Friday, October 31, 2014


So. there's a new family member.
In my sisters little family that is.

So this is Valter (Or Heisenberg as I like to call him. I know..I know who he is lol) He met Lei Lei today. She was not amused.

Nas and Frost has been moving a lot of shit in to the apartment today. And I unpacked a whole lot of junk too.  :D Lei Lei likes that place. So that's nice.

It's a REAL home.

Tomorrow is the big day. WOHO!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


We didn't know it, when this picture was taken...
but I was actually pregnant already with my little Freya. Yay!

She's my sun. She lights it all up.
And everything revolves around her :P

She gives me energy <3
She and Frost are my universe.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Puke fest! yay

It's hard to believe that this sweet lil' angel right here below:

puked her fucking guts out earlier. Like crazy.
I was in the toilet when I heard Frost scream AAAAAH IT'S LIKE FUCKING THE EXCORSIST MOVIE!!


I have never seen so much vomit before...When he held her up she started puking again, MORE. She was literally covered in vomit. Thick vomit.... :/
So I showered her, we cleaned the floors. I cleaned the baby stroller, and her little "bag" that she lays in when we're out. Her clothes, the sheets in the stroller and so on..yeah, I put it all in the washing machine. I'll probably be up all night.

On the bright side, I found something I wanted earlier today.

These handmade ceramic mugs.

I saw them at that place under moms apartment. I like them. :D

Welp, I need to check my babypuff now.
Lei Lei took a walk with Frost instead. A diarrhea dog and a puke baby. Awesome night.

that's Freya.....though she puked even more.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Yeah he's pretty damn awesome

My boyfriend is usually pretty awesome and sweet.

But sometimes he takes it a little further and is a lil' extra awesome. :)

So this was what he was up to.
I knew I smelled something delicious. You have noooooo idea how good his scrambled eggs taste. Cause he makes them with cheese in them and they're extra tasty!

I smelled coffee too and I was right about that as well lol


I wonder what he's up to?

It's 06:42....and I woke up like half and hour ago, still sleepy as fuck. (Still am. -_-) My eyes just didn't wanna open. But I smelt something delicious.
And I heard him being a busy bee in the kitchen. :)

I'm not supposed to be up yet is what he said WHICH I SOOOO AGREE WITH HIM. Haha So I quietly crawled back to bed and snuggled some more.

But I do wonder what my cutie pie is cooking in there. I think I smell bacon. Mmmm!

Welp, I'll snuggle my face into the pillow now and wait for him :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

If you think about it...

 . . . . I'm extremely lucky to have such a man as Frost.

But it was probably fate that brought us together, not luck :)

I'm so madly in love with you. I wake up everyday thinking that I have the most handsome man on the planet. His snuggles are the best. And his kisses are too. It's a premium top notch dude that Frost haha He has his downsides, as do I. And I know we're meant to be. Twinflames <3

And I love doing everything with you. Because of you I enjoy thinking about the future, making plans and dreams. 
And let me point out that no matter how shitty certain situations been in my life, I have fulfilled EACH and EVERY one of my dreams so far. One by one.

So now I have more dreams to fulfull with you <3
Travels and adventures that awaits us.

Yep. I love you like crazy, honey. Now and forever.

I try to show it every day, cause you never know when it can all disappear.
I might get hit by a truck tomorrow. Did I tell him how much I adore him today?

Yes. Yes I fucking did :D

Did I kiss and love Freya to the moon and back today?

Yep. I sure did. Times a thousand lol haha

So, for me it's important to show the love. 
Love is the most powerful thing in the whole world. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Her first!

Well look at that. Her first mole.
Aaaaaws <3

lol I sat there and licked my finger and tried to rub it off of her haha
 I thought it was dirt hahaha

Me and Freya are sitting here, snuggling and watching NCIS New Orleans. Which btw seems pretty good. YaY. I always like to get new shows to watch. (I fucking HATE that other one, Los Angeles? It sucks huge goat balls...) But this, this actually seems kinda cool.

