Saturday, January 31, 2015

I had to get it out of my system

If ya'll don't want to read mushy sincere stuff, I suggest you turn your head the fuck away from the screen.

I'm up late tonight. I can't sleep. Frost and Freya went to bed hours ago. And I need to walk Lei Lei cause she's been making damn nasty farts.

And as I was sitting here, smelling her nasty farts... I started thinking back on when I took Lei Lei to the vet one day a few years ago. That day I felt like puking cause it was so smelly on the bus. It smelt SO bad. Like somalians and poop.

That day, was the first time me and Frost started talking really really deep. We wrote each other before that, bu just casually now and then. But nooooow, we started writing long messages all the time. :)

Here's the very first blogpost where I mention him :) On that very day too.

And then here's the day where I started to realize I seemed to have feelings for this peculiar man, he was already a huge part of my days by then. But it took some time before i actually put two and two together lol

And hearing him snore in the bedroom right now, just fills my heart with a hot fuzzy bubbly blizz feeling. I am SO in love with that man. I love him so much, my sweet Frost, and I'm fucking amazingly happy that my dreams came true. Yeah it's rough financially speaking sometimes, But I AM spending my life with the man I chose, The man I fell for so hard.  The man who still makes me fall deeper and deeper for him each day.

In my opinion, I started living when I got to know him.
And with him, I got the perfect bundle of sweetness. Our Freya. My world.

So I'm just sitting here, thinking about how much I love Frost, and how far we've actually come. And I much I love to snuggle him.

For some reason, I'm overflowing with love for him tonight <3
I wish I could just attack him and rape him. :)

Buuuuut I'll let him sleep. haha Gotta feed the baby anyway :)

Hey Frost.... Did you know?
Your'e my twinflame. <3

Friday, January 30, 2015


So, I made detox water today (fresh blueberries, orange and mint leaves), and
'falukorv i ugn'. *bro fist*

helloooo..nom nom.

Scooooore. I was awesome.

And Freya ate some mashed mango :)

I think she's starting to like food.
But my boobs are still the best. hah.

My appointment at the physiotherapist was cancelled at the last minute due to acute illness...So mom and I had coffee instead.

Ah and I've played Black Ops today and now we're doing Diablo III.
It reminds me of a game me and Alex used to play.
He was a human warrior and I was a warrior black elf. I think?
it's kinda the same in a way. I remember I fucking liked it.
We played it all the time. I wish I knew the name of it...

Anyway. Yeah... so.. uh huh. That's about it.

Some friday fun for us <3

Baked potato

I decided to make a delicious dinner yesterday. SO I did. lol

I made baked potato with lots of butter. And I prepared a "chicken goo" an hour before so it'd cool off before we ate. I made it with creme fraiche, cream, chili, mango puré, curry, thyme and oregano, salt and peppers. Yup. Boiled it up nicely and then added the small chicken pieces to it and let it cool and harden in the fridge for an hour. (I actually added a little honey mustard in it too haha)  It was so tasty!

Frost said it was reeeeaaally good! YAY. It's rare for him to use his excited voice for my food so I take that as a huge compliment haha He only gets this excited when I make my chicken pie for him haha

My babypuff fell asleep in the doggybed, where she is unnaturally comfortable.

Oh, and Freya got to taste some of the potato with butter. Strange faces she made. haha Well, I guess it'll take some time to get used to huh?

On another side note, I seem to actually be sick.
I was hoping this would only be a sore throat but it seems to be getting worse -_-
And what's worse is that Freya caught it too :(

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A date, shopping and dinner.

Whooaaaa... haha

I've had a really good day.
Mom took Freya, so Frost and I could go eat at the Taco Bar. Mmm...

