Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I made a glutenfree chocolate stickycake today :D
It's made of eggs, butter, cream, sugar (in my case sweeters) and dark daaaaaaaaark chocolate. Totally ok.
A little too "rich" but tasty haha

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Princess growing

Yep, like it says above, my princess is growing. Gosh.

On Thursday, Lykke turns one year old!
1 YEAR! It's insane how fast time's moving these days. Is it cause we have kids now? Cause we're parent? I dunno...but it sure feels like times flies by.

Freya is chasing a ball on the floor now. She crawling and wiggling fast as fudge these days.

She's been crying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall morning. Boo. I felt like I was going insane after 5 hours of constant screaming. Not being able to shit sucks. Thus, she cries.
 I snuggled the shit out of Freya too once I got out of the shower :) And now she's happy too!

I had a bad night......Slept uneasy and I couldn't relax.
Frost said I farted in my sleep! And my tummy made so many noises so he thought I'd poop myself! (?) Like wtf. He lies. Girls never fart. Everyone knows that.

Oh, we went on some family adventures yesterday :D

And now we have plans for Valborg. Sweet. BBQ with the elite lol

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Frost is a slow poot today. I'd like to say he's hungover haha!

Freya's been sleeping most of the day too. And I, yeah I woke up around 8isch, fed babypuff and then she went back asleep and I decided I needed coffee to be able to even move around.

Yesterday was nice :) Mom's birthday party was tasty lmao
AQnd my wonderful daughter found a bff in my uncle.
He was quite smitten with her. He can't wait till he gets to be a grandad. :)
I'm glad my mom and him found each other again. That they're friends again I mean. That's nice.

Well, Freya flirted her way though the evening last night anf everyone adored her haha and everyone gave her a goodbye kiss when they left. Aws.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Freya's breakfast

I made that oat porridge again, that I made yesterday. :D
This little skillet or whatever you wanna call it..(pot?) is pretty handy sometimes. Especially. when I wanna keep Freya's food warm.

I woke up early again

Freya is playing in her bed and I'm enjoying a nice smoothie in the living room.
  Banana, orange, wild berries and coconut milk :D Yum.

I've caught myself saying 'entering stealth mode' several times when I sneak in to check on Freya haha Did it just now as well so I could take a pic of her. Did she notice me? hahaha But I was being invisible? Darn it....'stealth mode off''.

I'm letting her play in her now bed cause I know she'll fall asleep soon again, and I don't wanna take her to the kitchen just yet for breakfast. I breastfed her not too long ago. She ain't even hungry yet. haha I'm gonna make the porridge I made yesterday for her <3

Last night was really nice :) Mom had such a nice birthday, and today is the big party!Over 17 people are coming...gosh. Lots of tasty food and fruit! YAY! Can't wait haha Josse's making Key Lime Pie for the party...3 big cakes. Too bad I don't eat sugar or carbs. Boo.....................

Friday, April 24, 2015

It's someone's birthday today and I also made awesome breakfast.

So today I made my own morning porridge (Gröt) for Freya.
Made out of Skrädmjöl (a kind of flour that's made out of roasted oat seeds that has been dried in stone ovens and grounded with rocks) and Nyponskalsmjöl (a flour made out of rosehip peels) and some sunflower seeds that I grounded myself :D And I served it with coconut milk. She absolutely LOVED it. YAY!

This is a healthy breakfast for her since babies need lots of iron. My breastmilk can't provide her with enough iron so I try to find new kinds of healthy foods for her that are filled with nutrients and vitamins :)

And now....*drumroll*
It's Grandma's birthday!!

The worlds greatest granny turns 60 today!  Happy birthday mother/grandmother :D
We love you to the moon and back

Glitchy router and CoD online

I woke up a wee bit earlier than the rest of the family today. Freya is still sound asleep in her bed, snuggling her snuggleelephant. And Frost is snoring in our bed.

So I figured, why not play some CoD AW? That, and a huge cup of hot strong coffee should make me function today.

Unfortunately out router sucks fucking jumbo balls so it's glitchy as fuuuuuuck. Which results in I HBE NO IDEA WHERE THE FUCK IM AIMING OR WHERE I AM EVEN.

I might be aiming at a dudes head, and all of a sudden I'm aiming at my own crotch.. Or I'm suddenly facing a wall instead. It's super fun. So adventurous. You never know what's gonna happen... All you know is that you're dignitary gonna suck. Big time.

I got killed 17 god damn times. While I only killed 8 little fuckers! GAAAH! Frustrating. But hey... I got my coffee. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fun day

It's been a really nice day. And we had bunches of fun :)

We took the bus and went to Mosjö outside of town.
We talked a bit and maybe one day we'll move there. :D I like the nature.
It's perfect with bus connections and shit.