Nothing can comapare to Gibbs and Dinozzo and the crew though. 
That show will always be the best. But that's usually the way it is.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Movie night

Hercules! Woho!
(I've always liked the Rock, don't judge me!)

Daddy and daughter enjoying the movie.

Freya likes to sit up.
Since it's not good for babies this young to sit up, she actually gets to lie on her yummy most part of the day.
Builds a strong back :)

She's been a very happy baby today. I'm hoping she'll sleep all night tonight as well!

Plants VS Zombies Xbox One

I have to say I've been pretty damn good at posting on my blog lately. I do have my moments. Some days are easier than others. Simple as that.

Some days Freya just won't let me haha

Right, Frost and I have started playing Plants VS Zombies recently. haha
 It's pretty fun to play together :D I'm always the sunflower lol Me likes it.
One of the OH SO FUCKING FEW couch co-op games there is on xbox one these days. 
Luckily it's a fun game too so... yep. 
We're pretty awesome. Fucking teamwork and junk. Uh huh.
Pew pew!!

Sweet Poison

Aaaw, I really want these.
I was looking around at Sweet Poison and found these.
Glorious glorious clothes haha

But I'm quite the fatty at the moment, and I can't really diet till I stop breastfeeding Freya anyway.
So it doesn't matter really...

But one can always dream a little right? :)

That's for Freya ;D She'd look like a Def Lepard fan in it!

Oh, and btw, Freya is on their page on Instagram. Yup. A two week old Freya in a Speedy Mike outfit <3 Much Baby, such cute, wow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I was thinking of baking some day soon.
And since i love reading Manuelas blog about baking ( I stumbled upon these southern cookies.

Yeah I should definitely bake something like this.
Oh and I do need to bake southern cornbread for thanksgiving :D

I'm thinking about what kind of stuff I shall bake for christmas.
That's right, I sit and think about these things quite often.

Sometimes I lay awake at night planning how I'll decorate the new apartment. haha

Ah, I have to go. I have a happy giggling baby here. I need to attack her with kisses!!

I forgot!

Right, I totally forgot to mention for those who don't have facebook and junk,

So no, you can't call me.
If you call my number it'll just tell you that 'the number you have dialed  is no longer in service'

Me, my smartass forgot the my contract got cancelled three months ago. I was wondering why it said 'no service' up on the screen........
The day before yesterday was apparently the last day lol

So now you guys know, I can only be reached on facebook pretty much. Unless you have an ihpone, imessege still comes through to my phone oddly enough.


(I'm getting a new simcard and a new contract. Hopefully I can get my old number back too.)


Today was Freya's 2 month check-up at BVC.
She's 62cm tall, and 5,8 something-something kg. :D
Big squirrel! 

After that, we came home and took a long fucking nap.
(Freya stayed up till 3:30am SCREAMING. -_- Now I've had lovelier moments in my life...) And then getting up around 9. Yeah, we NEEDED that nap.
Frost hasn't been feeling so super well today. Poor snugglepoot.

I however went up after that nap and went out for lunch with two old friends of mine. I hadn't met Lovisa in 3 damn years! Such a long time, Certainly didn't feel like it.
Hah, two ladies that feel in love with my daughter today <3

Aaah, we had a real good time. :) I missed them.
haha Edita sent photos of her and Freya to her girlfriend saying 'I'm ready for a baby!!!' haha
The  she turned around and said 'Ah, my uterus just jumped a little!'

Freya is being a little pootdoodle right now..
I'm trying to keep her awake so she'll be sleepy tonight, but she's just superpissed instead.

What? A mom eating your face isn't what everyone wants to wake up to? I thought it was.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Morning snuggles

I'm just laying here on the sofa, snuggling a sleeping Freya.

I've been up since 6. I breastfed her and then did the laundry... And then time just flew by and here I am. 10:38 and we're snuggling.

She didn't fall asleep till 2am or so last night. And neither did I. Obviously. Every time she fell asleep and I went to put her in her crib she started crying and whimpering. And THAT kind of crying just breaks my heart -_-

I dunno, she was just being a mommy's baby last night I guess.