Aah, they're SO nice over there. :)
After we ate, mom came and met us outside with Freya.
And right when we started walking the owner of Taco Bar came out yelling 'So you DID get a baby now??!!'  Yes. yes I did. lol

She said that she didn't dare asking, when we ate since we had no baby with us. In case something "happened" you know? And that's a very respectful and considerate thing to do actually. (IF I had lost my baby, I sure wouldn't be happy with people asking where's the baby? How is she?? all the time. true true.)  So she was delighted to see the baby through the window, so she ran out and just haaaad to say hi to Freya :D

A giant dinner for two, 201 kr. Including beer and coke. Who was happy?
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! my favorite dish :) haha

Right before dinner we met Urban. An old friend of mom's. He's seriously SUCH a sweet man. We really should invite him for fika or something soon.

 Anyway, we also happened to meet another of mom's old friend Patrique (spelling?) A french man. He wished Frost luck and said that SFI really DOES matter. It DOES teach you swedish more than just being around Swedes.

And we've just walked around Hindersmässan looking at stuff. Frost got moose salami haha And I got market treats. Mmmm... :)

Oh and I got a new jacket too. Frost is jealous. He wants one too.

Freya's been eating a LOT today. YaY. That's always good. I wouldn't get upset if she gained a few pounds ya know?
We took a nap earlier, and snuggled together and all of a sudden, I realized me and Freya slept for almost 2 hours. And on top of that, when I breastfed her I fell asleep AGAIN! And so did she. haha

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare HAvoc

Havoc for coD AW was released yesterday. Obviously I needed it.
4 new maps! YaY.
I don't play on tetreat and recovery maps cause the ones playing it are always suck bitches, so it's nice with new maps too.

But maaaaan, I find it hard when I'm dealing with new maps like that. *sigh*
And the zombie mode...............It's a good way to give someone diarrhea. -_-
Who the hell likes FAST Zombies?! Never the less, zombies that shoot you with guns!?!! WHY? Aaah....I may or may not suck at it. I won't tell you haha Gosh...Exo Zombies. Pssh..

Anyway, yesterday I had 26 kills and 13 deaths in multiplayer live and I got to drive a Goliath! (Gotta love care packages haha) Like BOOM! I was so excited about it so I had to send a text to beloved boyfriend and tell him about it hahahaha He said I did well <3 teheee~

(Goliath is a big Robot suit.) *squeeeel* I love robots!


I'm eating my home made  bread for breakfast. :)

Challah with sunflower seeds on it and cranberries inside it. Mmm...

Home made stuff really tastes waaaay batter than anything else.
Unless you fail and it tastes like crap.
Lucky for me, I didn't fail. hah.

I bought more yeast yesterday so I'm gonna bake some more bread now. Thinking about making Barkis tonight... Yep.

Welp, duty calls. Freya just puked everywhere. Yay.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

well that's just perfect

I woke up around 8 this morning, with a really fucking sore throat. YaY.
isn't that just wonderful?
Grädden på moset as we say here hah.

So green tea to drink all day for me then.

Oh, and Freya is wearing one of her new outfits that Kuti gave her ;)

It takes forever to type cause Freya insists on sitting in my lap.
She's cries insanely much as soon as I try to put her down  -_-

one of those days huh......

Monday, January 26, 2015

Semmel wrap

It's a semla, in a wrap.

Can it BE more amazing?! I don't think so.
Holy moley was it gooooooooooooood.... :)
haha Gosh it makes me extremely happy when I eat something that's really really delicious haha
 Maybe that's why I'm fat? HAHA!

Small joys in life. I like them.

Today Frost actually managed to get me out of the house and up town.
Nas & Sofia dropped by and we all walked together.
I kinda felt a weeeee bit like a burden cause of my slow pace but oh well.
At least I got out.

And that when I got the semmelwrap on the way back home.
And surprise surprise, when we got home mom and Josse and Doris were sitting on our doorstep. Turns out my phone was on vibrate so I didn't even notice the calls and messages.

Other than that, I've played some CoD AW and snuggled my awesome snugglepuff <3

She's wearing her new pajamas from her extra granny Kuti :)

Ya know, I blog mainly cause nowadays...I don't even remember what I had for breakfast. Never the less remembering who I was with the other day.
The pain is taking over all the rational sides of me that I'm left with confusion and the feeling of being completely lost. Kinda...
Thus, the blog helps me a lot :)

As for the baby, I KNOW when she needs to eat. I know physically. I can feel it. When it comes to Freya, there's no way I'll forget.

