Thursday, January 31, 2013


My new iPhone case is pretty much fucking awesome. Just sayin'....


Robin has picked my laptop to pieces and now he's cleaning it with the vacuum cleaner. This is like pure science shit. I wonder of he can fix it O_o

Apart from that I got free dog food for lei lei today. Only 2 kg but still, YAY! And some treaty treats for her as well.

And I've got a job interview this week and also I suddenly have a chance to get a job at the convenience store 'Candyland' around the corner. Inside information cause I'm well liked there. Haha Who knows... I might get lucky. Night as well be a little positive about it. Always nice to hear in well liked and have a charming personality.

If I can get a job, earn money and shit then I'll be able to save up for Lei Leis medications and food and then off I go to be with the man of my dreams <3

A job will solve most my problems cause then it'll be easier for me to enter the U.S so I can really show then that I plan to return to Sweden, hence: I could get my B2 visa approved. :D
Also a job allows me to prove that I can invite Frost to Sweden so I can sign papers and show then that I'll provide for him. Obligatory shit for someone who plans to live with anyone from another country. Yep.

I do well without money... I live a good life, I take of the ones important to me BUT in this case: Money DOES buy you happiness since money will get me to Frost. And only when I'm with him I can feel true happiness. I'm prepared for all the hardships that may come along. I'll do anything for him :)

And Lei Lei will LOVE it when he's here cause she'll be freed from all the forced snuggles haha

Jo's Wednesday

Today has been an ok day.
I watched Gangster Squad, and it was pretty damn awesome. It had that Risbi guy and Ryan Gosling in it, which is weird, 'cause I always get them confused. Not now, 'cause Risbi looks like he's shocked crack for the past ten years, but back in the Gone in 60 Seconds and Notebook Believer type days.
Jo made meatloaf burgers and now suffers from a tummy ache (crooked poot).
And she also got some steamy photos from her awesome boyfriend. She'll use those later haha.

I sure do love that woman.
And now a word from our internet loving, photo uploading, statues updating, cleavage showing sponsor -


Ah right, so a word from me now huh? Pssssh I do not show that much cleavage. He's such a poot. Aaaanyway. Hmm... He summoned up my day pretty well huh?

Aaaaaaws, my snuggletree updating my blog made me happy. He's a funny lil' guy... Always making me smile and laugh. Well, yeah... So my day has been as he described it. Except I drank sooooo many cups of coffee today. It's increasing day by day :/ hmm... Oh and that I've talked to honey all day.

Oh and about the crooked poot part... Have you any idea how weird it is to explain that that's something we say here in sweden when someone has a tummy ache.

Weeeell this was a nice post don't ya think? Oh and I really did get steamy pics from my man today. *caching!* Haaawt. I love him so much. I don't want to love without him. <3 I'ma go see if he's done watching HAMSTER squad. Haha!
Bye! / Jo

I'm an artist



Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm laying on the couch watching bullcrap on TV... I like being up during the night the best though. I can be alone watching TV then, it's awesome. And also I can talk to Frost more then too. Yay! Oh and also, some of my favorite shows are on after midnight so high five for that!

Soooo I went to the gym earlier tonight with Sofia. Got home pretty late. And I can tell already that I'ma be in pain tomorrow. I worked out real fn hard today and my muscles are already saying FUCK NOOOO. Sweet. Gah my ribcage haha

I was just thinking how nice it would've been with hot chocolate and whipped cream. Aaw....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I hate waking up "early"... I've been so god damn bored all day that it almost scared me. Spent over an hour trying to find something to watch on my phone.


Robin just texted me though and said he'd try and fix it tonight. He better not snoop around on it though cause there's... Stuff... And... Junk... On it.

So I almost chewed my own hand off earlier. I can see why people gain weight when they're bored... Cause eating treaty treats is far more fun than counting dots in my ceiling. Sooo... I've been eyeballin' that chocolate in the corner. We almost had a fight. But I backed away... I realized that I'd probably loose that fight. So I carefully backed away with my pride still intact.

