Friday, April 29, 2016

Good morning sunshines!

The sun definitely ain't shining today... Such a cloudy grey morning. And cold as fuck. (or duck as my phone would say lol)
Luckily I've got a hot cup of coffee to warm me up. :)

This is my favorite part of a workday... waiting on the bus, and riding on the bus... listening to good music, drinking my coffee and just sitting there with LeiLei.

But it's seriously way too cold to be the end of April now. I mean,  it fucking snowed till the middle of the night yesterday. Like wtf? Fuck you April. F.U.

Moving on. Gotta rush now cause the bus is here. Time to go to work.
I've been longing for a nap since yesterday haha can't wait till I can take s nap at work lol But I've got laundry to do so... Blah. *casually takes another sip of the coffee while looking mischievous, and sneakily staring at a random stranger* 
I like to start the day while making someone feel uncomfortable. -_- Right about now, the person (or should I say victim) is starting to feel self-conscious and wondering if I know something about him. Nervously rubbing his mouth in case I'm staring at any left over food that could've gotten stuck on his face. 
There's no food.

There's no reason I'm looking at you while looking like I know your secret.

I don't know your secret.

It's cause I'm sleepy., and my eyes accidentally rested on your face. 

Plus having a resting bitch face syndrome make shit weird no matter if I stare at you unconsciously or not lol  
However if I suddenly smiled now, mister numbnut would probably assume that I wanted something right? *sigh* It's kinda sad that in this day and age you can't give someone a smile without wanting anything. I smiled earlier to a man just to be nice. And he smiled back. :D
And then I said "have a really nice day" to the man who sold me my coffee. :)
I can occasionally be very sweet. Especially to the man who makes me morning coffee lol (you have no idea what kind of power those kinds of people have)

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