Aaah I should really get up and have some coffee.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Yesterday I took the bus to Sofie :)
Freya got to meet Lykke and Lykke fell in love with Freya lol She just wanted to cuddle her ALL the time. Forcible and a little rough. Freya started crying every time it got to rough though. haha Lykke is only (barely) 4 months older than Freya.

Sofie had made lunch for me which may have been simple, but it was like the best thing I've eaten in a long time! Aaaand after that came coffee and fika. Obviously. hah.

I'm getting more and more excited about the move each day now. CAN'T WAIT! Iiiih! *jumps up and down*

Welp, Frost is making dinner now, and I'l doing this. haha
I'll be going over to my sister later for fika though. YaY me!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Good morning!

I'm just sitting here looking for new K- dramas to watch.
I haven't been watching any in like 2 years! (Oh The horror!!) I miss it though. Korean RomCom is by far the best romcom in the world. haha

I'm also doing the laundry, just so you know.
I didn't just get up at 06:50 to look at new series to watch haha

So, what can I tell you?
Hmmm.. Ah, Freya has slept these past 4 days in her own bed. It's probably been harder on me than her, cause she's slept silently and comfortable all night. Me on the other hand worried and had to check on her and all that. I just can't relax.. But she sleeps, and snuggles on her own. :) She woke up right after 6 this morning wanting milk :D Good for her that I just happen to be a living milk truck lol Oh and I put her to bed at midnight just so you now. She seems to wanna play and be active the most between midnight and 2am..........and I'm not so keen on that haha But at least she doesn't get mad when I put her in her bed then. She just lays there babbling and crowing. A giggle here and there. And whenever I'd look at her, she just looks up with big eyes and smile :)

My two favorite people <3

Welp I guess I'll run down and hang up the laundry. And after that, I'll probably need a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Freya fell back asleep again so I guess I'll just...yeah. Force snuggle Frost :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5

Ooooh my fucking lawdy!
Holy shit-knitting-crap-nuggets! The Walking Dead's season premiere was last night, and that episode was fucking EPIC.

I think that that was probably one of the absolute best episodes throughout the entire series. So awesome!

Ah, and spoiler alert:

It was like the most touching heartwarming scene ever when Daryl saw Carol again. aaaaaws.

And Carol, she's definitely a new favorite character for me. :D

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Me me me

Here you go for putting up with me honey!

I know I'm messy...and lazy.
A little too sarcastic and possibly a little too honest about my opinions.
I'm stubborn and weird. And I get caught up in whatever I'm doing at the moment.

But I'm also pretty awesome. And kinda epic.

I also make good sandwiches. :D

And no one could love you more than I do.
Your'e my twinflame.

So here's a heart to you Honeypuff of Glory.
Thank you for putting up with me :) Not that I'm really that hard to live with, but still.
Oh how I love you <3

Snuggles and shower

Aaah yesterday was a long day. In a good way though.
We ate good food, watched LOTR trilogy (extended versions mind you) 12 hours of fucking epic awesomeness.

Aaah, Freya got a quick shower with Frost today. She liked showering with him haha last time when we tried to shower her on her own she screamed like crazy -.-
So know we know, she enjoys showers TOGETHER. Not alone.

So today both mommy AND daddy got soaking wet. I didn't plan mine, but I ended up wet anyway.

Aaaaand when I finally got her dry, she puked on me. Ah the wonderful joy of babies. Hahaha

Today seems to be a slow snuggle day. Freya is sleeping on our bed like a boss. Frost is playing Madden. And I'm just enjoying me time in the laptop. Yea. Comic books and mangas/manhwas. Aaaand eBay!! (Gotta fucking love eBay)

I talked to my friend Ida earlier, she moved to her new apartment this weekend in Varberga. Her EX boyfriend is a douche and I wish him all the hells fury to rain upon him. But anyway, when I get better and ca walk longer...I'll walk to her aaaall the time!
She's finally getting settled in. I was supposed to visit her today but the rain is pouring down. I love it though. When you're all snuggled up in the sofa with blankets, sipping on coffee and ready to watch a movie. :)