Totally lost that pride an hour later when I ate a bun. Yep.

I'm going to the gym now.. Had 5 cups of coffee, I'm fn ready.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Family guy

I'm watching family guy, waiting for Natta. My mood is so so today. I didn't get the job... Although I knew I wouldn't get it, I always get disappointed. Oh well.

Happy tunes

I'm sitting here listening to good ol' songs... Thinking good thoughts about the future :)

I'm gonna go to the bedroom soon to do my exercises :) See, these workout apps are my closest friends nowadays. I do workouts 4 times a day.

Not only cause I want a fn nice booty and get rid of my love handles... But also cause I don't have much else to do.
Remember how I said I was a wee bit bored cause I couldn't talk and Skype freely with Frost anymore?

Well it's worse now. My laptops screen died a few days ago. The biggest problem about that is that I have y resumes saved on it :/ And I need them to apply for jobs. Boo. And I can't watch House and shit anymore. Crappydoodledoo, and I missed out in the latest American Horror Story. Bah. So that's why my blog may seem a bit odd lately. Small pics and low updates. Oh well!

Apart from that I'm ok :)
I spend my days talking to Frost, exercising, walking Lei Lei and watching TV (usually at night when Joel is sleeping) My brother escaped to Norway yet again. So I drink shitloads of coffee... And I hang out with friends if my mood is up for it.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting up with Natta. It's been ages. She finally moved back from Tokyo like a month ago, yet we haven't hung out at all. But we'll play tomorrow. Wednesday is Carro's day. And on Saturday I'm sleeping over at Stinas place.

Well, I'm gonna go do the workout programs now. And then say good night to my snuggletree. <3

A good day I've had!


I got some free snuggles earlier. By force, of course. But there was still love involved. I could feel it. She just doesn't appreciate my snuggles like Frost does. Pity... I really love snuggles.

Well, Frost knows he'll get snuggleraped when I return :D haha

Oh and listen to this everyone. I've even with Joel ALL day. How bout that? We watched 4 fn movies together. I've been social. Y'all should praise me. Oh and one of those movies was the new one called 'My week with Marilyn'... She portrayed her perfectly.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snowy land in the north

Welcome to Sweden dudes and dudettes.

It is snowing like crazy here :) But I have to say, it is kinda beautiful don't you think?

Well, I'ma focus a bit on the one and only: Frost now. <3


I'm sitting outside, drinking hot coffee watching the snow fall :) I feel at peace and really happy.

Whenever I get to have a good talk with my boyfriend I always feel really relaxed and happy :) I told ya I'd be able to love of that Skype talk for a long time and I will haha Nothing can make me as happy as Frost does.

Today... We'll just see what happens :)
I don't have any plans, but something usually comes along during the day.


Aaaaaw I'm really happy right now cause I got to se my boyfriends beautiful face and hear his wonderful voice! It's funny how such small things can make my day really. I'll be able to live of this moment for a long time now. I got my Frost dose <3

Good night world says a tired koala!

I sure do like a fluffball

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm not goofy

I'm serious. It's a killer whale!


Mmm I had dinner with mom and Lasse, and theeeen we had fruit salad! Om nom nom.


Forced snuggles ain't so bad really... Haha

The fourth

I'm watching project runway while sipping in my fourth glass of coffee. Bah... I have always hated instant coffee but this is really really good :)

Oh and I don't like project runway BUT I do however like it when yet make evening gowns. Which they are doing now! YaY!

I'ma head home to mother soon and eat dinner.

Oh and guess what? Next Saturday I'm having a sleepover at stinks place! Gosh I miss that woman! I'm going to have conversation with her tummy. Boy or girl? 'If you're a girl, kick RIGHT now! If you're a boy, just... Don't move then' haha excellent way of knowing if its a boy or a girl. lol

Friday, January 25, 2013

I looked good once

It was awful.

hahahaha! No but seriously, I did look kinda good earlier today :) But then.. I don't know what happened. I just turned into a turd.
But a pretty cute turd I guess. Haha

Watching Pineapple Express right now, totally needed to laugh.


