Saturday, April 23, 2016

Top of the morning to ya!

I don't understand why Freya wakes up so god damn early, but it's killing me! Gah!
She went to bed so late last night (like 10 or after) and still she woke up before 7! HOW?!
She doesn't get enough sleep if you ask me.

I did get worried though cause when she climbed into our bed this morning she was red all over her thighs. Like she'd been burnt almost. And she cried like crazy. An hour later the redness was gone. No idea what it was or what caused it... She's having issues with itchiness. Poor princess.

I made her a delicious breakfast though! When in pain, eat delicious things. (probably why I'm fat looool) I gave her lactose free banana and vanilla flavored yoghurt with fresh chopped strawberries in it. Strawberry season is coming! YAY!
The plan was to share the bowl of yoghurt since it was so much of it, but my gluttonous little weasel ate it all on her own lol

We're about to take a shower now. Moms picking Freya up in a bit to take her to town for a while like she and Lasse does most Saturdays :D
And after that it's Orphan Black time!!

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