Sunday, November 29, 2015

I hate everything right now

I need to see the doctor, cause my throat hurt so bad. It's so fucking swollen, it feels like an open wound.  Everything hurts.

And I get fucking pressure from everywhere around me.
Sooo many ' ME ME ME. '

Enough is enough. Ungrateful idiots should stay in their fucking pits of shit.

So if you don't have anything good to bring, keep your fucking distance.
Keep your nagging, bullshit and pity party to yourself.
I don't need to hear bad shit all the time.

Welp, haters gonna hate.

Anyway.... I love Jessica Jones :D Such a good show.

And yesterday Nathalie dropped by and played some CoD with me.
We had like the best run EVER. 39 kills, and 8 deaths.  IT WAS AMAZING.
Nathalie had her best score so far too! Guess we're a good team. She's got an xbox one too so she's my gamer buddy haha

I'm waiting for Frost to be done with his shower now.........cause I really need to take a dump.
Aaah the troubles in our world. lol

Oh it's snowing! Rainy snow. BUT SNOW.
Frost says sleet. i say SNOOOOW!

My lipstick family

So I increased the family with a new lipstick. (2 of them to be exact) tehe~

Sable and Siren. (My two favorite ones now)
I look smokin' in these two :3

And here's the rest of the family :D

couture, hippie chic, spirit and whipped caviar.

(I don't own these pics, found them on google. Much easier than taking a crappy photo in the middle of the night with a phone haha)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Good morning

We slept for a long fucking time this morning. Shameful almost, how long we slept. Haha

We also happened to wake up sicker than we were yesterday. I'm coughing my guts up. And my nose is just.... It's just being a total dick. ¬_¬

But we're enjoying a morning coffee together. Latte macchiato and a cappuccino :D

We're also about to head to town in a bit. But it'll be a short trip really. Just got a small thing to buy. (a small thing that's expensive. ~_~)

Adios doodles!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Hello dudes and dudettes

I've been super busy this week.
And Frost and Freya has been supersick. (I'm sick right now haha) I've never felt anyone as hot as Frost was the other night. I got scared even, cause his fever was so high. At least Freya's fever's been under control. Plus she's been megaSnuggly. (as you know, I fuckin love snuggles so yes... I took advantage of that) Such a supersnuggly time. We snuggled for three hours. Aaaaw. She just cuddled up to me all the time and smiled and pat my face AND I COULD SERIOUSLY EAT HER UP CAUSE SHE'S JUST TOO CUTE!! Gosh!

Anyway. The other day when I came home from work I brought breakfast with me from town. And Freya got to nibble on a croissant for the first time. Bot those sweet ones. This was buttery bready one. She went nom nom.

As for work.... I fucked up BIG time this morning. God. It's amazing I didn't get fired. Lalala~

Moving on. Since I worked thanksgiving we celebrated just a wee bit today. And Freya's at her granny again. I kinda felt like having Freya here today but oh well. She's mine all the time anyway hahaha 😃

Oh and I Christmas decorated the shiiiiiit out of our home ♡♡♡♡♡ Yay!

And some other news is that one of my closest friends bought a house this week. Whheeeeee~ It's in another town though, but I don't care. I'm happy she gets to fulfill her dream :) I'll miss her though ♡ Mucho!

Well I've got the weekend off from work and I'm going to make sure I enjoy that. Bye!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Sunday and Friday

Well I just realized I forgot to post a few pics and shit.

Basically, our baby free Friday went by fast. Duh.
I had coffee with Nathalie for an hour or so...

Aaaand me and my honey just played videogames and other stuff.
It's sad to admit this, but the tiredness came like a slap in the face as soon as I left Freya at her granny's place. I could've fallen asleep right then and there. Blah. haha

Anyway. The weened went by. We've been to town, got some new stuff. And two new lipsticks :3 tehee~

And on Sunday we went to feed the ducks. Buuuut Freya fell asleep and missed out on the whole duck experience... so that sucked. haha

 She's gotten sick again btw. A stupid nasty cold yet again. She's got a fever, and probably some new teeth coming too, cause she's been refusing to eat for a few days now. I manage to make her drinking quark with whipped cream and nutritious stuff so it's all good. She ain't starving. 
(But she had me worried there for a while.) Welp, hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. Cause I'm going to work :/ 
It'd make me happy knowing that she'd be ok having fun with her dad.

And this is my doodle today. Runny nose, crying all the time and snuggly LIKE HELL.
I love snuggles.

It's time for some Ash VS The Evil Dead, Call Of Duty, and then maybe Blindspot?

Ah, how bout that latest episode of The Walking Dead? *yay*

Something to look forward to.

Well I have a few things to watch. Can't wait till I can watch Preacher next year. :D

Friday, November 20, 2015


Remember yesterday when I said wed play in the snow?


Freya was too cute haha. I dressed her so good that she could barely move haha like a giant marshmallow hahaha So fluffy and sweet. ♡

Lilla Doris

Poor little Doris is at the vet right now. She's got an infected paw and I bet it hurts like crazy. Mom said she wont even move cause of the pain.
Makes me wonder how my sister is doing. Doris is her whole world. Literally. I bet Josse is very worried and sad... :(

Well, the good thing is that this animal hospital here is really good. Their doctor is excellent. SO Doris is obviously in good hans. On the other hand... my sister ain't made out of money so shieäll be super poor now.

Buuuut the things you'll do for the ones you love aye?