Well... I am full. I couldn't even finish the food. Yay. -_- ah it's ok though. I've eaten a fuck-ton of cucumbers haha

This was like an omelet with ground beef in it.

Boop boop

Well, it's so freakin' cold outside so we decided to go to Wayne's coffee and drink hot beverages and eat good food. Tomorrows dinner is meat soup nom nom!! :D I'll be living on canned soups for a while so I'll enjoy this good right now :)


Well, I guess someone needs to wash her hair? Yep.

I do. And then I'll get ready to go out and pick Alicia up and walk the pigbear at the same time. Joel is making a nice dinner and asked me if I wanted some. I guess I'll eat the meat if there's food left when I get home :)

I miss Frost a lot today. I wanna cuddle and junk...
Gah I look like a turd today.


So I'm talking to babe about pigs that swim in the ocean at Bahamas.. That just sounds freakin' AWESOME!

So I said we could call then pigfish.. But apparently there's already a fish called that. A pretty one at that. Boo.
So... Pigfins!

And I assume they'd look something like this? Pigfins are awesome ya know? They swim, oink, laugh, poop, eats and burp and are happy fuckers in general. Like me! Haha

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee time

Gaaaah it's so nice with coffee sometimes. Mmm.... Sofia and me are yapping like lil' ducks here :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Polar cold

Jeez, it doesn't seem like the cold will go away anytime soon. I just read on the news that it'll just keep getting worse. The arctic cold has arived. YAY.

Well, for Lei Lei...this ain't that big of a deal. But for me, IT IS. They say fat people can handle cold better but that's just a freakin' lie... well, I do handle cold better than Frost lol But that's cause I'm used to minus degrees. But still... this is too cold.

My mittens aren't helping anymore.. double pants works. And my jacket is warm (luckily) It made out of goode feathers so it better fn be warm lol That's basically the only thing that can really keep me warm now. Goose feathers.

Tbh... sometimes I put my hands on Lei Lei and bury then under her fur and her tail and warm my hands on her haha. She's so waaaaaaarm...

Well, we gotta go out now. Lei Lei needs to POOOOOP. haha But I'm reluctant to leave really... I think she has to tell me if she needs to go out now cause I don't wanna go out right now lol Can I just sit under a blanket in the sofa a while longer please?


she's actually sleeping on the floor now. Do you think she'll care if I don't take her out right this moment huh? Naaah.... keep on sleeping sheepy lil' pigbear.

well, here's some pics of my town during winter. I didn't take 'em though, found them on google :) Örebro is a pretty nice town don't you think? :)


woop woop

So today I went to the gym. yay me. And I've been exercising a lot since I got home too. So right abs are killing me.

I ate dark chocolate earlier... but for some reason I started throwing up. Dunno why. It's weird. I still feel sick.

I've been talking to my poot all day too, we're gonna skype later YAY! (See, a happy koala I am!) And right now I'm watching Medium and telling Frost he'll eat what I bake, and we'll have a christmas tree next christmas and so on haha Very Random Jo today lol

I gotta say, it's very nice for me to live here alone. No fn Joel or brother annoying me. Just me and Lei Lei. And coffee haha
It's not like Joel bothers me and junk... It's just that I feel like I'm constantly watched by them. They hear and see everything. I can't relax. And there's something wrong with my room too. Makes it hard to sleep.. weird noises.

Sp this time I have hear, as short at is may heavenly.
My soul is on vacation. And Lei Lei is happy and cheery (although she's still refusing food......) I like sitting in the living room here... and in the kitchen... I can actually SIT down and relax and not feel like I have to keep an eye on things all the time.. clean (which I apparently don't do at all according to them) And act like I'm happy and social. Boo on that.