We visited mom at her job, and Frost and I went around in the golf cart playing haha
You could hear a loud squeaky "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" on the cemetery lol
And Freya was such a peachpie <3 So sweet.

We took the car back and Freya fell asleep kinda fast in the wroomer.

After that I went with mom and helped her grocery shop for her big birthday party. Omg I tried out so many cheeses and ham and pastrami...mmmm.... Goodness gracious me. Yum.

Tomorrow is mom's 60th birthday. I got her a nice gift which I think she'll like. I'd love it anyway hahaha Got quite a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. We gotta prepare some of the food for saturday too. Yup.

Btw, I've got another adventure planned out for Frost and the family next week :) On monday I think....yeah. It'll be a hoot!

Freya's been eating a lot more baby food these past few days. I stopped breastfeeding so often, and I only do it 3-4 times a day now. And she gets around 3 meals of baby food too. Bro fist!

Talking about bro fists...I got a bro fist from a dude at the store today. He worked at the deli and I nommed on all the cheese, so he said he loved cheese cause he's on LCHF. And I yelled ME TOO! And bam! Bro Fist! haha I thought it was kinda amusing.

Mom missed the whole thing...she really was in her won little world.

After the store I hurried home to feed Freya cause I knew she was hungry. She hadn't eaten since noon. Sofia and Nas was here too when I got home, but I was in such a rush to manage everything that I didn't have time to chat.

After an hour of trying to make Freya nap, she finally passed out.

And so did I.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Glorious Wednesday

My precious little snugglelump has been a little puny today. Weak and whiny. So it's mostly been snuggles all day :)
We did take a trip to the petstore and picked up LeiLei's food. And Freya enjoyed that, so that's nice.
Ah, it's like a fucking greenhouse here haha So many flowers everywhere in the windows now. Sunflower, chili and morning glories...And soon a mini greenhouse for flowers and herbs will arrive to put in the big window. :) Sweet. I'm gonna try to transplant some sunflowers when they're big enough outside. But we'll see how it goes for them..if it works, I'll put the rest of them outside as well.

Aaaaand I got a little hungry earlier so I made myself a smoothie with the leftover pear puree I made for Freya's snacktime. :D Thumbs up for that. We share a lot, she and I haha

My smoothies are awesome.

Freya started to feel a wee bit better in the late afternoon but I can tell something's off. Cause she went to bed around 8, which normally is between 9 and 10. The nurse said she's teething again. Good squirrel! You need your chompers.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Good Samaritan

It's been an eventful day so far.

A beautiful thing happened earlier...a man I don't really know, but only conversed a little with about LeiLei's condition and such wrote me. I had asked for his advice about what kind of food LeiLei should have since she's sick (pancreatic) And the brand he works for seemed legit. And I wanted to know the price as well since it's hard to afford all these top notch veterinarian foods. (it's riddiculously expensive sometimes...............)

So today I got an email from that kind kind man.
And he said that tomorrow there will arrive a package for me at the petstore with 40 500 gram pieces of fresh food for LeiLei. As a gift from him.  He said he'd been there as well, he knew how hard it could be to spend so much money on your dog when it's sick.

Holy crapweasel the joy I'm feeling.

500 gram a day is what she should eat. So it'll last for 40 days, <------------ and this is good food too. Fresh meat. She should be allowed to be the animal she is. And not eat dry pebbles of food. She should eat meat. <3 This is awesome!

This was the most compassionate and sweet gesture... A burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

I'm so happy! It made me happy to know that someone so kind is out there.
Kindness is a rarity these day. It really is. There's usually some hidden agendas behind peoples actions these days. But this stranger has none. :)

And it's such a nice day too!
And last night was awesome too.. Good golly. <3

And now to something less pleasant.
Earlier when I went to the playground with Freya...a man was jerking off behind a bush behind the swings! LIKE WHAT THE ACTUALLY FUCKING FUCK ARE YOU DOING MAN? I wanted to do something, throw something. What should I say? And then I realized I had Freya in the I called the cops on his ass instead.

Although I kinda wanted to hunt him down myself a little. But hey, I'm fat and slow. What am I gonna do? Nasty pervert.

The police came so fast, and they were so sweet too. And they really did their best to find him. Unfortunately I couldn't ID the guy they caught, he had all the same clothes and everything I had seen but I got uncertain...I didn't wanna accidentally ID an innocent man so they had to let him go.

If I ever see the man again I'll fucking throw dogshit on him and then hunt him down.

Fucking nasty asshole.

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's a nice day today

It's been a nice monday so far :)
I made delicious sugarfree lemonade ^_^
And ate SuperAwesomeTasty spanish wieners lol

We're about to head up to the Castle to sit and bask in the sun a bit :)
Maybe sip on some cheap coffee too haha

Sunday, April 19, 2015


We took a nice walk to town :)
Freya slept most of the walk actually haha

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Early morning

As usual in the Koalas & snuggletree household.

