Thursday, April 14, 2016

A very nerdy post

Fair warning here: just don't read this if you don't like video games. You're not gonna enjoy this post. Simple as that. Haha But I still like you~

So, I wish I could have a blog where I actually EARNED money by writing about video games! Some chicks write about fashion, others make up... Me: Freakin' GAMES! Aaaah I love video games. (Oh btw, in case I seem like I'm not interested in girly stuff at all: I enjoy interior decorating and lipsticks. Hah! Suck on that one you stereotypical assbutts) "someone" left a comment saying that I don't seem like a girl. FU. But enough about that silly shit.

Aaaaanywaaaay... And guess who has two new huge BETA's to play huh? Doom and BattleBorn! Gah! Exciting as fuck, yes. Yes I know. You're very envious. (It's ok. I'd be envious of me too)  jk I'll be sending out some invites though to some friends with Xbox one.

Moving on. I'm getting DOOM from Frost for my birthday. My man knows me so well. And I'm getting BattleBorn for Frost for his birthday (if he enjoys the beta that is) and obviously I'll get him something else too. Not sure what yet though... But that's another story.

See, I was interested in Overwatch. It looked awesome, had cool characters, the gameplay seemed fun and it was a good looking game overall.

Till I heard that it doesn't have a story. At all. <--- It's basically just Team Deathmatch. What.a.fucking.Bummer. #disappointed
I deleted that game immediately off my list then.

But BattleBorn looks very similar too Overwatch to be honest. (The whole style and look) And they do have TDM. Buuuuut there's a story. Yay! I won't know what the story is about till tomorrow though. Teheee~ I'll let y'all know then.

And also, The Beta for DOOM comes out tomorrow as well. Mother effing F it's going to be one fucking fun night!!

I'm really excited. :3

See how fun it would be if I could work for a magazine and blog about games for a living? PLAY GAMES FOR A LIVING EVEN?! Omg.. I can't even...

Welp, miss purple wants a drink, gotta continue work now.

Adios suckers.

Oh and the Battleborn pics ain't mine, just found them randomly on google. 
Though the top one is my background on the Xbox  :D haha
The DOOM one though, I took myself :D

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  1. wait.... DOOM? MOTHAFUCKING DOOOM? Just the name makes me nostalgic already. Ermahgerd.
    I need to keep up with everything *^*

    Also, you could contact a blogger of some sort, or even a Podcast, and ask if you could write and stuff from them. Heck, you could even start streaming and stuff online. DO IT. I SUPPORT YOU.


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