But the other day, I lost 6 hours of that day.
I had no idea that time passed by, and I couldn't remember a single thing of the day. Yup.

And that's that.

I'm moving forward. Even if my body doesn't want to. :D

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Day Of Freya's

Yesterday was Freya's names day. (namnsdag) We celebrate that in Sweden.
Everyday has two names in the calender.
And yesterday is was Freja. Our baby koala spell with a Y though. But her name is still just that. Freya (Freja)

So her sweet granny came over with presents and bunches of new clothes.
She got her very first baby plate, and two baby spoons. :)

Aaaaws, she's getting big huh?

And gguess what?
It's snowing like crazy today AGAIN.
The entire stroller with Freya in it got covered in snow when we went for a long walk.
We actually made it to Trängen until the snow got a little too annoying.
Lei Lei didn't complain though. She fucking loved it haha

Friday, January 23, 2015

Challah bread

I made Jewish french bread last night. :) It's called Challah/challe.
I did my own style though, with three different kinds of flour and cranberries in it. Mm...

It turned out very well.
Nice taste too. 
It's a thick and heavy bread if you ask me.
It was AWESOME freshly baked with butter and cheese on it. 

And this morning, our little baby koala wanted nothing more than to play with her sleeping father.
So she clawed him half to death and kicked his back for quite some time haha

My two sweethearts.

Oh right, yesterday I got a message from a German, Aaaand he wrote in German as well... Lucky him I understand German. *smirk* He asked if I wanted to join their clan. hah. That was pretty rad if you ask me. Never happened before.

Guess they must've seen how awesomelly brilliant I am at CoD AW huh? lol
Or not. haha

Awesomest koala is my name there. Follow me if you want to haha

Other than this, Freya is sick. That's about it. But she's still happy and laughy and smiley so. We'll just wait and see how she feels.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

playtime in the snow

I was so happy earlier cause we managed to take quite a long walk, cause I wasn't hurting as much as I usually do. So I was actually able to walk and enjoy it too :D

And Lei Lei...she fucking loved it.
She went though the snow like a plow! Wroooooom!

And it's always nice to walk with Frost, the baby and the pigbear <3

So far, the day has been great! :D

Stuff and junk

I made bacon sauce the other day. YUM.
And today I'll make falukorv i ugn. (falusausage in an oven)'s sooo tasty.
Frost doesn't like it, but he'll eat it anyway. Cause he's my sweeetiepie!!! :D

Ah, I also made grapefruit detox water yesterday. With a LOT of basil in it.
There's a lot of benefits in eating grapefruits.
See: Read this and you'll see. hah Cause I'm way too lazy to type it myself  haha

My new hat.
I stole it from my man. And now it's mine.
Aaaaand then she stole it from me so..
I guess we'll all share it.
We look equally fabulous in it.

HAH! It's fucking priceless when she's squinting her eyes! HAHAHHAAHAHHA

Freya's watching The penguins from Madagascar right now.
For once, I'm letting her watch TV. Hopefully it won't be a habit. But I wanted her to see some strong colors and shit since she seemed a little bored. haha

Btw, I fucking hate Spongebob Squarepants. Just sayin'...

So, yesterday we had dinner at dad's place. Chili con carne. I loooooove chili. Mm.. dad made a special one for me since I'm breastfeeding. A less spicy one.
 And he only put white beans in it but I told hm I can eat aaaall kinds of beans. So he put black beans and kidney beans in it soo. Yum. :3

Frost, dad and Kuti ate the spicy kind. I know it was spicy. Cause the "less spicy one" that he made for me....was spicy haha

And dad played a lot with Freya and she seemed to enjoy it actually :)
All in all, it was a good night.

GAH. Still Spongebob Squarepants on TV.