I hope Doris will get better fast <3

So today's Friday. And Freya is going to granny's house. YAY.
I'm pakcing some stuff for her that she can have with her (that can stay there too haha)
Frost is in the kitchen right now making steaks and fries. Mmmm..... yum. He's so good at it too.
Gotta have chili bearnaise sauce with those fries too. *ooomnomnom* He makes delicious steaks, that man.
And later tonight we'll be going out for dinner. WOHO! If I'm not too full, we'll be trying out Burger Love. They've got awesome burgers, cool fries and shakes. Just a bunch of nice stuff really. And cheesecake.

I really needed this weekend off. I'm gonna sleep and just relax.

(obviously not my photo.)

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Are you ready for some snowy fun? :D

First snow!

Oh my, oh my, ooooh my! ⌒.⌒

If you're not getting the Christmas feeling from this, then go party with The Grinch! Cause this is awesome!


Guess who's getting ready to go to the park and play in the snow?

We are!

Frost, Freya, Lei Lei and I will go to the park and run around and make snowmen, snowballs and snowangels. It's kinda wet outside but I'll see if I can make Freya's outfit good enough for wet snow.

Yay for today!
Screw feeling sick! It's snowing!

Freya is looking adorable in her snuggly outfit today ♡♡♡

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I saw sunlight

Earlier this morning there was actually sunlight. So much sunlight that I actually had to wear sunglasses :D

And Freya has been a very snuggly baby these past few days. It feels good to be at home :)

haha classy <3 She's just too cute.
This wednesday has been a good one. Even went to mom and Lasse's place with Freya.
This has been a good wednesday. Apart from fever and naussea.

Ah, yesterday was playday. Snuggles and playtime pretty much. And tasty dinner. (Tacos) Frost is like Josse. They can't stop liking tacos. I've eaten it too many times now.... haha It's still tasty though. lol

So this was yesterdays fun :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Latest The walking dead

I enjoyed this latest episode of  The Walking Dead
But damn it Daryl... You're just too sweet. And then they just fuck you in the a$$ -_-
Fucking asswankers that stole his shit. Imagine if Rick would see them coming on his bike.
LoL. It'd be a huge BANG... aaaaand they're dead. He'd be furious to see Daryl's bike.

It annoyed the fuck out of me. Gah. haha

Oh buuuuuuuuuuut...
 a little bird whispered in my ear that the cast of Supernatural
signed up for 5 more seasons. YAAAY!
(let's prey to the god of prosperity that it is truuuuue)

My work week is finally over. And I have three days off. Finaaaallyyyy....Aaah..
It feels nice. Watched The Walking Dead, ate a saffron bun. I took a loooong warm shower, and I look like the leader of a rock band in the 60's. (My hair want's to lay a certain way, even though I always pull it to the side..but today it just wanted to lay in the middle. It look awful.) All I need is a strap around my head and a groovy tune in the background and I'm good to go.

this is what I looked like as soon as I got out of the shower...

Aaaand now this:

Talking about groovy tunes.
One of the best songs ever right here:

Ya'll should just lay back, and listen to this song and enjoy your monday.
Monday's are fundays. Sometimes. hahaha

Sunday, November 15, 2015

My day off

Well I'm at work now...
But yesterday I had half a day off :)

So I made an awesome toast for Frost, and then one for me. Mom picked me up from work (for various reasons lol) and then she and Lasse took Freya to town. The plan was to sleep while they were gone but that just didn't happen haha

Freya was wiiiiiiiild last night. But fell asleep within a minute on my chest at bedtime. D'aaaaw ♡ Moments like that melts my heart.

But now I'm just...laying around. On A's sofa to be exact. She's playing candy crush or something and I just finished watching the latest on supernatural and now I'm watching C.S.I: Cyber. So far so good. But we'll see what nt final opinion is.

Ah... There's something that's bugging me. And worrying me... It's the fact that scabs are going in the home service care. (its a secret too apparently) We have home service people coming home to A to help me lift and shit.... And now they have their huge blue aprons.

So I will kindly decline their help if they wear it. Only awful thing is that I was close to one of them this Friday. It makes me paaaaaanic. Though luckily I'm safe :)

But for now I'll keep a huge distance. This ain't cool man. They should have a patient like that and then go to others and spread that shit. Not cool bro.

Urgh... Makes me shiver.
I don't know what I'd do if I got scabs.. I have a little baby girl at home. I'd rather kill myself than let her have it. Imagine the pain a wee one would go through...they don't understand why it itches and why you shouldn't itch. It just itches so THEY ITCH LIKE CRAZY. I could never do that to her.

I guess I'd have to... Well I don't know. Where the fuck would I go? Haha
Luckily it only transfers via touch so..  Keeping distance from the people in the health care for now. They ain't giving me that shit. Nuh uh. I'm not touching ANYONE or getting close to them either.

I ain't even supposed to know this. It's classified.
But when you have peers in the business, they don't keep secrets that well haha Thank god for that cause I'd rather know if they come in with diseases and itches. Yep.

I think Jonas noticed my distance. Haha
We're usually very close him and I. But I am sooooo not taking any chances. Nope.

Friday, November 13, 2015


Castiel & Dean

After tonight,  there's only sunday left. And then I'm off till Thursday :D

And then after that I'm off Friday, saturday,sunday and monday :D WOHO!

And Freya is going for a slumber party yet again at granny's house next saturday.
It's cute how much they love being around her.

I've been round and about today. Running through the rain. Almost missing the bus, walking to the store in the rain etc. Rain rain rain.


Aaaand here's another super fabulous fun thing:
Fan art. 

Of Castiel and Dean. Gosh....... It's a nosebleed warning right there lmao

HAHAHAHAHAHA I have a problem hahah

But I love supernatural, and Cass is like my faaavorite and Dean too!