We got free food in the mail again today. hah. Gotta love free samples. It's a good way to find out if there's anything in particular that my sweetheart likes. This one...yeah this one went down. Mango banana wasn't so bad huh?
Not too bad. She did eat a few spoons ^_^
So far, the things she likes best is granny's homemade sweet potato and salmon goo. My "scrambled egg" goo. Aaaand mashed banana and cream. So that's good I guess.

And now we're all just sitting in the living room, Freya's playing on the floor :)
And I gotta tell you...ICA BAsics own briecheese is delicious!! I love it!
I never knew it could be so tasty.

Welp, Frost made me some surprise scrambled eggs breakfast so I'mma eat that now ^^


Random hailstorm showed up yesterday too. Fucking crazy haha

Oh, and I had to take a photo of a crying Freya. She growing up so fast, and doesn't realize that she's still a baby...and then she starts crying when she can't do all the things she wanna do. Like standing up on her own for example. Or climb into her toy basket....that's a tricky one. <3

Sofia and Nas dropped by as well to print out some papers, but for some fucking reason the printer didn't wanna work. -____- So I guess we kinda messed up Sofia's day there huh...

Friday, April 17, 2015

New TV Series

well, technically only half of them are new, the other haft is from 2014. But still worth mentioning I guess. These are shows I plan on watching one at a time. Can't wait till The Whisperers come out. Gah.

First up is American Odyssey. :)

(Btw, I wonder when next season of The 100 is coming..............)

Outlander (I fucking looooove this show)
The Whisperers (this one seems super awesome)
The Good Witch
Marvel's Agent Carter
American Odyssey
Heroes reborn (a spinoff or more like a new part of the old 'Heroes')
12 Monkeys (remember the 12 monkey's movie?)
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles
The Red Road
Rambo: The TV Series (Rambo..need I say more?)
Dead Again (guess it's like Cold Case huh?)
Chasing Shadows
The Missing

Yep. I've got some shit to watch,

Btw, The ending on DareDevil...OMG. So good.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's a really nice and sunny day today.
Freya woke me up at 6, and then fell back asleep so I've just been playing video games and knitting.

Frost woke up early as well ( for being him that is) So we took a walk ^^ 


One year ago... Plus one week lol (I was in week 21 I think?)

Yep. Sofie took a picture of my tummy to show me that I wasn't big as I thought haha

Aaaaw... Even though it was kind of a hard pregnancy, I still miss being pregnant haha It was a pleasant feeling <3 I doubt next pregnancy will be as hard though... Cause that time I'll know better.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I've been up to no good lately haha

Nah, that's not true.
I've been knitting. And watching Daredevil <3

I also made awesome sugarfree pink grapefruit lemonade for us ^^

Oh, and today we went on a wee walk, we didn't go far but it was enough for me to feel like I needed to rest a bit lol

And Freya wanted to play with Lei Lei today so I let her, while I was supervising them. Yeah, I'd rather not leave them alone.

I'm not worried that Lei Lei would do anything to Freya, but I'm worried Freya might do something to LeiLei. She is a baby after all. She might unintentionally hurt LeiLei.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My precious snugglelump

Mortal Kombat 2015

The entire family woke up real early today. Usually it's just me being up feeding Freya... But today, both Freya 6 and her father woke up around 7 with me. And Freya stayed awake too. 

Well, she'll fall asleep eventually. She always does. It's 9:58 right now si she'll pass out after 10 sometime. I just know it.

Oh, I made her some mashed up strawberry with cream this morning. It turned into some kind of strawberry mousse actually....but tasty.

And I had chocolate chiapudding with banana and whipped cream.

Aaaaaand guess what we're doing now...

Omgasdfghjkkl!!!! :D 

Oh the joy.

There's a happy Freya's playing on the floor...And there's a superhappy Frost jumping up and down in the sofa.
I have to say, I don't suck at this game. Nope. But neither does I can tell that we're gonna have a lot of fun together now ^^ 

hah, new achievement for me: Jumping bean. lolololol

Saturday, April 11, 2015

And looooooooooooooooool for some weird reason I only died once. Hah.
It's probably cause I'm so awesome. Pssssh....

Friday, April 10, 2015

I feel like someone's watching me...

I dunno...maybe it's just my imagination..but it really does feel like sooooomeone's watching me. haha

Maison Jars

Did I ever mention that I love good old Maison Jars?

I do.

They'll be perfect for when Freya is old enough to hold shit and drink by herself. (she can hold stuff just fine...but it tends to fly across the room from time to time..........) But when she's old enough to just sit and drink, these jars will be awesome.