I've gotta go.
We're going out for a slow walk :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

There's fucking snow everywhere...

I soooooooooooooo wanted to sleep for a bit longer today.
I mean, Freya was sleeping so soundly. And Frost was snoring...
And I...I had to rush to the door at 07:58 cause the handyman was here,
He's putting in ventilation springs on some windows.
Ya know, he talks so much that I feel like I spent the day with 5 girl friends instead. Yeah, I feel like I've hung out with a bunch of girly friends. Blah blah blah. He's funny and kind though :)

As soon as he said 'well, it's a good thing it's not snowing or raining today cause it blows in when I open the windows to do this and makes everything so cold and wet', it started snowing like fucking crazy. Bam. Northpole.

Completely white outside.
And a butt in the window. hah.

Moving on.
Freya's been playing around on the floor now, totally fascinated with the handy man.

I'm going to the physiotherapist soon... I'm not gonna be too hopeful. But I'll do what is asked of me.

And heeeere's the drink of the day.
Orange, lime and basil.

I feel shitty and kinda gross today but I'll take a shower after I meet with the PT.  A looooong one then. Wash my hair, and sleep standing up. I look forward to it already lol

Saturday, January 17, 2015


I went for a long walk with Lei Lei and Freya earlier today, hoping that they'd get sleepy afterwards...
which the most definitely wasn't. AT ALL.

Lei Lei ran around like crazy, I threw a stick, she murdered it. I threw another one, she shattered it... yeah we had fun. 
Though it was a slow walk cause my butt freakin' huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurt.

She got herself all tangled up too...

I'm hungry. And sleepy.
I need to eat and nap. Simple life. YaY.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blood orange & Lime

Today's detox water.
Blood oranges and one Lime plus mint leaves (all out of basil -_-)

Me and Freya have been chillin' a lot today.
Played Call Of Duty AW with honeypuff too.
Oh and ate mom's kålpudding (cabbage pudding) omfg deliiisssh. lol
Ah, I've done the laundry this morning too. Woho me.

Oh and earlier eeeeeaaaarly this morning, someone came to my door and put a note in it. (I know, I thought it was a love note for me as well, but no. it was a note from the janitor) And Lei Lei went fucking berserk! Like rabid dog attack deluxe. Total crazy mode. I guess she was a sleep by the door and she got scared that someone was breaking in.
She already hates the mail man so this is just an awful way to wake up for her haha

He got scared as fuck too, cause I called him after I saw the note haha


So I got a visit from Miss Kalliff yesterday (wednesday) Yep, she's back in Sweden again. Wheeeii~ Though I supposed that's only temporary.
But anyways, she brought a cute body for Freya with the world map on it haha
it even showed Africa where she's been this time. Not that Freya would understand if I point at it and say 'Looooooook that's where Hanna was'. haha Oh and she swam with wale sharks there. gosh. I'd rather die.

I have a feeling she'll move there someday. (to south Africa) but she's going back to Norway soon. But she said she'd move to Sweden for a year soon cause she's gonna be a Marine biologist! (awesoooooooooooooome)  She's quite the adventurer so this suits her perfectly I guess. Going from place to place, to watch over whales and such. aaaws.

yes. i know I suck at taking photos sometimes.

Oh, and yesterday's Detox water. Duh. Yum.

Oh that reminds me.. I have to go to Alibaba some day and buy some basil plants and mint leaves plants. Yup. Might as well buy fruit while I'm there too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

snuggle monday

Snuggly days. Love it.
Don't we all?

Haven't actually done much at all today...apart from laundry. Which frost did most part of anyway so...yeah. Me and Freya have spent a lot of time together today.
Like, more than usual.  Such a cutie. We've been watching Grimm. Yup. As you can see, we even had popcorn. lol

Well, after she chewed the fuck out of her chew toy. *rawr!*
She looked like a little animal chewing on it going raawrawrarawa!
She really loves that biting toy she got from Grandma and grandpa :D

So, this would be..the 64th night without a full nights sleep. Yesterday, at mom's place I actually felt really weird while walking in the stairs then. Blah. Thought I was gonna pass out.
All I get to sleep is like 30-40 minutes at night. And then it's always half asleep cause as soon as I try to relax or move an inch, the cramps start.