I found this pic... I remember, this was like two years ago now.
 I kinda liked how I looked then.
well, I should get a hair cut.. I just dont know what kind of hair style I want.

Hey.....I wonder if I can actually get that job? it would be good really, to get it. But hey ho.

I'ma feed the monster and take her for a walk now, and then attack frost on skype for a quicky. Yup.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nom noms

Well I figured since I have so many leftovers from tacos... Why not eat taco salad today? :)
Well... I put in a lot of chili sauce to make it spicy... But somehow it turned out sweet? Me no understand. Oh well, it's good enough for me anyway. I still have my canned food to eat lol

I did ok!

Well would you look at that?! It tastes really good! Nom nom! Y'all should praise me now.
Such a delicious bread I made on MY OWN. Woop woop! High five!


So... I made bread. Like... Bread on my own. Making flour out of almonds, coconut, hazelnuts etc.... And eggs and so on yeah you get the picture.

But I kinda just played around and experimented thinking 'how wrong can it go really?'

Pssshh.... Too much confidence is a bitch.

I ended up with a lump of cement. I could kill a person using this piece of bread.

Well I'ma try and eat it and we'll see if it actually is alright. Hah.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I'm just laying on the couch...sipping on my hot coffee... Feeling good and all cause Frost cheered me up :) He could write poop and I'd still be happy and cheered up cause he wrote me! hahaha

Also, I finally made Lei Lei eat. I put liver paste on her food and mixed it together with yoghurt.. She was probably hungry as fuck since she hasn't eating since yesterday. I dont understand why she's sort of refusing to eat. she LOVES food, she's a pig... and for her to not touch it... is extremely weird. :/  Though on the other hand, she's super happy and energetic and playful which makes it even more strange that she wont eat? She's been like this these past few days... Maybe it's cause she felt that things were different (since my attitude has changed since last week hearing about the eviction and all the nasty shit that was poured over me. made me cry loads..) So maybe she's just worried about me? Who knows?

I'm trying to make her realize I'm happy and all that. BUT I also wanna prepare her for how weird it'll be when we don't have a home anymore. It'll be a big change for her, having a home is important for a dog. BUT I'm gonna make her realize that home is where I am. :)


Alright, so I went to the interview... It went really good too. Buuuut I'm prepared for the worst ya know? There's always someone with a lot more experience than me... -_- Bah... it sucks I know.

My super cute and awesome fiancé said he'd buy me a plane ticket to Alabama if I don't have a job so I can spend some time woth him. YaY. But I still feel like trying to get the money all on my own ya know? Like saving up and shit..which I already have. I have money, I'm not rich but I have them haha

They're also locked in an account. So I can't use them. Smart huh?

Well, in worst case scenario I'll just stay for 2 weeks <3 And that's ok cause I really miss him. But I'll try and pay for everything myself but it's nice to know he'll buy me one if I can't do it myself.

I'm a tree hugger. lol

On the bus

AAARGGHH I'm actually really nervous. This is why I haven't told most people about this job interview... Cause it'll be embarrassing for me to fail yet another one ya know? Only my closest friends and family knows about my blog so it's ok. And also hundreds of people I don't know which is ok cause I don't mind if y'all know about this... It's not as embarrassing if I dot have to face you right?

Let me tell you that it wasn't easy to get a bus ticket since you need a CARD for the bus and I'm broke. But in the end I realized that I had exactly 3 dollars on it so bus a ticket YaaaaY me!

And I also bought myself a latte with a little check I got in the mail haha one free latte at pressbyrån. I have to say, it was pretty dang delicious too. Double yay!

I'm considering taking a nap when I get home again haha

Well wish me luck now people. I'll need it.


