Friday, April 29, 2016

The turd

Yeah I'm a turd. Lmao
I've got bags under my eyes, bad hair, a sleepy face...but to celebrate my birthday, at least my hair can be fixed. :)
My sister gave me that as my birthday gift, so I'll be getting my hair done before celebrating my birthday. My b-day is the 10th but we'll celebrate it the 13th, due to a looooot of work that week.
I'mma be looking gooooooood ;3


So I've made plans for tomorrow :D

It's gonna be a hoot!

It's valborg tomorrow, where we celebrate that the 1 of May is coming. :D (it's always celebrated the last day of april) and tomorrow I thought we'd go to The Children's Island (Barnens Ö)

Freya's gonna have sooo much fun! Petting animals, goung on a tiny choo choo train with her daddy, playing around in the childrens park... and then at 17:30 there's the annual bonfire :D   YAY!

It's going to be great! Nathalie might join us too, I told her that she's welcome to be with us if she wants to, and if she doesn't have any other plans. :D

Aaaah I can't wait for tomorrow. I want it to be a good day for Freya <3 And us too. But Frost and I will definitely be happy when we see our daughters smiling face. So yeah, I know tomorrow will be a good day.

Oh and also, yesterday I booked a hotel room in Stockholm, and also the ride there and back :D Oooooooh me and Frost are gonna have the time of our lives :)

I'm so excited! And it's a great hotel too.
8,2 out of 10 stars. I'd say that sounds marvelous! Teeheeee~

Yeah I can't wait.

We're going to the Museum of History, possibly the mediterranean museum too.
The national museum,  oh and definitely the east asian museum!!
And if possible, if we have the time to get there; I'd love to go to The Botanic Garden and skansen too (Bergianska) That'd be awesome :)
But we'll see what it'll be ^ __^

Good morning sunshines!

The sun definitely ain't shining today... Such a cloudy grey morning. And cold as fuck. (or duck as my phone would say lol)
Luckily I've got a hot cup of coffee to warm me up. :)

This is my favorite part of a workday... waiting on the bus, and riding on the bus... listening to good music, drinking my coffee and just sitting there with LeiLei.

But it's seriously way too cold to be the end of April now. I mean,  it fucking snowed till the middle of the night yesterday. Like wtf? Fuck you April. F.U.

Moving on. Gotta rush now cause the bus is here. Time to go to work.
I've been longing for a nap since yesterday haha can't wait till I can take s nap at work lol But I've got laundry to do so... Blah. *casually takes another sip of the coffee while looking mischievous, and sneakily staring at a random stranger* 
I like to start the day while making someone feel uncomfortable. -_- Right about now, the person (or should I say victim) is starting to feel self-conscious and wondering if I know something about him. Nervously rubbing his mouth in case I'm staring at any left over food that could've gotten stuck on his face. 
There's no food.

There's no reason I'm looking at you while looking like I know your secret.

I don't know your secret.

It's cause I'm sleepy., and my eyes accidentally rested on your face. 

Plus having a resting bitch face syndrome make shit weird no matter if I stare at you unconsciously or not lol  
However if I suddenly smiled now, mister numbnut would probably assume that I wanted something right? *sigh* It's kinda sad that in this day and age you can't give someone a smile without wanting anything. I smiled earlier to a man just to be nice. And he smiled back. :D
And then I said "have a really nice day" to the man who sold me my coffee. :)
I can occasionally be very sweet. Especially to the man who makes me morning coffee lol (you have no idea what kind of power those kinds of people have)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The 27th

We went to see the premiere of Captain America civil war. :) SUCH A GREAT
MOVIE. Tehee~

(yeah, I needed that coffee cause I was fucking exhausted haha)

And afterwards, we had a supernice dinner. 
Was one of the best dates we've had in a while <3 
We totally needed that, yup. hahah

And Facebook reminded me what Freya was doing one year ago on the 27th of
April. Too cute <3

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


My girl is seriously too cute. And awesome!
She wants to brush her teeth on her own these days. (So I brush them first to make sure they're clean) And then she gets to brush on her own. The toothbrush is going everywhere lol But she's trying. All on her own. She wants to learn. And I couldn't be prouder.
Naturally I have to act like a fucking paparazzi when it comes to my weasel too. Jeez... Haha but I mean, who wouldnt? Right? Am I right? Haha

And when she was done she wanted to brush mine. So I had to man up and open my mouth. Be the brave person I am. Of course I'll let my daughter brush my teeth. Even if it means getting seriously stabbed in the upper part of the mouth and then deepthroating that brush. Of course I'll do it! I'm a mom ;3
Needless to say, my mouth kinda hurts today. Yep. But it was totally worth it <3
She looked so proud and happy. 


This morning couldn't be any worse... I'm not even going to tell you cause it's literally so shitty. Damn fucking fuckhole. Gaaah!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fun fun

We've had a lot of fun this past week that I spent at home. Today we went to town and had lunch, got bunches of dogfood :) And I bought a cute summer dress for Freya. A white one with a lot of flowers on it. I got lucky cause it was on sale :D I only paid like 49kr for it! Woop woop!!