Especially over the right side of the rib cage, right on the side..I wonder why that is? Cause that pain is fucking awful. So, 30 minutes if I'm lucky :D  And lucky me for that, cause I think I'd be going insane by now if I didn't get a wink of sleep even..I also try to take naps.

But a lot of the times I can't, something always happens..or someone always shows up, or dropr by without letting me know first.....which I'm not always super-enjoying btw.. -_- (not a huge fan of surprises) Especially if I'm not dressed or half asleep. (which would be moooost of the time lol)
Someone rang the doorbell again when Frost was walking lei lei and I had no pants on so it took a while before I got to the door. But yet again I only managed to see a man's back slip out through the door. Hmm.. wonder if it's the plumber? Maybe I should call him tomorrow to double check?

Well, One day, the pain will disappear. It always does. Comes and goes ya know? Sidetracked like fuuuuuck.

lol Mom got to use the "pys ventil" or...I dunno, a fart pipe? haha on Freya.
You put it in the but, (or up in the doody hole for those who didn't understand) and it goes ppsssssssshhhhh.....all the gas goes out.
YaY for Freya. She was a gassy little squirrel earlier. But not anymoooooooore haha

I could've written the anal, rectum or sphincter (though a lot of people seem to be unaware of that term...) but I figured baby's would say doody hole hah,

But anyway, awesome thing that pysventil.
Freya's savior.

I haven't been outside once today. At all.
Had no intention of it either. Ice, AND snow on top of it?
I think not.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I've felt pretty shitty today..
My head's been hurting like crazy, and having headache AND aching muscles at the same time just ain't that awesome I guess. Meh. Ya know, tje saddesy part is that I'm starting to get used to the pain. -_-

Plus Freya's been having trouble farting. Gassy baby yep. (I'm sharing a fucking lot, I know lol)

Yesterday my sister was here, and so was Nathalie.
Luckily I can just shut up and relax then. Which is nice.
I don't HAVE to talk and entertain then. If i occasionally doze off and close my eyes, no one gives a fuck then either. *lucky* Zzzz...

The reason why that's nice is that I don't have to feel guilty or worry about if someone's thinking I'm boring or rude for not listening, or zoning out. It's nice sometimes to be the...whaddya wanna call it? Just being a decoration? I'm kinda like a pillow. It's there. And that's all haha

I AM an entertainer most of the time.  ;) haha

I just watched Grimm most of the time and let those to do the talking. (Weird huh? I know.. I'm always so freakin' talkative haha) Btw, I think Grimm is an OK show. I'm not gonna be a know-it-all and point out all the wrong and junk so yeah. it's ok to watch :)

Oh and man did it snow yesterday...

Which got me thinking about next winter. OMIGOSH THE FUN!
I don't know if you guys are aware of this.... BUT I FUCKING LOVE THE WINTER AND CHRISTMAS haha
And the best part is that I'll be playing in the snow with Freya! Build snowmen, snow fortresses and igloos and whatnot. Woho!And I have tons of friends who also loves playing around in snow and in forrests and shit, so we'll all play together lol

If you love playing around like me, then hey...we'll have a great time.
We'll just blame the baby, that's we're covered in dirt...or snow..or wet cause we HAD to be nice and play with the kid in the park and so on. But in reality, it's cause I FUCKING LOVE PLAYING TOO. hah. Brilliant.

Of course I have friends who doesn't really like to take their kids to the park too, and who doesn't like to play but lucky for them...I DO.
I'll just grab little Lykke and throw her in the snow and turn her into a snowman. SCORE!
My brother doesn't really take his kid to the park either...maybe I'll bring him too then? Wille I mean, not my brother haha PULKA! Oh I have to invest in a Pulka for Freya.