Well, I'm about to take Lei Lei out for a walk and then I really need to go to the bus.
I hope this job interview goes well.... But I'm aware that there may be people who's been doing this kind of work for a longer time than me so they'll probably get it and not me. But it's worth a shot right? One can always hope. I'm prepared for not getting the job already haha

I Bareilly slept at all last night. I couldn't fall asleep. Boo.

And life's pretty boring when I can't talk to Frost. I love talking to him... Well, we can still text a little but not much. Enough for me to get my daily dose of snuggletree at least lol

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rhapsody de fruit

I absolutely love these jams and marmalades! There's no sugar in it. Only fructose :) And tbh, they're delicious. Unfortunately they're a bit expensive. -__-


I'ma start packing for my mini-vacation. It's gonna be awesome! Marvelous! Spectacular! haha And only 50 feet away lol

Sometimes, that's all it takes to make it feel like a vacation. Beign ALONE and having you privacy. I can't even explain how wonderful it feels knowing that I can take a bath in peace, and just take my time... and I can walk around naked if I want to. I can talk to Frost normally without having to think about if someone overhears etc... sometimes I can't even speak my mind and tell him that I may be upset because of my brother(s) cause they might hear me. -_-

Oh I think I'ma bake bread too while I'm there. After all, it's 4 days of privacy and joy :D haha

I'ma eat some cheese cake and junk now. Nom nom....

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Movie night

So we've all had dinner here... And we watched the movie while eating. Yay! Lei lei is so fn tired... But were about to go home now. Bus ride yay!

On the go

We're finally on our way to brickebacken :) it's freakin' coooold today! Crazy cold. My hands are hurting :/ So, movie night. Yay!

2013. The year of the BABIES

Like wow... there's so many people that are pregnant now. *jealous* And now I just found out that my childhood friend is expecting a wee little baby too! lol She'll be a funny mom, making kids laugh is the best! And congratulations :)

But seriously... I kinda lost count on how many I know that'll have kids this year. I want a kid too! I'll wait though, cause it's kind of nice to have the father of the child next to you. I want that the most. Until then, Lei Lei will have to endure baby clothes, snuggles and extra caring and love. And possibly bottle feeding. haha

She'll hate it. YaY!

I AM kidding in case none of you understood that. I wont bottle feed my dog. haha ...probably.


I've had an awesome day with Sofia :) or evening I should say.

Made dinner, and then fruit salad. Nom nom... And a horror movie on top of that, that made me almost shit myself :(

Friday, January 18, 2013


well, as I mentioned yesterday (though it was a small note) we've been evicted. Oh the joy -_- well, whatcha expect when you don't pay rent really? I'm not in trouble though cause my name is not on the contract *high five* I have my clever moments. I will however be homeless yes... well, tis ok. I have places to stay at.

And now my brother said that there will be a warrant for him and they'll probably come to me O__o It really isn't my problem though and they can't do shit to me.

But I kinda expected this to happen... I've even told him that we'll probably get evicted. But as always, no one really listens to a dimwit like me. Cause god forbid I'd be right. Oh well :D

I've got my shit together.

And imagine, I'll be living in mom's apartment alone for several days!
I'll be able to run around naked and take a BATH too :) sweeeeet.

The satisfaction

Oh lord I feel so fn good right now.

My sister and I used to LOVE two songs played by a certain band when we were very very small. My dad knew which song usually when we said 'pip låten' (The beep beep song) Cause that's what we thought it sounded like when we were small.

I haven't hear those songs in like 20 years... and from time to time I suddenly remember what the songs go like. Only to forget it moments after... But since yesterday I had both of them on my mind... And I asked my brother for help, he thought it might be CCR when I hummed it which I knew for sure it wasn't. I know CCR....

I asked mom and Lasse. Lasse knows a lot about old music and he recognized it...BUT he thought it might be Spotnicks (An old swedish band) Cause they had similar sound but no.

But theeeen we called Urban. urban knows more about music than most people, apart from my dad I guess. And my dad was at work so... We only had to hum it a little and he answered immediately Red River Rock.

