Sunday, November 1, 2015

All the shit in the world

Soooo I was feeling a little crappy due to the fact that I don't have any painkillers.
Gotta love the fucking shitsociety and their rules. It doesn't matter that I HAVE my medicine there, at the pharmacy. I've got my prescription and bla bla... But a timer was set when I only took out one package instead of two. So I got fucked there. Riiight in the butthole. Aaah why didn't I take out two?!

So I'm going through a whole lot of pain right now. Which sucks. Plus it's autumn which makes me sicker. The cold ain't good for me. My wrists are hurting so bad I drop things sometimes, my back is cramping like crazy, I'm stiff and in pain all over. Plus my kneecaps are hurting insanely much for some reason? Like the outside of the kneecaps... weird huh? I'm ridiculously weak too. (Yes I am nervous as fuck about going back to work) I hate this.

I told Frost that if this gets worse, like how I was before I got help... I don't think I can handle that pain again. Not again...I don't want to. It was too extreme.

If this wasn't enough to make my life feel shitty, I just found out that I work the whole Christmas weekend. I work the entire Christmas eve, till Christmas day. 27 hour shift. It's insane.

I don't even get to see my family one bit on Christmas. *heartbroken*

No one wants to switch with me either, (can't blame them, it's christmas after all) but it's still one and a half months away... so maybe something will change? I absolutely love Christmas you know?

I can't imagine not celebrating it.

Mega-pain from hell, and a lonely Christmas where I don't even get to see Freya's sparkly smiley face. (Though we celebrate it the 25th here at home so Frost feels like it's home) And we others celebrate it on the 24th. On the 24th we're supposed to get dressed up and be pretty and Freya's gonna be supercute and then we go to mom and Lasse, eat dinner and then open gifts. (And the breakfast is at Josse's house this year as well) WOOHOO! Thoguh that doesn't matter since I DON'T EVEN GET TO BE THERE.

So, tell me that that ain't some shit. Go ahead. Tell me how awesome things will be anyway. -_-

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