I'm getting ahead of shit now...sorry.

moving on.

We just came home (and with just I mean half an hour ago cause I got distracted thinking about making snow angels and snowmen) from mom's place. We had dinner with the family :) Rotsaks rösti, chicken, vinegar and red onion and tomtato mix, and green beans with parmesan cheese on it. Mmmm...
And we lit a candle for Junior, Frost's uncle who passed away yesterday morning (our time).
Freya slept sweetly in mom and Lasse's bed. As she always does.

So, even though I woke up and felt shitty, it turned out pretty nice in the end.

If I remind myself every now and then, that I have awesome friends and family, the cutest and best baby ever.. and the sweetest man on earth, everything kinda fades away :)

I love you Frost  Forever and always.
Thank you for just being you, and thank you for being my pillar in hard times.
I may be messy, and you like it clean... but United we stand

Friday, January 9, 2015


Aaah, it's friday, and I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and I have my detox water next to me as well. :)
Mom and Frost are out with the wroomer throwing some shit away, I'm gonna tidy up the baby room and make it puurrrdy. Which is why I hope my uncle could lend us his car next week or so, so Natta and Josse can go get the sofa/bed for that room. It'll be SO pretty once everything is done.

Soooo, my detox water today is blood orange, raspberries and mint leaves.

Oh and Freya. Naturally she want's a piece of the blog too. With that super adorable face.

Sofia and Alica dropped by yesterday with some (place words of choice here)balls. So good, So we talked and junk.
 I actually had a real good day yesterday cause I met a great doctor that helped me out. Got muscle relaxers that might work for me. So far I haven't noticed any difference.
Barely slept last night either cause of the pain. Plus Freya wasn't in the mood to fall asleep till 2am anyway haahah *squeeze*

Pics from the week

For a day, the snow finally made it's way here. haha

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Today's Detox water

One thing that I'm dead serious about this year, is to be healthier.
I gained a LOT of weight the last weeks of my pregnancy, and after that as well.
Well ya know, I'm loosing weight after the birth but I still need a little help. (like quit the sugar addiction kinda help)
The first step for me is to eat healthier.
I need more vitamins daily so detox water is my number one thing to drink.

It cleanses you while adding a fuckload of vitamins.
Awesome, I know.
Plus it looks fucking fabulous.

I like it, it's quite tasty.
One thing I do know is that too much lime will make shit too bitter.

But I ain't got no lime today :D

My detox for the day:

One big orange (or two tiny ones lol)
2 kiwis
10 mint leaves.
2 litres of water

Basil works awesome with orange, but since I had kiwi in it too, mint tastes better :D

Hah, I feel damn good about myself.
High and mighty Jo lmao

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Today when we tried to start Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare it said that it couldn't be launched, Error and please try again later,. And those weird digits afterwards..(0x87de2726)


I checked online and turns out a lot of people with the digital version had this problem. (have to be exact) Cause that was 6 hours ago. AND IT STILL SAY SO. That shit ain't for free so it's not fun when you wanna play it and you can't. It's kinda like it doesn't even exist on xbox live anymore ya know? Roar. Pisses me off.

A big fucking finger in your ass who ever is to blame for this.
(My guess is xbox but who the hell knows., does PS4 players have this problem? I think not)

finally, it's fixed.

Happy new year!

May this year be filled with lots of luck and love!
And lots of shit for those with ill feelings in their hearts. :D haha
Let's hope that this is the year of karma.

I have great hopes for 2015.
It'll probably start rough the first few months but it's to be expected :)

So Happy New Year!

It was a great night, stood on the balcony watching the fireworks, ate delicious food and deserts,
I got my new years kiss too 

the days before new years eve

Got a surprise visit the day before new years eve.
Unexpected but fucking fun :D

and the evening before that, me and Nathalie played some CoD Advanced warfare aaaand army of two haha And then Josse dropped by and we spent the rest of the night talking.

someone fell asleep between my legs when we were playing video games <3