Oooh and someone got a hold of mommy's new dark lipstick. Yep. She wanted to look beautiful too. Hahaha Gosh this weasel is adorable. LOL

Happy day of birth!

My good friend Moa gave birth to a sweet baby boy today! His name is Arthur <3 
Ain't he just a cutie?
Aaaaw I'm definitely gonna snuggle him sooooo bad when I get my hands on him lol

Congratulations Moa & Rama :D
He's adorable!
I'm so proud of Moa too. She'll be a great mom :)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy birthday to my mom!

Så Grattis på födelsedagen mamma. Tack vare dig hade vi en sån rolig och kretiv barndom. Du är precis så som jag vill vara som mamma. Dina sagor och roliga skogsäventyr kommer jag alltid att minnas. Och jag ska göra samma sak med Freya :)
Så grattis igen världens bästa mamma! Må du få många många flera födelsedagar, så Freya kan ge dig sina egna presenter i framtiden också :D

Vi älskar dig!


I've come to the conclusion that since I have a hard time trusting people, and a hard time letting people get to know me... that makes those I've let close a lot more special right? Which makes betrayal even harder.

So, if one or two of those special people left me without saying fucking shit... I honestly don't see how I could forgive them. 
If you can read my blog, it ain't that hard to leave a comment, is it?
Unless both of ya'll somehow ended up like, in a come or prison without internet... Even if you're homeless, you can still use a friends laptop, the library... what-the-fuck-ever. And say: Hey...we won't be able to keep in touch for a while. Or just be honest: We don't wanna be friends anymore. Well alrighty then. Too bad.

So why did I worry? Well the reason was simply cause I liked you two very much. We were such good friends.
And one day you were just gone. Without a trace. Not a message or anything. Not even a 'bye'.

Thanks to Marty backing me and always being sweet and loyal... I saw things a little clearer.

See, the first year all I did was worry. And I just wanted to hear from them. Cause naturally you worry about your friends. Duh. I mean they disappeared. But then I realized some shit. (actually through Nathalie)

And now I'm kinda starting to realize that we were never friends were we?

Ya'll just deleted your shit, your accounts. That tells me you had the time to delete your facebook, or block me, thus you had time to tell me too. You could've told me. You could've said Bye.

So, with this... I say Good Bye.

 Oh, and even if you're stuck at a mental asylum or whatever... I'd still not forgive you. I have a close friend who was recently there. Yeah. And even she contacted me to tell me where she was and what was going on.
That's what friends do. They don't leave each other <3

Well i just left a fun message on that assbutts FB, I had to use a friends fb though. But I think I got the message through. It was extremely short haha

So Adios. We had a nice run I guess.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Lollipop Family

So I kinda felt that the family needed some Saturday treats. So I bought us lollipops haha two blue raspberry for me and honey. And one watermelon for Freya. The reason I got her one was that she gets to feel like a little grownup when she licks it. She looks so proud. And we share it. So after a few licks she always stretches it up for me to lick on. (And she gets sad if you don't lick it haha) it's so cute!
Plus it's something she'll be occupied with forever lol And also she never wants to actually eat it all which is good. That way she doesn't get much sugar in her system.
And she also happens to look adorable with a lollipop in her moth lol <3 (my hearts goes doki doki!)

Win win.

Her normal treat is dried fruit which she loves! They sell ecological 100% dried fruit bags. So I have dried cranberries, pineapple, mango and blueberries. And raisins of course. But she loves those fired blueberries. :)

I met an old friend at ICA too. Frost said we talked foreeeeever. Which simply ain't true. We may have talked for 20 minutes or so. Maybe. Haha it was a nice chat though :3

Top of the morning to ya!

I don't understand why Freya wakes up so god damn early, but it's killing me! Gah!
She went to bed so late last night (like 10 or after) and still she woke up before 7! HOW?!
She doesn't get enough sleep if you ask me.

I did get worried though cause when she climbed into our bed this morning she was red all over her thighs. Like she'd been burnt almost. And she cried like crazy. An hour later the redness was gone. No idea what it was or what caused it... She's having issues with itchiness. Poor princess.

I made her a delicious breakfast though! When in pain, eat delicious things. (probably why I'm fat looool) I gave her lactose free banana and vanilla flavored yoghurt with fresh chopped strawberries in it. Strawberry season is coming! YAY!
The plan was to share the bowl of yoghurt since it was so much of it, but my gluttonous little weasel ate it all on her own lol

We're about to take a shower now. Moms picking Freya up in a bit to take her to town for a while like she and Lasse does most Saturdays :D
And after that it's Orphan Black time!!

A bunch of couch potatoes..

I'm still getting used to this phone. Haha
Well it's been a loooooong day. Freya's been crying a lot, but it seemed like it calmed down a bit. She's been super snuggly too. Mommy loves snuggles lol
And in the afternoon the whole family laid down and took a nap. Man, it was gooood nap too. Yup.
My tummy's been a real dick today too.
Seriously.... It hurts so bad.