We decided that I'll visit her tomorrow. Im taking the buss then. :D And Freya will be in the baby carry harness or whatever you wanna call it.
I ain't even got a clue what it's called tbh...
But anyway. Yeah.
Yesterday: LOTR marathon. 12 hrs. Hot chocolate. Tacos!
Today: rain, snuggles and coffee. (And soon homemade hamburgers)
Tomorrow: buss with Freya to see Ida. Coffee. Cosyness.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our little angelpuff is snoozing a lil' in her baby sitter. Yeah I know you're not supposed to let them sit for too long in one but she seems to relax real well in it, plus she'll laying down in it (cause I made it flat) hah. So I honestly don't see any problem with it.

While she's having a wee nap, we decided to have a coffee break and enjoy 'The Hobbit'. Mmm.. I'm also enjoying myself a small After Eight. Goes real well with coffee, don't ya think?

And here's a pic of our dinner.
How awesome is that huh?
Yeah. We made that. Uh huh.
*victory dance*


Me and my little snugglepoot took a bath earlier tonight at moms place. Aaaand after that we had some coffee and some brie cheese and salami sandwiches. nooooom nom nom I fucking LOVE brie cheese btw.

Josse was there too :)
It was a really nice evening. Frost came and picked me up when it was time to go home. Took a lil' stroll in the park while we were at it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The sisters

The diaper express lol
"And so they came, with packages of diapers in their arms"

(8 packages to be exact... Thank yoooou~)

Gorgeous Hanna and her sister Malin dropped by today. Awesome company in other words. The Kaliff sisters. Aaaah, me and Hanna are the type of people that will probably ALWAYS be friends. It's such a simple friendship where nothing is taboo to talk about. Plus she's like a man sometimes lol (personalitywise) so we get along perfectly. haha We're kinda alike that way lmao

I've said it before, and I'll say it again she is the brightest and most happy go lucky person I've ever known. She jusrtradiates of awesome energy.

Both of them are going back to Africa in october. Boo. I told her about Resident Evil 5 but she didn't believe that she'd get infected...Hmm...

After their visit, there was a blackout. Apparently over then entire city. It's such a rare thing to happen that it's kinda fun. hah
And after that I went over to my sisters house and had a bun and coffee :D Wheeee~

I feel like my body is hurting a lot these days (I move around to much  I know..) so I'll try and rest the rest of the week. (lol we all know that ain't gonna happen haha)

Yesterday was a sleepy day -_-
But I had coffee with Sofia :D

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Look at that baby booty. *chomp*
So cute~

She's like sleeping beauty. *puss puss*


Oh, it's Halloween soon too. Woop woop!

Can't wait to have fun with a Jack'O Lantern.
I have a great idea for my pumpkin. :)

Not my photo

A slow saturday

Frost and Freya are taking a nap, she's laying on his chest and they're both snoring. haha! Meanwhile, I'm catching up on some series, and new chapter releases with some comic books and so on. Jo-time in other words.

Got some lit candles and shit so it's real comfy right now.

Ya know, me and Frost were talking earlier, our neighbors dogs are fucking MEAN. They've all got some aggressive mean ass dogs. Seriously, vicious bitches. Luckily Lei Lei never cares and just walkes away. But I KNOW that she's capable of handling herself if she's ever attacked. Yep. One of the neighbor dogs got to taste her badass jaws once. hah.

Anyway. Yesterday Kuti was over and we all had dinner. She and Frost got a lil' tipsy. But they seemed to enjoy themselves :)
 Got to hear things I wish I hadn't though.
Sometimes it really is true. that old saying: What you don't know, won't hurt you. Meh. Anyway, nothing I didn't see coming I guess.

Oh, And I bought cinnamon buns today (Ica sold 4 for 15kr).... So now I have 4 buns and no one to share them with -_- Boo... But it is The Cinnamon Bun's Day today. haha

Weeeeeeeeeeeeell......It's so quiet now that those two are napping....
I wonder if I should check out a new series or something? Hmm..