See, these songs.. as silly as they may seem... is what I grew up to ADORE. It's funny music for a kid. And even now these songs can lift me up when I'm fn down in a 100 mile deep hole.

And even this song...I remember it from his album.


You have NO idea how happy I am now. How satisfied I am to finally find the songs I've been humming inside my head these past 20 years. Can you imagine the satisfaction?

We all know how annoying it is to go wonder about a song or a movie and KNOW that we really do know which one it is but not remember it at that moment? Well then imagine going on like this for 20 years. God....

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... *a sigh of satisfaction of knowledge*



It's a very sunny day today. How pretty! :) Slightly uncomfortable for my eyes since the sun happened to be shining right in my eyes when I was having breakfast. But oh well :) It's sunshine!


It's snowing in Alabama :)

I sure do miss Alabama. And the food, the nature, but most of all the love of my life.

I would so totally push him down in the snow right now and make him do a snow angel haha And possibly even attack him with snowballs (and I can't even aim when I throw things lol)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

So adorable

My baby made me smile lots and lots tonight. If anything can make me happy, it's him. <3

It's snowing a fn lot in Alabama today. Wow. How fun :) My snuggletree seem very happy about it too haha he should totally make a snow angel.

Yep, I just love that man so freakin' much. He's the best of the best.


Ya know.... I'm really blessed to have friends that genuinely care for me. <3 Emma bought me dinner. AND cigarettes. That's like super sweet. And I have the best boyfriend in the universe. He does a good job cheering me up haha Such a cutie pie,


I decided to leave town a bit. And went to the town right next to mine. Playing with Emma :)

Wayne's coffee

I'm at Wayne's now with Emma :)
This is like the gods ambrosia for me. Mmmm...

Oh and we've been evicted.

well hello hello

I just had my "late" breakfast. Nom nom nom...

Emma just called me, I'm gonna go to town and meet her at Wayne's coffee. See, even if I'm not eating carbs or sugar... Coffee is still my friend :D So I'm supposed to be in town around 4.30... Yup.

Right, On monday I have a job interview.... I'm not sure how I feel about it yet though. The position is only 57%.... And I don't think I'll earn that much by working like that... And it's a permanent position. All in all, I guess I'm feeling a bit so so about it since it's getting in the way of my previous plans and so on... It's making me confused.

I'm going to make a list of pros and cons. And I want to talk to Frost... I wanna hear what he thinks about it. So pros and cons and baby. haha There's a lot of good things this position could bring me, but it's getting in the way of my plans as well. Tricky situation.

Well, I have the entire weekend to think about it so it's ok. And also, even if I decide that I want the job it's not like I'll actually get it. Someone else might get it instead. There's always a possibility for that... yus.

It's ok. I'll have all I ever wanted soon enough. Patience is a virtue.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I couldn't help myself

I had to take pictures of her. She looks so ducking adorable that I just wanna squeeze and snuggle the shit out of her! Haha

And this hat worked pretty well... She fell asleep :)

My heart aches

It's painful to see lei lei go crazy like this. She's in so much pain right now... And her ear is bleading a lot :(

Soooo to prevent her from scratching, I did this! Home made anti-scratch-hat. lol

Even though is pains me to see her like this, I can't help but giggle a little now cause she looks freakin' adorable hhaha


Something me and Sofia noticed is that all the girls that go here are wearing thick fn makeup and the smell like street whores -_- my head started aching when I was next to one of the lil girls... Ugh....

well, I on the other hand smelled like a fruit -_-
I started sweating and then my mango body butter was starting to melt lol


My dog is very upset with me right now. Probably even hates me....

Sofia helped me hold he down so I could give her ear drops cause her war is infected and red and I know it hurts a lot. She's shaking her head non stop.

Hopefully this will help but she HATES ear drops since she's so sensitive in the ears.

And now she's on the balcony sulking, refusing to come in. She'll probably avoid me for the rest of the day like she did last time -____-