I've barely eaten anything today.  I ate a toast in the morning. And the some ice cream in the evening. My tummy hurts too much. Luckily ice cream is so delicious! ^_^ haha
But yeah.. I really haven't done much. I made spaghetti and meatseauce for Freya today, cleaned a little in the kitchen... Yeah that's about it. The while family has been kinda down today. Mom and dad enjoyed playing The Division in the evening though. Tehee~
I'm looking forward to Monday. I'm taking Frost & Freya out for a date! Lunch and fika in town :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

The days off

Well change of plans. Guess I'll be staying home tomorrow. Great.

And Freya got a rash that's hurting apparently... I don't understand what it is though. She's crying non stop almost. I ain't even allowed to look at it. She gets supermad when I do. Silly weasel.

Anyway... I forgot to tell you guys.
Yesterday I got an early birthday gift. Frost gave it to me since it seemed like I was so miserable. (Which I was.) My body was being a total douchebag. Still is.

But that gift was awesome! It's like a massage/vibrating seat that I can use in a chair, sofa, bed or in the car. It really gave my bloodvvessels a kickstart lol it felt fucking amazing. I fell asleep on it twice. ehe.. Amazeballs.

Moving on. I feel like shit. Literally today. But I've got cute photos of the Freyatron, and that's always cool. :3
We had a bunch of fun in the park the other day. :) She's getting wilder and wilder these days.

Oh, and I also got a new phone. A Sony Xperia M4.
Thaaaaank yoooou!
I'm still earning about it. It's quite different from an Iphone. Yep.
Big step. Big step. I'm bad with changes.

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm gonna go die in a corner somewhere.
I feel so shitty. And it hurts. Blah. 

My new massage thingy might be able to cheer me up though.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Protein latte

So apparently one of my favorite coffee shops started making protein lattes. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Every LCHF'ers dream. Chocolate flavored too. Not bad. Not bad.

I bought it on my way home from work. Good start on the day.

And after that... There was "that".
It hurt like hell but it's fine now. Gueh...

So beautiful

And thus my raise has been decided and approved. YAY!

We had a meeting today and it went swell. I think it'll be good working for a new company.
It ain't a big company but it seems to have a good reputation (I google shit)

Tomorrow is a dreadful day. I'm getting a spiral. Gah... my uterus is already crying. It knows what's about to come. I'm eating ice cream for lunch then. Yep.

Listening to the sound of silence now instead.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A new day & yesterday's dinner

Yeah I made a real nice dinner yesterday. :) Probably the best ground beef sauce I've ever made, so far. Haha
The Freyster and her dad ate it with gluten free macaronis, while I had it with broccoli. Finally, since before i was pregnant I'm starting to like broccoli again. Perfect timing too. I'll be eating a lot of broccoli from now on. Gonna go on the diet a little hardcore for myself here. I think I need it, (kinda like a kick in the ass)

Right now I'm on my way to work. Enjoying myself a large cup of cappuccino. (I deserve it. Especially considering how my ass is feeling. Sciatic fucknerve fucking with me)

Well I'll just fix things up on the blog inner I get to work. It'll be a busy day. Meeting and shit.

I'm listening to some Irish punk so kick the day going, but before that I actually listened to disturbed - sound of silence :) so good.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Haha Hi!
So, by the time you guys read this, it ain't even morning anymore. But who the fuck cares really? :3

Me and LeiLei got to enjoy our bus ride home. As usual no one wants to sit near us. Haha Which is perfect for me. I hate people. Heh~ LeiLei had fun too.

Ah, this morning when I woke up I was sooooo lost. I forgot that I was at work at first lol Andseone forgot to mention to me that a newbie was coming this morning to be next to us at work to see how we do it and shit. It's so they can learn. I'm sure every country has their own way of calling it something but we walk it 'walking at in sides' So she rang the door and I opened it thinking it was Anna. So I figured it's ok that I look like a total douchebag.
Yeah. It wasn't Anna. And there I was looking like a fucking fat turd with bloodshot eyes and bags under them. Hahah Abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous. -.-

And when I came home I suddenly got the worst tummy cramps ever.

Ever needed to take a shit so bad that you'd run someone over with your car if they were in your way?

Good thang I don't own a car.

Oh, am I sharing too much? Aaaw boofuckinghoo. Life is hard. Deal with it. lol

Anyway. Freyster got super excited to see me and so was Frost. Yay! So many hugs and kisses. Even Freya was on a kissing mood.
And then mom and Lasse had to show up right when I was dying on the bathroom floor..... Yep. Perfect time as usual. At one point I swear to god mom came to us right when I was giving Frost a... Uh... A.. Massage. With my mouth. Yeah. Wonderful massage that didn't happen. lol her timing is amazing sometimes hahahah

I'm sorry I could hang out for long though.

And when they left, she wanted to leave too. So she put on my crocks, her hat and then took Lasses umbrella Hahahah

Oh I'm gonna post a wish list for my birthday soon on the blog. Pew pew!