Imagine summer lemonade in them. ^^
Which reminds me, I kinda did a detox water today...but added "sötströ" (natural sweetening) and made it to a Lemonade as well. lol Delicious I tell ya. Kiwi, lemon and basil. Yum.
So far I've had 10 grams of carbs today. Good job me.
 -8 kilos now. Sweet.

Ah, and as you can see... Tweety the chicken had to come visit so Freya would smile and have a bite of food.
She had 4 bites today.

And then she got pissed off.

And today I'mma try the Grantit knit.

I'll probably get furious and throw the yarn around, but hey,...One has to try right?

Thursday, April 9, 2015


We had a really nice time meeting Kuti today :)
Frost got to learn it the hard way that it's impossible to say no to Kuti once she's amde up ger mind. lol

And Freya's a star no matter where she goes haha


Someone got to run free yesterday :)

And Freya definitely enjoys my knitting.............. maybe a little too much.
But my knitting is going really well. It'll be a really nice warm scarf for Freya ^_^
She can wear it next winter. Aws.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Green green green

My magnolia is starting to bloom, and my cactus too.
(it's a love cactus that Frost gave me..he's name is Oscar The Cactus. You've met him before)
My mint leaves are doing awesome. Growing like crazy.
And my Morning Glories and Sunflowers are growing so fucking fast.

Frost got chili seeds to sow from mom last night. Yep, he's got some planting to do.

It's wednesday right?

I feel a little better today.
Lately shit's been taking a turn for the worse and the pain's been excruciating...So I didn't really dare to go to bed last night, no matter how tired I was.

I stayed up till 2am and theeeen tried to sleep. Which I did, for about 4-5 hours? Because of that I woke up with very little pain today. *bro fist*

Snuggled Freya, tried to make her eat some breakfast -_-
Gave up on that idea after about 30 minutes-.................

And now it's my turn to enjoy my breakfast.
Fincrisp, brie cheese and coffee. Oh what would I do without coffee??
So yeah. I'll be knitting and sipping on my coffee. ^^

Maybe I'll have a game of CoD AW deathmatch too? Hmm..we'll just see about that.
Maybe when my man is in the shower <3

And oh what a handsome man I have, he's sitting in the sofa, and he just woke up...
I feel like biting and nibbling him ahaha RAAAWR! So cutie.
And my little bambam is wearing a fucking adooooorable jumsuitdress from Lasse :D It's from H&M in case anyone would wanna dress up their baby supermegaAwesome like Freya. looooooooool

It is cutie though right? Yeah, I know.

She's a wild wiggle worm today so taking a pic of her wasn't easy lmao

Dinner & Jordskott

I ate a simple yet spicy salad while indulging myself in series marathons today.
I watched all episode of Jordskott  :)
Such awesome and magical tales.
Old scandinavian folklores in modern times.

I REALLY like it. It's magical, mysterious, beautiful and creepy at the same time.
It's got skogrå, water nymphs, trolls and other creatures in it :D
It's like mystery, drama, thriller....and supernatural (yaaaay) Ya'll should watch it.
My sister sent me a link and I watched it straight while knitting.

Ah, and I think Mandy and Chris would LOVE this.
I found some episodes out on the interwebs with en subs actually.
So many sure you guys check that out ok?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Such a nice day

Yup, my usual morning treat. Strawberry, banana and kiwi smoothie.
Ate and watched the latest episode of Outlander <3 iiih.
(But we watched better call Saul too.) 
And after that we went to the park and played :D

Oh and when we came home I got to enjoy some fincrisp with brie cheese on it. Mmmm...
Dear God, don't let anything ruing my mood this superlovely day :)

Daredevil on Netflix

Ah, I'm so excited! Can't wait till the first episode is released on Netflix :D

It'll be awesome.

I love Marvel comics, and DareDevil ain't a bad superhero. He's pretty rad man... (the original, I'm not talking about the movie here dude..)

Netflix really stepped up and delivered a fuckton of awesome shows this year (and last year too) And I can't wait till it's released.

Other awesome shows they have is The Returned, Orange is the new black, Unbreakable and Better Call Saul <--- Fucking awesome show that one there.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Like Martha Stewart

Yeah, I'm knitting.
It'll be a scarf for Freya. So far it's going a little good, and then a little meh..and then good again..and then FUCK... and so on.

the sunday breakfast

oh and look... yarn.

Easter's eve

As Frost has learned, we Swedes celebrate on the eve of things. Christmas eve, midsummers eve, easters eve etc.

And yesterday was a splendid easters eve.

 yeah you get to see the same pic twice in some cases. Cause I couldn't choose a collage haha

Feya got SOOOOO much attention in town too. Plus, even a duck thought she was fabulous :D