Yep. Autumn, one of  my favorite seasons.
I was telling Frost earlier about how I love to look at trees. Especially now, when they're soooo pretty. I told him to focus on one of the falling leafs, and then imagine that he's sitting on that leaf. It makes it so much more fun haha

People do forget how to appreciate the small things in life.
But not me. Those are the things I value the most.

Ooooh and I can't wait till Freya is old enough so play outside. We'll play in the big leaf piles when it's fall. And throw leafs around and go pew pew with acorns!!

Friday, October 3, 2014


Got a surprise visit earlier. Lucky we were home at that time haha :) It was a nice surprise. Been a while, ya know?

Freya found her hair extreeeeemely fascinating. :)

Aaaaws, they became friends immediately lol


It's a nice friday :)
The weather's nice, and we're having dinner later Freya's granny #2.
The downside is that Lei Lei started heat. So we won't be inviting people over for a month or so from now on. Ew...

Ah, My sick leave has been extended till October 31st, Cause I'm waiting on a remiss from the hand surgeon. Can't wait till this pain goes away. :) seems like they just gave up on the idea of giving me a cortisone shot in the wrist and just sent me to the surgeon instead....well, I'm happy cause I was absolutely terrified of having to take a big shot like that. That needle...gah, it's humongous.

Now they'll just slice the ligament in the middle instead with a scalpel. *thumbs up*  Although I wont lie, that's a fucking scary thought too. Blah. I'll have someone with me though ^_^

I'm not complaining about being on a sick leave though. I'm not spending any maternity days so I'm all good. :) So for now, I need Frost. And after the "procedure" or whatever you wanna call it, I'll definitely need Frost for a while.


Here's a pic from wednesday night.
I forgot to put it up. haha
Fun night it was :3 And Frost's alone time haha

Freya was in my lap then entire time that we watched the movie too. Snuggling and snoozing. We watched The Purge - Anarchy. And I liked it! Uh huh.
Totally decent movie.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mina hjärtan

You're all I ever wanted ^_^
smoocherdoodle! <3

October 1st


Much autumn, such orange, wow.

It's such a nice day. :) We had a nice walk, the air is fresh and the weather is nice. I've got plans for tonight, so tonight is Frost's "alone-time" so he can relax and have a quiet time and whatever. I think he'll nap... I'm pretty sure of it. haha

Freya is getting better. Finally.
She hasn't been able to poop properly these past few days, which resulted in an angry baby that screamed all the time. And that resulted in a frustrated Jo. (I'm sorry) And I took out my frustration on the people around me too.. Mostly Frost and Lei Lei. I've rasied my voice, screamed at Lei Lei maaaany times. I've even growled. I've lost my temper needless to say. I had a fight with my coffee cup yesterday even -_-

The nurse kinda stirred up some emotions too, making me scared of SID. Of course I was aware of that before, and I worried about it too... But thanks to her that's like ALL I've been thinking about for these past few days. But I've been mostly occupied with Freyas screaming and not knowing what's wrong...
So I did some research on how to understand babies etc. And voilá. I understand my babypuff better. And she finally pooped yesterday. No more super angry baby. She slept quietly from 11pm to 4am. I breastfed her and she went back to sleep till 8am. And then slept till 11am.  Wonderful.

Unfortunately I didn't really sleep at all last night cause my mind was so set on her being grumpy like these past few nights (with no sleep and screaming like crazy) So I just didn't manage to sleep even though she was so peaceful.

It's really been bothering me that she hasn't been able to poop properly and throw up and shit, it's painful and frustrating to see your baby in pain and not being able to do anything. So I was sooooo fucking happy when she took a huge dump yesterday.
And this morning too.

Massive poop! YAY!

Hooray for poop!!!


My shining star <3

We went to aunty Josse yesterday and took some nice photos. She was kinda grum py though so it wasn't an easy task lol

I myself enjoyed a cup of coffee and her homemade dumble cookies. SO DELICIOUS. But anyway, yeah. Photo session and snuggles. She's so perfect.

Welp, I'll post the photos when they're done. :D