal fun

So, I've had a few days off from work now and IT FUCKING FEELS AMAZING.
I loved my days off. I needed it so bad.f

This is why I work so hard. For this week off. (although I did work on my week off)

Anyway, yesterday (sunday) Stina came and picked me and FreyFrey up and took us to her work :D And we got to say hello to all the animals. I swear to god, Freya smiled the whole day yesterday.

Freya had fun and so did I :)
Plus is was nice to catch up a little with Stina.
When she called yesterday I felt like i had so much to do and that I couldn't go...but then I decided that I don't wanna be the one who's always too busy for fun.

And I'm glad I went and had some fun with Stina, Lea and my baby weasel!
She got to pet all kinds of animals and look at them. Yup.

I had a shocking moment when we werre looking at all the turtles....and suddenly I yelled 'OMG GOD! What's wrong with you! Where's your shell?!' when I saw a "turtle". His shell was missing.

And then I was just a weird looking reptile thingy. Not a turtle. hahaha

My new neighbor

Last friday, little sister moved into the same apartment building as me. :)
Her apartment is gorgeous! :D

Freya was a good helper, unpacking stuff for her.
So nice.

Alicia's B-Day party!

So this saturday we went to Alicia's birthday party.
Yup. She be big squirrel now.

And daaaaaamn. The amount of time Sofia must've spent on the Rainbow cake. Shoot.
But man, it truly was delicious :D

All in all, it was a nice day. :)
I tried to take pics of Alicia but she was like a fucking lightning flashing around so that was just a blurr lol
So here's some pics that wasn't blurry.

And it was next to impossible to get a good one on Nas and honey. haha

Monday, September 7, 2015

My wonderful day off

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell...It wasn't as wonderful as it should've been.

We're all sick. Frost is megasick, Freya is too, and I'm just sicksick. Meh.

However, I have been rather productive now and then throughout the day.
Yep, I made bunches of luncboxes for Freya.
And I made her my own recipe of oatmeal. :)

After breakfast and shit we took a stroll to the park.
I was kinda hoping it would make us feel better or something...ya know. Fresh air and junk?

Freya got to swing though :) And she's been laughing a lot today :)
She loooooooooooooooooooooooved the food I made today.
lol my phone misspelled beets. hah.
But you get the picture...

It's time for some Mario Cart with my beeb <3

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two days off after this shift


See, I've planned this perfectly.... I haven't slept in almost a week or so. (Apart from the daily naps at work. And they're not long. ) So I'm kinda feeling a bit loopy from time to time haha

So, now that I have two days off after this shift, I'm going to take my little red pill that I hate so much. Just so I can rest a little. Screw the hangover it gives me. As long as the brain gets some rest, and my body too.

Aaaaw...Freya is supersick again -_-
And Frost is sickly now too.

Aaaaand here's the beauty of it all: I'm fucking getting sick too.

Damn it.

I listened to Freya coughing all night. Her small breaths... she had a fever. I was probably by her bed at least 9 times last night. My little angel. Her nose is so stuffed.

Aaaah, this made me realize that maybe I've been having a cold without realizing it?
maybe I'm not allergic here... maybe I've just been sick.

Mind blown right?

Anyway.... I had a very nice day off with my family yesterday. Though it felt way too short.

Oh right, Lei Lei went with me to work today. :D

Did I mention that my sister is moving in the stairway next to mine? Well amostt next to mine anyway :D

Uhm, right. A little message to Mandy, in case she's reading this....I sure do hope you're ok sweetie. Wherever you are. Be safe. Chris too, stay safe and healthy. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Friday, September 4, 2015


Yep..autumn is most definitely here now. Yay! (one of my favorite seasons!)
It's been raining all night (and yet again I couldn't sleep..) and now I'm sipping on some coffee while listening to the rain outside. I opened the back door to get some rain air in haha

I woke up in nasty pains today.
It had been a while since last time... I've almost gotten a little spoiled. Cause now the pain hits me like Thor's hammer right in the gut. Blah.

I think this is the night personal fault though. Whenever THAT old lady comes here, I always manage to end up in cramps and pain.
A hates her guts. lol

But anyway... I think its about time to call the doc again. :/
It's getting colder outside.. And with the cold comes the pain.

I'm waiting for a new girl now. It's her first day today.
Sue seemed a little high strung and awkward. But you know me.... I LOVE cracking those awkward people like a nut! Hahaha

Welp... Playlist from the 80's is set. Now all I have to do is play it and wake up A. And when I'm done I GET TO GO HOME AND SNUGGLE!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

stuffy nose

I wonder if I'm allergic to something at work? My nose is always clogged here. Superstuffy and it's hard to breathe. So I wonder if I'm allergic.... but allergic to what?

Anyway...yesterday was a nice day at home. Snuggles and laughter.
And then we had our first (and most boring) parent meeting at the daycare.
It was so boring I thought I'd faint....................................................................

Never the less, we went...but left early.

It was a good day though <3

Aaaaaaaaaaand I just got a photo from Frost!
Freya's been eating homemade hamburgers. YUM.
Y u eat tasty noms when I no b home? -_-

I on the other hand am eating quark in a glas jar, and knitting. :)

Oh and Freya is eating more and more stuff with consistency now. YAY.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, can't wait till I get to go home tomorrow morning.
Freya's not going to the daycare tomorrow so I'm going to snuggle and cuddle and snooze all day with her.

And Frost! haha <3

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is this working?

I'm watching Hannibal ⌒.⌒
I've been working so hard since June that completely missed that the entire new season was out.
Sooooo why not watch it while at work huh?

Lady Boss was in mood for a pizza so we ordered a family pizza that we'll share, plus there'll be leftovers so she can have it for lunch tomorrow :D smart huh?

I'm insanely hungry too so id never say no haha I ate noodles earlier cause I feel kinda crappy but they didn't help at all. I'm still super hungry and nauseous. Θ_Θ

I tried to nap earlier... I had two hours I could nap on cause A's been busy playing Candy crush haha

But I just can't seem to relax even though I'm SO fucking tired. Meh. It truly sucks.

Oh something that didn't suck was The Avengers Age Of Ultron yesterday! Iiiiiiiieeeeh!!! ♡.♡
Neither did Mad Max fury toad. Gaaaaah...... *happy twirls *

Good morning

The clock rang at 6am this morning....
And like these past few nights I still barely slept.

I'm sitting at the central station right now, waiting for my bus to work.
Ya know.... This morning I complained about this shitty weather, the rain was pouring down (it still is) and it's actually the first cold day of autumn I'd say! Plus it's September the 1st. But I changed my mind really fast about the weather. Tbh I kinda like it. A lot.

It's nice :)
I got to wear warm fluffy clothes and shit. Yeah it's nice.

Aaaaah yet another 24hour shift ahead of me. Weeeeh~

Maybe I'll manage to take a nap?