Friday, September 18, 2015


So.... It's been a few days huh?

I've been busy. I had two days off that I spent at home and it felt gooooood. Got new meds. So that's good too.

I'm at work at the moment. I feel a little sleepy so I might take a nap?'s probably too late for that now.

Anyway.on Tuesday I happened to go to The Speedway semi finals in Kumla. It was my first time, and I have to admit that I got dragged along but then I caught myself screaming GOOOOOOO!!!! when our city's team won  lol All in all, I had fun. And so did A.

At home things have been calm.
I like calm. I mean... Duh. We have a baby. It's never really "calm". You know?
But I mean I've been able to relax a little. Freya's become a window monkey and she's now on display for all the drivers to see Θ_Θ

She's seriously climbing EVERYTHING these days but her number one spot is in the window. Luckily we have thicker glass on those windows and she can't break them. Aaaaand I gave up on pulling her down. After 214 times in a row it gets tiring. And so she finaly got to stand up and stay there. She waves at cars. Knocks and go wroooooms. It's cute.

It'll probably be less cute when she gets bigger and bangs the shit out of that window. Sweet.

Moving on.

Things are great at home.
Which creates a problem for me... A big one.

It makes me wanna BE HOME all the time. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to work so I could just stay at home and play and have fun with my family.

I have a coworker who enjoys being away from her family.

I can't really relate to that. All she cares about is looking hot and sexy and get her nails done.... And go out drinking with her friends and so on.
She finds me weird for wanting to spend time with my family. But in that case, I find HER weirder! Hah.

Sure, everyone can use a break from everything sometimes. But seriously.. . If you hate it that much to be around your man and your kids.... Something's very wrong. I ain't even sure I could call you a decent mom even?

Welp, anyway. I leveled up even more in Destiny. Wheee~ I like that game. They say it'll continue for 10 fucking years!!! :O

What else can I tell you?
Freya walks a lot. When she feels like it. I have new clothes. I'm gonna buy shoes. I'm gonna buy freya shoes too! I'm planning for Christmas. Biiiiig time hahaha  I CAN'T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS! I also want a haircut. My hair is annoying the fuck out of me. What else..... Hmmm... Oh and since I'm a full time employee, I get 'wellness money' (around 2700kr per year) so hello bitches! Mama Jo's going to the spa!! A massage would be nice. Yup. And apparently my boss sees bowling as a part of wellness so.. Haha that's pretty funny. But I'm considering getting a yoga card. If only that magical being called 'physiotherapist' could appear  and help me learn how to use my muscles and strength.

I swear, She's like a fucking unicorn.
We all hear of those magical creatures...but no one ever sees them.  Sigh.  It's been half a year since the neurologist told me I had to see her. And she's still....missing? lol Should I file a missing person request? Hahaha
Well... Once I get the hang on how to relax and handle my body.... I can do yoga! Yay!

Guess I should... Do something now. Meh.

A bought half the store today. So much food. -.-

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